10/2012 MRCS B stations

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  1. Took in Southampton, no running commentary allowed in any examination stations. Most examiners were nice. Stations had in order:

    1. Preparation for station 2.
    2. Communication. Speak to a cardiothoracic consultant in a nearby hospital, to refer a RTA guy whose X ray showed widened mediastinum. CT broken in your hospital.
    3. Preparation for station 4.
    4. Communication. Speak to a patient whose arthroscopy was cancelled for the 2nd time. 5. Pre-op examination. Had a pace maker.
    6. Submandibular gland examination.
    7. Inguinal hernia examination.
    8. Spine examination. Disc prolapse.
    9. Impotence history taking.
    10. Assess capacity of a confused woman who is due to have TKR.
    11. Tryroidism history taking.
    12. Critical care. Hypothyroidism.
    13. Critical care. hypothemia.
    14. Critical care. Pancreatitis.
    15. Pathology. Parathyroid adenoma.
    16. Anatomy: upper limb.
    17. Anatomy: lower limb.
    18. Anatomy: lung and heart.
    19. Procedure: FNA.
    20. Procedure: knots and suturing.

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