All extra-ocular muscles supplied by ipsi

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    All extra-ocular muscles supplied by ipsi-
    lateral oculomotor complex nuclei except
    a) Inferior rectus
    b) Medial rectus
    c) Superior rectus
    d) Inferior oblique

    Answer: Superior rectus

    Extra-ocular Muscle Efferents
    Three cranial motor nuclei provide efferent
    control of the extra-ocular muscles. Activation
    of the motor neurons produces contraction of
    the innervated muscle.
    The abducens nucleus sends its axons in the
    abducens (VI cranial) nerve controls the lateral
    rectus of the ipsi-lateral eye.
    The trochlear nucleus sends its axons in the
    trochlear (IV cranial) nerve controls the
    superior oblique of the contra-lateral eye.
    The oculomotor complex contains nuclei that
    send axons in the oculomotor (III cranial) nerve
    control the superior levator in the eyelid of both
    eyes extra-ocular muscles, which include the
    medial rectus of the ipsi-lateral eye, inferior
    oblique of the ipsi-lateral eye inferior rectus of
    the ipsi-lateral eye and superior rectus of the
    contra-lateral eye.

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