AIIMS 2014 nov mcq....Salbutamol decreasing oxygen sat from 95% to 85%

Discussion in 'AIIMS Nov 2013' started by samuel, Nov 13, 2014.

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    Child with k/c/o bronchial asthma comes with resp distress rate 48/min cant speak 2 words,occasionsl wheeze.Saturation 95%you give 3 doses of salbutamol nebulisation then he started to speak a sentence but saturation falls to 85%
    B.R to left shunt
    C.Due to salbutamol
    D.Faulty pulse oxymeter

    child with 85% spo2 maybe cyanotic, but this child symptomatically improved and speaking sentences ans ??? it may be Faulty pulse oxymeter

    From clinical aspect, it can be due to salbutamol. It says salbutamol nebu, not salbutamol +oxygen nebu. Salbutamol can causes hypoxia and is arrhythmogenic, if not given with oxygen.

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