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    Clinical Recall Sep 9 2006, Sydney

    Hi Guys

    To keep the thread going, Here are the recalls for the september 9 clinicals:
    1. MI - Read ECG, explain dx to pt. & relay info to the consultant/registrar
    2.DVT in ed, outline the management to pt. (immidiate & long term)
    3.Venous Ulcer, in a long stading type 1 Diabetic, and smoker.
    4.Post streptococcal GN
    6.TIA (weakness in lower limb)
    7.IDA in pregnancy
    8.Acute psychosis (mania)(young woman talking quickly with plans to go to see the US president....)
    9.Hand examination (classical osteoarthritis)
    10.Ankle examination (sprain, talk to patient about management)
    11.Hypothyroidism & hyperlipidaemia
    12.Salmonella infection in a child with parents runnning a food joint
    13.H.mole in a Rh- woman
    14.Acute abdomen - differentials ( a case of Ischaemia of the mesenteric artery)
    15.Anorexia in a teenage girl.
    16.post operative pyrexia

    I have luckily passed this exam, and can help or answer some of the querries. Cheers gauravtandon@hotmail.com
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    Thanks Gaurav
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    Hi GUYS recalls from Sep 2006 23rd in Adelaide

    1.16m old kid with breath holding spells history.talk to mom
    2.28y old female ,on OCP had a breast cyst-FNAC DONE,NORMAL.Her mom was diagnosed to have Breast cancer at 50y.Talk to her and exp the results and future F/u.
    3.60 y old with h/o sudden loss of vision briefly and recovering over few minutes to n,h/o by pass surgery 2 y back now asymptomatic.Ask the examiner the findings after brief history from patient and explain to patient.
    4.20y old with sudden onset of chest pain ,ask history and inv--X-ray s/o
    5.Primi at 4hrs of labour,baby in posterior position,ask for inv,tlak about pain management.
    6.Maniac psychosis
    7.emotional upset of recent onset( husband died 1 y back,she is recalling his memories--Diagnosis,DD,mx) She is 60 y old,hypertensive on medicines.
    8.Xray abdomen of 24 hours old baby(showing dilated loops of small intestine),h/o bilious vomiting,birth history -n.talk to mom.
    9.50 y old Male with poor urine stream( prostate hypertrophy).ask inv and talk to patient.
    10.photoes of Trachoma and Keratomalacia r kept outside ,talk to the nurse who has taken those pictures.
    11. X ray of 11 y old who fell on his elbow,Xray s/o green stick fracture.talk to mom about diagnosis,treatment and pain mangement.( here x ray is not good half did it as N elbow)
    12.26 y old with 6 hours onset of pain in Rt iliac fossa( ectopic preg).
    13.60 y old female with wt loss of 7kgs in last 3 months.take history,talk abt nvestigations and further management.( here she has no complaints,apetite is normal,no e/o infection or malignancy).
    14.16m old child,with blood pic s/o Iron defficiency anemia.tlak to father abt management.
    15.12y old girl with onset of first period,with prolonged bleeding since 10 days,talk abt mangement with mom after brief history.
    16.Plantar fascitis,x ray s/o calcaneal spur.brief exmn,mangement,answer pts concerns. Dr Vijay sekhar reddy
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  6. amc clinical melbourne nov 11 2006

    November 11, 2006 melbourne
    The stations are as follows:
    1. abdominal pain and diarrhea - ? inflammatory bowel disease
    history taking, diagnosis, explanation, management
    2. adrenal tumour - they showed ultrasound showing mass in adrenal(Pheochromocytoma)
    simply history taking, asking all symptoms possible(almost all negative except for headache), asking pertinent physical exam(only High BP present). Examiner asked for hormones in adrenal
    3. attention deficit disorder - history taking, explanation to parent, management.
    4. bronchiolitis - history, physical exam and management
    5. cardiac arrest - history(typical M.I. symptoms), patient then became unconscious -> ECG showed "vent fib" -> management of V. Fib(CPR as no defibrillator available). examiner asked about proper CPR. patient then became conscious.. another ECG done showed inferior wall infarct. Management of MI asked. Last answer, Coronary angio, balloon and stent.
    6. counselling relative about delirium - old male patient, 3 days post op(knee surgery) became paranoid, lethargic, delirious.. explain to wife the cause and management. patient presents with fever, tachycardia, lethargy, with chest findings. ?? acute delirium due to sepsis/pneumonia ?? delirium tremens... management.
    7.exposure to varicella - mother came 1st trimester pregnant with exposure to a kid with varicella. task: history. answer questions of mother. She had chickenpox before.. management. mother asked about immunoglobulin .. not required as she had chickenpox before but need to confirm with Varicella antibody test.
    8. groin pain. young man, soccer player. no history of trauma. no lymphadenopathy. only mild pain on movement of hips. task: history, p.e., diagnosis, management. ?? muscular strain ?? rule out fracture ? dislocation
    9. overdose, benzodiazepine - young female, partying all night, took mother's sleeping pills. history taking, psychiatric questions.. diagnosis: not psychotic, or suicidal.. only toop sleeping pills because taking too much alcohol and ectasy!!!
    10. rheumatoid arthritis - simply explaining what rheumatoid arthritis is.. management. impact on patient's life. patient complained of pains on fingers(violinist)
    11. severe concealed placental abruption - severe abdo pain. pregnant. immediate CS!!
    12. squamous cell carcinoma - male patient who had excision and biopsy of a skin lesion. pathology result: squamous cell CA with abnormal cells extending to margins of excision. Explain to patient need to refer to surgeon as to make sure proper excision done. explain management of Squamous cell CA. ..?radiotherapy if large. patient is a farmer.. i mentioned using hat, suntan lotions, etc.
    13. thalassemia minor(beta) - simply expalining what it is. risk for children having thalassemia.
    14. urinary retention, vulvar pain, abdo pain.. this is genital herpes! history , physical exam and management!
    15. post dates pregnancy - 41 weeks gestation. everything is okay. management: wait, AFI, ?CTG. to induce after 42 weeks!
    16. shortness of breath - oldish lady, smoker, febrile, respiratory distress, chest:decreased breath sounds, fremitus, RLL. history, physical exam, management.. this is i think pleural effusion!! ??? not pneumonia, emphysema, malignancy

    GOOD LUCK!!! all the best!
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    Thanks for the effort

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