A 10 year old boy has been having belly aches

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    A 10 year old boy has been having belly aches for about 2 years. They occur at night as well as during the day. Occasionally he vomits after the onset of pain. Occult blood has been found in his stool. His father also gets frequent stomach aches. The most likely diagnosis is -
    a- Peptic ulcer
    b- Appendicitis
    c- Meckel’s diverticulum
    d- Intussusception
    e- Pinworm infestation
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    The answer is A. (Behrman 15/e, pp 1078-1079) The presence of nocturnal abdominal pain and gastrointestinal bleeding and a positive family history support a diagnosis of peptic ulcer disease. Pain in the most common symptom. Symptoms often persist for several years before diagnosis. The increased incidence of peptic ulcer disease in families (25 to 50 percent) and concordance in monozygotic twins suggest a genetic basis for the disease. Antibiotic treatment for Helicobacter pylori in patients not responding to conventional therapy may cure this disease in some patients. Appendicitis and intussusception are acute events. Pinworms produce perianal pruritus but do not commonly cause abdominal pain or other serious problems. Meckel’s diverticulum causes painless rectal bleeding, usually during early childhood.

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