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    sorry - disagree!!!
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    Thanks for the information
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    the last paragraph of the this PDF file shows that
    Efflux of T4 and rT3, which is not
    saturable, may occur by passive diffusion, though it could
    occur via the iodothyronine transporter if this transporter is
    not subject to trans-inhibition by substrate. In addition to
    the iodothyronine transporter, T3 may also be transported
    in JAR cells by a carrier which is inhibited by Trp and
    dihydropyridines, does not interact with T4 and rT3, and
    is likely to be an aromatic amino acid transporter.

    so Thyroxin is actively transported across the placenta...

    Dr. Mohamed A. Otify
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    Vaginal Blood supply

    Detailed Vaginal blood supply
    As mentioned in Tim Chard Page 40

    1. Cervicovaginal branch of uterine artery forms coronary artery of cervix (upper part of the vagina)
    2. Lateral vaginal continuation of inferior vesical arteries (middle part of vagina)
    3. terminal branches of internal iliac arteris (arterioo-vaginalis) (middle part of the vagina)
    4. Ascending branches of the middle haemorrhidal arteries (lower part of the vagina)
    5. Dorsal artery of the clitores (lower part of the Vagina)

    and the dorsal artery of the clitores is one of the two terminal branches of the Internal Pudendal Artery
    so forsure with nodoubt Internal pudendal artery supplies lower part fo teh Vagina

    Dr. Mohamed A. Otify
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    Thanx Ruby and Dr. Mohamed....I agree now that thyroxine is actively transported transported transplacentally... :)
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    Q6 paper-1 'd' shd be false.
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    Q6 paper-1 'd' shd be false. - agree
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    paper 2 , q 4 - is the answer false??
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    Paper 2 , Q43-d

    Does LH inhibit secretion of testosterone?

    Any suugestion....
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    LH stimulates its secretion by acting on leidyg's cells...dont get confused.. 8)
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    Paper 2 Q 12
    Within 48 hours of a major surgical operation there is an increase in
    A: ACTH secretion --T
    B. aldosterone secretion --T
    C. arginine vasopressin secretion--T
    D. sodium retention --F
    E. potassium excretion --F

    Compared with
    Sept 1999 paper 2 Q 12
    The normal metabolic response to an operation includes:
    A. increased diuresis during the first 24 hours-- F
    B. renal retention of sodium--T
    C. a rise in the plasma sodium level-- F
    D. increased renal excretion of nitrogen--T
    E. increased renal excretion of potassium--T

    Feel really confused with these 2 questions. Somebody can help me?

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