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    Receptor of joint capsule and ligaments is
    a) Slow adapting
    b) Fast adapting
    c) Different to slow and fast adapting
    d) Non-adapting

    Laxative use can lead to

    a) Hypo-magnesemia
    b) Hypo-kalemia
    c) Hypoglycemia
    d) Spasm of colon

    Most common viral cause of kidney transplant rejection

    a) Polymyoma virus
    b) HCV
    c) HBV high risk
    d) Herpes simplex type

    Morphogenetic and mitogen both is feature of
    a) IGF
    b) FGF
    c) PDGF
    d) BMPR

    Father of Evidence Based Medicine is

    a) David Lawrence Sackett
    b) da Vinci
    c) Hippocrates,
    d) Tolstoy

    Lithium should be stopped how many days before surgery
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3
    d) 4

    Universal health coverage of India was recently approved by which committee-
    a) Medical education health group
    b) MPW in health and family planning
    c) High level expert Group
    d) Health survey and development committee

    Absence of which is the m/c variation?
    A. rt colic A.
    B. middle colic A.
    C. left colic A.
    D. superior rectal A.

    Rural girl has grey hair. 25 out of 40 classmates from the same village have also grey hair but children from a nearby village have normal hair.
    her brother who is staying in aunt's house has also normal hair.
    cause is
    a. nutrition
    b. infection
    c. environment
    d. genetic
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    cognitive remediation is used for
    a. cognitive restructuring
    b. memory impairement
    c. correcting cognitive dysfunctn
    d. improved study habit

    this 1 is confusing..

    cognitive remediation means cognitive enhancement.
    option b is actually 'memory improvement' could be the ans.
    but cognitive restructuring is also given as rgt ans in other book.

    as per AIIMS cracked book cognitive restructuring and correcting cognitive dystorsion are done with CBT.

    which doesnt have prognostic value in colon ca
    a. Kras
    b. c myc
    c. Microsatilite instability
    d. erb2

    All have prognostic value in colon cancer.
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    Cognitive restructuring is used to identify maladaptive thoughts,such as splitting,distorted psychotic thinking,projections,magical thinking..So basically congnitive restructuring is used in conditions of twisted thinking patters(like psychosis,schizophrenia, personality disorders with schizophrenic tendencies, over generalisations,.....)

    Vs cognitive remediation.This is something like when u immigrate to other countries and ur degree is evaluated by local licensing bodies, and they identify some lack of training in specific areas and ask u to undergo that training locally to remedy the deficiency........... its similar to that..So as u said, i guess, in memory impairment there is deficiency is learning or retention for longer time and hence cognitive remediation could be more appropriate.

    Study habit problems====behavior problems. Hence behavior therapy would be more appropriate.
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    Drug approved for advanced prostate cancer?

    In stepedotomy, all removed except

    a. ant crura of stapes
    b. post crura of stapes
    c. stapedius tendon
    d. lenticular process of incus

    ans is lenticular process of incus.

    a hole is created in the footplate of stapes and piston is placed in this hole. lenticular process of incus prevents piston from slipping off the long process of incus.

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