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  1. Hi. i am SOMALI. and i want to appear for ADC exams for dentists in australia.can somebody plz tell me where i can find the details of the syllabus and the reference books /material.please mail me at any extra information or suggestion are welcomed. THANK YOU
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    adc material

    am a dentist from india prep for adc i am listing the material which i can give,if intrested then mail me at
    1.1000 mcq bank of previous years adc deck (2001-2003-2007)
    3.national bord papers (1978-2005)
    4.cowsons mcq book
    5.bouchers mcq book
    6.gardners mcq book
    7.arco mcq book
    8.odells books
    9. j.e.wells books
    10.cowsons book on medical emergiences secrets
    12. Oral Path books
    13. oet material
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    We have study materials question papers and short note for ADC Part 2 and Part 3 examination. We have the latest study materials and short notes, tips for the Part 3 (clinical exams) for students. The ADC recommends a list of books for the examination and our collection of study materials are the best out of these books. Please contact

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    HI I am a dentist from India want to take ADC exam . Can any body on this forum plz tell me the syllabus of the exam and what all books to be used . :?:
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  7. Dr.Sab

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    anyone giving adc part one in dubai?

    plz contact me.... if anyone writing adc part one in march in dubai? plz help
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    is there anyone taking ADC part 1 exam on sept 2010.

    SABSVI Guest


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  11. Guest

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    am takin the prelim ADC exam in Sept 2010 but still couldn't get the exam material, anyone can help, plz?
  12. dr23

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    hi anybody giving adc part 1 this sept in india..?

    @ guest..join adc study group on orkut...u'll get the required threads to help u prepare for adc..btw where r u from...?
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    hi,i came from bangladesh.i want to give adc.exam.can anyone give me information,name of books ,material for first part exam.
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  15. NewGuest

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    ADC EXAMS - Doctor's Pulse

    Dear All

    I joined DOCTORSPULSE to prepare for the exams my experience was fabulous. My teacher was with me until the very end even though I had joined the course 6 months before my exams.

    I was so apprehensive when I joined them but I passed in FIRST ATTEMPT, THANKS TO THEM

    Will certainly recommend .........Cheers :D
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    ADC EXAMS - Beware of scams


    You are not going to believe I have been fooled by people who said they were offering free guidance for ADC Exams.

    They said all they wanted was application form and copy of passport. When asked why they need that they said we are offering free service we need to ensure you are genuine.

    After joining them I couldnt find any info on them, they sent me couple of encrypted files which could not be opened and next thing I know is I got visit from immigration department.

    Turns out they were Identity Stealers forged the documents and had some illegal immigrant here in OZ under my name. I have been completely messed up and immigration department is questioning me how could I be so naive.

    So its a request to all my fellow colleagues donot fall into scams. Its better to pay than suffer and loose your chance to stay in oz completely.

    Like they say here in OZ "what seems too good to be true, is too good to be true" so beware of it
  17. Melissa

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    ADC Exams

    You are right my friend, never fall into these kind of traps, remember nothing is ever free in life.

    I am so sorry what you had to undergo. I was about to join that too but my friend stopped me. She said the same thing, it is too good to be true
  18. Dr Mel

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    studying for ADC Exams

    First time I tried myself and failed the exam. Then, I went in for paid course at doctors pulse

    did a complete enquiry ofcourse,:D before I joined, went to their office in melbourne (didnt want to be fooled) and after being completely satissfed I joined and I dont regret it.

    completely supported, one is to one guidance and told me how to write, what to write.

    My faculty stayed up 24/7 during my exams to answer any questions I had so that I didnt have waste my time searching for them.

    Passed and now preparing for clinicals

    Not that I dont sympathise with you but Penny savers this is a lesson for all of you :roll:
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    hi m sumit,,,,my internship will end in april 2011,,,,,can any one plz tell me when i shud giv oet exam and what all to study for preliminary exam
  20. Dr Mel

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    ADC Exams

    Hey Sumit

    Good idea would be to start now. So you are ready to send in your assessment papers as soon as you finish your internship.

  21. nardentist

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    hi guys m plannin to give my prlims in sept of 2011 so can any 1 guid pls how to go about it. and wat all are to be done for it
  22. Drkc

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    Adc sep 2011

    Hi, I too am planning on writing the prelims for the adc sep 2011. Would really be good if someone can help me with the material for study.
  23. gushal

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    i want to write the adc doin my internship and will be fininshing it in october 2011..
    i would like to know if dre would be any exemption in writing this exams after doing MDS or it would be the same...
    which would be better should i do it after BDS or MDS

    can someone help me...
  24. dr dear

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    hi dear

    is there anyone who can just tell me the pattern of quesns asked in adc part2 exam..cleard my oet nw will gv prelims in march.i hv less tim left plz help..just the saq patern..nyone.. :? plz reply as soon a posible..[/b]
  25. adc -final


    anyone interested in discussion for adc final in april at sydney.welcome to join.mail to move further ,thx
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I will sit ADC part 1 in Sept;2011. Anyone who want to study n discuss the MCQs, pls contact me.
  27. L.J

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    ADC prelim exam

    sitting ADC prelim exam in Sep 11 in Sydney , looking for study partners in Sydney
  28. L.J

    L.J Guest

    MPT are u sitting your prelim exam in sydney?
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi LJ,
    i'd applied to sit part 1 in Singapore but i won't get reply from ADC.Did you receive back from ADC? BTW is there anyonline course for Part 1? How's about doctorpulse?
  30. Drchurchill

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    Adc sep2012

    Hi, I am planning on writing my adc in sep 2012, based in Sydney wanting a study partner too.
  31. Lizza67

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    Sydney University- ADC Preparatory Course 2012

    Continuing Education in Dentistry at the University of Sydney is looking to run an intensive course aimed at International Dental Graduates (IDGs) enrolled to sit the ADC final clinical examinations that will familiarise you with dental practice in Australia. The format will cover Clinical Dentistry (CD) I, II, and III components and may assist with the preparation for the ADC clinical examination.

    This course will be structured as a series of lectures followed by clinical exercises given by university lecturers, previous ADC examiners, previous ADC candidates who have passed the exam, and dental hospital staff. It is proposed the course will run over a full week in January 2012.

    For more information please visit our website and complete the expression of interest form so we can update you.
  32. Dr.Pavel

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    is there anyone preparing for ADC clinical exam to be held on July 2012,specially based on sydney? I need a reading partner.
    If interested please contact
  33. spb

    spb Guest

    Hoping to create a study group for ADC prelims march 2012. anybody??? reply plz...........
  34. Drchurchill

    Drchurchill Guest

    Adc sep2012

    Hi I am looking for a study group for adc preliminary in sep 2012.
  35. keertn.87

    keertn.87 Guest

    Hi Drchurchill, I am planning to give my prelims in Sept 2012. I am from Bangalore, India. Please send me ur Email ID so that I can contact you. Thanks
  36. start6030

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    hi , i would like to join 2012 prelim study group... u can contact me at .... goodlk with the preparation :)
  37. Dr.Pavel

    Dr.Pavel Guest

    Hi Salma rahman,
    I am from Bangladesh.....i have completed can mail me if you need some help.(
  38. drpreity

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    Hello Dr. Churchill
    I am a dentist from India n need serious study partner...If u r intersested pls mail me on
  39. drpreity

    drpreity Guest

    Hello Dr. Pavel...
    heartiest congrats for ur achievement...
    good luck for part 2...
  40. drpreity

    drpreity Guest


    Even m plannin to give prelims in sept 2012... I need a serious study partner...if u r intersted contact me on
  41. Drchurchill

    Drchurchill Guest

    Sep 2012 prelims


    Planning on writing the OET on 17th of march 2012, here is my email, lets all keep in touch, i live in sydney. looking for study partners for the exam in Sep 2012.

    thank you
  42. Drchurchill

    Drchurchill Guest

    Sep 2012 prelims


    Planning on writing the OET on 17th of march 2012, here is my email, lets all keep in touch, i live in sydney. looking for study partners for the exam in Sep 2012.

    thank you

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