After passing Amc part 1 , What's Next?

Discussion in 'Australian Medical Council (AMC) EXAM' started by bhagat, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,

    I recently passed the AMC MCQ Part 1 exam in July. Now having done so, I'm not sure what to do next. I've been reading the posts here in this forum, and although helpful, I still feel very lost.

    I am from the United States, and my fiance is from Australia. We would like to start our lives together in Australia, but it all entails getting my medical training started in Oz.

    I've passed USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK, CS. I have no started any residency training here in the States. I've been spending my time studying and working.

    I've heard that I can get a position in a rural hospital. But how do I do that? What's the process, what paperwork, etc etc?

    I understand that I don't have to take the Clinical Exam as yet. Which is good because I'm hoping to get some Australian training before the exam. I'm sure we do things differently here as compared to Australia.

    I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you all.

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