A/E innervated by trigeminal nerve

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    A/E innervated by trigeminal nerve:
    a) Lateral pterygoid
    b) Medial pterygoid
    c) Stylo-hyoid
    d) Tensor veli palati

    Answer: Stylo-hyoid

    The trigeminal nerve is the largest and most
    complex of the 12 cranial nerves (CNs). It
    supplies sensations to the face, mucous
    membranes, and other structures of the head. It
    is the motor nerve for the muscles of
    mastication and contains propriaceptive fibers.
    Components and Peripheral Distribution of CN V
    Afferent general somatic: Sensory branches of
    the ophthalmic, maxillary, and mandibular
    nerves to skin, mucous membranes of the face
    and head
    Efferent special visceral: Branches to
    Temporalis, Masseter, pterygoid, mylohyoid,
    tensor tympani, and palati
    Afferent propriaceptive: Sensory endings in
    muscles of mastication

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