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    1. enamel lamellae
    2.topical anesthetic drug
    3.bilateral ecchymosis
    4.premaxilla nerve supply
    5.fovea palatini
    6. medial condylar dislocation in neck of the condyle# caused by which muscle

    steroid therapy
    hypertonic solution use
    muscle involved in protruding tongue
    bells palsy ...effect on ducts of..
    shy drager syndrome

    1.hypotonic solution
    2.bone graft from which area for the closure of cleft alveolus in a10 yr old boy?
    ant/post illeac crest
    3.least painful area -buccal mucosa or gingiva

    1.cavernous sinus thrombosis infctn traverse thru pterygoid plexus of veins
    2.swelling on max n palpable..rebound on pressure -Ans.I & D
    3.Obstructive sleep apnoea- Ans. tmj ankylosis
    4.Tuft cells- Ans. salivary duct epithelium

    1. non ulcerated pigmentd fast growng tumor in maxilla of infant
    2.epidural hematoma due to
    3.tome's fibres index
    5.organsm not causng disease in man

    1.PLAQUE m.o acidophillic meaning-can survive in acidic envrnmnt
    2.distraction osteosynthesis
    3.gille's temporal approach retractor inserted btwn temporal fascia & temporal muscle IANB anesthetc depositd at

    1.interdental gingiva -non keratinizd
    2.not compartmnt of body fluid-peritoneal fluid
    3.fatty acid presnt in breast milk-docosahexaenoic acid
    4.trigeminal neuralgia new mode of trmt

    Anteroposterior compensating curve..curve of spee
    occlusal rests doesnot help in retention
    virus particles are cultured in which medium
    unknown fever is it brucellosis or paratyphi
    endotoxin of which grm negative organism is not virulent
    which amongthe following is not a monosaccharide ....maltose

    1.ACLS new guidelines which is nt included
    2.not a monosaccharide
    3.nasal antrostomy drains into- inf. meatus
    4.BSSO whn is 3rd molar extcn done shootng/localzd pain carried by
    5.cranial nerve affctd in trauma to angle of mandble
    6.not a max major connctr
    7.addition silicone disadv
    # muscle spindles act as stretch receptors causing reflex contraction of d muscle in response to stretch . These spindles r innervated by......gama fibre
    # laser used in arthrography....
    # setting time measuresment in DM...
    # tongue thrusting test ...
    #important fatty acid present in breast milk...
    # Caldwell luc operation nasal antrostomy is performed through .....
    # medial dislocation of condylar seg in cases with condylar # occurs due to action.......
    # gille's approach...
    # bilateral circular ecchymosis.....
    # 16 yrs old pts needs reconstructn of cleft palate.....
    # distraction osteogeneis is based on d principle ...
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    -naso labial angle
    -not a part of ethmoid
    -part of enamel rod which is acid resistant
    -gypsum typ 4 w/p ratio
    -side to side jaw mvmnt muscle involved
    -filler in alginate
    -cobalt chrome alloy chromium used bcoz.
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    AIIMS NOV 2013
    medial pterygoid
    2.epidural hematoma occurs due to –
    Middle meningeal artery opening of mouth directed by :
    lateral pterygoid
    Anterior cerebral artery
    Vertebral artery
    Basilar artery
    3.Which of these is not a part of ethmoid bone
    A) Agger nasi
    B) Inferior turbinate
    C) Uncinate process
    D) Cribriform plate or crista gali
    4.deviation of tongue to left nerve affected
    5. Tuft cells are receptors seen on ?( aims nov
    a) TMJ
    b) Lining of max sinus
    c) Cell rich zone
    d) Excretory duct of salivary gland
    Ans is D - Excretory duct of salivary gland
    Tencate’s Oral Histology 5th ed Pg No 510
    • These are the small type of cells which are present
    in Excretory duct and to some extent in striated
    • They are also known as Caveolated or Brush cells
    • They have long stiff microvilli and represent
    sometype of unknown receptor
    • The nerve ending may end adjacent to these cells.
    6.Infection from dangerous are of face travel to
    cavernous sinus thrombosis by
    Ptyigoid venous plexus
    7.Muscle responsible for lateral movement of
    Medial and lateral pterygoid
    Masseter and lateral pterygoid
    Masseter & Medial pterygoid
    8.Tendons of gracilis, semitendinous n sartorius dat
    Attach on tibia form pes anserinus.. Similar
    structure is seen in
    Submandi gland
    9.Lymphatics not draing tongue
    posterior vesel
    central vesl
    marginal vesl
    ventral vesl
    10.On cut blood on both ends ear lobe lower lip
    angle of mouth , angle of jaw
    Membrane of peripheral nv is
    a- relatively permeable to k+
    b- immpermeable to k+
    c- relatively permeable to Na+
    d- relatively permeable to Cl-PHYSIOLOGY
    12.Which of d following buffer has least effect in
    stimulated saliva?
    A)amino acid
    13.Saliva after undergoing changes in the duct is...
    A) Isotonic
    c) hypertonic sometimes
    D) hypertonic sometimes
    14.Oxygen free radicals in lysosome is released by
    NADPH oxidase
    Superoxide dismutase
    15.muscle stretch conducted by
    Myelinated fibres
    Gamma fibres
    C fibres ,
    A delta fibres stabbing pain from anterior teeth
    conducted to brain by
    A delta fibres ,
    C fibres
    17.permanent dipole is seen in-a.water
    b.liquid nitrogen
    18.The heat required to evaporate the vapor on
    going of water is( framed from kar 99- again from
    dentest basics)
    a. Latent heat of fusion
    b. Latent heat of vapourisation
    c. Latent heat of sublimation
    d. Melting temperature
    Ans is B.

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