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  1. neha.

    neha. Guest

    there was no such que of ring fracture in paper. the que ws- whats motorcyclist's fracture?
    a. ring fracture
    b. skull divided into antr n postr half
    c. suture separation
    d. comminuted fracture
  2. pran.

    pran. Guest

    friends please help me out with genuine answers:-
    1)best way to reduce serum potassium -my friends say there was hemodialysis as an option
    2)not a cause for traumatic asphyxia:-
    was it railway injury or railway accident given there.
    had it been railway accident then the answer could be accidental strangulation but what if there was railway injury.
    3)tensilon test is positive or not in lambert eaton syndrome.
    4)most common site for rupture of abdominal aortic aneurysm.i checked robbins nothing given but for intraperitoneal or retroperitoneal bleed.people say it is posterior.
    5)what can abrassion be confused with:-
  3. meddy.

    meddy. Guest

    the choices were all except?
    caused by gp a b hemolytic
    b) debridement is tt of choice
    c) lower limb ,perenium mcly affected
    pencillin is effective
    now guys tell me what shud be d answer. i found all d options in exam correct .plz help on this one
  4. param.

    param. Guest

    what are the answers for the followin..if anybody cud help hip replacement m.c cause of mortality --thromboembolism/infections/? /?
    2.question on disease and mode of transmission--did they ask tru or false statement..??
    one option was tetanus and dust
    one option legionella and refrigertaed food
    one about leptospirosis??
  5. faz.

    faz. Guest

    the ans to ds n its transmission is listeria--refrigerated food

    another question wid very close options ....becoz listeria though is transmitted by food but mostly by dairy products,uncooked food ect but in harri 16th pg838 no where refrigerated food is mentioned
  6. drfaz.

    drfaz. Guest

    1.sitziers[dont know the exact spelling] canal in relation to foramen rotundum[not sure]
    a.anterior and medial
    b.posterior and lateral
    d. left

    2.a question on famotidine
    d.transient elevation of transaminases of menorrhagia[clinical picture] a/e
    b.tranexemic acid
    d. progesterone

    4 all causes hypercalcemia except
    c.milk alkali syndrome
    d.some enteric cause

    5.a question on tandem bulet [spelling check due to this site t/c its blocking it]

    6. a question on depressed fracture or ponds#
  7. dreamer.

    dreamer. Guest

    the ans is clozapine i have also wrongly marked fluphenazine...............................ref kdt 6th edition no need for hi fi refrences..............

    see it is clearly given on page 431..kdt 6th ed..............ANTICHOLINERGIC adverse effects of antipsychotics=.dry mouth,blurring of visn,constipatn,urinary hesitancy in elderly males [thioridazine has the highest propensity];absent in HIGH POTENCY agents . Some like clozapine indused hypersalivation DESPITE ANTICHOLINERGIC PROPERTY,.......................

    and fluphenazine iz a high potency agent.................

    ref pg447 kdt 6th ed under is mentioned ..IT IS NEITHER SEDATIVE NOR ANTICHOLINERGIC NOR ANTIHISTAMINIC.... so no doubt on this drug ok.......
  8. sajid.

    sajid. Guest

    for angle closure glaucoma....ssri s defintely dont have any anti muscarinic action....and the ans is between fluphenazine and clozapine...all typical antipsychotics ve anti muscarinic action (ref:katzung ref tab.)clozapine,an atypical antipsych., no one has yet reported an antimusc.action in it...the atypical antipsyscotic with anti musc action is olanzepine..not clozapine...
  9. rohit.

    rohit. Guest

    which is not seen in juvenile idiopathic arthritis-
    a.high spike fever
    c.rheumatoid nodules
    d.raynauds phenomenon
  10. viva.

    viva. Guest

    after overnight fasting decreased GLUT TRANSPORTER is seen in which to increase blood glucose

    ds was d question and it wasnt all except

    according to harper GLUT2 ARE MAXIMUM IN LIVER
  11. frank.

    frank. Guest

    Intrinsic pathway
    a. XII
    b. XI
    c. IX
    d. VII

    The ans should be logically a. Rest of the options are activated by extrinsic pathway in some way. Note that Harrison 17th ed, p 364 says "The participation of Factor XI in hemostasis is not dependent on its activation by factor XII a but rather on its positive FEEDBACK activation by thrombin. Thus, factor XI a functions in the propagation and amplification, rather than in the initiation, of the coagulation cascade"
  12. manahar.

    manahar. Guest

    The International Planned Parenthood Federation International Medical Advisory Panel drew up the following statement in November, 1989. Breastfeeding is good for the infant.

    Nonhormonal contraception should be the 1st choice for lactating women.

    Barrier methods are reliable when used regularly. The failure rate should be lower when used after delivery. Progestagen-only contraception consists of progestagen-only pills, injectables, and Norplant. These do not affect quality and quantity of breast milk or length of lactation. They are suitable for those who do not wish nonhormonal methods

    so best contraception during lactation is barrier method
  13. frank.

    frank. Guest

    224. Regarding pancreatic cancer true a/e

    a. More than 75% have p53 mutations
    b. More common in people with familial pancreatitis
    c. 3-6 m survival in stage 3
    d. 15-20% survival on 5 yrs

    Ans: A

    Mutations in the p53 gene, located on chromosome 17p, are found in 50 to 60 percent of pancreatic cancers

    p53 protein expression as prognostic factor in human pancreatic cancer

    Chronic pancreatitis refers to a long-term inflammation of the pancreas. Patients with non-hereditary chronic pancreatitis appear to have an increased incidence of pancreatic cancer; however, the majority of individuals with chronic pancreatitis never develop pancreatic cancer.

    so ans seems B MORE THAN A

    OPTION B-appears to b answer cos

    At least 10% of pancreatic cancers are thought to be familial, i.e., caused by inherited genetic mutations
  14. vinayak.

    vinayak. Guest

    q.colon ca a/e
    a.mismatchd repair genes
    c.b catenin
    d.k ras

    ans is a
    m sure i referd harrison table in colon ca topic
    in AIPGE 2005/6 in Pathology mk has given a table and mentions apc/b catenin involvd in colon ca
  15. madan.

    madan. Guest

    coagulative necrosis is seen in is again a repeat 4m AIIMS
    dr s a confusion wedr d ans should b gangrene r tb
    help me out n ds cos caseous necrosis is d most common form of coag necrosis.and coag necrosis d architecture isnt distorted whch is seen infact seen n tb.while,in gangrene dr isnt seen so d answer seems

    GANGRENE more than TB
    WELL I MYSELF MRKD d ans wrong if ths is true
    help me out pls cos d answers rr al so confusing...anybody
  16. madan.

    madan. Guest

    q.acute pancreatitis wid cathetrisation amylase will b elevated in
    c serum and urinary amylase

    answer acc to harrison table 4m pancreatic diseases topic is C
  17. depatil.

    depatil. Guest

    a. qinine or artesunate

    A.NAD is reduced



  18. dina.

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    Crude birth rate is a rate and not a is given in park.but the question on malaria was:most effective drug(not doc) in the treatment of severe complicated p. Falciparum malaria.
  19. singhani.

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    harrison 16/ed-pg262-263.
    1-most rapid and most effective way of lowering plasma potassium--dialysis
    2-followed by ca.gluconate-response within-minutes(<5min)
    3-insulin+gucose-response within 15-30 min
    4-b2 adrenergic-response within-30 min
    5-Nahco3-response within-30 min
    6-resin show response within-1-2 hrs
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    good forum
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    mci recognition

    Can anyone tell me if i take a MD seat in a particular collegewhich is mci recognised at the time of counselling and then after i am into my PG say after 1 year if in the next mci inspection all MD seat of that particular deptt of that college gets derecognised then after my pg completion will i get a recognised degree..or it will affect my juniors only..someone told me that if a pg seat is derecognised all the degree of previous 5 years will be derecognised it true
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    hi very good forum...truely speaking i m getting 69% and confident of getting rank....
    paper was very lenghty but quite easy...

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