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    Options for Questions 1-2
    A. Amniotic fluid embolism I. Placental abruption
    B. Cardiomyopathy J. Placenta praevia
    C. Chest infection K. Pulmonary embolism
    D. CVA L. Pulmonary hypertension
    E. Endocarditis M. Sepsis
    F. Haemorrhage N. Substance misuse
    G. HELLP syndrome O. Thromboembolism
    H. Myocardial infarcation
    Q1:A previously healthy 18-year-old primigravida presents at 36 weeks feeling unwell and tired. Her brother died unexpectedly aged 19 years. Her CXR showed an enlarged heart. While being admitted she developed increasing shortness of breath and died despite intensive resuscitation.
    Answer : B - Cardiomyopathy

    Q2:A 30-year-old woman, 28 weeks' gestation in her sixth pregnancy presents to A&E with breathlessness and displays severe anxiety. She had complained of left-sided pelvic pain for a week. While being assessed she collapsed and it was not possible to resuscitate her.
    Answer : ? F. Haemorrhage

    could the answer for 2 be amniotic embolism?

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