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    Dexmedetomedine--centrally acting alpha2 agonist
    Calibre of firearm-distance between 2 lands
    HlaB27-ankylosing spondylitis
    Karyotype qtn--chromosome5 deletion, cri du chat syndrome

    LEEN VEEN SHUNT-A peritoneovenous shunt (also called LeVeen Shunt) is a shunt which drains peritoneal fluid from the peritoneum into veins, usually the internal jugular vein or the superior vena cava. It is sometimes used in patients with refractory ascites.

    Parasuicide (from Greek παρά, para- ,
    "near" or "resembling" and suicide) is
    a suicide attempt or gesture and self-
    harm where there is no result in
    death. It is a non-fatal act in which a
    person deliberately causes injury to
    him or herself or ingests any
    prescribed or generally recognised
    therapeutic dose in excess. The term
    was first coined in Edinburgh by
    Norman Kreitman.

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