A large anterior mediastinal mass in the chest

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    An otherwise healthy 28-year-old man comes to the physician because of a dry hacking cough for 3 months. A routine examination 6 months ago showed no abnormalities. His paternal grandfather had colon cancer. Examination today shows normal findings. An x-ray film of the chest shows a large anterior mediastinal mass. Which of the following is the most likely origin of this neoplasm?

    - Colon
    - Kidney
    - Prostate
    - Stomach
    - Testicle
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    A testis tumor may become metastatic and manifest with large retroperitoneal and/or chest(mainly ant. Mediastinal) lesions, while the primary tumor is nonpalpable. Scrotal ultrasonography may locate the primary tumor. Histopathology of the primary testis often shows a focus of tumor surrounded by fibrous scar, termed burned-out testis cancer.

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