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  1. Muhannad 80

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    hi guys ,
    i made a 4 years specialization in internal medicine in Syria , and i've got my certificate recently , so i'm a specialist in internal medicine now .
    my question is : is my specialization in internal medicine considered as an internship in the UK ? so is it acceptable as the experience required by the GMC to have a FULL REGISTRATION AND LICENSING ? i simply wanna know if i'll be exempted from entering the foundation programme as i've already had 4 years experience in internal medicine , so i'm not a beginner , and i think that i can get a full registration just by passing IELTS ( 7 ) and PLAB .
    please i want an answer for my question bevause it's not mentioned explicitly in the GMC website .
    and thank u for your help
  2. Muhannad 80

    Muhannad 80 Guest

    i see no body from India wants to help !
  3. mr khan

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    yes you will get full registration..also check GMC web site for registration as IMG, you may be exempted from PLAB as well..there are certain fellowship programme for IMGs in thier countries on the basis of that you get exemption from PLAB and get full GMC registration..
    i think it will help you..
  4. Muhannad 80

    Muhannad 80 Guest

    thank u for your answer
    anyway i need to check the website again , i'm sure i didn't find such information last time i checked it , i may call them too , although i guess that this sort of fellowship is usually full paid ! i'm not sure about this , and i need to ask them whether there's a difference between one institution and the other , for example here in Syria we have 2 institutions that may grant u a specialization : 1 - ministry of higher education 2 - ministry of health .
    both of them are acceptable in syria and certain countries in the Gulf . so i don't know if they accept the training period regardless of the institution awarding the specialization certificate
    thanks again for your help
  5. Ravi777

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    Every international medical graduate gets full GMC registration on completion of IELTS, PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 (OSCE). You may not be exempt from PLAB exams, people with higher qualifications from other countries did have to go through the process. Syria is not part of EU (EU-Syria association agreement on hold I believe) so make sure whether or not you require a work permit (Tier 2). Hope this info helps. Best wishes.
  6. Muhannad 80

    Muhannad 80 Guest

    thanks Ravi
    actually my biggest fear is the ( foundation programme ) ! i had some information that everybody should enter it , and you already know that you must get 7.5 in each part in IELTS to be accepted , which is absolutely impossible for me ! so my concern is about the foundation programme first of all not about PLAB . therefore i asked you about my internship and if it's accredited by the GMC to be exempted from entering the foundation programme before i get full registration with a license to practise in the GMC , so i could directly get a training job after that .
    and i would be grateful if somebody would make the point of the foundation programme clear for me
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    if u r not looking for a training post, a locum/trust doctor job can be your way to enter the NHS.

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