AIIMS Nov 2014 review- overall performamce

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    AIIMS nov 2014 review of repeat questions-40-45 including direct n indirect
    2. Almost 10-12 questions were direct repeat from May 2014
    3. From last nov 13 also 5-7 direct repeats slides questions-5-6 quality of questions were so excellent that u can find minute details n easy diagnosis ( unlike dnb/aiipg where u cant even decide whether its visual or some kind of computer error
    6.visuals all were patho and dermatology , No xray/mri/ct/usg visuals
    7.easy questions of medicin, surg n ortho
    8. Subjects whch asked in details-opthm, gynac, pharma
    9. The topic on whch i thnk asked more no of que- Blindness includes prevention n programmes
    9. Not even single question ws repeated in same paper like in may14/nov13
    10.overall avg ppr with sm qur wer so easy n very few que were outof the world

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