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    Hi Guys, I have used this forum to study for this exam and had to recall the questions and post it here before I got too tired. I don’t know if I will pass but wish me luck guys…

    1. Hospital setting: Talk to the son of a man who has undergone laparotomy for intra-abdominal aneurysm. He is in the ICU, is on assisted ventilation and will be extubated tomorrow. He had given consent before the operation to talk to his family about the procedure and progress. Answer questions and deal with concerns.

    2. GP with shared care: GBS positive in vaginal swab of 36 week old lady, no problems so far in pregnancy. History taking and explain management.

    3. ED setting: Clot in right popliteal vein of university student who returned from Europe trip. History and management. Fam H/O DVT in mother- examiner asked what test will u do- anti-phospholipid antibody. How much Heparin and what route? Not on OCP, no smoking.

    4. ED setting in a country hospital: Brown snake bite, materials given to manage, pt stable and asymptomatic of evonemation. Explain to pt, what test to do to check- serum check kit was in the station. Examiner asked what will u do if he get symptomatic of brown snake bite- give anti-venom. Do u know where they get the anti-venom from- fangs of snake.

    5. GP setting. Post menopausal bleeding- 52 yr old lady with 18 months of amenorrhoea, PV bleeding for 4 days. History, ask investigations from examiner and explain further management to patient.

    6. GP setting. Febrile fit- 38 degrees, had an episode of fit 2 hrs back, has had similar ones before with the fever. Growth in the 50th percentile- history was not suggestive of any problems in milestones. Explain to mother and manage.

    7. GP setting. HSP- TWO EXAMINER STATION- 3 yr old active, well child with bruises and bleeding gums. Had URTI 2 weeks back and then developed bruises and petechiae all over. Ask investigations to examiner, tell parent about DD and management.

    8. GP setting. A 7 week preg lady, second child with a history of C- section in previous preg 2 yrs back for fetal distress asking if she can have a vaginal delivery this time.

    9. GP setting. 4 month old baby, breast fed with 4 episodes of diarrhea and 3 episodes of vomiting. Previously well, no symptoms at the moment. Focused history, examination findings from the examiner and manage.

    10. ED setting: 50 yr old with palpitation and dizziness. History, PE from examiner and explain management. ECG given, think it was AF/SVT.

    11. Setting: Intern in a Gastroenterology unit .A 47 yr old insurance agent with chronic diarrhea for the last 6/12. History, PE findings from examiner and explain management to pt. He had floating stools with difficulty to flush, LOW about 5 kgs so far.

    12. FNAC of nodule in the left supra- clavicular region showed squamous cell CA- the other team had two examiners for this station. Relevant examination, DD of primary sites. Pt had Horner’s synd, weakness of L UL- check nerves also.

    13. Setting- night intern in tertiary hospital. 26 yr old lady in hospital, you are called at 4:00 AM to talk to her. She was admitted with abdominal pain, no cause found, has been seen and cleared by the home team and the picture now has not changed except she insists on Pethidine to relieve the pain. Examiner asks if I will give Temazepam.

    14. GP setting- 26 yr old lady with HepC positive, Hep B and HIV- neg done before blood donation at Red Cross. History, investigations and management.

    15. GP setting- Pt with Chronic Schizophrenia on Zyprexa for the last 3 months, asympt of psy illness, wt gain of 15 kgs since meds started. BMI-30, focused history and management.

    16. ED setting: 25 yr old with severe headache, has had migraines in the past but this one is more severe than before, History, ask examination findings and management. Pt was febrile with neck stiffness.
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    great doc, you will be fine.. definitely pass. thanks alot.

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