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    1. La given tu anaesthetize rt latral incisor in a5yr old child develop swellin aron her rt eye...reasn fo dis?

    2. Post treatmn H.pylori presence iz moniterd by: urea breath test

    3. anti rabies vaccine is not used in?? rats

    4. 10 year old child for gap orthoplasty in tmj ankylosis case? : general anesthesia

    5.Recall bias is seen most in? : case control

    6.Patient with prosthetic valves need to undergo gingival surgery :- true is
    A antibiotic prophylaxis req
    B antibiotic prophylaxis not required

    7. In a case of 10 year old with class 2 div 1 , overjet of 5 mm . true is
    A . max anteriors more prone to injury
    B . reccurent throat infections

    8. DOC in acute bacterial meningitis :-

    9. dolicocephalic is

    10. Infant mortality rate is A/E :-

    11. second amalgam war by alfred e stock

    12. 2year old child c/o recurrent pain over right maxillary post tooth , cold and fever spells, but clinicaly no caries was there :
    ans - max sinusitis

    13. megaloblastic anaemia, A/E

    14. CL/CP is multifactorial

    15. 17 week gestation 29-year-old lady who has a down syndrome son. she is worried that her second child might also have down syndrome
    ANS-an amniotic fluid analysis with chromosal analysis can tel if her baby wil get down syndrome.

    16. a diabetic patient on insulin fell unconcious was brought to emergency. the best first treatment wud b- IV DEXTROSE

    17. pt wid multiple platelet tranfusion ws not responding,d best t/t: 1.HLC matched products .

    18. transcutaneous electrical stimulus for pain cn be explained as : 1 . gaTE control theory 2 . central 3. reffered 4 .allodynia

    19. least modulus of elasticity : stainless steel , beta -titanium, Ni-ti ,co-cr

    20. test indicating infective phase of hep-hbeAg

    21. vibrio cholera-false statement-its gram positive

    22. LA with adr in blood vessel- hypertension and tachy

    23. size of tooth - morpho

    24. Rae endotracheal tube use- CL/CP surgery

    25. throat pack use in- uncuffed endotracheal

    26. prosthetic heart valve- prophylaxis req

    27. throat packn A/E- done in awake

    28. absent in chronic gingivitis- neutrophil

    29. % change wt. of baby till first bdy- 300%

    30. wound healing- Ca

    31. primary bact. in pellicle- gm + aerob

    32. NUG/NUP- PREVOTELLA, spirochete, fusobact

    33. test for bicompati of dental mat A/E-- ames test

    34. post eide facio lingual proximal box- double wedge

    35. true about carbamazepine.?
    A. cause nephrotoxicity
    B. It doesn't cause agranulocytosis
    C. Blood levels above 40micrograms/ml are usually fata

    35. localized shrinkage porosity caused due to?
    A air bubble entrapment
    B early solidification
    C incomplete elimination of wax nd incomplete venting
    D overheating of alloy

    36. common b/w amalgam porcelain- low tensil, high compressiv

    37. reed sternberg cell- plasma

    38. ocular fibrohistiocytoma- orbit

    39. 2nd branchial -m of facial exp

    40. m. radiosensit layer- basal

    41. BCC- palisading

    42. disease trend of mortality....pandemic inf.....replaced by an made disorder......: ans- epidemilogical transition

    43. root concavities clean- interdental brush

    44. mucostat impression mat- plaster

    45. gelation temp- 18-20, 25-34 C

    46. CD, lingually placed lower teeth on denture A/E: gagging

    47. not in post triangle- hypoglossal

    48. intracell. killing- lysozyme

    49. lysosome- NADPH oxidase

    50. not in pdl- mature elastic f


    52. PLAtelet adhesionto collagen f- VWF

    53. TNM stand for

    54 asthma drugs deaths----- ecological stydy

    55. two roots auriculotemp--m m art

    56. imp comp. A/E

    57. children not trained IQ

    58. fixative- 10% formalin

    59. ova > 100micrn egg---- o. viverani

    60. 2nd messanger---ca

    61. amelob. in female--- central loose stellate reticulum

    62. DPT VACCINE not contraind: immunocomp

    63. NRHM

    64. H. INFLUENZA


    66. national water supply sanitation---water with guinea worm

    67. incubation period A/E


    69. cast model ht- 70mm

    70. beta hemihydrate---calcin open air

    71. IOTN

    72. least shelf life- addn silicone

    73. postop vomitin A/E: acetaminophen, opiod , blood

    74. lef 1 ostetomy. mid palat area moved in direction?/ transv

    75. 6 days after blood transfuse A/E

    76. density change and vol shrinkage--7% ,1.19 to 0.94

    77. phenotype A/E

    78. not compETITIVE inhibitor:

    79. hurler synd

    80. nitrous oxide: laminar flow ,dosimetry

    81. perm deform in increasing order after compressin in elastomeric imp mat

    82. dental health prog----new zea land

    83. labial frenum---o. oris

    84. cut mineralizd tissue only--piezoelectric

    85. latest bone sounding method- radiovisography

    86. midline discrepancy---

    87. diff b/ w decid and perm

    88. 10y, unusuall small mnd----snoring habit and sleep apnea risk increase

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