21 april 2009 MRCS 2

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    it was a really bull shit paper thsi time .

    it was really tough .

    i had appeared last time n failed by 3 marks but it was really bad this time . i dnt know wt happened .

    cos many of the questions were out of context .

    anatomy was asked alot . specially neuro . although part 2 is purely clinical sciencse .

    i dnt know who was the paper setter this time .
  2. aiwa

    aiwa Guest

    passing mark

    dear what was the passing mark last time for part 2?
  3. raja mushtak

    raja mushtak Guest

    hi aiwa

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    looool.. yes man.. i was there also..in cairo\egypt
    many of the questions wasnt even surgical..some r closer to internal medicine..
    thyroid questions r a mess!!
    even the food poisoning question,,r mess..
    and that question of the soldier with a skin loss in the face.. i hated it so much ..lool

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