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    1. Which of the following attains adult size before birth?
    a. Ear Ossicles
    b. Maxilla
    c. Mastoid
    d. Parietal bone

    2. Spanish WINDLASS technique is a form of which type of execution?
    a. garrotting
    b. mugging
    c. bansdola
    d. hanging

    3. A teen age girl with moderate acne also complaining of irregular menses. Drug of choice will be?
    a. Oral isotretinoin
    b. Oral acitretin
    c. Oral minocycline
    d. Cyproterone acetate

    4. A woman has consumed several tabs of Amitryptiline. All of the following can be used as a part of her management except
    a. Sodium bicarbonate infusion
    b. Gastric lavage
    c. Use Atropine as an antidote
    d. Diazepam for seizure control

    5. Frontal Sinus can be best visualised by :
    a. Caldwell's view
    b. Water's view
    c. Towne's view
    d. Schuller's view

    6. All of the following are true about Scalaneus anterior muscle EXCEPT:
    a. It is attached to the tubercle of second Rib
    b. It is anterior to the transverse cervical artery.
    c. It is pierced by the Phrenic nerve.
    d. It separates the subclavian vein from the subclavian artery.

    7. A girl aged 20 yrs complains of headache while studying. Her vision is found to be normal. All of the following can be considered while evaluation except:
    1. family history of headache
    2. menstrual history
    3. self expectations
    4. her interest in studies

    8. Which of the following is the least likely cause of Neonatal mortality in India?
    a. Prematurity
    b. Infection
    c. Birth Asphyxia
    d. Congenital anomalies

    9. Which of the following is a non-essential metal/mineral?
    a. sodium
    b. Manganese
    c. Iron
    d. Lead

    10. In a certain population, there were 4050 births in the last one year. There were 50 still births. 50 infants died within 7 days where as 150 died within 28 days. What is the Neonatal mortality rate?
    a. 50
    b. 62.5
    c. 12.5
    d. 49.4

    11. Which of the vitamin deficiency lead to lactic acidosis?
    a. Riboflavin
    b. Thiamine
    3. Niacin
    4. Panthotheic acid

    12. A 19 year old patient came to the out patient department with complaints of Primary Amenorrhea. She had well developed breast and pubic hair. However there was abscence of vagina and on USG her uterus was absent. Likely diagnosis is.
    a. XYY
    b. Mullerian agenisis
    c. Gonadal dysgenesis
    d. Kleinfelter's syndrome

    13. Calculate the Pondreal index of a baby of weight 2000gm and length 50 cm at Birth.

    14. Which one of the pair is not correct regarding Hepatitis B management:

    1. supportive care - acute viral hepatitis B

    2. antiviral drugs - chronic viral hepatitis B

    3. supportive care - chronic viral hepatitis B

    4. antiviral drugs - acute viral hepatitis B

    15. A 40 year old man who met with a motor vehicle catastrophe came to the casualty hospital in an hour with severe maxillo facial trauma. His Pulse rate was 120/ min, BP was 100/70 mm hg, spO2 - 80% with oxygen .What would be the immediate management?
    1. Intravenous access
    2. Orotracheal intubation
    3. Nasotracheal intubation
    4. Tracheostomy

    16. how much Pottassium is present in the Ringer Lactate solution?
    1. 1 mEq/L
    2. 4 mEq/L
    3. 2 mEq/L
    4. 6 mEq/l

    16.21y pt. with ewing sarcoma having radio . & chemo ...... which pf the following indicates poor prognosis/
    1.b2 microglobulin



    4.young age

    17. Which of the following is not perrmeable through the Blood Brain Barrier?
    a. Water
    b. Lipophilic drugs
    c. Gas
    d. Proteins

    18. All the following diseases are spread by Ticks except...
    a. Relapsing fever
    b. KFD
    c. Tularemia
    d. Tick paralysis

    18. All the following diseases are spread by Ticks except...
    a. Relapsing fever
    b. KFD
    c. Tularemia
    d. Tick paralysis

    20. All are derivatives of Septum Transversum EXCEPT:
    a. Falciform ligament
    b. Ligamentum teres
    c. Coronary ligament
    d. Lesser sac

    21. Sputum can be disinfected by all EXCEPT:
    a. Autoclaving
    b. Boiling
    c. Cresol
    d. Chlorhexidine

    22. Which one of the following is not included in Jone's Major criteria?
    a. Pancarditis
    b. Chorea
    c. Subcutaneous nodule
    d. high ESR

    23. A 20 year old boy c/o faint hearing of voices, aggressive behavior since 2 days. He has fever since only 2 days. When asked his family says that he has been muttering to self and gesticulating. Likely Diagnosis is:
    1. Dementia
    2. Acute psychosis
    3. Delirium
    4. Delusional disorder

    24. A person is able to abduct his arm, internally rotate it, place the back of hand on the lumbosacral joint. but is not able to lift it from back. What is the Etiology?
    1. subscapularis tendon tear
    2. teres major tendon tear
    3. long head of biceps tendon tear
    4. acromioclavicular jt. dislocation

    25. Which of the following is present normally in the urine of a pregnant women in the third trimester?
    a. glucose
    b. lactose
    c. galactose
    d. fructose

    26. What is the reason that an infant can breathe while suckling breast milk?
    a. Small wide tongue.
    b. High place larynx
    c. Small pharynx
    d. short soft palate

    27. True about subendocardial hemorrhage are all except (cortesy @Vagus )

    a.) may be seen after head injury
    b.) involves RV WALL
    c.) continuous pattern
    d.) Flame shaped hemorrhages

    28. Chemical peeling is done by all except?
    1.trichloroacetic acid
    2.phosphoric acid
    3.carboxylic acid
    4.kezoic acid

    29. Which of the pairs is incorrect :
    a. v1-smooth muscles
    b. v2-collecting ducts
    c. v3-anterior pituitary
    d. v4-CNS

    29. A patient admitted in the ICU Consuming some poison. He had features of bronchodilatation, increase in temperature, constipation,tachycardia. The poison consumed is

    a.) mushroom
    b.) atropine
    c.) opc

    30. Respiratory centre depression is caused by all except
    a.) opium
    b.) strychnine
    c.) barbiturates
    d.) gelsenium

    31. Respiratory centre depression is caused by all except (courtesy @Vagus )
    a.) opium
    b.) strychnine
    c.) barbiturates
    d.) gelsenium

    32. A Bone marrow transplant receipient patient developed chest infection. ON chest Xray Tree on Bud appearance . The cause of this is (courtesy @Vagus )
    a.) klebsiella
    b.) pneumocystis
    c.) TB
    d.) RSV

    33. All of the following can cause SLE like syndrome except: (courtesy @rng )
    1. INH
    2. penicillin
    3. hydralazine
    4. sulphonamide

    34. A neonate is seen crying with eyes closed and moving all his limbs. What is the Neonatal Behavioral response Scale?
    a. Scale 1
    b. Scale 3
    c. Scale 4
    d. Scale 5

    35. Late onset schizophrenia. All are true except:
    1. Onset after 45 yrs
    2. Onset btwn 25-30 yrs
    3. Prognosis is poor
    4. Olfactory hallucinations are seen.

    36. A man 25 yrs old presents with renal failure. His uncle died of renal failure 3 yrs ago. ON slit lamp examination, keratoconus is present. Diagnosis (courtesy @Vagus )
    a.) ADPCKD
    b.) ARPCKD
    c.) Alports syndrome
    d.)Denysh-Drash syndrome

    37. Characteristic of Bacilus cereus food poisioning is
    a. presence of Fever
    b. presence of Pain abdomen
    c. Abscence of Vomiting
    d. abscence of Diarrhoea

    38. Splenomegaly is least likely associated with
    A) CML,
    B) primary thrombocytosis,
    C) polycythemia ruba vera
    D) Myelofibrosis

    39. All are true about starting of B-Blocker therapy in a case of heart disease except
    a. They should be started with optimum doses
    b. They should be graually incresed over weeks.
    c. Special precautions should be taken in cases of NYHA class III and IV
    d. Carvedilol and Metoprolol are the preferred drugs.

    40. A patient met with Road Traffic Accident with subsequent injury to the left knee. Dial test was positive. What could be the cause? ( courtesy @pksharma_kgmc )
    1. Medial Collateral Ligament Injury
    2. Medial Meniscal Injury
    3. Lateral Meniscus Tear
    4. Posterolateral Corner Injury

    41. The caecum is found to be placed below the stomach and in the midline. Which of the following abnormality must have taken place while rotation of the gut?
    1. mal rotation
    2. non rotation
    3. reverse rotation
    4. mixed rotation

    42. Inclusions in oligodendrogliocytes is a feature of
    a.) Creutzfeld Jackobs
    b.) CIDP
    c.) HSV
    d.) progressive multiple encephalopathy

    43. Retinitis pigmentosa is a feature of all except
    a.) Refsum's disease
    b.) Hallavardian Spatz
    c.) NARP
    d.) Abetaglobulinemia

    44. Which is Vitamin K dependent clotting factor?
    1. Factor VII
    2. Factor I
    3. Factor XI
    4. Factor XII

    45. A 9 year old boy with elevated both PT and ApTT. What is the
    1. Defect in extrinsic pathway
    2. Defect in Intrinsic pathway
    3. Platelet function defect
    4. Defect in common pathway

    46. On Pelvic examination cervix is found to be soft with 50% effacement , station is -3 , pelvis adequate and cervical os is closed. Most appropriate step at the moment would be:
    1. Antihypertensive regime and then induce labour
    2. Wait and watch for 10 days
    3. Induce labour spontaneously
    4. Do Caesarean section

    47. A 25year old male presents with painless sudden loss of vision,
    ocular and systemic examination is not contributory. What is
    probable diagnosis
    1. Retinal detachment
    2. Eale’s disease
    3. Glaucoma
    4. Cataract

    48. Tensor tympani is supplied by
    a) facial
    b) glossopharyngeal
    c) trigeminal
    d) vagus

    49. Which is not used in the treatment of hyperkalemia without ECG
    1. Insulin + Glucose
    2. Sodium Bicarbonate
    3. Calcium Gluconate
    4. Salbutamol

    50. A newborn child presents with inverted foot and the dorsum of the
    foot can not touch the anterior tibia. The most probable diagnosis
    1. Congenital vertical talus
    2. Arthrogryposis Multiplex
    3. CTEV
    4. ( )

    51. A 35 yr old lady with chronic backache. On X ray she had a D12 collapse. But Intervertebral disc space is maintained. All are possible except
    a.) multiple myeloma
    b.) osteoporosis
    c.) metastasis
    d) tuberculosis

    52. All of the following are minor criteria for mutiple myeloma except.? 1.plasmacytosis 20%
    2. multiple lyric lesion
    3. 4.IgA<2.5 & IgG <3.5
    4. plasmacytoma of tissue

    53. All are true except
    a.) LKM1 - Autoimmune hepatitis
    b.) LKM2 - Drug induced
    c.) LKM1 - chronic hepatitis B
    d.) LKM2 - chronic hepatitis D

    54. Farmer with single warty lesion on leg. Which of the following could be the lesion?
    a. Verruca vulgaris
    b. tuberculosis verrucosa cutis
    c. mycetoma
    d. lichen planus hypertrophicus

    55. Renal stone resistant to ESWL is:
    1. cystine stone
    2. cal. oxalate
    3. uric acid
    4. ca.phosphate

    56. Which of the following Anaesthetic agent causes adrenal suppression?
    a. etomidate
    b. thiopentone
    c. ketamine
    d. propofol

    57. Bias can be eliminated by all except-
    a. matching
    b. blinding
    c. randomization
    d. multivariate analysis

    58. Most sensitive test in Ductal carcinoma in situ diagnosis is:
    a. Mammography
    b. MRI
    c. PET
    d. ????

    59. Radiation exposure is the least in the following procedure:
    a. micturating cystourethrogram
    b. IVP
    c. bilateral
    d. Spiral CT for stones

    60. A patient after undergoing Thoracotomy complained of severe pain. He can be managed by:
    a. intercostal analgesia
    b. oral morphine
    c. brufen
    d, I.V. Fentanyl

    61. A 20 year old female complains of oligomenorrhea along with facial hair. preliminary investigations reveal raised free testosterone levels. Which of the folllowing could be likely etiology?
    a idiopathisc hirusitsm
    b PCOD
    c adrenal hyperplasia
    d. Testosterone secreting tumor

    62. In lung True about Hyaline membrane disease.....
    a.) FRC is smaller than closing volume
    b.) FRC is larger than closing volume
    c.) FRC is equal to closing volume
    d.) FRC doesnt depend on closing volume

    63. Gas used to measure diffusion in lung
    a.) CO
    b.) NO
    c.) CO2
    d.) Nitrogen

    64. Regarding Cochlear implant which of the following is true?
    1. Contraindicated in cochlear malformation
    2. Contraindicated in < 5 yrs
    3. Indicated in mild to mod. hearing loss
    4. Implanted through oval window

    65. Onion bulb appearence on nerve biopsy is seen in:
    a. amyloid neuropathy
    b. diabetic neuropathy..
    c. CIDP
    d. leprosy neutitis

    66. Widmark's formula is used in calculating:
    a. alcohol in blood
    b. time since death
    c. times since injury
    d. ?????

    67. A 35 yr old lady with Normal PT (value ws given ) and increased aPTT (value nd reference value ws given), No Bleeding episode during cholecystectomy. Next investigation is
    a.) Fr.V111 assay
    b.) Anti viper venom assay
    c.) VWF
    d.) Ristocetin CoFactor assay

    68. A patient presented with thunder clap headache. Followed by unconsciousness with progressive III cranial nerve plasy. Etiology:
    a. Extradural hemorrhage
    b. Aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
    c. Basilar migraine
    d. Cluster headache

    69. All tend to cause Hypoxia except...

    a.) pCo2
    b.) pO2
    c.) Hb
    d.) FiO2

    70. A patient with complaints of nephrocalcinosis for the past 10 yrs. The following steps can be taken for dietary management except:
    a.) Protein restriction
    b.) Calcium restriction
    c.) Salt restricted diet
    d.) Phosphate restriction

    71. not used in emergency contraceptions ???
    a. LNG intra uterine device
    b. oral mifepristone
    c. oral levonorgesterol
    d. Cu T intrauterine device

    72.Which of the following is not seen in Corpus Cancer syndrome?
    a. Diabetes Mellitus
    b. Hypertension
    c. Ca Breast
    d. Ca Endometrium

    73. All of the following are supplied by Superior gluteal nerve except:
    a. Gluteus maximus
    b. Gluteus minimus
    c. Gluteus medius
    d. Tensor fascia lata

    74. Cyanosis in trauma is interpreted as:
    a. early sign of hypoxia
    b. late sign of Hypoxia
    c. adequate tissue ventilation
    d. adequate tissue oxygenation

    75. A patient undergone surgery 1 month ? back came with complaints of altered sensorium , difficulty in urination , s.Na 140 , K - 4.5 , urea 60 , Creat 1.3 , Ca 15.5 what should not be done ?
    a.) iv. NS
    b.) Diuretics
    c.) Hemodialysis
    d.) Bisphosphanates

    76. Mediators of inflammation are all except
    a.) TNF
    b.) IFN
    c.) Prostaglandins
    d.) myeloperoxidase

    77. Edema is nephrotic syndrome is due to...
    a.) Na and water restriction
    b.) increased venous pressure
    c.) hypoalbuminemia
    d.) ????

    78. Patient with liver failure posted for surgery. All should not be given for induction of anesthesia except...
    a.) Halothane
    b.) Enflurane
    c.) Xenon
    d.) sevoflurane

    79. A 60 yr old man with c/o progressive dementia for the past 6 months. Suddenly he c/o jitteriness of whole body. EEG showed sharp bipolar spikes. Diagnosis is
    a.) Alzheimer's
    b.) Creutzfeld Jackob
    c.) Lewy body dementia
    d.) progressive multiple encephalopathy

    80. Female with a mass in the cavernous sinus. 6 Th Cranial nerve palsy was present. In T2W MRI Hyperintense shadow is present . Diagnosis is
    a.) schwannoma
    b.) meningioma
    c.) astrocytoma
    d.) cavernous sinus hemangioma

    81. A patient is kept on ceftriaxone and amikacin, ESBL klebsiella infection. What will you do next?
    a. Continue with same antibiotic but in higher dose
    b. Change ceftriaxone to ceftazidime
    c. Start imipenem in place of ceftriaxone
    d. Change Amikacin to Quinolones

    82. Most dangerous for heart is:
    a. LDL
    b. HDL
    c. VLDL
    d. Chylomicrons

    83. 28.young man presenting with lacrimation,diarrhea,sweating,abdominal pain:diagnosis is
    a. heroin withdrawl
    b. cocaine withdrawl
    c. LSD withdrawl
    d. ?????

    84. her-2 neu association is with :
    a. therapeutic response
    b. checking for recurrence of breast cancer
    c. ???
    d. ????

    85. Which of the following is used in treatment of Overactive bladder?
    a. Darifenacin
    b. Duloxetine
    c. oxybutinin
    d. flavoxate

    86. All are true about Rretropharyngeal abscess EXCEPT:
    a. always on one side of midline
    b. cause diff in swallowing n speech
    c. can be palpated by finger
    d. Surgical removal is the treatment

    87. Stocker’s line is seen in
    a.) Pinguencula
    b.) Ptetygium
    c.) Congenital Ocular Melanosis
    d.) Congenital epithelial melanosis

    88. A pt has prosthetic valve replacement and he develops endocarditis 8 months later. Organism responsible is?
    a.) Staphylococcus aureus
    b.) Streptococcus viridans
    c.) Staphylococcus epidermidis
    d.) HACEK

    89. Tumour with perineural invasion
    a. Adenocarcinoma
    b. Adenoid cystic Ca
    c. Basa; cell ca
    d. Squamous cell ca

    90. All are true about Remeltion EXCEPT:
    1. It acts on both MT1 and MT2 reeceptors
    2. It is an enzyme inducer.
    3. It has a high addiction potential
    4. ????

    91. SERM ddrug used in treatment of Breast Ca is
    a. Raloxifene
    b. Estrogen

    92. In a case of Patent ductus arteriosus all can occur EXCEPT:
    a. CO2 washout
    b. Bounding pulse
    c. Pulmonary hemorrhage

    93. A young boy who has difficulty in getting up from sitting position was diagnosed to have Duchenne's Muscular dystrophy. Which one is true regarding the mutation in the dystrohin gene in promoter region:
    ation in dystrophin gene in promoter region.true is:
    a.affects inititation of transcription
    b.affects termination of transcription
    c.affects capping

    94. A 60 yr old man with incomplete urine voiding since 10 yrs.Creat increased,urea increased,hydronephrosis with hydroureter,prostate >70 gms.residual urine post voiding:400 ml.mgmnt at the moment is:
    a.catheterise bladder
    c. MRI
    d. CT to check for prostate ca

    95. Initiation of rhythmic respiration by:
    a.pre-bottzinger complex
    b.dorsal grp neurons
    c.pneumotaxic centre

    96. Abnormality to check for if lithium is given to a pregnant female:
    a.cvs anomaly
    b.cns anomaly
    c.git anomaly

    97. In reassembling post amputation,following is done first:
    a.vein ligation
    b.artery ligation
    c.nerve ligation
    d.attach bone

    [snip]. Mass Chemoprophylaxis is not given for one of the following:
    A.lymphatic filariasis
    d.vit A administration

    99. A G2 female 9 weeks pregnant,had a previous child with down’s syndrome.she doesn’t want another child with Down’ will tell her:
    a.USG at this stage will confirm presence or absence
    b.Chorionic villous biopsy at this stage will confirm presence or absence
    c.triple test /maternal AFP at this stage will confirm presence or absence
    d.nothing can be done

    100. Wegener’s granulomatosis shows one of the following on histopathology:
    a.granulomas in bld vessels
    b.granulomas in gbm
    d.Focal GN
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    Where can i get the answers and the other Q
  3. 1st option in the question no. 4 is was not sod. bicarbonate, it was sod. barbiturate to combat acidosis! i am pretty sure about this.
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    wat abt the rest of the questions?
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    Q 31 4TH OPTION WAS 2.4 NOT 1
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    in ques 90 4th option ws"its approvd 4 use in insomnia"
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    Q 77.last option-hyperlipidemia
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    Remaining questions?
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    q. 85........(must be except)
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    VALSALVA sound increases the murmur of
    a. MS
    b. AS
    c. VSD
    d. HOCM
  12. jipin234

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    Cock's peculiar tumour is
  13. jipin234

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    structure developing from stomach's mesentry was all except

    the type of embolism in caisson's didease
    fat embolism
    gas embolism

    anterograde amnesia is seen in
  14. Guest

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    ramelteon ans-it causes addiction
  15. drsagarika

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    as amitriptilin has anticholinergic action so should atropine be given
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    Q69 its like this. Which of the following is independent of hopoxemia.
  17. satish.

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    1. A patient met with Road Traffic Accident and developed
    knee pain. Dial test was positive
    1. Medial Collateral Ligament Injury
    2.Medial Meniscal Injury
    3. Lateral Meniscus Tear
    4. Posterolateral Corner Injury

    Ans: Posterolateral injury
    Dial Test
    The dial test checks the rotation allowed at the knee joint. Patients who have posterolateral rotatory instability, may have excessive rotation at the knee joint. The test is done with the patient lying face down, and the knees bent about 30 degrees. The feet are turned outwards and compared to each other. Excessive rotation is a sign of posterolateral corner injury.
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    wat score u all think would be sufficient to get a seat at aiims this time?
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    in 97 ques it was reimplantation surgery...
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    1 orexin ------------
    2 limb defects in baby with maternal drug of ---------
    3 -ve intra pleural pressure due to--------------
    4 compound combines to prevent formation of oxaloadcetate formatiomn in citric acid cycle-----------
    5 mc site of bone infection ------------
    6 horners syndrome caused by a/e----------
    7 mesentry encloses a/e------------------
  21. Translucent swellings are all except
    1. vaginal hydrocoele
    2. cystic hygroma
    3. meningocoele
    4. lipoma
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    84 q

    c. for screening breast cancer
    d. for diagnosing breast cancer
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    question no 78 actual question was -a 6 yrs boy having ms with elevated liver enzyme. anasthetic of choice a.enflurane b.halothane c.sevoflurane d.xenon.
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    thanks for the Q & A. :) [/b]
  25. where ans of nov 2010 found
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    26.Ramelteon true except
    a)MT1, MT2 Agonist
    b)addiction liability
    c)Used for t/t of insomnia
    d)metabolised by cyp1A2
    ANS). B addiction liability
    • There are only two melatonin receptor agonists
    o Melatonin, a dietary supplement available in various preparations in health food stores and not under U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation
    o Ramelteon, an FDA-approved drug for the treatment of insomnia characterized by difficulties with sleep onset.
    • Secretion of melatonin by the pineal gland is regulated by the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the anterior hypothalamus via two high-affinity melatonin receptors: MT1 and MT2.
    o Activation of central MT1 receptors by melatonin suppresses this stimulatory firing from the SCN thereby promoting sleep
    o MT2 activation promotes circadian rhythm shifts.
    • Prior to the FDA approval of the first melatonin receptor agonist, ramelteon, the benzodiazepine receptor agonists were the only class of drugs specifically approved for use in insomnia.
    • Pharmacokinetics
    o Very short half-life of 0.5 to 6 minutes.
    o Approximately 90 percent of melatonin is cleared through first pass metabolism via the cytochrome P450 (CYP) 1A1 and CYP 1A2 pathways.
    o Elimination occurs principally in urine.
    • Ramelteon is the only prescription hypnotic that has demonstrated no abuse potential in animal models and evaluations in both insomnia patients and substance abusers
    • At least three other melatonin receptor agonists in development have shown potential for addressing insomnia symptoms.
    o Agomelatine (Valdoxan), LY156735, and VEC-162 are in various stages of development.
    69..a child/ boy (age is ???) has a 2 day H/O fever and for those 2 days showing symptoms of talking to himself, as observed by the mother and auditory hallucination, no family H/O any psychiatric illness, what is the diagnosis?
    a)acute psychosis
    Ans) a) Acute psychosis
    Points in favour of acute psychosis
    • Presence of fever
    o In one study from India, a history of antecedent fever was reported in 47 percent of individuals with an acute and transient psychotic disorder.
    o In all patients, the fever had resolved before the onset of psychotic symptoms, making it unlikely that the psychosis was the direct effect of an acute infection.
    o Similar reports from other developing country settings and classic European psychiatric literature also note high rates of febrile illness prior to the development of acute and transient psychotic disorders, which may in part explain the higher incidence of these disorders in developing country settings where infectious diseases are common.
    • Presence of auditory hallucinations and muttering to self, characteristically seen in psychosis.
    • Acute onset
    o Acute onset is defined as “a change from a state without psychotic features to a clearly abnormal psychotic state, within a period of 2 weeks or less.â€
    o Time to onset should not be confused with the time between symptom onset and peak illness severity, as the maximum severity of symptoms may occur weeks after symptom onset
    • No fluctuations in consciousness and orientation
    o Points against delirium
    o No fluctuations in consciousness and orientation
    o Absence of visual or tactile hallucination which are seen in delirium
    o Absence of sleep disturbabces
    • Points against dementia
    o Abrupt onset
    o No memory disturbabces
    135.late onset schizophrenia, what is true?
    b)age 20 to 30yrs
    c)bad prognosis
    d)olfactory hallucination

    Ans). A) age> 45 years
    Late onset schizophrenia
    • Clinically indistinguishable from schizophrenia
    o Any of the five senses can be affected by hallucinatory experiences in patients with schizophrenia.
    o The most common hallucinations are auditory with voices that are threatening, obscene, accusatory or insulting.
    o Visual hallucination is common but tactile, olfactory and gustatory hallucination are unusual
    • Onse after age 45
    • More frequent in women
    • Characterised by predominance of paranoid symptoms
    • Prognosis is favourable
    o Usually do well on antipsychotic medication
    155.Lithium tox in mother, which organ do you see in child?
    ANS A) Cardiac
    Lithium in Pregnancy
    • Should not be administered to pregnant women in the first trimester because of the risk of birth defects
    • Most common malformations involve the cardiovascular system, most commonly Ebstein's anomaly of the tricuspid valves.
    • Risk of Ebstein's malformation in lithium-exposed fetuses is 1 of 1,000, which is 20 times the risk in the general population.
    130.Female patient having Panic attack
    Panic attack: A discrete period of intense fear or discomfort, in which four (or more) of the following symptoms developed abruptly and reached a peak within 10 minutes:
    1. palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate
    2. sweating
    3. trembling or shaking
    4. sensations of shortness of breath or smothering
    5. feeling of choking
    6. chest pain or discomfort
    7. nausea or abdominal distress
    8. feeling dizzy, unsteady, lightheaded, or faint
    9. derealization (feelings of unreality) or depersonalization (being detached from oneself)
    10. fear of losing control or going crazy
    11. fear of dying
    12. paresthesias (numbness or tingling sensations)
    13. chills or hot flushes

    ACHODHI Guest

    Q28 Option 4 was kojic acid
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    96.female with irregular period and acne, which do you prefer
    d)cyproterone acetate

    management of acne vulgaris needs to be categorized on the severity of disease.
    treatment of choice is usually a combination of tretinoin with antibiotics.

    mild cases are treated with topical erythromycin.
    moderate to severe cases with topical isotretinoine and systemic minocycline
    cyproterone acetate is an anti testosterone drug used for management of BPH and hypersexuality. it has been tried in combination with OCPs in management of acne associated with male pattern type of hair growth. it is a drug of orphan status in FDA.

    So i think the answer must be isotretinoin and the menstrual irregularity was mentioned to say that the women is not likely to conceive as pregnency is absolute contraindication for topical vitamin a.
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    103.false of vasopressin receptor is?
    a)V1- endothelial smooth muscles
    b)V2- distal nephron
    c)V3- anterior pituitary
    d)V4- CNS

    Vasopressin receptors are 3 types and are currently nominated as
    V1a V1b
    V1a has a pressor action on vascular smooth muscles
    V1b aka V3 is present in ant pituitary
    V2 is present in distal tubule. involved in regulation of aquaporin channels
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    34.which is used in overactive bladder?

    Ref CMDT 2010 pg 71
    best treatment of overactive bladder aka detrusor overactivity aka urge incontinence is biofeedback, behavioral therapy and pelvic floor exercises (kegel's).

    of the medical options
    oxybutinin and tolterodine - Most experimented drugs for this purpose
    trospium, darifenacin and solifenacin are newer drugs seemingly equally effective but with lesser side effects. but experimental data's lacking
    duloxetine is used in treatment stress incontinence.
  31. Q.91) option d.clomiphene citrate
    Q.92)option d.necrotising enterocolitis
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Q92.option(d)Necrotising enterocolitis Q.Reassortment phenomenon seen in -a.Hepadna virus b.Herpes virus c.Rotavirus d.Astrovirus
  33. manojvss

    manojvss Guest

    All are brilliantly transluscent except a.Vaginal hydrocele b.Meningocele c.Cystic hygroma d.Lipoma
  34. manojvss

    manojvss Guest

    Q92.option(d)Necrotising enterocolitis Q.Reassortment phenomenon seen in -a.Hepadna virus b.Herpes virus c.Rotavirus d.Astrovirus

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    50 percent mark is enough
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  38. Phacomelia is due to admmn. of THALIDOMIDE to mother during

    Phacomelia is due to admmn. of THALIDOMIDE to mother during pregnancy

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