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Discussion in 'Australian Medical Council (AMC) EXAM' started by Liza, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Liza

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    1) Post op Delirium--alcohol withdrawal
    2)COPD--LFT explanation and further mx
    3) Hydrocele, transilluminable DD and further mx, 22year old boy
    4)Repeated candidiasis 23year old lady
    5)Downs syndrome, first suupect with examination, explain to mum
    6)TIA mx 45year old lady with weakness of left leg DM type1
    7) Depression, 65year old male with wt loss constipation llq pain, all ix normal take psychological hystro and DD
    8) Acute pyelonephritis. 40 year old female with flush and flu like symptom.
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    hi could u please provided any recalls from the 16 station exam which u sat . or any recalls from 2009
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    hi can you please post some questions from the proper exam ..thanks
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  5. guest brizi

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    sydney retest march 2010 recall

    hi i`ve just sit the exam...believe me it`s not difficult..it was easier than i expected..but the stress, the pressure can put you down ..not sure if i pass..forgot stupid points..
    1- dvt councelling
    2- pal care pain control counceling
    3- strong headache in ed-management
    4- tubal ligation advise (i missed out the main issue completelly)
    5-depression in a nurse post stress- management (i was bad in that!)
    6-cellulitis management
    7-baby with meconium ileum - management (doubt if i pass)
    8-testes ca- manag/ advise ( doubt in one question from the consultant)

    no physical examination( great!)
    so..we never know if the question you didn`t know the answer will fail you!

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