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    I want to know if guilin medical college is registered & approved by the chinese government to conduct MBBS classes in english and are they authorized to get foreign students visas processed.
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    This college is NOT Recognized by Govt of China for International Students

    Do NOT go there

    The relevant guidelines from the MCI is given below

    Pocket-14, Sector-8 Dwarka
    New Delhi - 110077

    Sub.: New list of Chines Medical Institutions admitting International Students for Academic Year 2009-2010.

    It is stated that Council has received a fax letter dated 27.2.2009 from Smt. Jasminder Kasturia, First Secretary(Edu. & Visa), Embassy of India, Beijing alongwith a letter/circular of Ministry of Education of Peoples Republic of China in which they mentioned that the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China Ministry, has presents its compliments to the Indian Embassy for enrolment to a four year under-graduate clinical medicine course in college/universities for the academic year 2008-2009.

    They have further stated that the Department of Education of Peoples Republic of China has institutionalized the enrolment plan for 2009-2010 which include 28 colleges/universities teaching in English medium. Any University/college which is not included in the list cannot enroll foreign undergraduate students for clinical and oral medicine to study in China. Further they have enclosed a list of 28 Universities and mentioned that the schedule can be downloaded from their website i.e. www.studyinchina.edu.cn. The names of 25 universities are mentioned as under:-

    S.N. Institute Intake in 2009-2010

    1. Anhui Medical University 30

    2. Capital University of Medical Sciences 100

    3. China Medical University 100

    4. Chongqing Medical University 180

    5. Dalian Medical University 200

    6 Dong Nan University 90

    7. Fudan University 60

    8. Fujian Medical University 60

    9. Guangxi Medical University 110

    10. Harbin Medical University 100

    11. Huazhong Science & Technology University 120

    12. Hebei Medical University 70

    13. Jilin University 100

    14 Nanjing Medical University 50

    15. Nanfang Medical University 150

    16 Nandong University / Nantong Unioversity 80

    17. Qingdao University 60

    18. Suchou University 100

    19. Shandong University 80

    20. Sichuan University 100

    21. Tianjin Medical University 180

    22. Wenzhou Medical University 150

    23. Wuhan University 100

    24. Xi’an Jiaotong University 120

    25. Xinjiang Medical University 150

    26. Zhejiang University 90

    27. Zhengzhou University 200

    28. Zhongnan University 60
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    If you wish to go to China for MBBS please ensure that you only go to the Colleges approved by the Govt of China for International students.

    Some brokers send students to non approved Colleges. These students will be in trouble on their return as MCI will not recognize their degree. In fact - no conutry will recognize this degree.

    You can go to any of the 28 approved colleges in China - which has been given in the Previous post

    You can go to most Colleges in Ukraine / Russia etc - former USSR as they have this appoval.

    There are about 9 Private Medical Colleges in Nepal which admit Indians. Fees are about Ts 15 to 20 lacs over 5 1/2 years.

    One interesting website that I have found for MBBS in Ukraine or Medical Education in Ukraine is


    The MBBS Fees are @ 3000 US $ p.a. or About Rs. 1.50 lac per annum in Ukraine in this University.

    You may wish to visit that site.

    Best wishes in your career.

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    guilin medical university is listed in imed so its degree is recognised.any foreigner can go to study there....BUT the batch of 2008 which arrived there in jan 2009 was the first batch and almost all the students have tansfered from there because of the university staff and the bad standard...ukraine is far better than china..if u r going to china prepare u mind no matter in which university u r going..because the standard is not that good like other asian countries like india or pakistan or bangladesh...

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