2014 Nov MCq and option recall (not with answers)

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    1. Doctor finds poisoning, police or magistrate inquest? Section - crpc 174, 176, 34, 36
    2. Harakiri - abdomen
    3. Fatal dose of arsenic - 120-200, 30-40, 60-80
    4. 12 year old girl with abuse, bleeding from.genitals, fracture pelvis, appropriate management- inform police start treatment, blood transfusoon, internal iliac artery ligation,
    5. Advanced Ca prostate (may14)
    6. Cholinomimetiv not used in (bradycardia), glaucoma, myasthenia gravis,
    7. Man with right iloac fossa mass, dull aching pain, anemic - ilieocecal tb, appendicular mass, carcinoma colon
    8. Inability to perform work without discomfort is classified as- nyha 1,2,3,4

    9. In heart failure which is not seen / elevated - crp, sirtuin, BNP, troponin
    10. Population attributable risk
    11. Photos - man with hypopigmented patch investugation!? - KOH?
    12. THYROID ? Papillary follicular graves
    13. Kidney stones - photo? Hydronephrosis with chronic pyelonephrosis, rcc,
    14. Hepatitis with hbsAg and HbE ag positive person has - HBV HBE infection, acute hepatitis and is infectious.
    15. Fnac doesn't dtect - thyroiditis, follicular Ca, papillary, graves
    18. Female with vulvovaginitis, having a new sexual partner. Sensitive test to reach diagnosis grams, bacterial culture with specific media, immunoassay, nucleic acid
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    Anovulatory cycle, what is not given for treatment - progesterpne, e+p, tranexemic acid, mefenemic acid

    Universal lscs - 37, 38, 39, 40 week

    Cridu chat foto? Chromosome

    1st disease with neural substance deficiency - Parkinson's Huntington

    Gist -
    Malt - stomach

    Director of district blindness- dho? District eye surgeon, district programme manager

    Outcome indicator for blindness -

    T3n0 - concurrent chemoradiation

    Sleep apnea false- common in females than males,

    Laser trabeculotomy in which glaucoma

    25 year old with painless dimunition with iop 60mmHg- chronic papilloedema, ant uveitis, acute angle closure, glaucoma cyclonic crisis

    Sleep spindles and k complex in nrem 1,2,3 and rem

    Clear fluid from nose,head injury, patient conscious, ct no fracture- immediate cisternography, endoscopocally stop leakage, wait and watch

    Hlab27 - Ankylosing spondy

    Gouty arthritis

    Similar to Albumin, not antigenic, mol wt 30,000, - HES, DEXTRAN

    Mcc parasuicide- drug ingestion, hanging,

    Gene associated with cataract- cryps, pax,

    Penicillin g - given for rat bite fever, broad spectrum, can be given orally

    Time dependent with prolonged post antibiotic effevt- clindamycin, erythromycin, beta lactams

    Lichen of. Not a variant - lichen scrofulosum

    Traumatic brain injury with elevated levels of all except - lactate, pyruvate, glycogen,

    65 year old with gray white mass in central bronchus, diagnosis

    Non pulmonary association false is- cyanosis-anxiety, wheezing-chf, tachypnea-acidosis,

    Antilarval control in urban population - clean drains, cover overhead tanks, fill cesspools

    False about malignant otitis externa- severe hearing loss, granulation tissue...., seen in diabetics and in my no compromised

    Dexametazodine ???

    Not in dilated pupils,- gonioscopy

    Not for embolus- absolute alcohol, ???

    Boy with small lytic lesion surrounding by sclerosing lesion in mid shaft tibia- osteoid osteoma, fibrous cortical defect

    Turkish saddle- hypothalamus,

    Concentration attention - thalamus, frontal lobe, parietal loss

    Burr hole- contralateral to pupil affected, midline burrhole, refer to higher center

    Girl died after 5 days of diagnosis of bacterial meningitis, cause- e.histolytica, naeglaria, toxo gondi, pl.falciparum

    Severe falciparum treatment- mefloquine, chloroquine,

    Old man, giddy, passes fresh blood. Guaic negative for routine cancer screen

    Apla syndrome routine use! Aspirin low dose heparin, corticosteroid, IG, plasmapheresis

    Ecg changes, symmetric tall T, abswnce of R... - not used as treatment beta antagonist, dialysis, calcium gluconate, insulin
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    Child has abdominal distension, vomitting- intusseption,

    Afro american - single nucleotide, trinucleotide repeat

    For child with appendicitis- usg, ct, MRi

    Don't remember question options with - babygram, contrast in lower git, skiagram,

    MHC 1 and 2 common - transduce signal to t cell following antigen binding, presenting antigen to t cell receptors

    Measuring variation between different units- variance, coeeficient of variation, standard error of mean. Standard deviation.

    Hepatitis most or reliable IgM antiHbC

    Crying umbilicus - urachal fistula, meckel doverticulum,

    Photo of women with acne, scabies, lupus, rosacae

    Osteosarcoma sunray- calcification along vessels, calcification along..?, necrosis, ???

    Man with primary infertility, vas not palpable, thick viscosity, long liquefaction time- hyperprolactinemia, varicose

    10month child, RR 48, no indrawing- no pneumonia, pneumonia, severe pneumonia

    MCC of postinfluenza pneumonia- staph aureus, legionella,

    Vaccine something about it don't remember

    Colles # not seen - radial displacement, dorsql displacement, volar tilt,

    Day care , parenteral anesthetic - propofol

    4 questions about influenza-
    Schools shut in pandemic
    Pandemic influenza all except - > 5 cities,
    Avian flu H5N1

    Antibiotic pseudomembrane colitis due to cl.dificile, treatment oral vanco, linezolid,

    Steroid not given in- antrochoanal polyp, allergic fungal, etjmoidal,



    Lee veen shunt- peritoneum with- renal cortex, SVC, umbilicus?

    False about nsaid- reduce antiHTN effevt, given for neuropathic pain

    B category in pregnant woman- brimonidine, pilocarpine, latanoprost, dorzolamide.

    Mapleson a, b,c,d (don't remember question)

    Haloperidol 10mg, rolled eyes- acute dystonia

    Augmentation of labor false is- in twins preclude augmentention reduces oxytocin (don't remember)

    Female with lytic lesions in bone, fracture- hyperpth, hyperthyroidism

    Dyspnea+ syncope+ angina what could it be- AS, AR, PDA,

    Photo of - bullous pemphigoid, pemphigus,

    Female 10yr old, mentally retarded, severe epigastric pain, alopecia- trichobezoar, don't remember options

    Photo with bone all except- maxillary nerve, sensory part of mandibular, motor trigeminal, lesser petrosal
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    Nephrotic syndrome + diarrhea creat 4.5 and basal 0.9. What is unlikely cause of acute kidney injury- furosemide, diarrhea induced,

    Counter current not- collecting tubule, vasa recta, thick and thin loop

    Sphincter urethrae- voluntary, pudendal nerve, ischiopubic ramus,

    Epigenetics not from gene mutation. How to detect- bisulphite sequence, hplc,

    Molecular changes xray crystallography, MRI, ct

    Acute head injury. investigation - ncct brain, MRI,

    2-3 questions with baby/ child with - usg, MRI, ct, xray. Almost all answers were USG?

    NORMAL child with absence of puberty- kallaman, gonadal dysgenesis, androgen insensitivity, klinefelter

    3rd generation cephalosporin anti mesa? Cephazolin,

    Keratomycosis treatment - linezolid,

    H influeza infection- puerperal sepsis, ear infection,

    Viral antibodies?- occur before interferon, ....
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    gene mutation in Cong cataract
    electroocculogram normal value? 1,1.5, >185, <185. and: >185.
    dexmedatomidine- alpha-2 agonist
    que. on rituximab, paclitexel
    arsenic fatal dose - 120-200 mg.
    wat is calibre in firearm?- distance be two land of opp. side
    sec39 crpc- inform police in case of homicide
    iliac crest fusion with----?13-15 yrs, 15-17, 17-19,19-20
    t/t in abnormal uterine bleeding(an ovulatory) a/e? progesterone, estrogen with prog. , trenexemic acid, mefanamic acid
    site of mucosa ass. lymphoid tissue? stomach, duodenum, ilium, jejunum
    lichen planes types a/e?
    drugs causing edema a/e? digoxin, amlodepine
    abatacept? rheumatoid
    dilated pupil - gonioscopy c/I.
    iop>90, no pain diagnosis? papilledema, glucomatous crisis, ant. uveitis
    m/c mode of cancer? loss of heterozygosity, methylation of protooncogene, demethyl. of oncogene, mutation of single nucleotide
    which is for self tonometry? parkland , diatom
    schwannoma histlogy?
    m/ c cause of vocal cord palsy?
    t3No larynx CA. t/t?
    idiopathic interstitial pneumonia?
    shunt in ascitis? from peritoneal to renal pelvis
    attention and concentration ass. with? frontal lobe, thalamus, parietal lobe
    Cushing reflex. increase csf- increase bp.
    patellar reflex - golgi tendon, muscle spindle
    countercurrent multiplier doesn't include? loh , thick, thin ascending loop, collecting duct
    chandler index
    most effective drug of severe falciparum malaria? chloroquine, mefloquine, artesunate, doxycycline
    corneal tx c/I in a/e? tubercular meningitis, rabies, unknown death
    harakiri? cuts on abdomen, wrist, chest, neck
    child eat fruits- vomits, enz. defect aldolase b
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    High water marks- subretinal- long standing detachment

    Rhegmomatous degenergatkon something

    deep plantar reflex. Patellor tendon stretch- due to
    Golgi tendon, muscle spindle
    Intrafusal fiber
    Nuclear bag and chain

    spontaneous respiration - mapelson A
    pain after surgery with GA? sch, propofol
    category-B drug: presumed safe in pregnancy? pilocarpine, latanoprost, dorzolamide
    complications of adenoidectomya/e? retropharyngeal abscess, hyponasal speech, cervical injyry
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    Why avian influenza does not cause pandemic so often inspite being highly virulent???
    Segmented genome
    Avian influenza genes
    Exclusively in wild birds than domestic poultry
    Neg human to human transmission

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