12th september 2013 plab 1 recall

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    1. normal development in 5 month child
    2. cocaine overdose in a young girl, hyperthermia and dilated pupils
    3. Ecstasy overdose in a young women
    4. Normal development in 14 years old girl with constitutional delay
    5. Peanut allergy case of child
    6. acute stridor in a child ABC protocol
    7. Dellirium case of woman in a ward
    8. Peri anal Hametoma case in a Diabetic old patient (may be abcess)
    9. smooth small Breast cyst in a woman
    10. A Fibroadenoma case
    11. a lung carcinoma with pleomorphic histology picture ( I marked squamous)
    12. a squamous skin carcinoma case ( bleeding macule on wrist)
    13. 2 cases of Prostatic Carcinomas ( PSA >4.5 and >53.x)
    14. 2 cases of hameturia investigation (cystoscopy)
    15. 2 cases of contraceptive COCP
    16. A case of Entero-Vesical fistula due to Crohn disease
    17. a young girl with Bacterial overgrowth ( watery diarrhoea, abd pain with normal investigation)
    18. A case of SLE testing (Anti dsDNA antibodies)
    19. A case of Strep Meningitis in a child(with rash)
    20. 3 cases of unconscious young patients asking initial investigations (Glucose)
    21. a case of OGTT with 9 mmol/L (ans Impaired )
    22. a case of Bulbar palsy
    23. A case of Acute blindless in right eye ( acute glucoma?)
    24. A case of diplopia on upright gaze (Ans Visual field test)
    25. A case of old man brought by his son who can't cope with him anymore (admit to ward)
    26. A case of diabetic child with eating disorder and depression ( refer to psychologist)
    27. A case of Obsessive compulsive nurse washing her hands 20 times a day
    28. a case of soldier with Post Traumatic Stress disorder
    29. A case of Child with plastic bead in his ear ( remove under GA)
    30. A case of Haemothorax Right side
    31. A case of Pneumothorax after sports injury
    32. Two cases of Acute epididymo orchitis
    33. A case of Hydrocele epididymis reducible on lying down
    34. A case of Acute PID (dysuria, dyspariunia and discharge) Ans: Laproscopy?
    35. A case of Endometrial CA investigation ( Ans Hysteroscopy?)
    36. A clear cut case of CA Stomach (a shoulder lump with anorexia)
    37. which lymphnodes drain posterior oropharyngeal cancer ( Deep Cervical)
    38. a case of Femur Neck Fracture
    39. A case of Knee Joint swelling investigation ( Aspirate C & S)
    40. an old lady on Thiazide Diuretics with falls ( Postural Hypotension)
    41. A case of Ventricular tachycardia
    42. 2 cases of Dresslers Syndrome
    43. A 30 weeks premature baby with murmer ( PDA)
    44. A case of Papillary Muscle Rupture resulting in Mitral Regurgitation
  2. Santosh Jadhav

    Santosh Jadhav Active Member

    ...needle thoracocentesis in a case of pneumothorax

    ...case of hemothorax
    ...Mirena for lady with h/o smoking and heavy bleeds
    ....a case of Menier's disease
    ....Pinch soft part of nose in a child with epistaxis
    ....n acetyl cysteine in paracetamol poisoning
    ....colposcopy for dyskaryosis
    ....digoxin poisoning ....yellow vision
    ....varicella immunoglobulin to pregnant lady
    ...no treatment for child with chicken pox
    ...risk factor for pelvic inflammatory disease...IUCD
    ....lady with acute pyelonephritis
    .....Inv in pneumothorax...CXR
    .....a child with facial rash and spots in mouth...measles?
    .....problem focussed treatment for lady with repeated suicide attempts?

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