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    2)16 yr female with normal pubic hair and breast c/o primary amennorrhea-mullarian dysgenesis
    3)Retts syn nt seen is macrocepaly
    4)A chalazion also known as a meibomian gland lipogranuloma,
    5)The floor (inferior wall) is formed by except - ethmoid
    6)pco2-30,po2-115, has compensated-a.resp alkalosis
    7)Rho kinase inhibitor-fausidil
    8)test to differentiate maternal and fetal rbc-ans. apt test
    9)Oedema in ct absent in which stage of Neurocysticercosis? Calcified nodular stage
    10)gallow traction.....for frac shaft femur
    11)orphan drug is?? drug for rare diseases
    12)Maximum tolerated dose of a new drug is evaluated in: PHASE 1
    13)75yr diabetic with granulation tissue at external auditory canal- malignant otitis externa
    14)rapid growing atypical org not involved in lung infection ans:m.kansasii
    15)iodine is nt gvn in...ans ws hyperthyroidsm
    16)unconscious man lying in rt. lat. position with injury to face,hand,lat.aspect of rt. knee. most common cause for this clinical presentation? - common peroneal n
    17)if confidence limit is increased-previously insignificant data becomes significant
    18)no.of vision centres under npcb ans.20000
    19)pleural tap pierces all except pulmonary pleura
    20)legionella pneumophila-air conditioners
    21)difference between seizure n syncope-urine incontinence
    22)girl with primary amenorrhea,wide spaced pages - turner's 45XO
    23)prolonged post antibiotic effect and time dependent killing seen in penicillin.
    24)Meningocele ans is n.saline
    25)gertsmann syndrome
    26)signature fracture?ans depressed fracture
    27)pyogenic meningitis
    28)GU tb
    29)protein c - recurrent abortions plus leg pain deficient is
    30)not a major criteria in acute rheumatic fever-a.polyarthralgia
    31)child wid abdominal mass..wid right hand n leg longer - Wilm's tumour
    32)complete cartilage-cricoid
    33)vaginal epithelium- endoderm of urogenital sinus
    34)apoptosis not-inflammation
    35)hypertensive pt headache vomiting neck rigidity- SAH
    36)stain for fungal hyphae?KOH
    37)Mucormycosis Rx Amphotericin B
    38)fics law options-passive osmosis along conc gradient only
    39)mother 6 wk pregnancy....surest test-fhs by doppler
    40)A patient had seizure after injection of sulfonamide. Dx is-AIP Acute intermittent porphyria
    41)Adenolymphoma for tc scan hotspot
    42)ENT old guy with 3m h/o hearing loss with intact tympanum with fluid behind TM further mang
    ans----> investigate for nasopharyngeal CA
    43)true about celiac block ?ans----> M/C s/e is diarrhoea and hypotension
    44) loss of lacrimation occurs due to injury to: greater petrosal nerve
    45)elevation at site of prostatic utricle is formed due to:glands
    46)IV anaesthetic C/I in epileptics ---> ketamine
    47)in RTA pCo2 drops bcoz1 respiratory centre affected2resp apparatus affected3 both(A)
    48)Damage control surgery Ans minimum intervention to stabilize and can be operated latee
    49)not true of conjunctivitis...2)corneal infiltrn present
    50)pda not true?co2 wash out
    51)The advent of refrigeration has dramatically reduced STOMACH cancer incidents as it has revolutionized food preservation
    52)hrt not considered a therapeutic option for?prevention of cardiovascular diseases
    55)mortality in emergency abdominal aneurysm repair >50%
    56)irreversible enzymes in glycolysis.....1hexokinase,pyruvate kinase,phosphofructokinase
    57)in drug design concern is for3 increasing frequency of drug and target interaction
    58)Ridley Jopling Leprosy classification based on CLINICAL BACTERIOLOGICAL HISTOPATH AND IMMUNOLOGY
    60)Complete cartilage ring seen in Cricoid cartilage
    61)earliest cx of ileostomy---- necrosis
    62)eggs size 100micron wid malabsorption.. al except-- --- opisthorcis viverini
    63)Chronic alcohol pt with 2 days h/o free alcohol Presented with seizure Diazepam
    64)stain used for fungus?silver methanamine
    65)in a surgery being done for intracranial space occupying lesion, which one is used:isoflurane
    66)A 7 yrs old child wd a few spots of blood in stools. Diagnosis?Juvenile polyp
    67)opioid kappa dysphoria
    68)acute infectious hepatitis
    69)phemphigus- direct immunofluroscence
    70)in von gierke ketone will be synthesised bcs of al except fat mobilisation low
    71)embryonal hb- zeta epsilon
    72)Infant can breath simultaneously because ?High larynx
    73)normally after lying down wt occurs like increase in cerebral flow/immediate in venous return
    74)girl with OPC poisoning .. false is atropine reverses muscle weakness
    75)legionela transmitd by aerosol air cnditn
    76)oral ulcer genital ulcer- behcet disease
    77)painless ulcer in labia majora with everted margins- ? syphillis
    78)RT PCR used for DNA Amplification
    79)Child with croup, well hydrated, feeding well, consolable. T/t is Single dose Dexamethasone
    80)cigratte smoker having left scrotal swelling afp and ldh negative dx RCC
    81)osteoblastic metastasis prostate
    82)rhabdomyosarcoma marker? desmin
    83)not a risk factor for rhegmat rd?hyperopia
    84)Coronary care unit and cancer care facility to be established at the district level hospital
    85)silvery papules on penis wrist n forearm n children... scabies
    86)most vascular tumor of brain spinal cord Hemangioblastoma
    87)SLE Like except - Penicillin
    89)most common complication in baby <1kg? ROP
    90)orbit involvemnt in ?b cell lymphoma
    91)FISH used for known genetic loci
    92)thumb sign epiglottitis
    93)Old woman on alendronate for 7 years develops pain in hip nd thigh IOC - Xray
    94)Iron deficiency anemia A/E REDUCED TIBC
    95)All are done to prevent maternal to fetal transmission of HIV except-Vaginal delivery
    96)Lesion on T3 dermatome-Diagnosis is VZV
    97)The following enzymes dont participate in Oxygenation Reduction reaction-Dehydrogenase
    98)Social pathology denotes-Change in ds pattern due to change in lifestyle
    99)ocular Mx - Breast
    100)answer for one Q was Petrositis - retro orbital pain,Facial palsy
    101)there was a Q about Bell palsy Except - Urgent Sx decompression
    102)asymptomatic child with delta wave short PR interval which drug not to be given-beta blocker
    103)child with mental retardation , seizures and angiomylipoma in kidney diagnosis is a) tuberous sclerosis
    104)Regarding Myopic degeneration which of the following is True
    -Myopic degeneration can lead to retinal detachment
    105)Floor of 3 ventricle not formed - 3rd cranial nerve
    106)Which is not included in 3rd stage labour to prevent PPH-Immediate cutting n cord clamping
    107)Most important functuon of MHC is1)Antigen presenting
    108)A 60 year old male with history of Diabetes complained of gradual diminution of vision over 2-3 days followed by sudden loss of vision. which of the following will be the most important investigation in this scenario ? Serum Creatinine levels
    109)Anti Craving Acamprostate
    110)cyanosis does occur - critical con of reduced hb
    111)Alternate to Valproate in Juv Myoclonic Ep.Levatiracetam
    112)most serious complication of pelvic fracture-hypovolemic shock
    113)which is the anaesthetic of choice for hypotension during surgery for aortic stenosis?
    114)fick s law ? Passive Only
    115)fmale wid fever,smthng,red spot on applying bp cuff-n.meningitis
    116)Ovulation....aftrr folical stimulayion
    117)8 yr boy,buly n rigid muscle,creat. kinase decreases wid age-dystrophin gene
    118)gynaecomastia z a/w?cushng z a/w smal cel!
    119)Discharge from synaptic vesicle is prevented by....preventing flow of ca+2 to the nerve terminal
    121)Ocriplasmin is a recombinant protease - VITREOMACULAR ADHESION
    122)Retinoblastoma - Strabismus
    123)alzheimer's disease - Temporal & Parietal
    124)which is not seen in actue pyelonephritis-hypoechoic
    125)B/L Babinsky - Thalamic Hmg
    126)no of health goals in MDG ? 3
    127)N.gonorrhoea---- gram negative coccoid
    128)anorectal ring is formed by all except internal anal sphincter
    129)BOTH cgn and rf for sore throat pt
    130)The most common MODY type is HNF1 alpha.
    131)pulseless after Antibiotic - chest compression
    132)which organ cant use ketone bodies
    133)neonatal sepsis not caused by agalactae
    134)wechsler intelligence scale scoring Avg IQ - 90
    135)not calcify PHPV
    136)asha dont receive renumeration for birth weight measurement
    137)Psychosocial,Criminal Psychology,Psychodevelopmental some Q
    138)Burns in children assessed by lund and browser
    139)Pigmentatory changes between posterior pole and equator (misspelled as equation in paper), [salt and paper retinopathy] are seen in all of following except ? D. Fundus flavimaculatus
    140)An ophthalmologist working in district hospital is likely to perform following surgical procedure most commonly ? Bilateral Lamellar Tarsus Rotation or phaco??
    141)Seat Belt - abdominal aorta or Mesentry
    142)tracheobronchial tree... ??
    143)which is given sc terbutline
    144)Hypothermia Can Be beneficial to patient
    145)for appointing at subcentre level, 3 yr trainining has been proposed by wic commite?
    146)Rx of choice for intractable seizure??
    147)following microinjection healing occirs by?
    148)a pt.has renal failure and bone pain.serum M spike.35% plasma cell.diagnosis-multiple myeloma/Plasma cell Leukemia
    149)In sentinel lymph node biopsy for carcinoma breast, nerve commonly injured
    150)LBBB by all except ashman syndrome
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    151)not true about methyl alcohol poisoning- a)effects are due to formic acid except fomepizole competitively inhibits aldehyde dehydrogenase
    152)The prevalence of a disease in a group of 100 people is 80 percent. What is the 95 percent confidence interval
    153)meningococcal meningitis endemic >10
    154)Deworming ??
    155)vaccine for meningococcal meningitis should be given to lab worker
    156)intrauterine respiration in fetus except RDS
    157)dose of vitamin A in post partum woman-3,00,000 i u within 1 mnth f giving birth
    158)Human Poverty Index
    159)CLL - Rx not needed in Asymp pt
    160)Supra condyar fracture true is
    a. distal segment is mostly displaced anteriorly
    b. cubitus valgus is more common than cubital varus
    c. injury causes weakness of elbow flexion
    d. nerve injury related manifestations are transitory
    161)which is not developmental delay-moving up n downstars 2 n half yr
    162)Neck node has SCC on biopsy. No primary found. AJCC staging is T0N2aM0
    163)Homogenous opacity in right lung wit obscured right cardiac silhouette. which part of lung is involved?A. Medial seg of RML
    164)tee for detecting mural thrombi in left ventricle apex
    165)INFECTIVITY OF DS,ALL TRUE EXCEPT-measles 3 days after rash
    166)which is the major metabolite of progesterone-Pregnendiol
    167)mech of insulin resistance in liver disease ?? Steatosis
    168)Ritonavir inhibits except ??
    169)vasopressin antagonist act on medullary ct
    170)Mild ptosis. Emg myopathic pattern..ach antibody neg - Ocular MG
    171)ACL-a pt after sorts injury ...laxity on full extension and not in 90 degree ??
    172)micropuncture of cell memb with a occurs by-linear movement of proteins
    173)childhood blindness estimation from blind schools - over estimation
    viral nucleic acid detection in intraocular fluid
    175)Which of the following type of hip dislocation is characterised by,internal rotation of limb, limb shortening and restriction of abduction ?Posterior
    176)Nephrotic syndrome steroid toxicity DOC Levamisole??
    177)Neonate in icu seizure first line of investigation Sonology/MRI
    178)ESR in TB
    179)lesions in liver and kidney with contract enhancement, patient with seizures - Tuberous Scl
    180)Benign breast sign....Stroma??
    181)Patient complains of ear discharge from post canal wall , TM normal, no hearing loss
    chronic otitis externa
    182)Rickets - When bone specific alkaline phosphatase is normal
    184)Surgical alteration or suturing of gunshot wounds creates problems - Kennedy phenomenon.
    185)Duncan's placental separation-a)peripheral separation,b)maternal surface presents at vulva,c)blood b/w placenta and uterus,
    186)Lithium to be stopped?days before surgery
    187)suicide enzyme== 5Lox, COX, thomboxane synthase, ???
    188)in hiv infn all affected except ant cingulate cortex/caudate nucleus/globus pallidus/lower white matter
    189)The mollusc shell is a biogenic composite biomineralisation
    190)not a test for mal absorption d - xylose 13--- tech???
    191)bone anchored hearing aids
    192)out of sight out of mind is sensorimotor stage
    193)Father of Oto neurology
    194)2yr child with burns all over face and scalp and thigh-45%
    195)Priapism is caused by poison of-Spanish fly
    196)klyver Lucy syn nt seen is seizures
    197)shelf life of suxamethonium:2 yr
    198)if a chromosome divides in an axis perpendicular to its usual axis of division it is going to form isochromosome
    199)crumpled tissue paper appearance of cells is seen in Glucocerebrocide
    200)policy related to mental health
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    List of Core diseases: A total of 13 diseases both communicable and non-communicable have been included for the surveillance as per the decision of the IDSP committee. These have been grouped as per the types of surveillance into
    Regular surveillance
    Sentinel surveillance
    Regular periodic surveys

    To improve information availability for a set of high priority diseases.
    To strengthen existing data system on communicable and non-communicable diseases through improved surveillance.

    Regular Surveillance:
    Vector Borne Disease: 1. Malaria (Other vector-borne diseases under this group) Like Dengue, JE, Leishmaniasis, Chikungunniya etc.
    Water Borne Disease: 2. Acute Diarrhoeal Disease
    Respiratory Diseases 3.Typhoid:
    Vaccine Preventable Diseases: 5.Measles
    Diseases under Eradication: 6.Polio
    Other Conditions: 7.Road Traffic Accidents (Link up with Police Computers)
    Other International Commitments 8.Plague
    Unusual Clinical Syndromes: 9.Menigoencephalitis / Respiratory Distress, Hemorrhagic fevers and other undiagnosed conditions

    Sentinel Surveillance:
    Sexually transmitted diseases /
    Blood borne: 10. HIV / HBV, HCV
    Other Conditions: 11. Water Quality
    12. Outdoor Air Quality (Large Urban Centres)
    Regular Periodic Surveys:
    NCD Risk Factors: 13.Anthropometry,Physical Activity, Blood Pressure, Tobacco, Nutrition, Blindness
    & any other unusual Health condition.
    GOI may include in a public health emergency – subject to agreement at the next joint project review mission; project funds could be used for these surveillance activities.
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    Lithium stopped 48-72hrs before surgery. [Reference Anaesthesia Ajay Yadav Pg 47,4th Edition] dont know correct answer.both 2 days and 3 days were in option.
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    Tingling, pain after Colles'#- ans. is Causalgia (Reflex sympathetic dystrophy) . TEE better than TTE becoz it can detect aortic embolus(or thrombus) as TEE can visualise posterior structures such as aorta .
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    Thanks Neha for providing the Questions and answers. Really helpful.

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