1999 -march paper 1 and 2

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    Question 5
    5c is True as it has inhibitory(relaxes) action to internal sphincter of bladder, which is a motor action
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    nerve supply to the bladder

    Parasympathetic fibres which provide the main motor innervation of the bladder reach it via the Pelvic splanchnic nerves. These are stimulatory to the detrusor muslce (motor) but inhibitory to the internal sphincter. Sympathetic fibres are inhibitory to detrusor muscle but excitatory(motor) to the internal sphincter.
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    1999 paper

    can someone give me the questions of 1999 part 1 pleeease?
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    paper 2 Q 6 in the fetal lung
    B. type II alveolar cells first appear at 16-20 weeks gestation-- T

    However, in Basic science (Chamberlain) , p. 58 the final or alveolar phase of lung development occurs from 23 weeks onwards and...

    any comment ?

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