25 yr female diagnosed with bipolar pregnancy test+ Rx?

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    25 yr old female diagnosed with bipolar ...pregnancy test positive.........Rx???????

    sodium valproate and carbamazepine have been associated with teratogenicity-neural tube defects.

    i am not sure of the answer but a newer drug- LAMOTRIGINE was under study and was found to be useful. but pls do check from other sources. lamotrigine is one of the newer anticonvulsants.
    for pregnant women with bipolar use CLONAZEPAM or GABAPENTIN (Ref: kaplan pharma
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    yes, i think so... :)
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    lithium - ebstein anomaly, C/I in pregnancy
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    cant you give the best treamemt?
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    yes lithium is contraindicated , answer is either gabapentin or clonazepam
    god bless you

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