14 y/o girl presents with trouble concentrating at school ju

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    14 y/o girl presents with trouble concentrating at school just three months after witnessing her best friend being shot to death by another classmate. Ever since that "awful day" she has been very "sad" and withdrawn, often sitting on her bed, staring at the wall "for hours." She has frequent crying spells and refuses to play with friends or participate in her normal after-school activities. Her appetite has "dwindled down to nothing" and she feels very guilty that she survived the shooting. On further questioning, she reluctantly admits that she has constant thoughts of "joining her friend." She did not receive any counseling after the incident. What’s the most likely Dx?

    A. adjustment disorder
    B. brief psychotic disorder
    C. dysthymic disorder
    D. major depressive disorder
    E. normal grief
    F. PTSD
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    answer id d
    can we discuss this question plz
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    D : MDD is the correct disgnosis.PTSD needs flashbacks and continious preoccupation abot the disaster like school avoidance(the place where the event took place), nightmares and .....SHe doesn't have these symptoms. also for MDD diagnosis 2 weeks of symptoms is sufficient.

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