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    Q. what is most common in south asian population???

    ans: cone beam computerised tomography

    facial nerve involv in???
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    iv methylene blu methhmglobnmia
    sle all xcept pencillin
    tooth development all except vit e
    antibiotic paste revascularization metro cipro mino
    absorbd frm stmch ethyl alchl
    bubble test chisqure
    that rna question all except mrna
    lip parasthesia body of mandible frct
    bilateral mand swellng cherub
    massetric notch masstr on buccintr
    erupn mand central bfor 1molar is ok
    crohns malignancy
    spheno occipt syncndrsis 16yr
    APGAR-(A ppearance, P ulse, G rimace, A ctivity,
    R espiration.)
    differntiate granuloma nd cementoma pacemkr-radiograph
    anug antibiotic-pencln?
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    1. common # in pediatric pt- downward and forward
    2. Phacomelia- Thalidomide
    3. Edema in nephrotic syndrome-due to decreased plasma protein conc.
    4. mediators of inflammation are all/except- MPO
    5. CCA can be palpated at- upper border of thyroid cartilage
    6. Not supplied by ant. div. of mandibular nerve is- Medial pterygoid
    7. all are pneumatic bones excpt- Mandible
    8. at birth which is of adult size- ear ossicles
    9. CBCT- Cone beam computerized tomography
    10. apoptosis- programmed cell death
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    11. all are supplied by cranial part of accessory nerve except- Stylopharyngeus
    12. painful sensation from ethmoid sinus are carried by- Nasocilliar nerve
    13. which is absorbed by stomach- Alcohol???
    14. Amoxycillin+clavulinic acid- Synergistic or cumulative????
    15. Cavernous sinus thrombosis- Pterygoid plexsus of vein
    16. G6PD Deficieny- Primaquine
    17. in Hyperparayhyroidism all are true except- increase phosphate conc.
    18. Maltose- Monosaccharide or disaccharide???
    19. Acidophillic- Can survive in acidic environment
    20. sucrose is essential for caries bcoz- Extracellular polysaccharide synthesis
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    21. Fasting glucose> 140mg/dl diagnosis is- Hyperglycemia
    22. Most sensitive marker for energy in muscle- ATP???
    23. malocclusion seen in cleft palat surgery pt.- Unilateral/bilateral crssbite
    24. dermal and oral manifestation in- Monocytic leukemia
    25. Best way to find perfusion- Laser doppler velocitymeter
    26. which indicates airway obstruction- Streneous breathing
    27. color matching is done within- 10secs or 15secs????
    28. avulsed tooth soaked in 3% citric acid for 5 min- to remove the PDL
    29. Distraction osteogenesis works on principle of- Traction or compression???
    30. Fovea palatini- Ductal opening
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    31.Replacement resorption and Ankylosis question
    32. diff. b/w periapical cemental dysplasia and granuloma- Vitality
    33. Distraction osteogenesis in children- increase rate of distraction
    34. in children autogenous graft is taken from- post. illiac spine???
    35. man. body # compession plates are placed at- upper and lower border???
    36. paresthesia of lip- symphysis# or body#?????
    37. tuft cells are tactile receptors in- excretory duct of saliavary gland
    38. initiation of atherosclerosis ther is- deposition of exogenous lipid
    39. Endotoxin sock mediated by- endothelial injury or cytokine action???
    40. pregnant pt. unccouncious on dental chair which position- left lateral
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    41. risk of rubella in- first trimester
    42. osteoradionecrosis- radiation, trauma and injury
    43. lateral luxation of primary teeth treatment- reposition and stabilize???
    44. intrusion of primary teeth, radiograph shows forshortening treatment- Wait and watch???
    45. sphenooccipital synchondrosis closes at - 16yrs
    46. phenylketonuria is- deficient metabolism of amino acid
    47. anticarcinogenic vitamin- vit.E????
    48. not a method of heat loss from body- peripheral vasoconstriction
    49. embryonic haemoglobin contains??/
    50. clotting defect is not seen in- Thalassemia
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    51. pt. with tachycardia, constipation, bronchodilatation- Atropine poisoining
    52. systemic antibiotic used in ANUG in 8 yr old??
    53. question on calculating confidence limit
    54. most commonly ankylosed deciduous teeth according to somebody..- mandibular molars
    55. active and passive eruption of tooth acc. to- Gottleib and orban???
    56. anterior posterior curve in human dentition- curve of spee
    57. disadvantage of minocycline in revascularization paste is- Discoloration of tooth??
    58. composition of revascularization 3 paste system- minocycline,metro,cipro???
    59. C-Factor relted to- polymerization shrinkage
    60. sialogouge- increase flow of saliva
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    61. marginal gingivitis in pt with inadequate interproximal margins of resto. is due to- accummulation of plaque
    62. ageing in pdl- scalloping of cementum and alveolar bone
    63. common property of amalgam and ceramic is- high compressive strength and low tensile strength
    64. ankylosis in child tratment- Gap arthroplasty???
    65. least radiosensitive cell- RBC, muscle and nerve
    66. unilateral# of condyle, deviation is towards- same side
    67. placement of space maintainers- specific protection???
    68. preventive resin restoration on- non cavitated deep fissures
    69. question on knee to knee position
    70. most aggressive and dangerous of following cysts is- dentigerous,periapical,globulo,inciciv canal
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    71. incidence greater than prevalence- disease very fatal or easily curable
    72.vit not involved in tooth development- vit E
    73. comparision b/w midazolam and diazepam
    74. Atricaine, false is- as breakdown is increased toxicity dcreases???
    75. method of DNA quantification- spectrophotometry
    76. all cause SLE like syndrome except- Penicillin
    77. a child is able to suckle and breathe at same time reason is- highly placed larynx
    78. APGAR score- neurological, respiratory and circulatory
    79. bilateral circumorbital ecchymosis- Lefort 3 #????
    80. XXY- klinflinter syndrome
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    82. bilat mand involvement cherubism (repeated twice)
    83. insufficient supply o2 due to lung function is called???
    84. not in CREST syndrome --endocrinopathies?
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    1) Spheno-occipital suture closes at
    a)9 years
    b) 13 years
    c) 16 years

    2) CREST syndrome includes all except
    b)Raynaud's phenomenon

    3)Behcet's syndrome includes all except
    1)Neuro-ocular involvement
    3)Hepatic-splenic involvement
    4)Muco-cutaneous ulcers

    4)Pharyngotympanic tube is supplied by all except
    a)Ascending pharyngeal
    b)Ascending palatine
    c)Middle meningeal artery
    d)Artery of pterygoid canal

    5)Bilateral mandibular involvement is seen in
    b. osteoma

    6) [5] is repeated twice in the paper

    7) "Spaces" in healthy individual are filled by
    c)Fibrous connective tissue
    Loose connective tissue

    8) Facial nerve paralysis following inferior alveolar nerve block is due to needle in
    c)Parotid gland
    d)Medial pterygoid

    9)Minimum Glasgow Coma Scale

    10)APGAR scale in infant measures
    a)Respiratory,Neurological and Circulatory index
    b)repiratory, neurologic, renal system

    11)Role of placenta in fluoride transport to foetus.Which one is false??
    a)No role of placenta
    b)Acts as a barrier
    c) Regulator of fluoride and concentration reaching foetus is lower than maternal levels
    d)Regulator of fluoride and concentration reaching foetus is higher maternal levels

    12)Not involved in inflammation?
    a) PG

    13)Edema in Nephrotic syndrome is due to?
    a)Sodium and water retention
    b) low plasma protiens

    14) Apoptosis is
    a)Programmed cell death

    15)Similarity of amalgam and porcelain is
    a)High compressive but low tensile strength
    b)Both are same
    c)High compressive and high tensile strength
    d)increased working nd setting time

    a.significance 60% and not significant 40%

    17) minimum time period before attempting ortho treatmen in a tooth with root fracturet?
    a 6 month
    b 1 year
    c. 3 month

    18) specificity 75?? ( repeat from aipg dental 2010)

    19) intrusion in 3.7 year child 51, with radiograph showing shotening of 51, treatment is??
    a wait n watch

    20) CBCT stands for
    a cone beam computer tomography
    b coil beam CT
    c combined beam CT
    d circular beam CT

    21 hyperparathyroidism not ass with??
    a inc PHOsphate level
    b increase calcium level
    c alkaline phosphatase increased

    22) forcep of choice for 3rd molar xtrxn to retract LINGUAL flap
    a HOWARTh
    b austin
    c makes no difference in results

    23 oxygen supply of free graft is best confirmed by
    a pulse oximetry
    b laser doppler velocitometry
    c. prick test
    d. flouroscopy ????

    24 methylene blue is used to treat
    a lidocaine toxicity
    b methemoglobinemia
    c. oxygen toxicity
    d crohn's disease

    25 false about ____technique in pedo
    c) infilteration in mandible instead of block

    26 eruption in 2 stages suggested by
    a orban and gottlieb
    b Massler and Schour

    27 lip parasthesia occur most commonly in # of
    a condyle
    b coronoid
    c symphysis
    d. body

    28 teratogen staining
    a tetracycline

    29 while working with dental materials factor c is associated with:
    a) carving of amalgam
    b)condensation of amalgam
    c)polymerisation shrinkage

    30 most definate way 2 diffrenciate b/w periapical cemental displasia n periapical granuloma .
    a.culturs frm rc
    . b : x ray
    c: vitality test opt

    31 south asian population have in common

    32 iron absorption is not interfered by:
    3.sodium chloride
    4.vit. c

    33 vitamine b6 another name:
    b thiamine
    c riboflavin
    d niacin

    34 wilms tumor seen in
    4. heart

    35 all the disease have abnormal clotting factors except
    2.Brufen therapy dis
    4.von villebrand factr

    36 amalgam and composite have in both
    1.high compressive strength and low tensile strength
    2.increase working tym and setting time
    3.both compressive and tensile strength same

    37 tooth discolouration due to hyperbilirubinemia
    1.ochronossis tooth of murmery
    4 Leong teeth

    38 carotid artery palpation at
    1] upper border of thyroid cartilage
    2. lower border of thyroid cartilage

    39 carotid body function
    1) measures the change in po2 in arterial
    2 measure pO2 in venous blood

    40 ethmoid sinus is supplied by:-
    1.nasocilliary nerve

    41 which f the following are not the
    1.intra cellular fluid
    2.peritonial fluid
    3.inerstitial fluid
    4.blood plasma

    42 Which of the following is used in cancer study
    a. Bar diagram
    b. Line diagram
    c.pie diagram
    d.stem and leaf

    43 anug best drug in a 8 year old child..
    1 2nd gen cephalosporin
    2 aminoglycoside
    3 penicillin

    44 CAT accc to AAPD not include
    white opalacent on 1 tooth
    gen. hypoplasia
    initial demineralization
    child with special problems/needs

    45 Anticarcinogenic vitamin is

    a)Vitamin A
    b) Vitamin C
    c)Vitamin E
    d)Vitamin K

    46 pigment in ble??
    bile pigment
    alpha mercaptopuric acid

    47 staining of teeth by bile/erythro?
    Leong teeth
    Pink tooth of mummery

    48 While recording condylar guidance in a three pin articulator, the incisal pin should be ?
    a) out of contact
    b) touching incisial table
    d)not significant

    49Tuft cell receptors

    50.Children-fractures follow zigzag line

    51Dermal and oral manifestations maximum in which type of leukemia?

    53 Three mix antibiotic paste includes the following in endodontics
    b)Cephelexin,Minocycline and Ciprofloxacin

    53 Minocycline is not used in the 3 mix antibiotic paste because of ONLY one adverse effect
    a)Discolouration effects...

    54 Pneumatic bone is all except?

    55 One of the bones named below reaches its adult size at birth!

    56 Bile acid pool works????
    8 times a day
    2 times between meals

    57 "Stunned pulp" is...
    a) "Stunning appearance" on radiograph
    b)doesn't respond to vitality tests before 6-8 weeks

    58 Hanging drop appearance on radiograph
    a)Nasal polyp
    c)Blow out fractures

    59 Incubation period of herpes zoster virus?
    a)1-2 years
    b)1-2 days
    c)7-14 days
    d. 3-6 months

    60 All of the following are suppliedfrom the anterior trunk of mandibular division of trigeminal nerve except?
    b)Medial pterygoid
    c)Lateral pterygoid

    61 there is intrusion of 51 in a child and r/f shows foreshortened image. probable treaatment is:
    1. wait and watch
    2. immediately xtract

    62 Bile has colour because of the pigment
    b) alpha mercatopurine
    c) creatinine

    63 Caries assessment in children-which one is not high risk factor
    a) Enamel hypoplasia
    b)Anterior teeth with plaque
    c)White spot

    64 Sterilisation is:
    1. deactivating all pathogenic and non pthgenic organisms bt nt spores
    2. killing of all organisms
    3. killing of pathogenic orgnsms

    65 culture media for viruses
    1. sabourads agar
    2. non embryonated hen's eggs
    3. embryonaed eggs
    4.____ blood agar

    66 movement dat is least likely to b present in bilateral sagittal split osteotomy???
    1. set back
    2. advancement
    3 rotation
    4 transverse movement

    67 Distraction osteogenesis works on the principle

    68 Phenylketonuria is a disease due to?
    a)Improper matabolism of amino acids
    b)Improper metabolism of carbohydrates
    c. improper metabolism of enzymes
    d.inability to convert fatty acids into carbohydrates?

    69 In a person who takes more amount of carbohydrate,it is stored as
    a) Glycogen
    b)Fatty acids

    70 Maltose which is produced as a breakdown of starch is

    71 One of the following is absorbed in stomach.
    b)Fatty acids

    72Taste buds to tongue are supplied by-
    a)V C.N
    b)VII C.N
    c)IX CN
    d)X C.N

    73)Aschoff nodules are seen in -
    a) SABE
    b) Lib man endocarditis
    c) rheumatic carditis

    74)In Le-Fort osteotomy, all can be done except-
    a) set back
    b) advancement

    75)True about caries, all except-
    a) Infectitious and transmissible
    b) not due to microorganisms
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    76)In interproximal plaque, pH drops for-
    a) 20 mins
    b)60 mins
    c)120 mins
    d)180 mins

    77)over usage of isoniazid leads to deficiency of-

    79)Lactic acidosis takes place in the deficiency of-
    d)pantothenic acid

    80)which vitamin has no role in development of tooth-
    a) Vit A
    b)Vit D
    c)Vit C
    d) Vit E

    81)Embryonic Hb-
    c)alpha gamma

    82)A preganant female in syncope should be placed in-
    a)right lateral
    b) left lateral
    head down towards feet

    83) Improper margins of SSC in a child patient is irritating to the tissues because
    a)Entrapment of plaque
    b)Metal ions
    luting cement
    irritant metal surface of crown

    84)Leeway space of Nance is :-
    a) Space difference between the maxillary lateral and canine

    85 Flush terminal plane results in
    a)Class I
    b)Class II
    c)Class III
    d)Edge to Edge

    86 The occlusion in normal permanent dentition established by
    a)Early mesial shift
    b)Late mesial shift
    cone funnel mechanism

    87 Stony hard on percussion,
    a)Replacement resorption/ankylosis
    b)internal resoption
    c)ext resorption

    88) Most commonly seen ankylosis in decidous dentition according to "some scientist name" is in
    a)Mandibular molar
    b)Maxillary incisor
    c)mand canine
    d)max incisor

    89) least radio sensitive
    a)RBC,muscle cells,nerve cells

    90) Unilocular ameloblastoma treated by
    a)Resection with 1 cm
    b)En bloc resection
    enucleation + cauterization

    97)Chemical treatment with Carnoy's solution is done in
    a)Mural ameloblastoma
    odontogenic keratocyst
    odontogenic myxoma

    [snip] Premaxilla premaxillary cyst is called
    a)Globulomaxillary cyst
    nasoplaltine duct
    median palatal

    99) Most aggressive type of cyst?
    c)periapical cyst
    d)Incisive canal

    100 in cap stage, regulating factor for cusp shape formation is present in
    dental follicle
    enamel knot
    inner enamel epithelium
    dental papila

    101 facial nerve injury occurs just above the branching of chorda tympani nerve, which is not seen:
    a. decreased salivation
    b. paralysis of facial muscles
    c. loss of taste
    d. hyperacusis

    102 Bronchial circulation helps in (repeat)
    a)Gaseous exchange
    b)Air conditioning
    c0drug adsorption

    103 q. principle of distraction osteosynthesis

    104 which of d following helps in infant's breathing while suckling??
    1. high position of larynx
    2. short pharynx
    3. short soft palate
    4. wide and short tongue

    105 maximum microorganism on wich tooth surface

    106 Berger's disease related to
    b)cigarette smoking

    107 supply of floor of mouth and suprahyoid muscles
    facial artery
    lingual artery
    maxillary artery

    108 normal PH of stomach

    109 ratio of SD divided by mean is called as
    standard error
    coefficient of variation
    coefficient of skewness

    110 muscle which is reponsible for opening of mandible
    a.lateral pterygoid
    b.medial pterygoid
    c. temporalis
    d. masseter

    111. massetric notch is due to action of
    masseter on buccinator
    bucinator on masseter

    112 all arr supplied by anterior division of mandibular nerve except
    a.medial pterygoid
    b.lateral pterygoid

    113 capsule of bacteria
    a. prevent there phagocytosis
    c)spore formation?
    114-function of peaso remear?
    a)post space prep
    b)reduce lingual shoulder

    114-articane all r tue except?
    a)plasma half life 90
    b)is amide
    c)infil effective more than nerve block in mandible

    115 Night guard bleaching is
    a)McInn's solution
    b)Carbamide peroxide
    c)30% H2O2

    116 Peeso reamer is used in
    a)Post space
    b)Lingual should removal

    117-Broad faciolingual cavity..Which technique of wedging?
    a)Wedge wedging
    b)Double wedging

    118-True about recruitment and derecruitment of muscles?
    a)Muscle which is recruited last is derecruited last
    b)Muscle which is recruited first is derecruited first

    119-DNA replication measured by

    120-One of the following factors is not included in the medical gene checking
    b)Directive guidance

    121-Rubella is more life threatening if infection occurs in which trimester of pregnancy?

    122-Acidophilic organisms means?
    a)those who produce acid
    b)those who can survive in acidic environment

    123-What are the organisms responsible for breaking down sugar called?

    124-An additional Y chromosome is present in
    a)Klinefelter syndrome

    125-which of the following always indicates obstruction of airway
    a-slow pounding pulse
    sternous breathin
    incresed pulse rate
    decrs b.p

    126-bacterial encapsulation helps in
    1.prevents phagocytosis
    3.oxygen effect

    bacterial encapsulation helps in
    1.prevents phagocytosis
    3.oxygen effect

    In medical prescription, HS stands for
    At bed time
    At any time
    One teaspoon
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    1. Bacteria which adhere to tooth and cause caries is due to
    a. They produce extracellular polysaccharides ß
    b. Ferment carbohydrates
    c. Produce acids

    2. Wilm's tumor occur in
    a. Lung
    b. Heart
    c. Kidney ß
    d. Liver

    3. False about hyperparathyroidism in children
    a. Raised serum calcium
    b. Raised serum phosphorus ß
    c. Raised alkaline phosphatase
    d. Resorption of minerals from bones

    4. Paralysis of cranial root of accessory nerve affects all except-
    a. Cricopharyngeus
    b. Salpingopharyngeus
    c. Palatopharyngeus
    d. Stylopharyngeus ß

    5. Which of the following is not endocrine gland
    a. Thymus ß
    b. Thyroid
    c. Pituitary
    d. Adrenal

    7. Calorific value of fat
    a. 7
    b. 9 ß
    c. 5
    d. 10

    6. ‎One unit packed RBC shows how much change in haematocrit value?
    a. 1%,
    b. 3-5 % ß
    c. 7-10%
    d. None

    8. Carbohydrates when taken in excessive form is stored in which form.
    a. Glycogen ß
    b. Fatty acid
    c. Protein
    d. Glucose

    9. Dermal and oral manifestation are seen in which type of leukaemia
    a. Monocytic ß
    b. Mylocytic
    c. Lymphocytic
    d. Aleukemic leukemia

    6. Tuft cells are receptors seen on
    a. Cell rich zone
    b. Lining of maxillary sinus
    c. Salivary Duct ß
    d. TMJ Capsule

    11. Lactic acidosis takes place in the deficiency of-
    a. Pantothenic acid
    b. Pyridoxine
    c. Thiamine ß
    d. Riboflavin

    12. Which vitamin doesn't play an important role in tooth development
    a. Vit a
    b. Vit c
    c. Vit d
    d. Vit e ß

    13. Which is anticarcinogenic vitamin
    a. Vit A ß
    b. Vit C
    c. Vit E
    d. Vit K

    14. Min value on glasgow comma scale
    a. 0
    b. 3 ß
    c. 5
    d. 15

    15. What’s common in amalgam and porcelain
    a. Working time
    b. Setting time
    c. High tensile strength
    d. High compressive strength and Low tensile strength ß

    16. Lower lip paraesthesia seen in fracture of?
    a. Condyle
    b. Coronoid process
    c. Body ß
    d. Symphysis

    17. Most common fracture of mandible in children
    a. Downward and forwards
    b. Downward and backwards
    c. Single line superoinferior ...suggested
    d. Zig zag due to tooth buds ß

    18. Bilateral mandibular lesion
    a. Cherubism ß
    b. Cgcg
    c. Osteoma
    d. Lichen Planus

    19. What is primary cone or master cone?
    a. Fits snugly at established working length ß
    b. Fits loosely
    c. Which binds at the initial diameter of canal

    20. Space maintainer is an example is
    a. Specific protection ß
    b. Disability limitation
    c. Primary prevention
    d. Rehabilitation

    21. Which one is also premaxilla premaxillary cyst
    a. Globulomaxillary cyst ß
    b. Nasoplaltine duct
    c. Median palatal

    22. Treatment of unilocular ameloblastoma
    a. Enucleation
    b. Enucleation with cryotherapy
    c. En bloc resection ß
    d. Resection with 1 cm margin

    23. Which one is treated with carnoy's solution after enucleation
    a. Okc ß
    b. Odontogenic myxoma
    c. Mural ameloblastoma
    d. Aneurysmal Bone Cyst

    24. Posture of choice for pregnant lady during syncope is:
    a. Head low position
    b. Tredelenburg
    c. Right lateral
    d. Left Lateral ß

    25. What is c-factor in dental materials
    a. Condensation of amalgam
    b. Carving of amalgam
    c. Polymerisation shrinkage ß

    26. Taste sensations are carried by all except?
    a. Facial nerve
    b. Glossopharyngeal nerve
    c. Vagus nerve
    d. Trigeminal nerve ß

    27. Precarve burnishing in amalgam not true is
    a. Condenses amalgam
    b. Removes old amalgam ß

    28. Leeway space of Nance is :-
    a. Space difference between the maxillary lateral and canine

    29.G6PD Deficieny- Primaquine

    30. Flush terminal plane
    a. Class I
    b. Class II
    c. Class III
    d. Edge to Edge ß

    31. How baby breath while cramming milk
    a. Due to short and wide tongue
    b. Due to short soft palate
    c. Due to high located Larynx ß
    d. Due to short pharynx

    32. Fracture of condlye causes
    a. Deviation to affected site ß
    b. Deviation to opposite side
    c. No movement
    d. Normal functioning

    33. Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
    a. Decreased bicarbonate in blood ß

    34. Muscle causing medial displacement of fractured condyle
    a. Lateral pterygoid ß
    b. Temporalis
    c. Medial pterygoid
    d. Masseter

    35. Muscle responsible for opening mandible
    a. Lateral pterygoid ß
    b. Medial Pterygoid
    c. Masseter
    d. Temporalis

    36.incidence greater than prevalence- disease very fatal or easily curable

    37. Initiation of atherosclerosis
    a. Deposition of lipids
    b. Macrophages
    c. Disruption of tunica intima ß
    d. Fibrosis of vessel wall

    38. Pain in ethimoid sinusitis is carried by
    a. Nasociliary ß
    b. Infratrochlear
    c. Lacrimal
    d. Frontal

    39. Loss of lacrimation due to injury of
    a. Greater petrosal ß

    40. Fracture of zygomatic maxillary arch most definite sign of reduction
    a. Click ß???
    b. Symmetry of arch
    c. Symmetry of inf orbital rim
    d. Symmetry of frontozygomatic buttress

    41. In gille's temporal approach retractor is inserted between
    a. Temporal Muscle and temporal fascia ß

    42. Instrument used to retract lingual flap during third molar removal
    a. Howarth ß
    b. Broad base
    c. Austin
    d. No difference

    43. Partial bell's palsy is observed when mandibular anesthesia is given in-
    a. Parotid gland ß
    b. Maxially artery

    44. Sterilization is a process in which
    a. Kill all pathogenic organism
    b. Kill all organism in the environment ß
    c. Deactivate all pathogens not spores
    d. Deactivate all spores and kill pathogenic organism

    45. Teeth suffered from concussion, fracture of crown or root etc but not
    affecting pulp. Time required before ortho treatment
    a. 15 days
    b. 1 month
    c. 2 month
    d. 3 month

    46. Tooth fractured in coronal or middle third. Time required before ortho
    a. 3 month
    b. 6 month
    c. 9 month
    d. 12 month

    47. Metallic taste in stannous fluoride is due to
    a. Tin hydroxyphosphate ß
    b. Stannous fluoride phosphate
    c. Stannic fluoride phosphate

    48. CBCT stands for
    a. Cone beam computer tomography ß
    b. Coil beam CT
    c. Combined beam CT
    d. Circular beam CT

    49. Distraction Osteosynthesis works on the principal
    a. Traction ß
    b. Passive
    c. Tension
    d. Compression

    50. Apex compared to Base of Lung has
    a. Lung alveoli open
    b. Increased ventilation perfusion ratio
    c. Increased CO2 in arterial blood. ß

    51. Wedge technique in amalgam restoration in class 2 (wide faciolingually) in
    posterior teeth-
    a. Single wedging
    b. Double wedging ß
    c. Wedge wedging
    d. No wedge

    52. Vitamin B6 also known as
    a. Pyridoxine ß
    b. Niacin
    c. Riboflavin
    d. Thiamine

    53. Fix plating for mandibular body fracture
    a. At upper border
    b. At lower border
    c. Between upper and lower border
    d. One at upper and lower ß

    54. Blood supply to lungs completely stopped which is true
    a. Ventilation perfusion ratio approaches infinity

    55.all are branches of occulomotor nerve except
    1.medial rectus
    2.superior rectus
    3.twig to cilliary ganglion
    4.lacrimal ß

    56. Plaque microflora can spit carbohydrates. What does it mean?
    a. Sacchrolytic ß
    b. Saprophytic
    c. Virulant

    57. DNA replication measured by?
    a. Sphygmomanometer
    b. Spirometer
    c. Photo Spectrophotometer ß

    58. Phocomelia in child
    a. Thalidomide ß

    59. Area of skin supplied by single nerve supply?
    a. Dermatome ß

    60. Arterial supply to floor of the mouth and suprahyoid muscle
    a. Lingual artery. ß
    b. Maxillary artery
    c. Inferior alveolar artery

    61. Night guard bleaching
    a. McInn’s Solution
    b. Carbamide Peroxide 16-25% ß
    c. 30% H202 Thermocatalytic
    d. Superoxol and H2O2

    62. Pharyngotympanic tube is supplied by all except
    a. Ascending pharyngeal
    b. Ascending palatine
    c. Middle meningeal artery
    d. Artery of pterygoid canal

    63. Least radio sensitive cells
    a. Bone cells, muscle, Nerve
    b. Nerve, Muscle, RBC ß
    c. WBC, Muscle, Nerve
    d. WBC, Bone, Nerve

    64. pH in stomach?
    a. 4-5 ß
    b. 8-10
    c. 11-12

    65. Mass contraction except?
    a. Ureter
    b Uterus
    c. Gall bladder ß??
    d. Urinary Bladder

    66.seen in endotoxic shock
    1. vasodilation
    2.heart fails to pump

    67. Best site for Graft for cleft palate and alvelus?
    a. Anterior iliac crest
    b. Posterior iliac crest ß
    c. Rib
    d. Clavaria

    68. Suture which does not adhere to tissue and known for its elasticity?
    a. Nylon
    b. Prolene
    c. PSD

    69. Methylene blue is used for?
    a. Methaemoglobinemia ß
    b. Lidocaine toxicity
    c. Oxygen toxicity
    d. Crohn’s diseases

    70. Mean=70 And SD=25% Then 95% Confidence interval?
    a. 60-80
    b. 45-95
    c. 20-120 ß

    71. For a survey, some schools were selected randomly, from which sections
    selected randomly and form which students were selected randomly. Which type of
    sampling method is this?
    a. Simple Random
    a. Cluster
    b. Stratified ß
    c. Multi stage

    72. Life span of RBC
    a. 14 days
    b. 20 days
    c. 100 days ß
    d. 1 year

    73. Enzyme found in salivary gland
    a. Amylase ß

    74. Costitutive in lung epithelium
    a. Lipoprotein lipase
    b. Plasminogen Activator ß

    75. Injury not involving dermis?
    a. Abrasion ß
    b. Laceration
    c. Contusion

    76. Least painful area in oral cavity
    a. Buccal mucosa
    b. Gingiva
    c. Dorsal lingual mucosa ß
    d. Labial mucosa

    77. Non acidic, non... Helps in enamel mineralization or someth
    a. Tuftelin ß
    b. Sheathlin

    78. RNA interference all involved except
    a. DROSHA
    b. PASHA
    c. mRNA ß
    d. miRNA

    79. Cut greater in length than depth
    a. Slash injury

    80. Eruption in active and passive stage given by?
    a. Orban and Gottlieb ß
    b. Massler and Schour
    c. Baer and Benjamin
  15. moody

    moody Guest

    81. Blockage of lung circulation?
    a. Increase in pH in capillaries

    82. Carotid body funtion?
    a. Measures the change in po2 in arterial ß?
    b. Measure pO2 in venous blood

    83. Primary taste are all except
    a. Sweet
    b. Sour
    c. Bitter
    d. Chilly ß

    84. Negative predictive value= 0.75. what does it indicate?
    a. 75% chance that the person tested negative for the disease will not have disease ß

    85. Colon malignancy
    a. Crohn's diseases ß
    b. Ulcerative colitis

    86.Reed sternberg cells -hodkins

    87. which is not clinically significant
    a. Mandi permanent central incisor erupts before mandibular permanent first molar ß
    b. Eruption of m axillary canine and premolar before 2nd molar
    c. Eruption of mandibular canine before mandibular premolar
    d. Eruption of mandibular second premolar for second molar

    88. In surgical treatment of cleft palate
    a. Anterior Open Bite
    b. Anterior Deep bite
    c. Rotated Anterior
    d. Unilateral or bilateral posterior crossbite ß

    89. Spaces in healthy individual are filled by
    a. Air
    b. water
    c. Fibrous connective tissue
    d. Loose connective tissue ß

    90. Osteoradionecrosis?
    a. Radiation, Trauma, Infection ß

    91. Infection from dangerous area of face spreads thru
    a. Pterygoid plexus of veins ß

    92. Study used for bubble test somthing test and its failure? -repeat
    a. Student test
    b. Paired test
    c. Chi square ß

    93. CO2-30mmHg, pO2 105mmHg pH-7.45. partially compensated?
    a. Respiratory alkalosis

    94. Important factor in south Asian population?
    a. Infection
    b. Heredity
    c. Trauma
    d. Unknown

    95. Ludwig angina
    a. Raised tongue ß

    96. Fluoride release from Glass Ionomer Cement?
    a. Increased for few days till present in matrix
    b. Same through out
    c. Raised till few days and then decreases as concentration of fluoride falls ß

    97. What is the most sensitive indicator of cellular energy?
    a ATP ß
    b ADP
    c Phosphocreatine
    d AMP

    [98]. Stretch receptor innervation?
    a. Gamma ?
    b. Myelinated
    c. C Fibres

    99. What induces cusp formation in cap stage
    a. Dental papilla
    b. Dental follicle
    c. Inner enamel epithelium
    d. Enamel knot

    100. Fetal hemoglobin is composed of
    a. Gamma and beta
    b. Epsilon and gamma
    c. Alpha and beta
    d. Epsilon zeta ß

    101. Aschoff nodule?
    a. Subacute endocarditis
    b. Rheumatic carditis ß
    c. Lib man sack endocarditis

    102. Tachycardia, constipation seen in which poisoning?
    a. Opp
    b. Atropine ß
    c. Mushroom n organophosphorus poisoning

    103. Myleoid stem cells injected produces?
    a. Haematopoitic stem cells
    b. RBC ß
    c. Fibrosis
    d. T Cells

    104. Most impacted deciduous teeth?
    a. Maxillary canine
    b. Mandibular 1st molar ß

    105. Bilateral circumoral ecchymosis?
    a. Bilatral Condylar fracture
    b. Lefort III ß
    c. Zygomatic fracture

    106. Age changes in periodontium
    a. Scalloping of bone and cementum ß
    b. Increased Cellularity
    c. Inc Collagen Synthesis

    107. Nasal antrostomy after Caldwell luc procedure done through
    a. Superior meatus
    b. Inferior meatus ß
    c. Middle meatus

    108. Iron absorption is least affected by?
    a. Milk
    b. Calcium
    c. Sodium chloride ß
    d. Ascorbic acid


    110. Spheno-occipital synchondrosis closes at
    a. 3 years
    b. 9 years
    c. 13 years
    d. 16 years ß

    111. Effect of amoxycillin n clavulanic is
    a. Synrgism ß
    b. Cummulative

    112. Pneumatic bone is all except?
    a. Mastoid
    b. Mandible ß
    c. Frontal
    d. Ethmoid

    113. CREST syndrome includes all except
    a. Calcinosis
    b. Raynaud's phenomenon
    c. Syndactyly
    d. Endocrinopathies ß

    114. Behcet's syndrome includes all except
    a. Neuro-ocular involvement
    b. Arthritis ?
    c. Hepatic-splenic involvement ß
    d. Muco-cutaneous ulcers

    115. Facial nerve paralysis following inferior alveolar nerve block is due to
    needle in
    a. Buccinator
    b. Temporalis
    c. Parotid gland ß
    d. Medial pterygoid

    116. APGAR scale in infant measures
    a. Respiratory,Neurological and Circulatory index ß
    b. Repiratory, Circulatory, Digestive
    c. Circulatory, Renal, Respiratory
    d. Circulatory, Renal, Neurologic


    118. Role of placenta in fluoride transport to foetus.Which one is false??
    a. No role of placenta
    b. Acts as a barrier
    c. Regulator of fluoride and concentration reaching foetus is lower than
    maternal levels
    d. Regulator of fluoride and concentration reaching foetus is higher maternal

    119. Not mediator of inflammation?
    a. PG
    b. Interferon
    c. TNF
    d. Myeloperoxidase ß

    120. Edema in Nephrotic syndrome is due to?
    a. Sodium and water retention
    b. Low plasma proteins ß

    121. Sterilization by sunlight is effective because of
    a. High wavelength light
    b. Low wavelength light ß
    c. Heat content
    d. Presence of ozone in atmosphere

    122. Apoptosis is
    a. Programmed cell death ß

    123. How the occlusion of first primary molar establish
    a. Early mesial shift
    b. Late mesial shift ß
    c. Cone funnel mechanism



    126. Massetric notch is formed due to action of
    a. Masseter on buccinator ß
    b. Superior constrictor on masseter
    c. Superior constrictor on buccinator
    d. Buccinator on masseter

    127. Not a general compartment of body fluid
    a. Intra cellular fluid
    b. Peritonial fluid
    c. Inerstitial fluid
    d. Blood plasma ß

    128. p=0.40
    a. Significance 60% of time not significant 40%
    b. Significance 40 % of time not significant 60 % ß

    129.Specific plaque hypothesis says that
    a. All plaque is pathogenic
    b. Specific micro-organisms are responsible for pathogenicity of plaque ß
    c. Only Specific micro organisms are responsible for causing caries

    130. There is intrusion of 51 in a 3 year 7 month old child and r/f shows
    foreshortened image. probable treaatment is:
    a. Wait and watch ß
    b. Immediately extract
    c. Splint
    d. Immediate re position surgically

    131. At time of surgery vascularity of flap can be checked by
    a. Pulse oximetry
    b. Laser Flowmetry
    c. Prick test ß
    d. Flouroscopy

    132. Sequence of ischaemia all except
    a, Intense neuronal iosinophilia
    b. Ingress of PMN
    c. Ingress of macrophages and apoptosis
    d. Proliferation of astrocytes

    133. Not a method of heat loss from body
    a. Posture
    b. Vasoconstriction ß
    c. Shivering


    135. How to differentiate periapical cemental dysplasia from pariapical
    granuloma in a pt with cardiac valve replacement?
    a. RCT Washing and culture
    b. Radiograph
    c. Vitality test ß

    136. All the disease have abnormal clotting factors except
    a. Thalassemia ß
    b. Brufen therapy
    c. Christmas dis
    d. Von villebrand factr

    137. Tooth discolouration due to hyperbilirubinemia
    a. Ochronossis
    b. Pink tooth of murmery
    c. Chlorodontia ß
    d. Leong teeth

    138. Carotid artery palpation at
    a. Upper border of thyroid cartilage ß
    b. Lower border of thyroid cartilage

    139. Ethmoid sinus is supplied by:-
    a. Nasocilliary nerve ß
    b. Frontal
    c. Lacrimal
    d. Infratrochlear

    140. Which of the following is used in cancer study
    a. Bar diagram ß
    b. Line diagram
    c. Pie diagram
    d. Stem and leaf
  16. moody

    moody Guest

    141. ANUG best drug in a 8 year old child..
    a. 2nd gen cephalosporin
    b. Aminoglycoside
    c. Penicillin ß

    142. Caries assessment in children-which one is not high risk factor
    a. White opalacent area on 1 tooth ß
    b. General hypoplasia
    c. Initial demineralization
    d. Child with special problems/needs

    143. Preventive resin restoration is placed on
    a. Non cavitated pits and fissure ß
    b. Cavitated pits and fissure
    c. Deep caries


    145. While recording condylar guidance using three pin articulator, the incisal
    pin is kept ?
    a. Out of contact ß
    b. In contact with incisal table
    c. Removed from articulator
    d. Not significant

    146. Three mix antibiotic paste includes the following in endodontics
    a. Ciprofloxacin,Metronidazole,Minocycline ß
    b. Cephelexin,Minocycline and Ciprofloxacin

    147. Minocycline is not used in the 3 mix antibiotic paste because of ONLY one
    adverse effect
    a. Discolouration of crown
    b. Roots become brittle ß

    148. One of the bones named below reaches its adult size at birth
    a. Ossicles ß
    b. Parietal
    c. Mastoid

    149. Bile acid pool recycled in how many times
    a. 4 time during meal
    b. 2 times between meal
    c. 8 times a day ß
    d. 10 times a day on fast

    150. Stunned pulp is
    a. Stunning appearance on radiograph
    b. doesn't respond to vitality tests 6-8 weeks after trauma ß

    151. Hanging drop appearance on radiograph
    a. Nasal polyp
    b. Antrolith
    c. Blow out fractures ß

    152. Incubation period of herpes zoster virus?
    a. 1-2 years
    b. 1-2 days
    c. 7-14 days ß
    d. 3-6 months


    154. Color of bile is due to
    a. Bilirubin ß
    b. Alpha mercatopurine
    c. Creatinine
    d. Bile pigments



    157. Culture media for viruses
    a. Sabourads agar
    b. Non embryonated hen's eggs
    c. Embryonaed eggs ß
    d. Blood agar


    159. All movements are possible with bilateral sagittal split osteotomy except
    a. Anterior advancement
    b. Set back
    c. Rotation
    d. Transverse ß

    160. What is Best for factor 8 replacement in hemophilia A?
    a. FFP
    b. Cryoprecipitate ß
    c. Whole blood

    161. Phenylketonuria is a disease due to?
    a. Improper matabolism of amino acids ß
    b. Improper metabolism of carbohydrates
    c. Improper metabolism of enzymes
    d. Inability to convert fatty acids into carbohydrates


    163. Maltose which is produced as a breakdown of starch is
    a. Disachharide ß
    b. Monosaccharide
    c. Polysaccharide

    164. One of the following is absorbed in stomach.
    a. Alcohol ß
    b. Fatty acids
    c. Amino acid

    165.Fovea palatine represents
    a. Opening of minor salivary gland ducts ß
    b. Opening of greater palatine canal
    c. Palatal termination of maxillary denture
    d. Closure of mid palatine raphe

    166. True about caries, all except-
    a. Infectitious and transmissible
    b. Not due to microorganisms ß
    c. Can develop in the absence of sucrose

    167. In interproximal plaque, pH drops for-
    a. 20 mins
    b. 60 mins
    c. 120 mins
    d. 180 mins

    168. Over usage of isoniazid leads to deficiency of-
    a. Pyridoxine

    169. Improper margins of SSCrown in a child patient is irritating to the tissues
    a. Entrapment of plaque ß
    b. Metal ions
    c. Luting cement
    d. Irritant metal surface of crown

    170. Stony hard on percussion, stops erupting
    a. Replacement resorption/ankylosis ß
    b. Internal resorption
    c. External resorption

    171. Most commonly seen ankylosis in decidous dentition according to "some
    scientist name" is in
    a. Mandibular molar ß
    b. Maxillary incisor
    c. Mandibular canine
    d. Maxillary incisor

    172. Most aggressive type of cyst, cause hollowing of mandible
    a. Dentigerous ß
    b. Globulomaxillary
    c. Periapical cyst
    d. Incisive canal

    173. Facial nerve injury occurs just above the branching of chorda tympani
    nerve, which is not seen:
    a. Decreased salivation
    b. Paralysis of facial muscles
    c. Loss of taste
    d. Hyperacusis ß

    174. Bronchial circulation helps in (repeat)
    a. Gaseous exchange
    b. Air conditioning ß

    175. After tooth eruption, mineralization completes in
    a. One year
    b. Two years
    c. Three
    d. Four

    176. Maximum plaque accumulation occur on which tooth surface
    a. Occlusal
    b. Interproximal
    c. Buccal
    d. Lingual

    177. Buerger's disease related to
    a. Alcohol
    b. Cigarette smoking ß

    a. Increased salivary secretion ß
    b. Decreased salivary secretion

    179. Ratio of SD divided by mean is called as
    a. Standard error
    b. Coefficient of variation ß
    c. Coefficient of skewness


    181. All are supplied by anterior division of mandibular nerve except
    a. Medial pterygoid ß
    b. Lateral pterygoid
    c. Masseter
    d. Temporalis

    182. Capsule of bacteria
    a. Prevent there phagocytosis ß
    b. Decreased Virulence

    183. In medical prescription, HS stands for
    a. At bed time after reclining ß
    b. At any time
    c. One teaspoon

    184. Which of the following always indicates obstruction of airway
    a. Slow pounding pulse
    b. Sternous breathing ß
    c. Increased pulse rate
    d. Decrease

    185. 2 X chromosomes and atleast one Y chromosome is present in
    a. Klinefelter syndrome ß

    186. Facial nerve is involved in
    a. Warthin's tumor
    b. Pleomorphic adenoma
    c. Epidermoid carcinoma ß
    d. Benign lymphoepithelioma

    187. Rubella is more life threatening if infection occurs in which trimester of
    a. First ??
    b. Second
    c. Third
    d. Post partum

    188. One of the following factors is not included in the medical gene checking
    a. Beneficence
    b. Directive guidance
    c. Confidentiality
    d. Informed consent

    189. True about recruitment and derecruitment of muscles?
    a. Muscle which is recruited last is derecruited last
    b. Muscle which is recruited first is derecruited first ??
    c. Variable
    d. Determined by independent... generators

    190. Articane all are true except?
    a. Plasma half life 90
    b. Is amide
    c. Infiltration effective more than nerve block in mandible

    191. Function of peeso remear?
    a. Post space preparation ß
    b. Reduce lingual shoulder


    193. All can cause SLE like reaction except
    a. Hydralazine
    b. Penicillin ß
    c. Tetracycline
    d. Sulfonamides

    194. Patient weighing 70kg has FBS 180mg/dl. he's having
    a. Ketoacidosis
    b. Hypoglycemia
    c. Hyperglycemia ß

    195. True about use of midazolam over diazepam in sedation is all except
    a. Less thrombophlebitis due to low solubility in blood
    b. More plasma binding and less toxicity
    c. More potont than diazepam
    d. Binds to bzd receptors with 3-4 times more avidity

    196. Plaque micro-organisms are acidophilic and aciduric. What's meaning of
    a. Produce acid
    b. Doesn't produce acid
    c. Can survive in acidic environment ß
    d. Cannot survive in acidic environment

    197. Shade selection is done within how much time to avoid fatigue of eyes
    a. 5 sec ß
    b. 10 sec
    c. 15 sec
    d. 20 sec

    198. Difference in distraction osteogenesis in children from adults
    a. Increased rate ß
    b. Decreased consolidation period
    c. Same latency period

    199. True about Knee-to-knee method for examination of infant patient is all
    a. Parent supports head of infant, operator holds hands ß
    b. Can be used at home for brushing teeth of infant
    c. Gloved finger and lighting pen can be used
    d. Done in 18 months old baby.

    200. what is most common in south asian population???
    a)infection ??
  17. komal

    komal Guest


    1. Max potent cerebral vasodilation done by?
    a. carbon monoxide
    b. CO2
    c. O2
    d. N2

    2. Electromechanical point??
    a. R wave to S1
    b. Q wave to S2
    c. Q-2nd heart sound
    d. Q-T interval
    f. Q wave onset to peak S2 (electromechanical systole, Q-S2)

    3. systole on ecg with/ duration of systole on ecg
    a. 1st heart sound
    b. 2nd heart sound

    4. amylin is secreted by:
    a. alpha cells
    b. beta cells
    c. gamma cells
    d. delta cells

    5. coagulation normally prevented by.

    6. Sexual function controlled by which part of hypothalamus ?
    a. Supraoptic,
    b. paraoptic,
    c. posterior hypoth,
    d. lat hypothal ?
    e. the ventromedial hypothalamus (which is important for sexual behavior).

    7. Cordotomy done to relieve pain in right lower limb . Wat kind ?
    a. Right spinothalamic tract,
    b. left spinothalamic tract....

    8. Sham rage is defined as an affective and pathological aggressive state characterized by manifestations of fear and anger that lead to drastic physiological and behavioral changes. –
    a. seen in decorticate animals

    9. Cause of LH surge ?
    a. ans high level of estrogen

    10. metabolic failure at cerebral blood flow of :
    a. a. 10ml/min
    b. 20
    c. 30
    d. 40

    11. sleep pattern if external source is removed then ??
    a. will not change
    b. more than 24 hrs
    c. less than 24 hrs
    d. The rhythms persist in the absence of external cues (endogenous). The rhythm persists in constant conditions with a period of about 24 hours. The rationale for this criterion is to distinguish circadian rhythms from simple responses to daily external cues. A rhythm cannot be said to be endogenous unless it has been tested in conditions without external periodic input

    12. glutamate is pre dominant neuro transmitter in which part of the brain?
    a. Globus pallidus interba
    b. Substantia nigra
    c. Globus pallidus externa
    d. Putamen

    13. at 4atm pressure wat is o2 conc in 100ml of plasma-6

    14. 0a blood grp-
    a. ans OA

    15. When a nerve impulse arrives at NMJ, what happens?
    a. Ach binds to receptors in sarcolemmal membrane,
    b. Release of calcium from sarcoplasmis reticulum

    16. Ligature tied proximal to baroreceptors,wat is seen?
    a. Ht/
    b. bradycardia
    c. Hypertension /
    d. tachycardia
    e. barorecptor – nucleus tactus soliterius

    17. Negative pressure in pleural space is due to? It’s a repeat question
    a. Elastic recoil…..
  18. komal

    komal Guest


    18. langerhans histiocytosis - REPEAT
    a. ans CD 1a

    19. vertical transmission of prions.

    20. pt with bronchiectasis –
    a. amyloid nephropathy

    21. Secondary amyloidosis-
    a. amyloid associated protein

    22. tumor from nasal olfactory epithilium,
    a. esthesionneuroepithelioma.

    23. myasthenia gravis
    a. type 1
    b. type 2
    c. type3
    d. type 4 hypersensitive reaction,

    24. autosomal recessive
    a. peutz jagger...

    25. autosomal dominant a/e :
    a. ataxia telengiectasia?

    26. small cell tumour, 10 yr girl, tibia . Which translocation ?
    a. 22q ,
    b. CMYC...

    27. pancreas on usg grapes like cyst on head with duct dilatation
    a. serous cystadenoma
    b. mucinous cystadenoma
    c. Ductectatic Mucinous Cystic Neoplasms of the Pancreas:eek:n ct shows grape like clusters and dilated pancreatic duct

    28. Based on pathophysiology of atheromatous plaque formation, which attribute helps in detection of incomplete occlusion of a vessel ?
    a. Calcification picked up in CT....

    29. Type of hypersensitivity in membranus glomerulonephritis-
    a. type 2
    b. Type 1
    c. Type IV
    d. Type III

    30. eosinophil count diurnal variation reason?
    a. cortisol

    31. infection to brain spreads thru all except-
    a. direct bony invasion
    b. round n oval window
    c. lymphatic
    d. was last option hematogenous

    32. pathogenesis of disease-
    a. screening no use,
    b. tertiary prevention possible,
    c. entry of agent, including sub clinical cases

    33. carcinoma
    a. ans cytokeratin

    34. not causes fever …
    a. .il 6 ,
    b. tnf ,
    c. inf ,
    d. il 18( ans 18)

    35. spleen metastases
    a. ovarian (most common)
    b. melanoma
    c. pancreatic

    36. Patient had a renal mass diagnosed by exfoliative cytology. Which is the possibility?
    a. Adenocarcinoma
    b. TCC
    c. Well differentitated carcinoma
    d. All can be diagnosed by exfoliatuve cytology
  19. komal

    komal Guest


    37. thiazide used in t/t of a/e a-
    a. idiopathic hypercalceuria wit nephro calcinosis
    b. Hyperlipedemia
    c. CCF

    38. Drug not to be used in hypercalcemia?
    a. Thiazide
    b. Frusemide
    c. d\

    39. Ppi decreases efficacy of clopidogrel…
    a. Cyt 2b
    b. Cyt 2c
    c. Cyt 2d

    40. Hypertriglyceridemia and Hypercholesterolemia seen in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1-Infected Treated with
    a. Protease Inhibitors.

    41. Cardiac mortality with
    a. rolecoxib,
    b. nicrondil ,
    c. losartan,
    d. metoprolol

    42. Slow aceylator on INH –
    a. peripheral neuropathy ,
    b. hepatotoxicity,
    c. cardiotoxicity
    e. Fast acetylation leads to higher blood levels of the toxic metabolite acetylisoniazid and thus to an increase in toxic reactions – hepatitis which is 250 times more common than in slow acetylators

    43. . pregnant lady with syphilis doc
    a. Penicillin
    b. Doxy

    44. temozolamide is a
    a. antimetabolite,
    b. anti tumor antibiotic,
    c. alkylating agent,
    d. hormonal agent
    e. Temozolamide- is an oral alkylating agent used for the treatment of Grade IV astrocytoma

    45. not a larvicidal?
    a. Pyrethrum
    b. Malathion

    46. side effects of thalidomide?

    47. which drug-moebius syndrome;
    a. misoprostol
    b. most common cause of Moebius Syndrome is use of the drugs Misoprostol or Thalidomide while pregnant

    48. longest halflife quinolones
    a. lomeflox?
    b. Grepafloxacin
    c. moxiflox
    d. trovaflox are having maximum t1/2 so can be given orally.
    abixtan drug-Vit K antagonist

    49. Apixaban
    a. factor Xa antagonist
    b. tnf a inhibitor
    c. anti platelet
    d. Vit K antagonist
    e. Apixaban directly inhibits factor Xa, thereby interfering with the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin and preventing formation of cross-linked fibrin clots

    50. Clozapin except
    a. More potent block D2? greater than D1?
    b. Blood level below 350 should be maintaines
    c. shoud be stoppped at wbc<3000
    d. Not used with Carbamazepine

    51. drug used usually for cerebral vasospasm ?
    a. nimodipine

    52. Drug causing osteomalacia
    a. Steroid
    b. Heparin
    c. Phenytoin

    53. Latest method of making drug discoveries ?
    a. Target based molecular designing,
    b. hit and run

    54. to demonstrate one drug is better than other which trail-2

    55. hypoglycemic drug causing b12 deficiency
    a. Exenatide
    b. Rapaglinide
    c. Gliptan
    d. Metformin

    56. a patient was given a drug to inhibit oxidase-reductase something? Wat infestation was he having ?
    a. Beef tapeworm,
    b. whip worm
    d. cryptosporidium

    57. methicillin resistant staph aureus infection-REPEAT
    a. cotrimoxazole.

    58. dilator pupillae is supplied by - REPEAT
    a. cervical sympathetic chain

    59. Daptomycin
    a. bacteriostatic.
    b. Tigecycline has been shown to be a bacteriostatic agent against Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterococcus faecalis, and Staphylococcus aureus

    60. All causes tachychardia except?
    a. amphetamine r
    b. nifidipine r
    c. theophylline?

    61. maternal use of whch drug ll cause Hypospadias in baby?
    a. Diethylstilbestrol

    62. To monitoring bld level not reqd
    a. lithium
    b. cycloserine
    c. gentamicine
    d. warfarin?ans:c

    63. child of NS on tacrolimus, ca 7.5mg/dl , alb 1.5 urea 79mg/dl creat .5 present with seizers likely diag ….
    a. tacro toxicity ,
    b. hypocalcemia ,
    c. uramea.ans:b

    64. not a serotonin adrenaline antagonist or something like this? options-
    a. lozapine
    b. ,zotepine,
    c. amisulpuride,
    d. sertindole
  20. komal

    komal Guest


    65. Which bacteria acts by increasing camp level?
    a. Cholera
    b. E Coli
    c. cholera toxin is an oligomeric protein composed of one A subunit and five B subunits (AB5).
    A subunit detaches and becomes activated by proteolytic cleavage, allowing it to catalyze the ADP ribosylation of the Gαs subunit of the heterotrimeric G protein resulting in constitutive cAMP production.

    66. nocardia characteristic feature The characteristic lesion in Nocardia:
    a. 1. brain abscess
    b. The characteristic histologic feature of nocardiosis is an abscess with extensive neutrophil infiltration and prominent necrosis. Granulation tissue usually surrounds the lesions, but extensive fibrosis or encapsulation is uncommon

    67. japanese detergent suicide forms
    a. H2S gas...
    b. H2S-In Japan it is known as detergent suicide, a near-instant death achieved by mixing common household chemicals into a poisonous cloud of gas.

    68. Pustular lesions on leg Bacitracin test

    69. Subhimalayan region recurrect ulcer - causative agent?
    a. Sporothrix

    70. Typhoid salmonella – infecive dose for human
    a. 10^2 to 10^5

    71. ear infections?
    a. vibrio mimicus
    b. V. Alginolitcus

    72. most resistant to disinfectants and antiseptics:
    a. spore
    b. Prions
    c. Bacteria
    d. Virus.

    73. mosquito- culex anap aedes commonly transmits?
    a. JE
    b. YF
    c. filariasis

    74. aseptate hyphae structure seen in exudate taken from diabetic patient ?
    a. aspergillus,
    b. candida...
    c. Penicillium
    d. aSfomyces

    75. Endotoxin does not play a role in pathogenesis of which organism ?
    a. E coli

    76. Analysis of the IFN-gamma responses of whole blood cells from BCG-vaccinated or non-BCG-vaccinated donors or patients with tuberculosis, stimulated with PPD, ESAT-6 or CFP-10 antigens, and evaluation of the specificity and sensitivity of the test
    ifn y assay in tb is –
    a. A) 1st gen using esat
    b. B) 2nd gen using esat n cfp10…
    c. c) can’t diff b/w mycobacteria and other atypical
  21. komal

    komal Guest


    77. small fiber neuropathy seen in - REPEAT
    a. vitB12 deficiencey
    b. acute intermittent porphyria
    c. 2 other options

    78. Lesch Nyhan syndrome...REPEAT
    a. measurement of serum Uric acid

    79. .acute pulmonary oedema treatment all except –
    a. morphine,
    b. digoxcin,
    c. frusemide ,
    d. positive ventilation

    80. - Hemochromatosis. - REPEAT
    a. -Autosomal dominant
    b. recessive disorder.

    81. hypertensive male with headache ,vomiting ,collapsed n died in a day

    82. Angioneuritic edema

    83. 20yrs man with Comet tail sign With asbestos exposure
    a. Round atelectesis

    84. inflammatory bowel disease, Drug of choice in IBS (constipation type)
    a. Ans is lubiprostone.
    b. Drugs used are tegaserod,prucalopride,loxiglumide,nd lubiprostone.
    c. Lubiprostn stimulates chloride channel in intestine and increases liquid secretion in hut and decrease transit time.
    Its a direct line from goodman.

    85. least common presentation in multiple myeloma ?
    a. hyperviscosity,
    b. anemia,
    c. bone pains,
    d. infections

    86. quadriplegia, extensor plantar, ankle and knee reflex absent ?
    a. Friedrichs ataxia

    87. Regions of the brain populated with neurons that are resistant to AD(Alzheimer disease)-related damage included the
    a. striatum,
    b. visual cortex,
    c. cerebellum, and
    d. brainstem.

    88. which part of the brain must be stimulated using...... in Parkinsonism ?
    a. Substantia nigra,
    b. putamen, ...

    89. Reid Index increased in
    a. chronic bronchitis

    90. MCHC is normal and MCV raised. Cause ?
    a. Cobalamine def

    91. Not a cause of secondary hemochromatosis ?
    a. B thalasemia,
    b. sideroblastic anemia

    92. Short bowel syndrom affects absorption of which one maximally ?
    b. Vit B12,
    c. Vit K

    93. seen in Von Hippel Lindau ?
    a. Multiple tumours r uncommon,
    b. cerebellar hemangioblastoma .

    94. Pt has external strabismus, ptosis and uniocular diplopia. Involvement of ?
    a. occulomotor

    95. suaraclenoid hemo which art is mc involved????
    a. PICA

    96. congenital erythropoietic porphyria
    a. autosomal recessive

    97. in kallman ,which of the following increased?
    a. LH
    b. FSH
    c. TSH
    d. GHRELIN

    98. The occurrence of hyperthyroidism following administration of supplemental iodine to subjects with endemic iodine deficiency goiter is known as:
    a. Jod-Basedow effect
    b. Wolff-Chaokoff effect

    99. elderly man Vaccine Not to be given(
    a. Measles,
    b. H Influenza,
    c. TT..
    d. Pneumococcal V)

    100. minimum value of assay of 3rd generation TSH??
    a. 0.4
    b. /0.04/
    c. 0.004/
    d. 0.0004

    101. butterfly rash on face- SLE??
    a. Ds dna

    102. Not associated with gynaecomastia?
    a. Prolactinoma
    b. TSH adenoma
    c. Its a repeat question. And answer given in volume was prolactinoma. And explanation given is TSH adenoma some times leads to gynecomastia but function of prolactin is for milk ejectn. . . So it ll not lead to gynecomastia

    103. A young boy came with dyspnea and was found to have a mediastinal mass. which of the following is known to produce mediastinal lymphadenopathy?
    a. diffuse large B cell Lymphoma
    b. B cell rich T cell lymphoma
    c. T cell rich b cell lymphoma
    d. T cell all

    104. splenomegaly not asso with – REPEAT
    a. a. CML
    b. PV
    c. essential thrombocythemia
    d. primary myelofibrosis

    105. girl having pain when severe she exposes to cold ???
    a. Sausage digit
    b. Hardening of finger
    c. Something lyk pale pulp finger

    106. sportman with chest pain….mi trop t & I

    107. fibromyalgia?
    a. more common in males
    b. asso with EEG abnormalities
    c. Fibromyalgia is estimated to affect 2–4% of the population,[7] with a female to male incidence ratio of approximately 9:1
    eeg abnormalitites in sleep is found thats mostly ans

    108. something on brain stimulation?
    a. stress ans steroids

    109. False about non small cell Ca lung is?
    a. Geftinib m/c used

    110. dic- all except??
    a. DEC PT

    111. pneumococcus meningitis : options?

    112. True abt TSH. In Central hypothyrodism
    a. TSH level not required
    b. therapy is done accor to TSH level in plasma
    c. TSH level is good marker

    113. scaly truncal lesions,perineal area,oral lesions in a lady??

    114. EBV causes tumor(?) by which mechanism?
    a. polyclonal B cell expansion i too did

    a. >1cm

    116. Not a feature shared by T n B lymhocytes?
    a. natural selection b cells me hota hai

    117. pain in pressing in pin point seen in
    a. glomus tumor

    118. leucocytosis, platelet count increased in a female.. Which of the following not a diagnosis?
    a. Dic,
    b. evan’s syndrome …. …..

    119. pregnant lady with low platelet (which is not the 50000), posiibility?
    a. a. DIC’
    b. TTP
    c. HELLP
    d. Evan’s syndrome

    120. Aids related complex gen lymph..,
    a. herpes zoster,
    b. oppurtunistic infection

    121. pt has weakness of limbs,winging of scapula, facial palsy. Diag ?
    a. Fascioscapulohumeral dystrophy……..

    122. Spontaneous CSF leak in a/e :
    a. Raised ICP
    b. low risk encephalocoele

    123. conduction velocityof nerves; velocity is NOT affected in which?
    a. Leprosy
    b. MND
    c. GBS
    d. Polio

    124. a/e have episodic weakness except
    a. Channelopathy
    b. Lambert eaton
    c. Hypercalcemia
    d. Hyperphosphtemia

    125. persistent leukopenia after 6 wk of Ara C n 1 mor drug. Cause?
    a. Chemot/y induced myelosuppession
    b. persistent leukemia

    126. age related dementia increase in following
    a. homocystiene,
    b. cystiene /
    c. TAURINE

    127. small vessels vasculitis seen in
    a. Gaint cell arteritis
    b. Takayasu arteritis
    c. PAN
    d. Microscopic Polyangitis
    ans microscopic polyangitis

    128. a young man with c/o ataxia, headache, vomiting, with a mural mass seen in right cerebellar hemisphere. diagnosis?
    a. a. ependymoma
    b. Lymphoma
    c. haemangioblastoma
    d. Metastasis


    130. Man with dysphagia,anemia,foul breath,crepts in lungs,diagnosia
    a. Schatzi ring
    b. Zenkers
    c. Corkscrew esophagus
    d. Plummer vinson

    131. Carcinoid,true is
    a. Commonest tumor of small intestine
    b. Multiple tumors lead to increased lung cancer

    132. the gal had splenomegaly, leucopenia, fever and died in a few days longitudinal ulcers?
    a. Typhoid

    133. RTA type1 has all except?
    a. nephrocalcinosis
    b. hypokalemia
    c. HCO3 excretion >15%

    134. there was some q related to F wave in eeg…
    a. Gb syndrome

    135. 70 yr pt with anti hepatitis c but skin ka manifestation nahi diya tha ?
    a. MPGN r
    b. cryo

    136. A paraplegic with lesion at T3 came with BP 210/100, what should be done in him ?
    a. Start subcutaneous LMW heparin
    b. B. ?

    137. rheumatoid factor is
    a. igM antibody directed against igG.
  22. komal

    komal Guest


    138. seizure in a NS pt was due to-
    a. hypoca,
    b. hypoNa,
    c. drug

    139. mother with child with bullous disease on handlin site h/o siblinng dyin wid same disease ////A neonate shows eroded skin (and more feature) while mother handles – diagnosis?
    a. epidermolysis bullosa .

    140. scholastic performance impeded by all except ?
    a. ADHD,
    b. PICA ,
    c. autism
    d. Anxiety

    141. Investigation of choice in Hirschsprungs ?
    a. Manometry,
    b. rectal biopsy
    c. USG
    d. CT scan

    142. child involved in repetitve tasks, no communication?
    a. Autism...

    143. child with recurrent infection by bac havin polysaccaride capsule, what assay to b done:
    a. IgA,
    b. IgG1,
    c. IgG2,
    d. IgA or IgG2

    144. Stage 1 Wilms tumour. Treatment?
    a. Laparoscopic nephrectomy,
    b. open nephroueterectomy,
    c. chemo ?

    145. Most commonly detected tumour in fetus?
    a. Wilms
    b. Sacrococcygeal teratoma
    c. neuroblastoma

    146. congenital aplastic anemia –
    ambiguos genitalia with at 7 yrs with no palpable mass in inguinal or labia with virilization.
    c. 21 hydroxylase deficiency-

    147. 7yr old child comes wid Ambiguous genitalia..he does nt have hyperpigmentation or hypertension..mullerian structures r present..shows phallus 2.5cm n labial folds r separated wid two perineal gonads palpable in folds or intraabdominaly.. Which one explains the condition?
    a. Simple virilisation of primary CAH
    b. Complete androgen insensitivity synd
    c. 5 alpha reductase def
    d. Maternal virilising synd

    148. Child with recurrent resp infection(??) h/O bulky stool…
    a. Cystic fibrosis

    149. breast-milk jaundice : which is true :
    a. lasts for 7 days
    b. occurs in 24hrs,
    c. raised conjugated bilirubin causes kernicterus
    d. Vents cn cause Jaundice

    150. age of child who can use 4-5 words including meaningful nouns & represent his ideas mostly by non verbal communication then what is his age ?
    a. 15months
    b. 18 months
    c. 24 months
    d. 12 months
    15m jargon speech

    151. least likly to cause infective endocarditis??
    a. Small vsd,
    b. Small asd,
    c. Mild a.s.
    d. Mild a.r.

    152. 40wks old baby of diabetic mother with blood glucose levels 35 mg per 100ml. what should be the line of treatment:
    a. fortified expressed breast milk
    b. 10%dextose @10ml/kg b.wt. by oral route
    c. 10%dextrose i.v.
    d. RL

    153. difference between 20% and 10% lipid solution of lipids all except?
    a. Less hyper triglyceridemia
    b. Less hpyer cholesterolemia
    c. less energy supplied
    d. D.?
  23. komal

    komal Guest


    154. Mitochondria involved in a/e
    a. fatty acid synthesis
    b. chromosome
    c. fatty acid redn
    d. protin metabolism

    155. mRNA –
    a. heavier than hnRNA,
    b. transcribed from dna not translated,
    c. cytosolic RNA not DNA,
    d. n RNA has got U, not T

    156. gene function-test- Function of a gene can be understood by ?
    a. Knock out animals,
    b. western blot
    c. southern
    d. transgenic animals
    e. Knockout rats can mimic human diseases and are important tools for studying gene function (functional genomics) and for drug discovery and development

    157. common enzyme utilised in cholestroal and ketone synthesis
    a. HMG reductase

    158. After 12-24 hrs starvation, what will not happen?
    a. Increase free fatty acid \
    b. Increase ketone bodies.
    c. Decreased glycogen
    d. Decreased serum protiens.

    159. not.a.method.of.protein.estimation?….
    a. biuret,
    b. bradford’s
    c. Lowry’s,

    160. aminoacid residue mc involved in o-glycosylation?
    a. Serine
    b. Threonine
    c. Asparagine
    d. Glutamine
    e. O-linked glycans attached to the hydroxy oxygen of serine, threonine, tyrosine, hydroxylysine, or hydroxyproline side-chains, or to oxygens on lipids such as ceramide

    161. In prokaryotic proteins phosphorylation occurs on the
    a. serine,
    b. threonine,
    c. tyrosine,
    d. histidine or arginine or lysine residues

    162. Role of restriction enzymes2?

    163. true about cytosolic RNA a/e
    a. a. translated from nuclear dna
    b. b.molecular wt is more than heterogenous rna
    c. has thymine in place of uracil
    d. sugar is deoxyribose

    164. Which of the following is not a phase one reaction ?
    a. oxidation
    b. reduction
    c. hydrolysis
    d. conjugation

    165. All except occurs on Decrease in liver glucose level :
    a. Inhibition of PFK2
    b. Activation of Fructose 26bisphosphatase
    c. Increase in glucagon
    d. Increase in F26bis phosphate

    166. In Immune complex formation structure of protein involved is
    a. A) Primary
    b. B) Secondary
    c. C) Tertiary
    d. D) Quaternary
  24. komal

    komal Guest


    167. -itchy, lesion ,igA deposits-
    a. Dermatitis herpetiformis

    168. keratin is present in both skin and nails. But skin is more flexible than nail. Reason ?
    a. more disulphide bonds in nail,
    b. lesser water content in nail....

    169. electron beam irradiation (something like this) useful in which skin tumour ?
    a. Sezary syndrome,
    b. mycosis fungoides,

    170. erythematous lesions with scaling seen on trunk ? / collarete of scales on trunk
    a. Pityriases rosea

    171. repeated chalazion:
    a. sebaceous cell Ca
  25. komal

    komal Guest


    172. CBT T/t for OCD-
    a. response prven
    b. thought..

    173. Repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation of brain?
    a. depression?
    b. resistant schizo?
    c. OCD?
    d. acute psychosis?
    e. ans:depression

    174. General Adaption Syndrome-
    a. post traumatic stress syndrome

    175. delusions are not seen in..
    a. depression
    b. dementia
    c. schizophrenia
    d. conversn
    Delusions r not seen in?
    e. Alzheimers,....

    176. bizzare perception of objects??
    a. illusion
    b. hallucination
    c. delusion

    177. which of the following is a cause of psychosis on a cocaine user ?
    a. Tolarence
    b. Withdrawl
    c. Regular intake
    d. Reverse tolerance

    178. A young man living in a metropolitan city comes with abuse to a particular drug. He says he Sees sounds and hears colours. What substance is he taking?
    a. LSD
    b. PCP
    c. Cocaine
  26. komal

    komal Guest


    179. TIVA true is
    a. decreased cerebral metabolism
    b. aggravates pulmonary vasoconstriction

    180. pt on one regular medication which should be stopped before an abdominal surgery .
    a. beta blockers,
    b. steroids,
    c. ACEI...
    d. Statin

    181. Bispectral index (BIS) is one of several technologies which purport to - Repeat
    a. monitor depth of anesthesia

    182. Right subclavian cannulation was done in a patients. Few hours later, he has dyspnoe, tachycardia, hypotension, hyper resonance on percussion, decreased breath sounds etc.

    183. contraindicated in renal failure
    a. morphine,
    b. pethidine,
    c. fentanyl,
    d. atracurium

    184. Which muscle relaxant causes pain on injection ?
    a. Succinyl choline
    b. Vecuronium
    c. Rocuronium

    185. during anesthesia which is least affected-
    a. visual evoked response??
    b. Brainstem
    c. BERA

    186. anesthetic machine?
    a. halothane vapourises at 39?
    b. O2 meter attached to inspiratory limb?
    c. rotameter

    187. thipentone protects the brain by which mechanism? ans.
    a. prevents cerebral metabolism

    188. drugaddict experiencin synasthesia. likely agent??
    a. lsd,
    b. cocaine,

    189. bier’s block ivra
  27. komal

    komal Guest


    190. pre interventional and post interventional alcoholic amount,
    a. chi square as chi square, being a square (2*2 table), can compare the qualitative end result ( if question is framed as the end result tested being whether alcohol consumption reduced or not). As the question has the end result being amount of alcohol which is quantitative,
    b. Paired t test.
    c. amount of alcohol before and after ans paired t test

    191. IUCD not necessary to change after 3 - 5 yrs
    a. cu380A

    192. Probability of SLE Sens and Sp wala Q. - REPEAT

    193. vision 2020 in india a/e
    a. Trachoma
    b. Catarcat
    c. Vitamin A def
    d. Glaucoma
    e. Diabetic retinopathy

    194. 2011 under 6 census with achild sex ratio' \
    a. 914
    b. 940
    c. 944
    d. 943

    195. mean blood sugar of d. patient 105 with SD 10, range for 95% confidence limit?
    a. 85-125,
    b. 65-100,

    196. yoga is considered as a part of modern medicine, it ll b considered as:

    197. asha in nrhm is trained by//Resource of training for ASHA…
    a. AWW AND MPW
    b. ANM MPW
    c. MO AND
    ans:Anganwadi Worker (AWW) and the Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANM).

    198. which test can be used to know reduction in blood sugar value (not sure, some quantitative value was given)
    a. chi square,
    b. paired T test,
    c. unpaired T test.....

    199. Hb values, mean is 10 gm/dl. sample size - 100 , SD 1. Wat is the standard Error ?
    a. 0.1,
    b. 10...

    200. disease spread by culex anopheles and aedes globally
    a. Malaria
    b. Filaria
    c. Dengue
    d. Yellow fever

    201. Median is Imp For all except / Median is not useful as a measure of central tendency in ?
    a. Blood pressure,
    b. Survival Time,
    c. Incubation Period,
    d. Health Expenses.

    202. Regular Reporting of Heath Statistics Given For
    a. Trends of the Disease,
    b. To Appreciate ppls efforts, …)
    c. epidemiological reserch

    203. Cohort and case Control. ..
    a. cohorts chosen depending on exposure

    204. agent is there but no transmission
    a. elimination
    b. relapse
    c. eradication
    d. holoendemic

    205. denominator modified(age distribution) in :
    a. crude mortality rates?

    206. Daly,true is
    a. Premature death with life adjusted for diseas
    b. life adjusted for severity of dis

    207. For which technique STUDY DESIGN(iam nt able to remember exact thng asked,help anyone though choices yahi thi shayad) model is used?
    a. 1simple sampling
    b. 2.systematic sampling
    c. 3.cluster sampling
    d. 4.stratified sampling

    208. all of d followings studies can b done wid individual as a unit except.. drug
    a. vaccine
    b. education
    c. Ans:health education
  28. komal

    komal Guest


    209. Accident caused brain dead. Sign for brainstem death?

    210. disclosure of name of rape victim punishable under
    a. sec 228A.
    b. 298 ipc

    211. A person arrested for sodomy. Confesses tat he is an active agent. Wat is not found in him ?
    a. Constriction in mid shaft,
    b. presence of smegma,
    c. tear in frenulum.
    d. while examining active agent for sodomy this is true
    no smegma seen
    may have constristion of shaft of penis
    fecal matter is present on active agent
    the examinee confesses he is an active agent

    212. which rod used for examination of rape victim;//rod used to grade tear of hymen
    a. GABA rod
    b. Cylider Rod
    c. glaister-keen rods
    D) ?

    213. Cyanide toxicity caused by drug-
    a. nitroprusside

    214. Not a feature of drug dependence ?
    a. Attempts to quit drugs.

    215. change in perception, like hearing sights and seeing sounds seen in which drug abuse in city dweller ?
    a. LSD

    216. delusions are due to which cause in cocaine abuse ?
    a. Withdrawal,
    b. intoxication..
    c. paranoid psychosis in cocaine abuse

    217. old blood stain detected using?-

    218. Alkaline diuresis useful for
    a. morphine
    b. amphetamine?
    c. Ans:phenobarbitone

    219. A man on provocation hit another man with a stick leading to formation of a bruise 4 * 4 cm on his arm. Which of the following is correct for his punishment?
    a. Simple imprionsment 1 yr with 1000 rs fine.
    b. Rigrous punishment. 6 months
    c. Simple imprisonment 2yr and 5000 fine
    d. None of above

    220. punishment for drug users and paddlers
    a. ndpa act.
    b. drug users sent to t/t not jail.
    c. Alcoholism included .
    d. Equal punishment for paddlers and users and farmers allowed to grow unlimited opium
  29. komal

    komal Guest


    221. Extended criteria for liver donation
    a. Age>70 yr,
    b. Hbs Ag anti-HBc ab
    c. Steatosis

    222. lt parietal tumor,post surgery rt after 2 months presenting with vomiting headache

    223. papillary carcinoma thyroid, ,1 cm away from sternum procedure done to save
    a. internal thoracic artery.
    b. Internal thoracic nerve
    c. Vein

    224. Pt presents with hemetemesis, BP 90/60, 500 ml blood loss. Spleen 5cm below costal margin. Cause of bleeding ?
    a. perforated duo ulcer,
    b. portal hypertension ....
    c. stress erosion
    d. drug

    225. Most common structure involved in posterior wall perforation of 1st part of duodenum ?
    a. gastroduodenal artery
    b. Portal vein

    226. most common complication in iv line air embolus

    227. 9 yr child operated for papillary Ca thyroid, near total with neck dissection. next best management?
    a. Thyroxine suppression
    b. Whole body scan for mets
    c. c.
    d. CECT to see residual ds

    228. 30 yr male pt with rectal prolapse….. rx of choice…
    a. abdominal rectopexy?

    229. least recurrence in?
    a. a. Delorme
    b. Thiersch
    c. Perineal..

    230. 60 yr male with left varicocoele most probable u will think is:?
    a. Lt testes cancer
    b. lt renal cancer
    C) ?
    D) ?

    231. meningocele preotected by?
    a. mercurochrome?
    b. methyl blue?
    c. normal saline?
    d. tincture iodine?
  30. komal

    komal Guest


    232. Which of following is most common cause bone fracture in india
    a. A) sarcoidosis
    b. Pagets
    c. Nutritional
    d. Steroid

    233. ‎45 yr male, with both upper limbs paralysed in childhood, now develops pain, fatigue in both lower limbs. diagnosis?
    a. a. post polio synd
    b. polymyositis
    c. muscular dystrophy
    d. neuropathy

    234. What is not a complication in fracture neck femur-
    a. malunion
    b. Shortening
    c. c. non-union
    d. d AVN

    235. middle aged male comes with shortening of leg by 7 cms, Hip in Flexion and External Rotation, clinically hard mass palpable in lateral gluteus region, whats the most probable Diagnosis?
    a. Post Dislocation.
    b. Central Dislocation.
    c. Grade 4 Dislocation.
    d. Fracture of acetabulum with dislocation of Hip joint.

    236. Proximal Segment of Scaphoid Fracture goes into AVN Due To?
    a. REtrograde Blood Supply to Scaphoid

    237. All Are True about SACH(solid ankle cushioning heel) - ic10 Except?
    a. Full Form is ‘Solid Ankle comfortable Heel.
    b. Managed by prosthesis
    c. Shoose can be worn out
    d. Woody heel in centre

    238. in posterior dislocation of shoulder hill sach lesion is seen in
    a. Anterior
    b. Anteromedial
    c. posterior
    d. Postero ???

    239. 40 yr old man lifted something heavy and then he had pain ON LATERAL ASPECT OF LEG & GREAT TOE diagnosis
    a. L3 L4 disc prolapse
    b. L4 L5 disc prolapse
    c. L5 S1 disc prolapse
    D) ???

    240. Neuroma at amputated stump… treatment modality of choice??
    a. Ans is Ultrasound Therapy
  31. komal

    komal Guest


    241. person wid accident unable to abduct shoulder and flex at elbow due to
    a. shoulder dislocatn
    b. medial cord injury
    c. lat cord injury
    d. post cord injury
    e. Deltoid and supraspinatus-shoulder abduction. four muscles that facilitate elbow flexion are the biceps brachii, brachialis, brachioradialis and pronator teres

    242. structural passing thro inguinal canal a/e
    a. inguinal canal Contents
    in males : the spermatic cord and its coverings + the ilioinguinal nerve.
    in females : the round ligament of the uterus + the ilioinguinal nerve.
    The classic description of the contents of spermatic cord in the male are:
    i. 3 arteries: artery to vas deferens (or ductus deferens), testicular artery, cremasteric artery
    ii. 3 fascial layers: external spermatic,internal spermatic,cremastic
    iii. 3 other vessels: pampiniform plexus, vas deferens (ductus deferens), lymphatics
    iv. nerve: genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve
    The ilioinguinal nerve passes through the superficial ring to descend into the scrotum, but does not formally run through the canal.

    243. ) CT appearance of a is that of a wide neural foramen
    a. lateral meningocele

    244. structure passing posterior to ureter/ Relations of right ureter Anterior
    a. Duodenum
    b. Terminal ileum
    c. Right colic and ileocolic vessels
    d. Right testicular / ovarian vessels

    245. structure which is not derived from pharyngeal arches
    a. levator palpbrae sup.
    b. palatine tonsils
    c. tensor tympanii
    d. orbucularis oris

    246. supraduodenal bile duct receives blood supply from ?
    a. cystic artery,
    b. right hepatic artery,
    c. descending branches from gastroduodenal,
    d. brances climbing upwards from lower part of duct

    247. Medial side of forearm to base of little finger
    a. T1 Dermatome
    b. C5
    c. C6
    d. C7

    248. The Houston valve is located between the transverse and descending sections of the colon in front of the position of the left kidney. It prevents decaying fecal matter from backing up into the transverse colon
    a. represents the peritoneal reflect
    c. contains all layers of intestine/
    d. disappear on distension
  32. komal

    komal Guest

    OBS & GYne

    249. kegel excercise shouls begin by pregnant female
    a. just after delivery
    b. 3 wks after delivery
    c. during preg(6 wks)
    d. third tm
    e. Pregnant women are encouraged to do kegels because strong pelvic floor muscles help make childbirth, specifically pushing, easier. Plus, the exercise can lower chances of tears happening during labor. During the postpartum period, doing kegels can aid in healing from an episiotomy as well as prevent postpartum incontinence and tone stretched out vaginal muscles

    250. pre-eclampsia, effect on gfr:
    a. increased,
    b. decreased,
    c. remain same?

    251. A multigravida, term, in labour. Cx - 2cm, head per abdomen 3/5 palpable, contractions 2 in 10 mins lasting 30-35 seconds. After 4 hours, Cx - 4cm, cervicography crossed alert line and to its right. Wat is the comment on progress of labour ?
    a. Immediate CS needed
    b. Cervicography should have crossed action line by now.

    252. not a germ cell tumour
    a. Choriocarcinoma
    b. Dysgerminoma
    c. Endodermal sinus tumour
    d. Granulosa cell tumour

    253. complicatoin related to first and second twin,
    a. asphyxia-
    b. rds-
    c. polycythemia

    254. MTP consent was ther……
    a. ask only wife…
    b. only husband…
    c. both wife n husband… ????ans:a

    255. In normal pregnancy, which of the following does NOT occur :
    a. Decreased systolic pressure

    256. 70 yr old female with abdominal distension, ascites, dyspnoea, raised CA 125.
    Diag ?
    a. Ca ovary,
    b. cervix,
    c. endometrium…..

    257. 3rd stage labour all except
    a. contoled cord traction,
    b. methergine.
    c. syntosinon.
    d. massage of uterus
  33. komal

    komal Guest


    258. Eye exam crescent shaped
    a. subluxated lens will be seen as shining golden crescent

    259. Deep ant. chamber with scar on limbus with 10D lens///// Limbal scar, Dark reflex in pupillary area, Wide AC, Vision 6/6 with +11D Spherical Lens… Diagnosis???
    a. Hypermetropia
    b. Aphakia
    c. Pseudophakia
    d. post dislocation lens of IOL

    260. Retinoblastoma metstasis by ?
    a. hemat,
    b. lympho,
    c. scleral,
    d. optic nerve invasion.

    261. white pupillary reflex, retina totally normal. Which condition ?
    a. Primary optic neuritis

    262. The appearance of cortical cataracts show up as “spokes of a wheel”.

    263. Child staying in dirty surroundings, gets a pink nodule on conjunctiva with surrounding congestion, also has cervical n axillary LNpathy? Diagno:
    a. phlyctenular conjunctivitis?

    264. 20 yr old with night blindness and tunnel vision.-
    a. pigmentary retinal dystrophy

    265. contact lens wearers……
    a. acamtameoba

    266. CRAO in
    a. DM,
    b. CMV retinitis,
    c. mucormycosis.ans:

    267. Buphthalmos –
    a. Corneal Diameter > 13mm

    268. Fungal Corneal Ulcer

    269. After successful phacoemulsification and IOL placement, after few days, vision deteriorates with aqueos flare and posterior synechiae. Cause ?
    a. Post operative pan ophthalmitis

    270. A 70 years old male after catarct surgery complained of diminished vision. On FFA Petals of flower appearance was noticed and_____ whats the probable diagnosis ?
    a. Cystoid macular edema
    b. Central serous retinopathy
    c. Endophthalmitis
    d. D.
  34. komal

    komal Guest


    271. all nerves supply the auricle except.?
    a. Greater Auricular
    b. Lesser Occipital.
    c. Tympanic Branch of Vagus.
    d. d. Auriculotemporal nerve.

    272. not a cause of conductive hearing loss ?
    a. Otosclerosis,
    b. endolymphatic hydrops, (Menerie disease)
    c. middle ear effusion...
    d. Serous OM
    e. Suppurative

    273. Diabetic elderly male with lesion in external ear with facial nerve palsy resistant to antibiotics.
    a. Malignant Otitis Externa

    274. Mitomycin fr
    a. Tracheal Stenosis

    275. cochlear implant
    a. improves learning n reading remarkably
    b. dramatic improvement
    c. brain stem implant is better
    d. better sound localisation and discrimination

    276. Spasmodic dysphonia, all are true except?
    a. Affects muscles of larynx
    b. BTX-A is the treatment
    c. Multiple sittings of BTX-A are required
    d. Abductor involvement presents with strained and strangled speech.

    277. laryngomalacia true is a/e
    a. MC congenital anamoly of larynx
    b. Omega shaped epiglotis
    c. More stridor while crying and relieved on prone
    d. Surgical tracheostomy treatment
  35. komal

    komal Guest

    Radiology & Radiotherpay

    a. Colon mets
    b. Ovary mets
    c. Bladder mets
    d. Mucinous adenocarcinoma

    279. Regarding MRI, false statement ?
    a. Can detect calcification.

    280. MRI advantages a/e

    281. Extra axial enhacing lesion on MRI extra axial, contrast enhancing lesion. Pt presents with headache.
    a. Meningioma....

    282. basal exudates,infarcts ,hydrocephalus seen in
    a. tb meningitis,
    b. malaria,
    c. viral

    283. renal scarring detect in infected kidney –
    a. DMSA
    b. Ct
    c. MRI
    d. IVP

    284. Radiotherapy given fr a tumour then later pt develop some symptom…?? how to diff its recurrence or post radiotherapy necrosis…
    a. 18-FDG glucose
    b. PET Scan

    285. to detect minimum pneumoperitoneum options :
    a. Erect abdomen
    b. Supine
    c. Right lateral decubitus with horizontal beam n
    d. left lat decubitus with horizontal beam

    286. amifostine- REPEAT
    a. radioprotective

    repeat Q-
    288. antibiotic resistance mechanism,

    289. posterior dislocation hip and shoulder,

    290. hearing aid,

    291. conduction disorder(exept)..
  36. mahak

    mahak Guest

    81. Not an endocrine gland is- Thymus
    82. Ablated pt. injected with myeloid stem cell what will happen??? haematopoeitic stem cell
    83. after caldwell luc, intranasal..- Inferior meatus
    84. type of movement NOT possible with saggital split osteotomy- Transverse
    85. repeat question on Respiratory Alkalosis
    86. Behcet's syndrome not seen is- hepatic-spleenic involvement
    87. Hanging drop appearance- Blow out #
    88. sunlight is also sterlizer bcoz- heat of sunlight
    89.deficiency of which vitamin causes lactic acidosis- Thiamine
    90. Lacriation is lost in lesion of- Greater Petrosal nerve
  37. mahak

    mahak Guest

    91. Taste sensation Not carried by- Vagus or trigeminal???
    92. bronchial circulation associated with- air conditioning
    93. wilm's tumor- kidney
    94. Breuger,s disease
    95. diabetic ketoacidosis what is seen-increased PCO2 in plasma
    96. injury to facial nerve below the emergence of chorda tympani what is not seen- Decreased salivation
    97. Constitutive component of pulmonary endothelial cell is- Plasminogen Activator
    98 .Bile acid recycling???
    99. Question on bence jones proteinuria
    100. question on Dry socket
  38. mahak

    mahak Guest

    Thromboangiitis obliterans

    Buerger's disease

    Thromboangiitis obliterans is a rare disease in which blood vessels of the hands and feet become blocked.

    Causes, incidence, and risk factors

    Thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger's disease) is caused by vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels).

    The blood vessels of the hands and feet are especially affected. They tighten or become totally blocked. The average age when symptoms begin is around 35 years. Woman and older adults are affected less often.

    Thromboangiitis obliterans mostly affects men ages 20 to 40 who have a history of heavy smoking or chewing tobacco. Only 1 out of 10 patients are women.

    The condition may also be related to a history of Raynaud's disease.
  39. komal

    komal Guest

    Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2012 Jan;70(1):211-5. Epub 2011 Jun 17.

    Anterior versus posterior approach to iliac crest for alveolar cleft bone grafting.

    Abramowicz S, Katsnelson A, Forbes PW, Padwa BL.


    Instructor, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Harvard School of Dental Medicine; Attending Surgeon, Children's Hospital Boston, Boston, MA.



    The goal of this study was to compare perioperative outcomes for the anterior versus posterior approach to the iliac crest for alveolar bone grafting in patients with cleft lip and palate (CLP).


    A retrospective cohort study of patients with CLP who had an anterior or posterior iliac crest bone graft during a 10-year period was performed. Available medical records were reviewed and the outcome variables documented included the operation site for bone graft procurement (anterior or posterior), estimated blood loss, duration of operation, concurrent procedures, and length of hospital stay. The 2 groups were compared by t test, Fisher exact test, and multivariate regression to show differences.


    There were 239 patients with CLP who had an iliac crest bone graft to the alveolar cleft; 133 had an anterior and 106 a posterior approach for bone graft procurement. The mean estimated blood loss was significantly less with the posterior approach (85 vs 177 mL; P < .0001). The mean operation duration with the posterior approach was longer (4.6 vs 3.5 hours; P < .0001). Most patients in this group (67%), however, had 2 or more additional procedures during the same anesthetic, whereas only 16% of patients in the anterior group had 2 or more additional procedures. The mean length of stay was significantly shorter for the posterior approach (1.7 vs 2.2 days; P < .0001).


    These results suggest that patients having a bone graft from the posterior iliac crest have a smaller estimated blood loss and a shorter length of stay. In addition, this approach permits repair of the alveolar cleft and additional procedures, including augmentation of the median tubercle and correction of nasolabial distortions, which are often present in patients with CLP.

    Copyright © 2012 American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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  40. komal

    komal Guest

    The tooth has an extra-oral dry time of more than 60 minutes. The root
    surface PDL cells are not expected to survive. Assess the injured socket
    and surrounding area for fractures and reposition prior to replantation.Remove the coagulum with sterile saline only. Do not curette the socket.
    The PDL should be removed by soaking the tooth for 5 minutes in 2.4% sodium fluoride solution acidulated to a pH of 5.5 or citric acid. This procedure will remove the damaged tissue that would otherwise initiate an inflammatory response.The use of an enamel matrix protein, Emdogain® is now recommended because recent studies demonstratethat it may make the root more resistant to resorption and promote the
    growth of a new PDL from the socket (16,17). The socket can be filled with Emdogain® prior to replantation of a tooth with an extra extra-oral dry time of greater than 60 minutes.
  41. komal

    komal Guest

    Distraction osteogenesis (DO) is the biologic process of new bone formation between bone segments that are gradually separated by incremental traction.The traction generates tension on the skeletal and surrounding
    soft tissue structures, which stimulates new
    bone formation parallel to the vector of distraction.
    was introduced in the beginning of the 20th century
    and popularized by Ilizarov in the 1960s.
  42. komal

    komal Guest

    The risks from getting rubella during the different stages of pregnancy are outlined below.

    •First trimester (weeks 0 to 13): If you contract rubella during the first trimester, there is a very high risk (up to 90%) that your baby will be affected. The earlier in your pregnancy that you catch rubella, the greater the risk to the baby.

    After week 10, the risk to the baby is reduced, however, they may develop problems with their sight or hearing, which may not become apparent until they are older.
    •Second trimester (weeks 14 to 26): In weeks 14 and 15, there is still a risk to the baby. They may develop problems with their sight or hearing that may not become apparent until they are older.
    •Third trimester (week 27 to birth): After week 16, the risk to the baby is low.
  43. komal

    komal Guest

    Gottlieb and Orban theorized the concept of continuous eruption, defining
    it as the continuous occlusal movement of the teeth throughout life, without stopping at the contact of the opposing tooth (Gottlieb and
    Orban, 1933).
    There are basically two types of tooth eruption: active and passive eruption. Active eruption is divided into prefunctional active eruption and functional active eruption. The first is the movement of the tooth from the developmental position inside the jaw, through the oral epithelium,into the oral cavity, to a final position of functional occlusion. When the tooth is in functional occlusion,normal attrition is compensated by slight tooth eruption and apica lcementum production for occlusal contact maintenance and the continued vertical growth of the face is compensated by a slight production of alveolar bone. This is called
    functional active eruption and it continues throughout life (Murphy,
    1964). Passive eruption begins after the complete eruption of the anatomical crown of the tooth, and it is very likely to be caused by an apical proliferation of the epithelial junction,along the tooth surface (Dolt and Robbins, 1997; Weinberg and Eskow,
  44. komal

    komal Guest

    which among these is a flat ant-post curve?

    (a) curve of von spee
    (b) curve of monson
    (c) curve of pleasure/anti monson
    (d) curve of bonwill
  45. komal

    komal Guest

    Q. in healthy adult "spaces are filled by"
    a) air
    b) water
    c) loose connective tissue
    d) fibrous connective tissue

    "The fascial spaces in head and neck are the potential spaces between the various layers of fascia normally filled with loose connective tissue (Shapiro, 1950) and bounded by anatomical barriers, usually of bone, muscle or fascial layers (Moore). However, their effectiveness varies as in some sites the fascial membranes particularly are so weak and indefinite that they do not contain the infection (Moore). Last (1972) names the buccopharyngeal fascia as a very delicate fascial layer which is unable to contain the identified on anatomical specimens. In life, these infected cavities are formed partly by the destruction of tissue by inflammatory enzymes and so during the course of an infection they take some time to become patent (Moore)"
  46. komal

    komal Guest

    "The postoperative period was uneventful in all cases and none required re-operation for recurrences. We conclude that interpositional arthroplasty, especially with pedicled temporal fascia, is the best method to prevent recurrences and establish good mouth opening and full range of jaw movements"

    Any pathology that afflicts and restricts the mouth opening in early childhood results in physical as well as psychological disabilities. TMJ ankylosis due to trauma is the most common cause of restricted mouth opening in children. Various surgical options are available for management of TMJ ankylosis. Interpositional arthroplasty with temporalis muscle flap has been proven the most favourable treatment option."
  47. jayshri

    jayshri Guest

    frnds..plz help me with bhu dental previous yr papers.i hv those of 06,07 n 08.need the rest of them.plz help.
    thank you.

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