All AMC MCQ and Clinical exam Books available

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  1. dr.amc

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    Following list of books advised by Australian Medical Council and are available for sale.

    I can guide you what books to be read and how to prepare for exam

    1.AMC Handbook Of MCQ (Latest Book)

    2.AMC Annotated Mcq Book 2007(latest)

    3.AMC Anthology Of Medical Conditions 2007(latest)

    4.J.Murtagh Gen Practice 4th Ed 2007

    5.AMC Royal College Of Pediatrics Handbook (Latest) 8th ed

    6.Llewllyn Jones Fundamentals of Obs and Gyn 2010

    7.Textbook Of Surgery by Tjandra 3rd Ed (Latest)

    8.250 Common Cases In Australian Medicine (Latest) 2010

    9.Current Surgical Diagnosis And Treatment 2010

    10.Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2010

    11.American Psychiatric Association: DSM IV 4th Ed (Latest)

    12.AMC Guidelines For Control For Infectious Diseases In Australia (Latest)

    13.AMC Handbook Of Clinical Assesment(2007)

    14.Burkitt HG Quick CRG Essential Surgery: Problems Diagnosis And Management 3rd Ed(latest)

    15.Devitt P, Barker J, Hamilton Craig C. Mitchell. Clinical Problems In General Medicine 2nd Ed(latest)

    16.AMC Atlas Of Common Skin Diseases In Australia 2010(Latest)

    17.Illustrated Textbook Of Pediatrics 3rd Ed by Royal College Pediatrics AMC 2010(Latest)

    18.Tally NJ. O'Connor Clinical Examination: Syst Guide To Physical Diagnosis 5th Ed 2010(Latest)

    19.AMC MIMS Australia NSW: Multimedia Australia Pty Ltd 2010

    MIMS PDA (Latest)

    20.AMC Australian Medicines Handbook 4th Ed DVD 2010 (Latest)

    21.Therapeutic Guidelines Complete ALL BRANCHES

    22.Complete Collection Of Recalls (1998-2010) +

    AMC Question BANK +

    Bridge Course Papers +

    Mock test Papers

    22.Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (latest)

    23.Oxford Handbook Of Clinical Specialities (Latest)

    24.Davidson's Principles And Practice Of Medicine 20th Ed

    25.Harrison's Principles Of Internal Medicine 17th Ed 2010(Latest)

    26.J.Murtagh Patient Education 3rd Ed

    28.Totonto Notes 2010

    + Kaplan USMLE WORLD 2009

    29.Bates Clinical Examination Videos On DVD

    30.USMLE STEP I and STEP II BOOKS 2010

    For details and price list contact me on my e-mail


    contact ASAP

    amcbook@ gmail. com

    remove the spaces from the address above.
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    i need the price list of the books available.

    tariqqaslam @ hotmail . com
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    hey i need ANTHOLOGY OF MEDICAL CONDITIONS...wats its price?
  4. drotd

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    Cheat - - MAKING MONEY

    Dear Docs,

    please dont buy any books from this guy. He is making money and is a ripoff. He is a AMC candidate who after passing the MCQ exam is trying to make living out of selling books. After scanning the books and papers, he is just sending attachments via emails to anyone who want to buy. He rather should help other AMC candidates by offer free material for AMC exams.

    He is trying to earn a lving out of it and this is highly unprofessional.

    I would encourage everyone NOT to buy any books from him.

    We are not here to make money but to seek guidance and share knowledge with eachother.

  5. Madhav_Rao

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    hi dear,

    everyone has his own ways to think. I found the books to be very useful and indeed very economical as well. I have purchased set of more than 15 books and got a discount of 85% (the books are way too costly to purchase them from store)

    if you can guide someone you can do it for free. I found him very generous and he provided me a study plan as well. if you too can do it for free, then why not help others for free and provide books and suggestions rather pulling others legs.


  6. price lists

    please send me the list of books and prices

    thank you so much
    dr.shashidhar @ gmail . com
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    i too need the books

    i have send you a mail just now
  8. books

    i too have sent you a message, please help me clear this exam.

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  10. sudhir_naik

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    hi dear... i need these books urgently.. how can i get them.. i mailed you in the morning.. help is appreciated...
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    i need amc part 1 books

    hi ineed books urgently
    i have send mail on your id ...plz reply or
    kindly contact me on mrsa (dot) gr8 (at) gmail (dot) com
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    send me the pricelist of books.. also provide me a study plan.... thanks for the kindness.. im from indonesia..
    god bless
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    i have sent you a mail just now.. pls reply asap.. thanks
  14. gottogo

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    thanks dear.. your work is highly appreciated...

  15. Guest


    I want to thank you a million times.. i have cleared the MCQ exam with books provided by you.. i have a question, what can i do next.. i mean can i apply for jobs or shall i go for clinical.. i have sent you a mail too... you can reply me in detail by mail also...
    reply soon..
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    hi.. i need these books urgently... can you send me the detail price of these books ASAP. i sent you a mail few minutes back.. waiting for your reply..

  17. Guest

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    hi i am can you give me a pricelist of amc books ..especially the new 2009 handbook of amc mcq..and pls send guidance to pass amc written thanks.
  18. amcbook

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    Sure. I will be glad to help you.. Just write me a mail on my email address below for the pricelist of books and for the preparations tips and study plan..

    amcbook @ gmail. com
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  20. books

    dear, i need the Handbook of MCQ, past Recall questions and answers, and also the RACGP Bridge course, Murtagh 4th edition very urgently...

    Will try to buy these at the earliest. Rest of the books i can get them after two weeks. reply soon as i have sent you a mail afternoon...

  21. Thank you so much!!!

    You are genius.. god bless :)
  22. Guest

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    Hey.. Iam interested in few books, please reply to my mail. I sent you an email at amcbook @ gmail . com

    registered for november exam.
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    hello amcbook !!

    i am glad to say that i have passed my amc mcq. thanks for your guidance and books. hope you will clear your Amc clinicals. good luck.
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    please reply to my mail too... thanks for your kindness...

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    hello.. im interested.. please reply to my mail..

    thanking you in advance
  26. shahin

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    thanks for your help..
  27. I have sent you a mail.. pleasee reply me...... thanq
  28. thank you very much!!
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    im registered for exam in june.. but i will postpone it as i did not prepare well.

    pls give me guidelines for the mcq preparation. also i found your posts very useful. i came to know from my friends that you provide books at very good discounts and that all the books are still available, kindly reply.

    i have sent you pm on your email id: amcbook @ gmail . com


    neeraj agarwal
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    hey amc,

    thank you so much for the books. i gave my exam yesterday. around 30 questions were directly from the recalls and bridge course papers i had taken from you. the handbook was also very helpful. lot of questions also appeared from the ethics and the ethics book was helpful too..

    exam was a bit difficult but still i hope i will clear my exam this time. waiting for the results... i am excited now!

    thank you so much,


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