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    Time dependent with prolonged post antibiotic effect-
    beta lactam

    2. not seen in colle's
    radial displacement
    volar tilt
    dorsal displacement

    3. Nerve endings sensitive to noxious substance are present in??

    4. arsenic fatal dose -

    5. Dexmedetomidine-- central alpha agonist

    6. apoptosis -- glucocorticoids

    7. not used in hypekalemia- Beta blockers

    8. abatacept-- RA

    9. battery disc-foreign body in the nose . immediate concern is
    b)associated with tetanus
    c)can leakand damage tissue
    d)nasal drops instilled till its removal

    10. all are true about rituximab except
    chimeric anti cd 20
    infusion reactions
    myelosuppression and alopecia
    dose independent pharmacokinetics
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    11. Not used in dilated pupils- gonioscopy

    12. elective caesarean a/w risks at "TERM" . ideal time is--
    37,38,39,40 wks

    13. First neurological disorder due to single neurotransmitter deficiency?
    Alzheimer, parkinson, huntington

    14. hara kiri-- stab abdomen

    15.. pellagra like,, aminoaciduria, etc- - hartnup

    16. drug for adv Ca prostate-- goserelin

    17. membrana tectoria -
    post longitudinal ligament
    ant longitudinal ligament

    18. Cholinomimetics not used in--bradycardia

    Strucure not passing through foramen ovale
    A.Lesser petrosal vein
    B.Mandibular branch of trigeminal
    C.Maxillary nerve

    Not associated with vaccine derived polio

    Immunohisto markers identify wrongly matched.
    Desmin- carcinomas
    Vimentin- sarcomas
    Leucocyte specific antigen- lymphoma
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    Not used as 1st line management in anovulatory bleeding in 13 year old girl
    Mefenemic acid
    Tranexamic acid

    Post infleunza pnewmonia caused by-
    Staph aureus

    Child with pellagra lyk symptoms, amino acids in urine, famil history 4 siblings affected 4 normal , parents not affected diagnosis is-
    Mayple syrup

    10 month old infant crying.. passes red coloured stool and then stops crying after sometime.. Dx
    Meckels diverticulum

    not 1st line drug in abnormal uterine bleeding(anovulatry)in 13yr old girl?

    tranoxamic acid
    mefenemic acid
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    19. right iliac fossa mass iwth dull aching pain- iliocaecal tb, appendicular lump, Ca of asc colon
    20. mc site of MALT? stomach, ileum, duod, jeju
    21. behavioer metod of t/t of ptsd -hypnosis, cognitive behaviour therapy
    22. a 18 yr old afro american boy presenting with a nin healing ulcer of foot,recurrent pnemonia&chr. hemolytic anemia.pbs shows some peculiar app of rbc -- point mutation,
    23. cataract surgical rate-not a true rate, other options ?
    24. mol classification of breast ca--
    25. fructose intolerance - aldolase
    26. cong cataract gene
    27. t3n0 laryngeal ca t/t- concurrent chemorad
    28. recurrent penile ulcers "ON SAME LOCATION"with hyper pigmentation in a young male-- fixed drug eruptions
    29. parasuicide-wrist cut, hanging,
    30. Anaesthesia for day care surgery- propofol
    31. pt in status asthmaticus and 02 saturation at 95%. u gave 3 doses of salbutamol and now the pt is better, but o2 saturation of 85%. what is the cause --faulty pulse oximeter,shunt,,
    32. diag ques of st passing through it
    33. Not seen in tuberous sclerosis - giant cell astrocytoma, white matter involvement, subependymal tumors, ependymoma
    34. Vasculitis not seen in elderly- kawasaki, hsp, giant cell
    35. Not associated with vaccine derived polio
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    Which of the following is the Investigation of choice for evaluation of acute head injury?
    A) NCCT Head
    B) CECT Head
    C) MRI Brain 
D) CT angiography
    Answer: NCCT Head

    Which of the following is the Investigation of choice for evaluation of acute head injury?
    A) NCCT Head
    B) CECT Head
    C) MRI Brain 
D) CT angiography
    Answer: NCCT Head
    All the following are used for treatment of chronic Hepatitis B except
    A) Entecavir
    B) Telbivudine
    C) Zydovudine
D) Lamivudine
    Answer: Zidovudine Reference Harrison 18th
    Which is the following is not cause by Nontypeable Hemophilus Influenzae?
    A) Otitis media
    B) Meningitis
    C) Sinusits
D) Puerperal sepsis
    Answer: Meningitis
    Which of the following is true regarding Idiopathic Non specific Interstitial pneumonia?
    A) Honey combing on CT
    B) Male predominant
    C) Elderly age 
D) Good prognosis
    Answer : Good prognosis with glucocorticoids
    A girl was abused and presented with profuse genital bleeding...wat should be d ideal management..

    Assess airway
    Internal iliac ligation
    Fluid resuscitation

    M/c cause of vocal cord palsy

    Correction of cleft palate done at..??
    24 month
    15-18 month
    9-12 mo
    RTA pt in emergency department,both eye dilated,eye ball deviate upward, no imaging or neurodurgeon available ,what u should do..???
    fluid rescusitation,trauma,8-10mnthMake a hole on contralateral side of..... eye
    Make a hole on centre of fore head
    Make a hole on temporal area of same side
    Reffered to higher centre
    WOF is not pre malignant

    Chrons, UC, peutz jegher
    Fnac cant tell abt ??
    follicular Ca
    papillary Ca
    Pt with ureteric colic and on off fever and firgure of kidney given.Dx?

    Most probably Chronic pyelonephritis.
    Billous vomiting neonate ..frst inv? Cxr, babygram, ct usg?
    Molecular classifictn of br ca basd on? Size nd nodal stats ,her2 nd estrogen receptr, gene level?
    White stool,eye and urin discolouratn in neonate-inv to reach diagnose? Ct, hida, usg, lft?
    T3 n0 laryge ca, Manag.? Only rt ,rt +ct, neoct +rt ,ct only
    Tension pnemothorax, first step in manag. Cxr, emargency thorctomy, needle insert at 2nd ics at mcl
    50 yr old male became dizzy while passing stools and noticed fresh blood in the stools. Previous stool examination for routine screening of Ca colon was normal. What is the most likely cause of bleed?
    by fnac what u cannot diagnose.. A.follicular B.papillary C.colloid goitre.. d.thyroiditis
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    1.child with tracheo esophagal fistula repair done, c/o chronic dry cough- tracheomalacia, subglottic stenosis
    2.iron foreign body in eye- method to assess vision- visually evoked potentials, electrooculogram
    3.stratified random sampling
    4.population attributable risk
    5.increased intracranial tension with bradycardia, hypertension-cushings reflex
    6. drug of choice for pseudomonas infection
    7.patient with painless diminution of vision- chronic pappiledema, glaucomatocyclitic crisis, acute angle closure glaucoma
    8.investigation of choice for head injury patient-ncct/cect
    9.inesti of choice for appendicitis in children
    10.drug used in treatment of funcal keratomycosis-silver sulfadiazine, doxycycline
    11. mitral stenosis least affected valve
    12. sound not heard in MS- 3rd hs, os, MDM
    13.angina, syncope and dyspnoea-AS
    14.Employee service insurance
    15.output of national blindness control programme assessed by
    -no of eyeunits opened
    -no of cataract surgeries who gained vision
    -prevalance of blindness in community
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    A pt has papules ,comedones . Which drug will be most effective-isotretinoin,tretinoin

    Epigenetics one question was asked

    A mentally retarded pt has epigastric pain ,alopecia . Likely dx-trichobezoar

    Population attributable risk was asked

    A young pt has dysuria ,discharge per urethra which inv will beneficial
    Gram stain,culture,enzyme linked assay.

    Bulbous lesion on both urticarial and normal skin . Likely dx- bullous pemphigoid ,pemphigus, dermatitis herpetiformis
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    Not a abdominal method of tubectomy?

    Nt a feature of ms?

    Suspected case of poisoning if nt informed to police punishable under?

    H- reflex?

    Gene fr congenital glaucoma?

    Normal stature wid minimal or no pubertal dev?
    Pure gonadal dysg/ kallman/ turners/
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    molecular mechanisms used in epigenetics

    Epigenetic research uses a wide range of molecular biologic techniques to further our understanding of epigenetic phenomena, including chromatin immunoprecipitation (together with its large-scale variants ChIP-on-chip and ChIP-Seq), fluorescent in situ hybridization, methylation-sensitive restriction enzymes, DNA adenine methyltransferase identification (DamID) and bisulfite sequencing. Furthermore, the use of bioinformatic methods is playing an increasing role (computational epigenetics).
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    Vaccine Derived Polio Virus can be classified into three type:
    circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV)
    immunodeficiency-related vaccine-derived poliovirus (iVDPV)
    ambiguous vaccine-derived poliovirus (aVDPV)

    h5n1 is not pandemic because options
    bcos it affects only wild birds, bcos it does not spread between people, etc

    H5N1 Avian Flu (H5N1 Bird Flu)

    Unlike other types of flu, H5N1 usually does not spread between people.
    There have been no reported infections with these viruses in birds, poultry, or people in the United States.
    You cannot get infected with these viruses from properly handled and cooked poultry or eg

    what is most common cause of parasucide-
    a..hanging b.drug c.cut injury d..firearm

    What Is Parasuicide ?
    Parasuicide , sometimes called Deliberate Self-
    Harm, is when someone mimics the act of
    suicide, but does not end up killing
    Parasuicide is not the same as the people who
    injure themselves, but who not to a degree
    that is life-threatening. These people who can
    also be classed under the heading of
    deliberate self-harm, usually express other
    reasons for their actions. For example, some
    people deliberately cut themselves as they feel
    this brings them some relief from strong
    feelings of anxiety or tension that they are
    feeling at the time.
    Who Are At Most Risk Of Parasuicide ?
    Parasuicide is more common among women.
    Particularly younger women under the age of
    45, and more specifically between the ages of
    15 and 25. The highest rates are found in
    divorced, single, or teenage wives, and is
    often linked to being poor.
    Most cases of parasuicide are associated with
    mental health problems, particularly common
    ones are:
    Personality Disorder
    Other factors that make an act of parasuicide
    more likely include:
    Relationship Problems
    Being Unemployed
    Being Physically ill, particularly epileptic
    Being Mentally Handicapped
    Being Neglected or Abused by your Parents
    Having a Parent die at a young age
    Coping with a loved one's illness
    Being in trouble with the Law
    What Are Common Methods Of Parasuicide?
    The most common method of suicide is taking
    an overdose of drugs. In the UK, 90% of cases
    involve drugs. These may be ones already
    prescribed by a doctor, or common
    medications such as painkillers. Paracetamol
    is a particularly common choice, but is very
    dangerous because if the person changes
    their mind, a small overdose can cause all
    sorts of physical problems which can leave
    the person with severe liver damage and in
    chronic pain.
    Why Do People Commit Parasuicide?
    Parasuicide may be a genuine attempt by the
    person to kill themselves, or it has been
    suggested that it can be 'a cry for help', the
    person feeling this is the only way that their
    level of distress is recognised.
    In fact, there may be a number of reasons
    why a person commits a parasuicide , and
    there are a number of theories around that
    attempt to explain it. Unfortunately we
    haven't got the space to go into these here.
    What Treatment Will They Receive?
    Treatment will depend on the specific
    circumstances of the patient. It is really
    important to understand the specific reason
    someone has committed a parasuicide and if
    the person has really meant to die, or has
    done it for another reason however irrational
    this might be.
    Dependent on the outcome of a full
    assessment the treatment should reflect the
    causes of the parasuicide .
    For example, if a person was suffering from
    depression, they may well receive
    antidepressant medication and receive
    Remember having committed an act of
    parasuicide makes it much more likely that
    the person will do it again, or even commit
    suicide . Any signs that all is not well with the
    person should be picked up early and the
    appropriate treatment given.
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    Not associated with vaccine derived polio

    Answer is mvdpv

    Properties of VDPVs

    Three poliovirus serotypes (PV1, PV2, and PV3) have been identified. Poliovirus isolates are grouped into three categories: 1) WPVs (current WPVs are genetically unrelated to any vaccine strain), 2) vaccine-related polioviruses (VRPVs; <1% divergent [PV1 and PV3] or <0.6% divergent [PV2] from the corresponding OPV strain), and 3) VDPVs (VRPVs >1% divergent [PV1 and PV3] or >0.6% divergent [PV2] from the corresponding OPV strain) (2). VDPVs are further categorized as 1) cVDPVs when evidence of person-to-person transmission in the community exists; 2) iVDPVs, which are isolated from persons with primary, B-cell immunodeficiencies (defects in antibody production); and 3) ambiguous VDPVs (aVDPVs), which are either clinical isolates from persons with no known immunodeficiency and no evidence of transmission or sewage isolates whose source is unknown (2).

    VDPVs can cause paralytic polio in humans and have the potential for sustained circulation. VDPVs resemble WPVs biologically (2) and differ from VRPV isolates by having genetic properties consistent with prolonged replication or transmission. Because poliovirus genomes evolve at an overall rate of approximately 1% per year, VRPVs that differ from the corresponding OPV strain by >1% of nucleotide positions (determined by sequencing the genomic region that encodes the major viral surface protein [VP1]) are presumed to have replicated for ≥1 year in one or more persons after administration of an OPV dose and are VDPVs. The typical period of vaccine virus replication is 4–6 weeks in an OPV recipient.
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    Time dependent with prolonged post antibiotic effect

    The three pharmacodyamic properties of antibiotics that best describe killing activity are
    a)time-dependence, b)concentration-dependence, and
    c)persistent effects.

    The rate of killing is determined by either of these

    a)length of time necessary to kill (time-dependent).

    b)the effect of increasing concentrations (concentration-dependent).

    c)Persistent effects include the Post-Antibiotic Effect (PAE). PAE is the persistant suppression of bacterial growth following antibiotic exposure.

    Using these parameters, antibiotics can be divided into 3 categories:

    A)Catageory:Type I

    Pattern of activity: Concentration-dependent killing and
    Prolonged persistent effects.


    Goal of therapy:
    Maximize concentrations

    Parameters used:

    B)Catageory:Type II

    Time-dependent killing and
    Minimal persistent effects


    Goal of therapy:
    Maximize duration of exposure

    Parameter used:

    C)Catageory:Type III

    Time-dependent killing and
    Moderate to prolonged persistent effects.


    Goal of therapy:
    Maximize amount of drug

    Parameter used:

    Regarding clindamycin most of the times it is considered as Catageory:Type III, sometimes as Catageory:Type II.
    So answer by elimination...

    Q)Time dependent with prolonged post antibiotic effect- (aiims nov 14)
    C)beta lactam

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