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    total questions -- 80
    +1 -- right answer
    -1/3 -- wrong answer
    90 minutes
    computer based exam

    1.hospice care is - for terminally ill patients
    2.BRCA 1 chromosome
    3.Interleukins involved in SIRS
    4.Not an indication for Adjuvant CT in stage II colon cancer
    5.Amyloid struma found in
    6.which of the following is not a type of selective neck dissection
    7.grisotti flap used for or based on
    8.order of treatment for a locally advanced breast cancer
    9.which of the following is not a blue,round cell tumor
    10.which of the following sites for carcinoid tumor will not produce carcinoid syndrome
    11.incidentally found GIST (3cm)in stomach,treatment of choice esophagectomy on day 2,pt develops brownish colored fluid in chest tube,suggestive of conduit for replacing esophagus in stricture due to poisoning
    14.salivary gland tumor having tendency to encroach the haversian canal system - Adenoid cystic ca
    15.tumor in parotid area,with visible mass in oral examination pushing the uvula to opposite side,benigh tumor,treatment of choice
    16.range of FNAC needle sizes
    17.most common histology in carcinoma unknown primary - - adenoCa
    18.most histological variety found in LCIS
    19.histological grading in breat not based on which of the following factors
    20.which of the following histologies in breat ca has best prognosis
    21.molecular subtpes classification of ca breast based on
    22.treatment offered after BCT
    23.mechanism of action of Lapatinib - - TK inhibitor and hence HER-2/neu Inhibitor also

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