A pyschiatrist tells his patient "Think of your mother or father

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  1. Q. A pyschiatrist tells his patient "Think of your mother or father. Think about some aspect of their personality that you have a strong reaction to, either positive or negative. Now write that down on a piece of paper. Describe what that aspect of their personality is like, and how you react in your thoughts, feelings, and behavior toward that part of their personality."
    The psychiatrist is attempting to demonstrate

    a) Splitting

    b) ambivalence

    c) symbiosis

    d) transference

    e) countertransference
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    D is the answer,
    In the broad, non-technical sense we can define transference as the phenomenon by which patterns of behaviour, responses and underlying feelings which have been developed in early childhood as reactions to significant persons are inappropriately repeated, displaced, that is, transferred to any person in the present. In this sense all human relationships contain transference elements.

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