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    Hey ppl,plz post the aIIMS NOV 2009 DENTAL questions here so dat answers can be discussed
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    1.Fibroblasts in th pulp produce collagen:
    1. Type 1 only
    2. Type II and type III
    3. Type I and Type III
    4. Type I and Type II

    2.Heparin overdose: Protamine Sulphate

    3. Antopseudomonal effect: Cefoperazone

    4. Greatest portion of the tooth is formed by:

    5. Dental caries is associated with?
    1.Strep mitis
    2.Strep Salivarius
    3 Strep rattus
    4 Strep sanguis

    6.Normal PT, normal Bleeding time. increased aPPT is seen in:
    1. Factor VIII defncy
    2. Factor IX defncy
    3. von willebrands disease
    4. Factor V defncy

    7.Cooleys anaemia is commonly known as
    1. B thallasemia major
    2. B thallasemia minor
    3. B thallasemia intermed
    4. Alpha thallasemia

    8. Treatment of Solitary Langerhan cell histiocytosis in mandible:
    1. Curettage
    2. Radiotheraphy
    4. No treatment reqd

    9.Increase in the height of the mandible and appearance of interdental spaces in an elderly man
    1. Hyperpituitarism
    2. Hyperthyroidism
    3. Dental Calculus

    10.Transformation into osteosarcoma is seen with?
    1. Polyostotic FD and Pagets disease
    2.pagets and cherubisam

    11.Burning tongue might not be associated with:
    1. ranula
    2. Diabetes mellitus

    12.Diagnosis of carious lesion
    1. B speed film
    2. D speed film
    3. E speed film
    4. F speed film

    13.Not used as a disinfectant:
    1. !00% Alcohol
    2. 1-2% Cetrimide
    3. 10% Chorxylene

    14.Slowly advancing enamel caries and rapid involvement of dentin.. what type of dentine is formed?
    1. Secondary
    2. Sclerotic
    3. reparative
    4. tertiary

    15 Mini plates are
    1 load bearing
    2 load sharing
    3 compression
    4 Reconstruction

    16.Cytokines associated with perapical lesions:
    1. IL I
    2. IL 6
    3. IL 8
    4. TNF

    17.Chemotactic cytokines are?
    1. IL I
    2. IL 6
    3. IL 8
    4. TNF

    18.Most commonly employed route for Pre Operative sedation in children younger than 6 yrs:
    1. Oral
    2. nasal
    3. submucosal
    3. intravenous

    19.Long term pain management- Most preferred route is:
    1. Oral
    2. Intravenous
    3. Intrathecal
    4. Subdermal

    20.First used as L.A:
    1. Lignocaine
    2. Bupivacaine
    3. cocaine
    4. procaine

    21.Dental plaque adheres to the tooth surface by?
    1. Bacteria
    2. Sucrose
    3. Dextran
    4. epithelial cells

    22.Maximum injury to protective layer:
    1. Intrusion
    2. Extrusion
    3. luxation
    4. concussion

    23.Minimum demineralisation to be evident on a radiograph:
    1. 100 um
    2. 200 um
    3. 400 um
    4. 500 um

    24.Maximun amount of Phosphate is seen in:
    1. enamel
    2. dentine
    3. cementum
    4. bone

    25.Radiograph of choice for a child to detect proximal decay:
    1. Bitewing with bisecting angle technique
    2. Bitewing with paralleling angle techique
    3. Bitewing with radiovisiography
    4. Digital OPG

    26.Splinting of Cervical # should be done for
    a. 40 days
    b. 14 days
    c. 4 weeks
    d. 4 months

    27. Pulp ectomesenchmye initiates odontoblast formation in
    a. 30 days
    b. 15 days
    c. 1 week
    d 4-6 weeks

    28. Masticator space infection is due to infection from
    a. Parotid Space
    b. Mandibular
    c. Tonsils
    d. lateral pharyngeal

    29.) Labial positioning of central incisor in a denture will cause abnormal pronounciation of sounds in
    a. ch
    b. s
    c. f
    d. v

    30. Lepromin test gives
    a. diagonsis
    b. prognosis
    c. treatment plan

    31. WHich of these is NOT associated with a abnormal cusp on Central incisor
    a. Mohr Syndrome
    b. Sturge Weber syndrome
    c. Rubeinstein Tayabi synd
    d. Proteus syndrome

    32 Anterior open bite best t/t with
    a.sagittal osteotomy
    b.inverted l osteotomy
    c.vertical subsigmoid osteotomy
    d.lefot osteotomy 1

    33 Phase contrast microscopy based on....
    a.light scatter
    b.different refractive index
    c.light reflection

    34 which stage of pl.vivax is infective to mosquito

    35 Ant inf cerebellar artery thrombosis may cause damage to
    a.pyrimidal tract
    b.lateral spinothalamic tract
    d.trigeminal spinal nucleus

    36 Day care surgery. whch is preffered?
    1. Propofol, Fentanyl, halothane
    2. Propofol, fentanyl, isoflurane

    37 Open reduction is indicated in:
    1. 5mm reduction in length of ramus
    2. 5 mm above the neck
    3. green stick fractur
    38 Incision for management of traumatic telecanthus
    1. bicoronal
    2. preauricular
    3. infraorbital
    4. blepahroplasty

    39 Fracture of angle of mandible is best manged by?
    1. Compression plates
    2. 2 miniplates on lateral surface
    3. one miniplate on the ext obligue ridge

    40 Etching occurs maximum in
    1 Head
    2 Tail
    3 Both

    41 Not true about Propofol?
    1. Fast induction and maintainance
    2. induces vomitiing postOP

    42 True abt Penicillin G
    1.Excreted by kidney
    2.Acid resistant
    3.Penicillinase resistant

    43 Distance of the blade from the shank to prevent rotation of instrument
    1. 2 mm
    2. 3 mm
    3. 4 mm
    4. 5 mm

    44 Percentage of Phosphoric acid where Dicalcium monophosphate is formed that cannot be rinsed off:
    1. 85%
    2. 37%
    3. 50%
    4. 25%

    45 Nickel is added to Base metal alloys to increase?
    1. strenght
    2. hardness
    3. whiten the alloy
    4. scavenger

    46 Most kind to the pulp?
    1. Silicate
    2. Polycarboxylate
    3. Composite
    4. GIC

    47 If rate of loading is increased, the mechanical propertis of the material:
    1. Increases
    2. decreases
    3. constant
    4. Becomed unpredictable

    48 About Zincoxide eugenol- all are true except?
    1. ZnO is converted to hydroxide
    2. water is a byproduct
    3. autocatalytic reaction
    4. dehydrated ZnO reacts with dehydrated eugenol

    49 Dustless alginate is produced by:
    1. reducing the diatomaceous earth
    2. adding heavy metal salts
    3. coating with diglycerol.. cant remebr!

    50 Hemophilia A is caused by defect of gene encoding:
    1. Factor VIII
    2. Factor IX
    3, Factor V

    51 Thermal protection is given by:
    1. Solution liner(2-5 um)
    2. suspension liner(25- 30 um)
    3. traditional liner (0.2-0.3 mm)
    4. cement base

    53 Gingival manifestation which cell predominant in acute leukaemia

    54 Pt with Complete denture complains of pain while swallowing. overextension in the distolingual aspect. muscle involved is:
    1. Superior constrictor
    2. Palatopharyngeous
    3. Stylopharyngeous
    4. palatiglossus

    55 Pt with poor neuromuscular control:
    1. occlusion is corrected by direct method
    2. interocclusal record is made
    3. pt. is asked to chew on carborundom paste
    4. no need to establish corrrect occlusion

    56 Complete dentur.. teeth are in edge to edge contact in centric. what shpuld be done?
    1. grind the central fossa
    2. grind the centric holding cusp
    3. grind the cusp is such a way that the incline of the upper cusp slides buccaly and lowe cusp slides lingually
    4. vice versa of option 3

    57 ND:YAG laser?
    1. 10.60 um
    2. 0.60 um
    3. 1.060 um

    58 sildenafil is inhibitor of

    59After injury most common death in second peak is..
    A]spinal cord injuri
    b]sub dural haemorrage
    c]Rupture of aorta

    60 For a loose denture relining and rebasing can b done.reling is done in following case as:- cant afford
    b.excessive alveolar bone loss
    c.more than 2mm loss of vertical ht
    d.centric doesnot coincide

    61 Medical practitioner had Hepatitis B infection 3 months back.. advised not to resume work.. what is he accordng to u?
    1. Healthy carrier
    2. Convalescent carrier
    3 Paradoxical carrier

    62 Zone of carious Dentin with demineralisation of intertubular dentine and crystals in tubule lumen? reapeated TWICE
    1. Subtransparent
    2. transparent
    3. Affected dentine

    63 Bite piece used during OPG
    1 autoclave
    2 dispose
    3 barrier

    64 Obesity is associated with A/E
    1 GH hypo
    2 thyroid hypo
    3 DM
    4 estrogen hypo.

    65 Pseudomonas true is all xcept..... is a strict areobe grows in antiseptic solution...........
    c endogenous infection

    66 N gonnorrhoea true isall xcept.....
    a.responsible commonly for male urethritis
    b.All strainss susceptible to penicillin
    c. cause disseminated nisseria inf
    d occurs only in humans

    67 True about bacteroides is all xcept
    a.susceptible to many antibiotics.....
    b.present mainly in mixed infection
    c, B,fragilis is the most toxic
    d . Bile resistant anaerobes

    68 True abt widal is all xcept
    a.baseline titre may vary in various endemic areas.
    b.H antigen titre level is diagnostic
    c.O titre high for long in infection hence cant detect early inf

    69 Fluoride absorption in child takes place mainly in............

    70 pt with poor neuro muscular control has occlusal prob hw shud it b corrected
    a.carborundum paste. in mouth as jaw relation records cant b taken need of correction in this case records taken...correction done on articulator......

    71 Bilateral Mandibular expansion seen in: Cherubism

    72 Hypercementosis of the whole dentition seen in: Pagets disease

    73 Profile in pt with Mouth breathing:
    1. Long face ; convex profile
    2. Short face; convex profile
    3. short face, concave profile
    4. long face; concave profile

    74Which is associated wit defect in dna repair?
    1 xeroderma pigmentosum
    2 isthyropus??

    75 Not true abt inc. ICP
    -1 headache
    -2 msl twiching
    -3 solmonence
    -4 nausea vomiting

    76 Which of the following syndromes were related to HOX gene
    a. polysyndactyly
    b. holoprosencephaly

    77 Meningo coccal vaccination
    1 conjugate vaccine
    2 group specific antibody

    78 Sodium carbonate added to LA for
    1, TO speed up the action of LA

    79 ALL corrosion do not occur in high Cu Amalgum except
    1 Electro chemical
    2 Chemical
    3 Penetrating

    80 DPT Vaccination not contraindicated in
    1 Immunocompramised indiv
    2 Severe reaction after 1 st dose
    3 Uncontrolled convulsion
    4 Neurodegenerative diseases

    81 Orbital blow out treatment
    1 Antral pack
    2 wait and watch

    82 Root tip fracture in decidous teeth during extraction is due to
    1 incomplete resorption between furcation and root

    83 which is the best among this to predict caries activity
    1 Past caries exp and DMFT
    2 Saliva rate and flow

    84 GALT is present in
    1 lamina propria
    2 Sub mucosa

    85 A patient fall due to hypoglycemia and he got pain in both condyle with deviation of mandible to right on opening is due to
    1 left condyle displacement
    2 Right condyle fracture

    86 Most analgesic of all N2O

    Plz post the ans with referen
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    galt (gut associated lymphoid tissue) ans...
    lamina propria ref:repeat aipg 2009 medical
  4. drtnaveen

    drtnaveen Guest

    first used la-cocaine
    bulk of tooth-dentine
    defective dna repair-xeroderma
    cooleys-b thal major
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    demilarization occurs most rapidly in
    3)periphery of head
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    5. Dental caries is associated with?
    3 Strep rattus
  7. 9.Increase in the height of the mandible and appearance of interdental spaces in an elderly man
    1. Hyperpituitarism
  8. 12.Diagnosis of carious lesion
    3. E speed film
  9. 18.Most commonly employed route for Pre Operative sedation in children younger than 6 yrs:
    1. Oral
  10. 13.Not used as a disinfectant:

    2. 1-2% Cetrimide
  11. 20.First used as L.A:

    3. cocaine
  12. .Splinting of Cervical # should be done for

    d. 4 months
  13. 36 Day care surgery. whch is preffered?

    2. Propofol, L-fentanyl, isoflurane
  14. 44 Percentage of Phosphoric acid where Dicalcium monophosphate is formed that cannot be rinsed off:

    4. 25%
  15. 46 Most kind to the pulp?

    2. Polycarboxylate
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    cytokine found most commonly in periapical region is il-1b
  17. dr katie

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    this from net, 2 chemotactic cytokine is il-8 from dr arora
    3 paravertebral anaesthesia doesnt reach subarachnoid space
    4 a 9 yr grl wid haemmorhage following tonsillectomy wid PT normal aPTT increased ans is von willebrand disease
    5 Na bicarbonate given wid local anaesthesia to increase duration n improve quality of anaesthesia
    question 3,4,5 from aipg 2009 medical
  18. dr katie

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    nd:Yag laser ans is 1064nm so 1.06micro meter ans straught from d buks
  19. dr katie

    dr katie Guest

    HOX gene associated wid polysyndactyly n raised ICP not associated wid muscle twitchings all other options given in love n bailey :roll:
  20. dr katie

    dr katie Guest

    lepromin test gives prognosis :idea:
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    .Splinting of Cervical # should be done for

    d. 4 months

    @dr,subura mishra
    Do u have reference for this ans. . please post it ..
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    collagen in pulp is type1 and type3
  23. Guest

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    HOX gene .

    repeated 08 may aiims
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    what is orbital blow out treatment
  25. Guest

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    silenafil is inhibitor of pde-5
  26. Guest

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    sorry thats sildenafil
  27. Dentist MAS

    Dentist MAS Guest

    8. ans is curettage

    31 d

    33 b refractive index
    34 c

    44 a 85%
    from skinner

    48 d
    from skinner

    51 d

    53 a

    59. ans is sub dural haemorrhage
    answer from the net

    66 b
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    plz help

    does ne one know ans. to following:
    1)max. phospate ion conc. in - enamel,bone,dentin

    2) occlusal correction in neuronuscular pt. - : directly or new records

    3) acid etching max. effects : head or periphery or tail or same

    4) caries : rattus or sanguis ( reference)
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    friends dental caries is associated vith STREPTO is repeatedly askd question in aiims nd aipg nd m sure abt d answer
  30. neel

    neel Guest

    ant openbite best t/t is sagital osteotomy
  31. dr shobhit

    dr shobhit Guest


    min destruction by caries to be seen in radiograph is 500 nm..ref: sturdavent.
  32. dr shobhit

    dr shobhit Guest


    min destruction by caries to be seen in radiograph is 500 nm..ref: sturdavent.
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    guys can nebody come up with the references...please
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    QN 1 collagen fibre in pulp is type 1and type3

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