A 67-year-old retired GP presents with jaundice

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  1. Q. A 67-year-old retired GP presents with jaundice, weight loss and pruritis. He has dark urine and clay like stools.
    Fasting ultrasound reveals an empty gallbladder with a normal common bile duct. There is left and right intrahepatic duct dilatation.
    What is the most likely diagnosis?

    Carcinoma of the head of the pancreas
    Cholangiocarcinoma of the left main bile duct
    Cystic duct gall stone impaction
    Gastrinoma of the head of pancreas
    Lymphadenopathy at the porta hepatis
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    Courvoiser's law= jaundice + palpable GB and the obstruction is at CBD. Here we have empty GB,normal CBD ; so obstruction is higher which is porta hepatis LNs.

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