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    hello everybody.

    please can someone give me some advice about the clinical exam. which books to study and how to prepare???

    thank you
  2. Hi Murouan
    How are you and how have you done in the exam ??
    Have you got your result or not yet ?
    I am also searching about what to do after the MCQ
    I am waiting for my MCQ result
    keep in touch
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    RE: AMC Clinical exam

    Hello Dr Marounissa! When did you pass your MCQ Exam? Do you wish to sit for AMC Clinicals early 2007? Are you looking for study partner/ group study in Sydney? If so, pls contact:

    ph: 0412355282 or email: masayee-9@hotmail.com

    Wish you good luck.
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    hello mr asayee.
    i am intending to give the clinical exam, but i am not in sydney, i left. if there is any possibility to study on the internet , so i will be ready.
    take care.
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    Hello Marounissa

    I was thinking that your name seems so familiar to me

    U were from Farann's group

    If I tell U something about clinicals-- meldr will call me BOSS again

    did U find many clinical scenerios here-- quite interesting

    Thou - not sure for my passing-- I've been addicted to the computer & reading some interesting ones

    Somebody advised here for clinicals
    read John Murtagh GP & Patient education repeatedly -- so on & so forth
    I've seen that U have been asking about clinicals since U have passed in Oct
    Haven't started studying yet ??
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    hello boulimia.
    you are right.i worked with faran and passed in september. now i am intending to sit for the clinical exam in august,and i was confused what book do i have to read, as you said i will read john murtag, general practice and patient education.thank you for your information, i wish you good luck in the AMC TEST,and maybe we will study together for the clinical exam.
    take care.
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    Sorry- my mistake Maroun--

    Actually-I"ve read your last 2mths mail
    I found that someone recommended John Murtagh- 2books in this forum
    Some referred clinical skills book- & Terry O'conner clinical Exam book
    I don't know about O & G & psychiatry
    clinical cases are not easy either
    study all the clinical cases here & according to these scenerio find some books & read
    Looks like - must know all in details
    They can ask everything

    somebody should write down the book lists here
    If so it would be great !

    Best of Luck for your clinicals
    Truly - I am not sure for my passing
    can't tell
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    spelling mistake

    Talley O'Conner -- is correct I think
    sorry for my clumsy memory
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    hello boulimia. really i appreciate your information, i am really thankfull. i am shipping the books of john murtagh from amazon library. and i have searched about the clinical skills book for o'connar, i think i will bring this book too, it is very interesting.hope you do pass your test.
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    I would recommend John Murtagh's

    1) General practise
    2) Patient Education

    Both of those are also available in a single CD as well.

    You need

    1) Presence of Mind in an exam
    2) Be safe whatever you do. One of my friends passed a few stations where they simply mentioned virus as a cause of fever and sent pt to hospital.

    3) Luck > Do whatever you do to increase that...

    O & G these days they are putting topics like Occipito posterior delivery and infertility..but common topics you must be perfect..

    4) get into the role play...if you are a GP refer the pt to hospital (registrar on call / consultant) Act as if you would call them now. Always be prepared to call ambulance and act to transport the pt to hospital.

    In fact, transferring a pt to hospital is often an important part of management.

    5) Complete your task and do not deviate

    6) practise in a group where every one can read / prepare cases

    Monash university AMC preparation material is available from them for 80 $ it is ik as well

    Feel free to ask any qns....

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    thank you indica.
    what about pediatrics, ob-gyn and psychitric. do i have to read another books than general practice and patient education.

    you are very kind.

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    Peads >> Royal Childrens Hospital Clinical Guidelines (read common things first / previously asked qns first)

    www.rch.org.au (navingate to clinical practice guidelines)

    Similiarly for Obst & Gyneec www.rwh.org.au

    People also read Ten teachers but I am not sure, compare with your regular obst books. Also read common topics first. See the sticky recall topics in this forum. They are very useful.

    psychitric is a touch call for many before the exam

    1) Common sense and always think of confidentiality & also safety of person.

    2) Not sure of books but prepare scenarios specially history taking points and mental state examination.

    See uptodate >>often has good material (but extensive)

    People always use Talley and O'Connor Physical examination for preparation. DO see the physical examination video of this author (comes with medicine clinical examination book ( a separate book which you need not read)

    AMC video is also a must though it is expensive. if you can manage to share it would be great. The reason being that sometimes many questions may be asked which are shown in video like hand examination.

    Any more questions?
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    Clinical exam

    Thanks Indica

    2 more questions:

    How much time do you need to prepare for clinicals?
    Do you need any clinical experience?
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    Time is a variable factor, depends upon your luck as well. I have seen people passing with 3 months and not passing after 8 months.

    But I would guess 3 months intense study / 2 months full time should be ok. More so if you are in a group. You do need some luck to bring out your knowledge in this exam.

    One important tip would be to make the most of your role player. Try asking them open ended questions, pick on what they are saying and ask for clarifications and try not to interrupt them. Sometimes roleplayers give you clues and make a difficult station easy ....

    Ideally yes, as this exam is set at a PGY2/3 level. Whatever they say, the level of questions they have cannot be answered by ozie interns. I would think that a PGY3 (GP trainee) would be the best trained to take AMC. So ideally a rotation / medicine / ED / O & G job in australia would help.

    If you can manage to get a post, well and good...otherwise still do give the exam...you may not pass once, you may get thru the second time.

    Of course there are lots of variables...your knowledge / presentation / prior experience / luck so no one can predict what will happen.

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    hello indica.
    i tried to get through these 2 sites (www.rch.org.au and www.rwh.org.au )
    but i didn't found any information inside, do i have to be registered or what?
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    Hi, indica u r always helpful to us , thanx a lot for ur messages, dr. mathews
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    thank you indica. your are very fast to answer.
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    Clinical exam

    Hi Maroun

    when are you planning to take the clinical exam?
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    hello shaiza.

    i have sent my papers trying to get a position in august. i can't leave my work nowin my country, and must prepare well for the test. hopefully, i will try to get a job in sydney, in place of a retired doctor at some clinic.meanwhile i am waiting for the books that i ordered from amazon.com.
    what about you , did you apply and when?
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    Hi Maroun

    Thanks for your reply.

    Good for you. Which books do you intend to study? I have only two books; General Practice and Patient Education.

    About exam, I am not sure. I haven't decided it yet. Once I decide, I will let you know.

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    try to be calm and reasonable
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    Does anyone know if the difficult level of the exam differs from state to state. As in is the exam harder in sydney than in melbourne.

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