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    I am interested in the taking the ADC exams. If anyone who has already taken them , can enlighten me about them. I heard theres the first part which can be taken in India and the subsequent one in Australia. How tough are these exams and any suggestions for preparations. Thank you , regards... Hameed
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    Steps in Clearing ADC exam

    Hi Hameed
    Multi stage process
    Stage 1 Assessment
    Stage 2 OET
    Stage 3 ADC theory exam
    Stage 4 Clinical exam

    ADC theory exam is conducted twice an year and is held in India. You need to clear in individual section and also overall. Exam is tough as there is no set guidelines for the exams. Consists of 3 MCQs and 1 SAQ.
    Once that is done, need to sit for clinical exam. Held only in Aus. 7 days exam 8.30-5Pm
    Need to pass in all. Can take supplementary if failed in one set else repeat all of them again.
    Very intensive in terms of money (overall cost range from Rs 3 lacs- 10 lac)
    Pass rate is less than 20% and is getting more tougher because of stupid Dr Death's case (Dr Jayanth Patel who is responsible for 80 deaths in Australia)
    Good luck
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    We have study materials question papers and short note for ADC Part 2 and Part 3 examination. We have the latest study materials and short notes, tips for the Part 3 (clinical exams) for students. The ADC recommends a list of books for the examination and our collection of study materials are the best out of these books. Please contact
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    guideline to study

    hi i am indian dentist.very new to this site.pls can anybody help me.i wan to know d exam fees for all three parts.pls pls. help me and give sum information about d exams like pattern,duration,total time span to clear all me sumthing about adc
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    hi ,
    adc fees are 500 for assesment 500 for oet 1000 for mcq and 7500 for final . the final exam has two trainings in melbourne on takes place in royal dental hospital and other is some where els in melbourne . the clinincal training is for 16 weeks cost around 23000. plus living costs. exam can be anywhere in australia and it goes on for a week . all the money is in australian dollars
    the pass rate is pretty low as the nlc above suggested group study is the key to success there many indians give this exam out of the 20 percent pass rate 15 percent are indians
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    hey all.I'm a dentist living in India for awhile,I'm interested in having OET study material .and also copies of ads reference books.If any of u can provide them in India plz let me know the details and af course the prices.
    t y.
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    Final exam

    Hi everyone, I am new in this forum, Im looking fort study partners for the final exam held the next June in Melbourne. Please let me know if someone is interested so we can share study material and knowledge!
    thanks every one!
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    hello!everyone.m also new in this forum.i want to know which books should be started reading first for the part2 exam after completing oet. and will take part for the part2 xm directly in australia.also i wanna knw if there is any orientation course or not in much they usually cost for those courses?
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    I am new on the forum and am taking the ADC preliminary examination this year.
    Do you have any samples of MCQ or SAQ to prepare it ?
    I would be most grateful if you could send some . Here's my email

    All the best to everyone

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    hi...i m appearing for ADC part 1 exam this year. Is their anyone who is also giving PART 1 from Dubai?
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    hi frens
    appearing for adc this time ,
  17. Guest

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    looking for some guidance ,
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    hi every one im a new member on this forum currently living in the UK was wondering if anyone would kindly answer a few questions i've got.... i would be really grateful.....
    where can i give my OET in UK?
    do i have to pay for the application pack for part I when i order it?
    does anyone have the list of books for part I ?
    n finally how often is the part I xam held in a year

    thanx all take care till next time
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    hi i am new to this forum..i am currently doing internship from delhi and will complete my BDS degree in july next year..i would love to work in australia and so could you uide me how to begin with..what al to study,when and where to take the exam,exam fees and the books to buy..
  20. are there any scholarships or finincial aid being provided to indian dentists for giving the exam?
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    I dont think Australians are mad enough to pay money to Indian dentists to come and give their exams.
    Blame the stupid politicians here
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    i am preparing for adc march 2011. if anyone wants to do joint study with me , then please let me know.
    my email id is
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    ADC EXAMS - Doctor's Pulse

    Dear All

    I joined DOCTORSPULSE to prepare for the exams my experience was fabulous. My teacher was with me until the very end even though I had joined the course 6 months before my exams.

    I was so apprehensive when I joined them but I passed in FIRST ATTEMPT, THANKS TO THEM

    Will certainly recommend .........Cheers :D
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    ADC EXAMS - Beware of scams


    You are not going to believe I have been fooled by people who said they were offering free guidance for ADC Exams.

    They said all they wanted was application form and copy of passport. When asked why they need that they said we are offering free service we need to ensure you are genuine.

    After joining them I couldnt find any info on them, they sent me couple of encrypted files which could not be opened and next thing I know is I got visit from immigration department.

    Turns out they were Identity Stealers forged the documents and had some illegal immigrant here in OZ under my name. I have been completely messed up and immigration department is questioning me how could I be so naive.

    So its a request to all my fellow colleagues donot fall into scams. Its better to pay than suffer and loose your chance to stay in oz completely.

    Like they say here in OZ "what seems too good to be true, is too good to be true" so beware of it
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    ADC Exams

    You are right my friend, never fall into these kind of traps, remember nothing is ever free in life.

    I am so sorry what you had to undergo. I was about to join that too but my friend stopped me. She said the same thing, it is too good to be true
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    Studying for ADC Exams

    First time I tried myself and failed the exam. Then, I went in for paid course at doctors pulse

    did a complete enquiry ofcourse,:D before I joined, went to their office in melbourne (didnt want to be fooled) and after being completely satissfed I joined and I dont regret it.

    completely supported, one is to one guidance and told me how to write, what to write.

    My faculty stayed up 24/7 during my exams to answer any questions I had so that I didnt have waste my time searching for them.

    Passed and now preparing for clinicals

    Not that I dont sympathise with you but Penny savers this is a lesson for all of you :roll:

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