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    we are POSTING answers of some of the recalled questions (which are memory based) if you remember more question please post . thanks.
    1. Cat eye syndrome is associated with :
    1. Partial trisomy 22
    2. Partial trisomy 21
    3. Partial trisomy 18
    4. Partial trisomy 13 ANS

    2) Facial Nerve injury by
    A. Transverse tympanic fracture ANS
    B. Vertical tympanic fracture

    3) Serotype of HPV associated with invasive carcinoma cervix:
    1. HPV 16 ANS
    2. HPV 18 ANS
    3. HPV 32
    4. HPV 36

    4) Technique of aspiration of sperm from testis used in ART:
    1. TESA ANS
    2. MESA
    3. GIFT
    4. ZIFT

    5) Isotope used in RIA
    1.I 131 ANS
    2. I 123
    3. I 125
    4. I 127

    6) Primordial germ cells are derived from:
    1. Ectoderm
    2. Mesoderm ANS
    3. Endoderm

    7) Dubin-Johnson syndrome:test used:
    1. transaminase
    2. Bromosulphathalein test
    3. Hippurate test
    4. Gamma glutamyl transferase ?ANS

    8) Spalding sign is seen in:
    1. Mummification
    2. Maceration ANS

    9)Acrodynia is seen in:
    1. Phenol poisoning
    2. Mercury poisoning ANS
    3. Arsenic poisoning
    4. Carbolic acid poisoning

    10)Mercury causes nephrotoxicity by involving:
    1. PCT ANS
    2. DCT
    3. Loop of Henle
    4. Collecting duct

    11) Burtonian line is seen in poisoning with:
    4. Lead ANS

    12) Lamina cribrosa is not formed in:
    1. Morning Glory syndrome ANS
    2. Nanophthalmia
    3. Colobama of retina
    4. Optic N. agenesis

    13)Transport of Ascorbic acid to lens is done by:
    1. Myoinositol ANS
    2. Choline
    3. Taurine
    4. Na-K ATPase

    14) Perinatal transmission of Hepatitis B is maximum when infection in mother occurs:
    1. at implantation
    2. 1st trimester
    3. 2nd trimester
    4. 3rd trimester ANS

    15)Not seen in raised ICT:
    1. Headache
    2. Visual blurring
    3. Abducens palsy
    4. Paraparesis ANS

    16. Best prognostic factor for head injury.
    A. Glasgow coma scale ANS
    B. Age
    C. Mode of injury
    D. CT

    17. Mycosis fungoides which is not true.
    A. It is the most common from of cutaneous lymphoma
    B. Pautriers microabcess
    C. Indolent course and easily amenable to treatment ANS
    D. Erythroderma seen and spreads to peripheral circulation

    18. A 6 year old child with IQ of 50. Which of the following can the child do.
    A. Identify colurs ANS
    B. Read a sentence
    C. Ride a bicycle
    D. Copy a triangle

    19. A newborn has congenital heart failure, not improving on treatment. He has bulging anterior fontanelles with a bruit on auscultation. On trans fontanelle USG a hypo echoeic midline mass is seen with dilated lateral venricles. Most probable diagnosis is.
    A. Vein of Galen malformation ANS
    B. Arachnoid cyst
    C. Medulloblastoma
    D. Encephalocele

    20. To expose the suprarenal aorta, to see celiac axis, Superior Mesentiric Artery, & left renal artery. How do you expose the abodominal viscera
    A. Craniocaudal approach
    B. Caudocranial approach
    C. Right medial rotation ANS
    D. Left medial rotation

    21. 45 year old female complains of progressive weakness and spasticity of the lower limb with difficulty during micturition CT scan shows an intrfadural mid dorsal midline enhancing lesion. The diagnosis is
    A. Meningioma ANS
    B. Intradural Lipoma
    C. Neuroeptihelial Cyst
    D. Dermoid Cyst

    22. 45 Yrs old male presents with 90/60 BP,PR-110 permin & history of vomiting 24 hrs back, a volume of 500ml of block Splenomegaly 5cm below lower costal margin. Most probable diagnosis.
    A. Duodenal ulcer
    B. Portal hypertension ANS
    C. Gastric ulcer
    D. Erosive gastritis

    23. Posterior cruciate ligament – true statement
    A. attached to the lateral femoral condyle
    B. Intral synovial
    C. Prevents posterior dislocation of tibia ANS
    D. Relaxed in full flexion

    24. Sternomastoid tumour is associated with all except
    A. Always associated with breech extraction ANS
    B. Spontaneous resolution in most
    C. 2/3rd have palpable neck mass at birth
    D. Uncorrected cases develop phagiocephaly

    25. Difference between typical cervical & thoracic vertebra
    A. Has a triangular body
    B. Has a formaen transversarium ANS
    C. Superior articular facet directed backwards & upwards
    D. Has a large vertebral body

    26. Most common site of Morgagni Hernia
    A. Left Anterior
    B. Right Posterior
    C. Right Anterior ANS
    D. Left Posterior

    27. Meralgia parasthetica is due to the involvement of :
    A. Medial cutaneous nerve of thigh
    B. Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh ANS
    C. Sural nerve
    D. Femoral nerve

    28. Movements of pronation & supination occurs in al the following joints except.
    A. superior radio-ulnar joint
    B. Middle radio-ulnar joint
    C. Inferior radio-ulnar joint
    D. Radio-carpal joint ANS

    29. Structures that pass from thorax to abdomen behind the diaphragm are all except
    A. Azygos vein ANS
    B. Aorta
    C. Thoracic duct
    D. Greater splancnic nerve
    30. Supports of the uterus are all except
    A. Uterosacral lingament ANS
    B. Broad Ligament
    C. Mackenrodts’ ligament
    D. Levator ani

    31. All are ture about the trigoneof the urinary bladder except
    A. Mucosa is loosely associated to the underlying musculature ANS
    B. Mucosa is smooth
    C. It is lined by transitional epithelium
    D. It is erived from the absorbed part of the mesonephric duct

    32. Which bone tumor occur in epiphysis
    A. Osteoclastoma ANS
    B. Ewing’s sarcoma
    C. Chondromyxiod fibroma
    D. Osteosarcoma

    33. Hypothyroidism in pregnancy is least likely associated with,
    A. Recurrent abortions
    B. Polyhydramnios
    C. PIH
    D. Preterm labour ANS

    34. Premature bab y of 34 wks was delivered baby had bullous lesion on the;bodyX-ray shows periostitis. What is next investigation?
    A. VDRL for mother & baby ANS
    B. ELISA for HV
    C. PCR for TB
    D. Hepatitis surface antigen for mother

    35. Pityriasis rosea true is
    A. Self limiting ANS
    B. Chronic relapsing
    C. Life threatening infection
    D. Caused by dermatioophytes

    36. A 3 yr old child had eczematous dermatitis on extensor surfaces. His other has a history of brfonchial asthma. Diagnosis could be
    A. Atopic dermatitis ANS
    B. Contact drmititis
    C. Seborrhic dermatitis
    D. Infantile eczematous dermatitis

    37. The drug of choice for obsessive compulsive disorder
    A. Imipramine
    B. Fluoxetine ANS
    C. Choppromazine
    D. Benzodiazepine

    38. Naltrexone is used in opiod addiction because
    A. To treat withdraw symptoms
    B. To treat overdose of opiods
    C. Prevent relapse ANS
    D. Has addiction potential

    39. A 3 year old child developmental milestones normal with delayed speech, and Difficulty in Communication, concentration, not making friends
    A. Autism ANS
    B. ADHD
    C. Specific learning disability
    D. Mental retardation

    40. Delusion is a disorder of
    A. Thought ANS
    B. Perception
    C. Insight
    D. Cognition

    41. The following drug is not useful for MRSA,
    A. Cfaclor ANS
    B. Cotrimoxazole
    C. Ciprofloxacin
    D. Vancomycin

    42. One of the following is a prodrug,
    A. Enalapril ANS
    B. Neostigmine
    C. Esmolol
    D. Captopril
    43. With reference to bacteroides frangilis, the following statements are true except
    A. Bacteroides fragilis is the same frequent anaerobe isolated from clinical samples
    B. Bacteroides fragilis is not uniformly sensitive to mentronidazole
    C. The LPS formed by bacteoides fragilis is structurally and functionally different from the conventionala endotoxins
    D. Shock and DIC are common in bacteroides bacteremia ANS

    44. Which of the following bacterial act by increasing c-AMP,
    A. Vibrio cholera ANS
    B. Staphyloccus aereus
    C. E.coli, heat stable toxin
    D. Salmonella

    45. A patient in ICU is on central venous line for the past one week. He is on caftazidime and maikacin. After 7 days of antibiotics he develops a spike of fever and his blood culture is positive for gram positive cocci in chains, which are catalase negative. Following this vancomycin was started, but the culture remained positive, for the same organism even after 10 days of therapy. The most likely organism causing infection is.
    A. Staphylococcus aureus
    B. Viridans streptococci
    C. Enterococcus fecalis ANS
    D. Coagulase negative staphylococcus

    46. A child presents with infective skin lesions of the leg. Culture was done which showed gram positive cocci in chains which were hemolytic colonies. Which of the following tests will best indentify the organism.
    A. Bile solubility
    B. Optochin sensitivity
    C. Bacitracin sensitivity ANS
    D. Catalase positive

    47. A young male patient presented with UTI, on urine examination pus cells were found but no organisms. Which method would be best used for culture ?
    A. MC Coy cell line ANS
    B. Thayer Martin medium
    C. L.J. Medium
    D. Levinthal Medium

    48. Which one of the following is true.
    A. Agar has nutrient properties
    B. Chocolate medium is selective medium
    C. Addition of selective substances in a soild medium is called enrichment media
    D. Nutrient broth is basal medium ANS

    49. Which of the following is not transmitted by lice.
    A. Q fever ANS
    B. Trench fever
    C. Relapsing fever
    D. Epidemic typhus

    50. Chlamydia trachomatis false is.
    A. Elementary body is metabolically active ANS
    B. It is biphasic
    C. Reticulate body divdes by binary fission
    D. Inside the cell it evades phagolysosome

    51. A elderly male patient presented with fever, chest pain and dry cough, sputum cultured on charcoal yeast medium, the organism is.
    A. H. Influenza
    B. Moraxella cartarrhails
    C. Legionella ANS
    D. Burkholderia capacia

    52. A person working in an abattoir presented with pustule on hand, which turned into ulcer, which will best help in diagnosis.
    A. Trichrome Methylene Blue ANS
    B. Carbol Fuschin
    C. Acid Fast Stain
    D. Calcoflour White

    53. 1yr old child with bronchial asthama. Treatment is
    A. Inhaled B2 agonist ANS
    B. Oral Ketotifen
    C. Oral LT2 receptor antagonist
    D. Theophyllin

    54. Brucellosis cannot be caused by
    A. Infected placenta
    B. Intake of raw vegetables
    C. Person to person transmission ANS

    55. Max peripheral Neuropathy is caused by
    A. Zidovudine
    B. Stavudine ANS
    C. Lamivudine
    D. Didanosine

    56. All are alkyating agents except
    A. 5FU ANS
    B. Chlorambucil
    C. Melphalan
    D. Cyclophosphamide

    57. All are true about Mycoses Fungoides except
    A. It is indolent ANS
    B. M/c skin leukaemia

    58. Northern blot is used for analysis of
    A. Mrna expression ANS
    B. Dna ‘’
    C. Protein ‘’

    59. Differentiating feature between cervical and lumbar vertebra
    A. Broad body
    B. Transverse process has transverse foramina ANS
    C. Triangular spinal cord

    60. Claw hand is caused by
    A. Ulnar ANS
    B. Median
    C. Radial

    61. All are autosomal dominant except
    A. Marfans
    B. Fabrys ANS
    C. Huntington Chorea
    D. ADPKD

    62. BCYE is used
    A. Legionella ANS
    B. Strep

    63. True about media
    A. Enrichment media is solid
    B. Nutrient agar is a baseline media ANS

    64. Fe def anaemia is a/s with
    A. Increased TIBC, decreased Ferritin ANS
    B. Decreased ‘’ ‘’ ‘’
    C. ‘’ ‘’ increased ‘’

    65. m/c childhood tumor
    A. Neuroblastoma
    B. Wilm’s
    C. Leukaemia ANS

    66. a person with IQ of 50 can do the following
    A. Riding a bicycle ANS
    B. Read a sentence
    49. Pedigree chart for mitochondrial inheritance

    67. Autosomal recessive trait is seen in child inspite of normal parents due to
    A. Uniparental disomy
    B. Mosaicism ANS

    68. Child feels more comfortable in lying position
    A. Ac epiglottitis
    B. Croup
    C. Laryngomalacia ANS
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    1.Supination and pronation are done at all joints except
    a. Superior radioulnar joint
    b. Inferior radioulnar
    c. Middle radioulnar joints
    d. Radio carpal joint

    Answer (d)bdc3e/vol2 144

    2. Typical cervical vertebra can be differentiated from thoracic vertebra by
    a. Foramen transversorium
    b. Triangle vertebral canal
    c. Heavy vertebral body
    d. Superior facet on upper surface of body

    Answer (a)bdc3e/33 vol 2 ; bdc 3/e vol 3 pg 175

    3. Morgagni hernia is
    a. Right anterior
    b. Left anterior
    c. Left posterior
    d. Right posterior

    Answer (a) bdc3, vol2/270

    4. Meralgia paraesthetica involves
    a. Medial cutaneous nerve
    b. Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh
    c. Sciatic N
    d. Sural N

    Answer (b) maheshwari 2/e pg 259

    5. ALL of the following structures prevent prolapse of uterus except:
    a. Levator ani
    b. Uterosacral ligament
    c. Broad ligament
    d. Meckenrodts ligament

    Answer (c)

    6. Regarding Posterior cruciate ligament true statement is
    a. prevents posterior displacement of tibia
    b. Intra synovial
    c. Attaches to lateral femoral condyle
    d. relaxed in full flexion

    Answer (a)

    7.torticollis all true except :
    a) always associated with breech
    b)spontaneous resolution in most cases
    c)2/3rd have palpable neck mass at birth
    d)uncorrected cases develop phagiocephaly

    Answer (a)Schwartz,vol2/1719

    8. Which of he following does not pass behind the diaphragm from thorax to abdomen?
    a. Aorta
    b. Thoraciz ducts
    c. Azygos vein
    d. Lesser splanchnic n

    Answer (d) bdc3e, vol1 page 162 fig. 12.9

    9. Trigone of bladder, not true:
    a. Smooth mucosa
    b. Loosely attached to underlying muscle
    c. Transitional epithelium lines it
    d. It is a remant of mesonephric duct opening into post urogenital sinus

    Answer (b) BDC3/e pg 306 vol2

    10.claw hand
    a.Ulnar nerve palsy
    b.radial nerve palsy
    c.median nerve palsy
    d. posterior interosseous nerve palsy

    Answer (a)

    11. Which part of vertebral canal will show concavity posteriorly in secondary curves
    a cervical
    b thoracic
    c sacral
    d coccyx

    Answer (a) Keith L Moore

    12. Not a br of cavernous segment of internal carotid artery-
    a.meningeal branch
    b.opthalmic artery
    c. hypophyseal branch

    Answer (b) BDC 3/e vol 3 page 86

    13.which of these beares the maximum stress generated during occlusion and chewing
    a pterygomaillary buttress
    b nasomaxillary buttress
    c zygomaticomaxillary buttress

    Answer (c). internet references

    14.primordial germ cells arise from
    d.mesodermal sinus

    Answer (a)

    15. posterior communicating artery a branch of
    a. internal carotid
    b. external carotid
    c.middle cerebral
    d. posterior cerebral

    Answer (a) BDC 3/e vol 3 page 299-300

    16.The anatomical str passing from lt to rt A/E
    a.Lt branchiocephalic vein
    b.hemiAzygous vein
    c.Lt gonadal vein
    d.Lt renal vein

    Answer (c) BDC 3/e vol 2 page 274

    17.Heart muscle all true except..
    a.acts as syncitium
    b.has multiple nuclei
    c.has gap junctions

    Answer (b) harsh mohan pg 329 3/e

    18.Papez circiut in limbic system involves
    a. pulvinar

    Answer ( )

    19.Hormone not secreted by kidney
    a) renin
    b) angiotensin 1
    c) 1 - 25 diOH cholecalciferol
    d) erythropoietin

    Answer (b) ganong21e/458

    20. Brocas area is involved in
    a.word formation
    b.word interpretation
    c. situated in temporal lobe
    d. interpretation of audio and visual signals

    Answer (a) ganong 21/e page 277

    21. When an untrained person acsends , max benefit is obtained by
    a.decrese work load and increase duration of excercise
    b.increase workload and decrease duration of excercise
    c.increase workload and inhaling oxygen
    d. decrease workload

    Answer ( )

    22.Delta waves found in
    a.deep sleep

    Answer (a) ahuja 5/e pg 141

    23. Enzymes not stable in acidic ph: are all except...
    a.trypsin ,

    Answer (c)ganong21e/476

    24. Site of rbc formation in 20 yr old healthy male
    a.flat bones
    b.long bones

    Answer (a) page 518 figure 27.1 ganong 21/e

    25.The conversion of short term memory to long term memory occurs in
    a.Frontal cortex

    Answer (a)harrison16e/2394-95 : ganong21e/274

    26. Mechanism of cellular memory & learning include all except?
    a) increase & decrease in neurotransmitter release as in learning & habituation
    b) increase in no. of synapses, increase in no. of synaptic terminals, increase in no. of dendrites
    c) recruitment of neurons, involvement of more neurons in a particular function as in somatosensory area of cortex
    d) allocation of specialized nerve cells as occurs in hippocampus

    Answer (c)

    27.Regarding GI motility all are true except
    a.completely independent of stomach influence
    B.depends on cck

    Answer (a) ganong 21/e pg 512

    28.serum differs from plasma in all except
    b.Factor viii
    c.factor vii
    d.factor v

    Answer (c) Ganong 21e/542

    29. What is the diff between sexual maturity in boys n girls at puberty
    a.increased inhibin levels
    b.spurt of fsh
    c.inceased activin levels
    d.increased activity of follistatin

    Answer (a)

    30.Dinitrophenol causes
    a. uncoupler of etc and oxidative phosphorylation

    Answer (a) 25eharper/142

    31.For protein purification and analysis all r used except....
    a) centrifugation
    b) densitometry
    c) electrophoresis
    d) chromatography

    Answer (b)harper25e/58

    32.Proteoglycans all are true except
    a contain amino sugars
    b helps in maintaining the structure of tissues
    c contains small amount of water
    d chondroitin sulphate is an example

    Answer (c)harper25e/701

    33.All are true for eukaryotic translation except
    a capping helps in attachment of m-rna to 40s ribosome
    b in eukayocytes EF2 cycles between gtp to gdp
    c the first aa is N5 formyl methionine
    d synthesized from dna 3’ -5'

    Answer (c)harper27e/372-375

    34.Northen blot done for?

    Answer (a)harper25e/494

    a. occurs in cytosol
    b.forms pyruvate in non oxidative phase
    c.uses NADP as electron acceptor
    d.forms ribose . in non oxidative state.

    Answer (b) HARPER 25e/221

    36.CAP in LAC OPERON acts as a
    a.negative regulator
    b.positive regulator

    Answer (b)harper27e/384

    37.The agranular Endoplasmic reticulum synthesizes
    A. Proteins
    B. Lipids
    C. Vitamins
    D. Carbohydrates

    Answer (b) harper25e/177;lippincot2e/226

    38.All the following act on the nucleus via transcription factors
    c.vit d
    d. thyroxine

    Answer (a)harper25e/535

    39.When urine is heated to 45’c a precipitate is formed…when further heated to 80’c the precipitate starts re-dissolving…the ppt re-forms on cooling…..
    b.bence-jones protein

    Answer (b) vasudevan3e/439

    40. Regarding triacylglycerol metabolism in adipocytes all are true except
    a.hydroxylation of dihydroxyacetone
    b. glycerol kinase is required
    c.metabolised by lipoprotein lipase
    d. addition of a fatty acid to DAG

    Answer (c) lippincott 2e/180

    41. Degenaration of basement membrane...
    a. oxidase

    Answer (b)robbins 7e/110

    42.Oxygenases all are true except-
    a. incorporates 1 atom of O2 molecule
    b. incorporates both the atoms of molecular O2
    c. required for reactions like hydroxylation
    d. required for carboxylation of steroids

    Answer (d) HARPER 25e/134

    43. how does hypoxia lead to increased glycolysis in relation to HMP shunt ?

    Answer ( )

    44. study of proteins elaborated by cell under different conditions is
    a. Genomics
    b. Proteomics
    c. ...
    d. ..

    Answer (b) HARPER 25/e821

    45.BIOTIN is useful in
    b.multiple carboxylase deficiency

    Answer (b) HARPER 25/e635(ch52)

    46. filgrastim used in treatment of:
    d) anemia

    Answer (c)

    47.leukotrine receptor inhibitor is:

    Answer (a)harrison’s16e/1514

    48.leukotrine inhibitor

    Answer (a) harrison’s16e/1514

    49. Nesiritide is a
    a)Brain natriuretic peptide analogue
    b.ANP analogue
    c. analogue of both ANP & BNP

    Answer (a)Harrison 16e/1375

    50.Nevirapine is
    a)nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor
    b)non - nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor
    c)protease inhibitor
    d)nucleotide inhibitor

    Answer (b)harrison’s16e/1128

    51. For methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus which of the following is not useful
    a. Ciprofloxacin
    b. Vancomycin
    c. Cefaclor
    d. Cotrimoxozole

    Answer (c)CMDT06/1552

    52. Finastride
    a. 5-alpha reductase inhibitor
    b.androgen receptor antagonist
    c.alpha antagonist

    Answer (a)harrison16e/443

    53. Not an alkylating agent
    a) cyclophosphamide
    b) 5fu
    c) busulfan
    d. chlorambucil

    Answer (b)harrisons16e/470

    54.Patient on aspirin will have
    a.increased pt
    b.increased aptt
    c.increase Bt
    d.increased trombin time

    Answer (c) KDT 5e/572

    55. all are true for immuno suppressants except
    a.tacrolimus inhibits calieurn pathway
    b.steroids act by altering transcription
    c. mycophenolate acts by inhibiting gaunosine monophosphate dehydrogenase
    d..sirolimus acts via mTOR

    Answer (c)KDT 5e/788-789

    56.which of the following is not an antiepileptic

    Answer (d) harrison’s16e/2367

    57.which of the following antiepileptic does not acts through NA+ Channel
    b.vaproic acid.

    Answer (c) harrison’s16e/2363;KDT 4e/390

    58.short and rapidly acting insulin....A/E
    a) lispro
    b) aspart
    c) glargine
    d) glulisine

    Answer (c)KDT 5e/253 red colored urine seen with

    Answer (b) harrison’s16e/947

    60.A nonselective beta blocker without any additional action

    Answer (c)KDT5e/87,131

    61.Which antiepileptic not contraindicated in pregnancy
    d.Valproic acid

    Answer (a)KDT4E/383

    62. newborn with blue eyes, blonde hair, mental retardation and urine gives green colour with ferric chloride
    a. galactosemia
    b. phenylketonuria
    c. tyrosinemia

    Answer (b)

    63.prostaglandin that helps in protecting gi mucosa
    d. prostacyclin

    Answer (b)KDT5E/164

    64.max peripheral neuropathy

    Answer (d) CMDT 2004 pg 1271

    65. drug used in obesity except
    d.neuropeptide y analogue

    Answer (d) harrison’s16/e 429 and internet references

    66. the side effect of heparin is all except...

    Answer (c) harrison’s16/e 261 t41-4

    67. The following is not a gpIIb/IIIa inhibiter

    Answer (A) harrison’s16/e 688;KDT4e/535

    68.SIADH is a side effect of

    Answer (b) harrison’s16/e 477

    69.which is associated with hypercoagulable state

    Answer (c) harrison’s16/e 473

    70.High dose methotrexate is used in rx of
    c.multiple myeloma

    Answer (b) harrison’s16/e 561

    71. All are true about clonidine except..
    a) decreases parasympathetic outflow
    b) causes dry mouth
    c) prazocin antagonizes its action
    d.causes decreased NE release

    Answer (C)KDT 5e/509

    72. Microbicidal killing is initiated by
    a. oxidase
    b. catalase
    c. superoxide dismutase
    d.glutathione peroxidase

    Answer (a)

    73.Which of the following antiplatelets is a prodrug
    a aspirin
    b dipyridamole
    c ticlopidine
    d clopidegrole

    Answer ( )

    74.Which of the following acts by hypomethylation
    c.5 FU
    d. homoharringtonine

    Answer (a) Harrison 16e/641

    75. Drug not used in erectile dysfunction

    Answer (d) harrison’s16e/274

    76. Not used in controlling heart rate intraoperatively

    Answer (b)

    77. A patient admitted to an ICU is on central venous line for the last one week; He is on ceftazidime and Amikacin. After 7 days of antibiotics he develops a spike of fever and his blood culture is positive for gram positive cocci in chains, which are catalase –ve. Following this, vancomycin was restarted but the culture remained positive for the same organism even after 2 weeks of therapy. The most likely organism causing infection is
    a. Staph aureus
    b. Viridans streptococci
    c. Enterococus fecalis
    d. Coagulase positive staphylococcus

    Answer (c) harrison’s16/e 815,830 ;ananth 6e/189

    78. With reference to Bacteroides fragilis, the following statements are true, except:
    a. B. fragilis is the most frequent anaerobic isolated from clinical samples
    b. B. fragilis is not uniformly sensitive to Metronidazole
    c. The lipopolysaccharide formed by B fragilis is structurally and functionally different from conventional endotoxin
    d. Shock and disseminated intravascular coagulation are common in Bacteroides bacteremia

    Answer (d) harrison’s16/e 945 ;ananth7e/267

    79.Brucella is transmitted by all the following means except:
    a)through placenta of animals
    b)Man to man transmission
    d)eating uncooked food

    Answer (b)park18e/231

    80. An abattoir worker developed pustule which later turned into a necrotic ulcer .which of the following stain is useful for demonstration of organism from smear made from pustule
    a. Polychromic methylene blue
    b. Cakofluor white
    c. Geimsa
    d. carbol fuschin

    Answer (a)ananth6e/224

    81. True statement is
    a. Solid media are enrichment media
    b. Nutrient Broth is basal media
    c. Agar adds nutrient to media
    d. Chocolate agar is selective medium

    Answer (b) ananth6e/33

    82. A neonate presented with vesicular lesions,periostitis, mother has same history, which investigation is most useful
    a. VDRL
    b.ELISA for HIV

    Answer (a)Harrison 16e/[snip]-[snip]

    83. A patient with UTI On smear, no bacteria are found on gram slain with abundant pus cells, to demonstrate organism, which of the following is useful
    a. McCoy cell line
    b.thayer martin medium

    Answer (a)ANANTH6e/394

    84. Which of the following not true regarding Chlamydia
    a. Has biphasic life
    b. Elementary body is metabolically active
    c. Reticulate body undergoes binary fission
    d. Once it invades into cell it abates phagolysosomal fusion

    Answer (b) ananth 6e/389

    85. A 70 year old patient presents with high grade fever dry cough, pain abdomen Sample collected from patient, organisms grow only on charcoal yeast extract medium the likely organism is
    b. Legionella
    c.moraxella catarrahalis

    Answer (b)ananth 6e/378

    86.A person from village is complaining of development of pustules, Extract from pus has shown gram positive cocci, showing hemolysis, catalase –ve, identified as a group A streptococci, following test is used
    a. Bacitracin sensitivity
    b. Novobiocin sensitivity
    c. Optochin sensitivity
    d. Bile solubility

    Answer (a)ananthanarayanan 5e/

    87. All are true regarding Chlamydia psittaci except
    a.transmitted by parrots
    b.cause pneumonitis
    c.causes non gonococcal urethritis
    d.tetracycline is trx of choice

    Answer (c) harrison’s16/e 1018

    88. Burrowing ulcer caused by :
    a.microaerophlic streptococcus
    b.streptococus viridans
    c.strept. pyogenes

    Answer (d)

    89.Which of this not true about vibrio cholera
    a nonhalophilic
    b.can be grown in ordinary media
    c.cannot survive outside the body
    d.environmental source is present

    Answer (c) ananthanarayanan 5e/

    90. True regarding rabies
    a.negri bodies
    b.guarnieri bodies
    c.bollinger bodies

    Answer (a) harrison’s16/e 1157

    91. Which of the following bacterial act by increasing c-AMP,
    A. Vibrio cholera
    B. Staphyloccus aereus
    C. E.coli, heat stable toxin
    D. Salmonella

    Answer (a)harrison’s16e/753

    92. salbutamol causes
    A. hypokalemia
    B. hyperglycemia

    Answer (a)

    93.which of this is not true about vibrio O139
    a can cause disease in distingushable from vibrio El tor clinically
    b was first isolated in chennai
    c has O-antigen polysacharide capsule

    Answer (b)harrison’s16e/910

    94.A child presenting with fever & cough ....culture showed alpha hemolytic colonies which were bile soluble... test to identify the organism.....
    a. Bacitracin sensitivity
    b. Novobiocin sensitivity
    c. Optochin sensitivity
    d. Bile solubility

    Answer (c)HARRISON'S16e/806

    95. Which amyloid is found in kidney in patient who have been on dialysis.
    b)Beta 2 microglobilin

    Answer (b)ROBBINS 7E(pathol. Basis of dses –grand robbins) 261

    96.NSE non specific estrase seen In all except
    a.AML M3

    Answer (a) ROBBINS 7E 692-94

    97. pentalogy of fallot is
    a.Tof with ASD
    b.TOF with TAPVC
    c.TOF with COA
    d.TOF with TGA

    Answer (a)

    [snip].A young man with chronic small bowel diarrhea duodenal biopsy shows Ig A anti –human tissue transglutimase (TTG) and Ig A anti – endomysial antibodies. Which of the following is the next step?
    a. antibiotics
    b.trial of glutein free diet
    d.enzyme replacement

    Answer (b) ROBBINS 7E 843-44

    99 . see the following PEDIGREE CHART and diagnose the mode of inheritance
    a.Mitochondrial inheritance
    b.X linked dominant
    c.Autosomal dominant
    d.Autosimal recessive
    Answer (a) harrison’s16e/374

    100. Pancytopenia with hypercellular bone marrow is seen in
    A. G6PD deficiency
    B. aplastic anemia
    C. PNH
    D. Megaloblastic anemia

    Answer (c) harrison’s16e/617

    101. Immediate response to tissue injury involves
    a.transient neutropenia
    d. macrophages

    Answer (b) ROBBINS 7E/53

    102.Type 1 hypersensitivity reaction is mediated by

    Answer (d) ROBBINS 7E /206

    103. Arthus reaction is
    a. antibody mediated
    b.systemic immune complex deposition disease
    c.localised immune complex deposition disease
    d.delayed hypersensitivity reaction

    Answer (c) ROBBINS 7E/215

    104.A person with previously normal hb with sudden hemmorhage will have all except
    b.Hi pcv
    c.low mcv

    Answer (b)

    105. Hereditary spherocytosis is due to defeceincy of all except
    a. ankyrin
    b. spectrin
    c. anion exchanger
    d. glycophorin 2

    Answer (d)robbins 7e/625;harper 25e/770 ; anion exchanger is BAND 3 protein …refer harper

    106.which of this is a immunohistochemical marker for pagets disease of the breast ?
    a s100
    b hmb 45
    d CEA

    Answer (d)harrison’s16e/439 t66-5

    107.which of this does not Handle the free radicals in lens
    a vit a
    b vit c
    c vit e
    d catalase

    Answer (a)

    108.Which of the following is useful in identifying the final common complement pathway
    b.C3 b
    d.Protein B

    Answer (c) robbins7e/66; harrison’s16e/1913-16 , C3b is also formed in alternate pathway

    109. Blackening of urine occurs in
    a. alkaptonuria
    b. phenylketonuria
    c.maple syrup urine disease
    d.isovaleric aciduria

    Answer (a) robbins7e/16

    110.viral cells specifically killed by
    a. cytotoxic t cells
    d.natural killer cells

    Answer (d)robbins7e/201

    111.the following are associated with leukaemias except:
    a.turner's syndrome
    b.down's syndrome
    d.klienfelter syndrome

    Answer (a) harrison’s16e/631

    112.good prognostic factors in childhood leukemia are all except
    a.Common ALL subtype
    b.age 1-9 years
    d.female gender

    Answer (D) robbins7e/673 ;

    113.All are autosomal dominant except
    b.huntington disease polycystic kidney disease

    Answer (a)robbins7e/151;harper25e/267 chapter26

    114. c ANCA is associated with
    a.proteinase 3

    Answer (a)harrison’s16/2002

    115.Fe def anaemia is a/s with
    A. Increased TIBC, decreased Ferritin
    B. Decreased TIBC,decreased Ferritin
    C. normal TIBC,decreased ferritn
    d.normal TIBC , increased feritin

    Answer (a) harrisson’s 16e/589

    116.AIHA mostly associated with
    a.bcell lymhomas
    b.tcell lymphomas
    d.myeloid disorders

    Answer (a) bcell lymhomas robbins7e/674

    117. which of this investigation is helpful in heterotopic ossification
    a alkline phosphatase
    b calcium
    c creatine phosphokinase
    d phosphorus

    Answer (a) internet references

    118. Lice are not the vectors of
    a. Relapsing fever
    b. Q fever
    c. Trench fever
    d. Epidemic typhus

    Answer (b)park18e/574

    119. Which one of the following method is used for the estimation of chlorine demand of water
    a. Chlorometer
    b. Horrocks apparatus
    c. Berkefield filter
    d. Double pot method

    Answer (b) park18e/540

    120. You have diagnosed a pt clinically as having SLE and ordered 6 tests out of which 4 tests have come positive and 2 are negative To determine the probability of SLE at this point, you need to know
    a. Prior probability of SLE, sensitivity and specificity of each test
    b. Incidence of SLE and predictive value of each test
    c. Incidence and prevalence of SLE
    d. Relative risk of SLE in those patient

    Answer (a)

    121.Case finding in RNTCP is based on
    a. Sputum culture
    b. Sputum microscopy
    c. X-ray chest
    d. Mantoux test / PCR

    Answer (b) park18e/335

    122. On safe strategy false is
    a. Screening
    b. Antibiotics
    c. Facial hygiene
    d. Environmental

    Answer (a)

    123. Impact and efficiency of iodine Program can be assesed by
    a.goitre in pregnant women
    b. Neonatal thyroxin levels
    c.urinary iodine

    Answer (b) park18e/467

    124.PQLI includes all except
    a. Infant mortality rate
    b. Life expectancy at 1 year of age
    c. Literacy rate
    d. per capita Income

    Answer (d) park18e/16

    125. Direct standardization is used to compare the mortality rates between tow countries. This is done because of the differences in:
    a. Causes of death
    b. Numerators.
    c. Age distributions.
    d. Denominators.

    Answer (c) park18e/53

    126.True regarding BCG vaccine is
    a.Danish 1331 strain is used for vaccine production
    b.distilled water used as dilutent
    c.spirit used for cleaning the skin
    d.mantoux test is +ve in 2 weeks

    Answer (a)park16e/147 ch.5

    127. Universal immunization programme doesn’t include
    a) TT
    b) MMR
    c) DT

    Answer (b) park

    128. Burtonian line is seen in

    Answer (a)

    129. Results of a test were given as very Satisfied, Satisfied , dissatisfied & very represents
    b.Ordinal data

    Answer (b)

    130.All can be incinerated except
    a.human anatomical waste
    b.biotechnology waste waste
    d.cytotoxic drugs

    Answer (c) park18e/596-99

    a.depends on clinical & sub clinical cases
    b.influenced by immunization
    c.depends on presence of alternate host
    d.herd structure is constant

    Answer (d) park16e/89 ch3

    132.chronic carriers are seen in all except

    Answer (a) park18e/125

    133. breast milk differs from cows milk in that it has
    a.more lactose
    b.more proteins
    d.more iron

    Answer (a) park18e/398

    134. smoking is associated with 85% more risk of developing carcinoma .it denotes
    a. relative risk
    b.absolute risk
    c.Attributable risk
    d.odds ratio

    Answer (c) park16e/67 ch.3

    135.Which of the following statements about lepromin test is not true is negative in most of the children in first 6 months of life is a diagnostic test
    c.helps classify leprosy
    d.BCG vaccination converts lepra reaction from negative to positive

    Answer (b) park18e/258 AIIMS may 2006/qno.31

    136. BMI of obese?

    Answer (b) park16e/297

    137.what is analytical test you use for the study in which u compare the persons suffering from cold or no cold after drinking herbal tea from the given data

    Cold No cold
    Herbal tea 36 11 47
    Normal tea 35 12 47
    71 23

    a) student-t
    b) chi square test
    c) paired-t test
    d.bland & altman analysis

    Answer (b)

    138.most effective stratergy under eradication of congenital rubella syndrome is to immunize
    a.all adolescents
    b.all pregnant women in 2nd trimester
    c.all nonpregnant girls in age group 15-44 years

    Answer (c)

    139.True about endemic typhus is is the only reservoir
    b.flea is a vector
    c.rash develops into an eschar
    d.culture is a diagnostic modality

    Answer (b) park18e/240 ; AIIMS may 2006

    140.The highest percentages of poly unsaturated fatty acids are present in ?
    A. Ground nut oil
    B. Palm oil
    C. Margarine
    D. Soyabean oil

    Answer (d) park18e/440; AIIMS may 2006

    141. true about cluster sampling is a/e
    a.sample size same as simple random sampling
    b.rapid method of sampling

    Answer (A)

    142. the major purpose of RANDOMISATION in a clinical trial is to
    a. Reduce selection bias
    b. try & make the samples comparable under baseline characteristics
    c. facilitate double blinding
    d. ensure that the subjects are representative of the population

    Answer (b)

    143. Acrodynia is seen in:
    a. Phenol poisoning
    b. Mercury poisoning
    c. Arsenic poisoning
    d. Carbolic acid poisoning

    Answer (b)harrison’s16e/2579

    144.which is not an aryl phosphate ?

    Answer (b)reddy18e/421

    145.A patient presenting with h/o abdominal pain, constipation o/e has blue line on gums .treatment of choice

    Answer (a)harrison’s16e/2578;KDT4E/874;reddy18e/441

    146.Merucury posioning affects
    a.proximal convoluted tubule
    b.distal convoluted tubule
    c.collecting ducts
    d.Loop of henle

    Answer (a)

    147.Spalding’s sign is seen in

    Answer (a) reddy18e/353

    148.Antidote for mushroom poisoning is
    a. neostigmine
    b. physostigmine
    c. amyl nitrate
    d. atropine.

    Answer (d) reddy18e/516

    149.All are true about benedikt’s syndrome except
    a.cause 3rd nerve palsy
    b.involvement of penetrating branches of basilar artery..
    c.involvement of pons..
    d. contra lateral tremor

    Answer (c) harrison’s16e/174

    150. Leprosy affects all the following except

    Answer (a)

    151.Eradication H pylori all are used except
    a. Amoxycilline
    b. oxytetracycline
    c. Metronidazole
    d. bismuth

    Answer (b)cmdt2006/590

    152. A patient with complement mediated antibodies to Dna and histone suffering from manifestations of kidney , liver, skin .Probable diagnosis
    a.systemic sclerosis
    d.rhematoid arthritis

    Answer (b) harrison’s16e/1961

    153.Which of the following disease cause decreased VC & decreased TLC
    b.Cystic fibrosis
    c.Bronchial asthma

    Answer (a) harrison’s16e/2022;1501(Tb 234-2)

    154.investigation of chocie to diagnose amyloidosis
    a.rectal biopsy

    Answer (a)robbins7/e264

    155. 30 yrs old man presents with generalized edema, haematuria, hypertension & sub nephrotic proteinuria(<2gm).urine examination shows microscopic hematuria. Serum complement levels are decreased .positive for anti hepatitits c antibodies.diagnosis is
    b.mixed cryoglobulinemia
    c.lupus nephritis

    Answer (B) harrison’s16e/1682

    156.Absolute indication for bone marrow biopsy-
    a.hairy cell leukaemia
    b.acute leukemia
    c.megaloblstic anemia
    d.gaucher’s disease

    Answer (c)

    157. 30 year old women has Mitral regurgitation and AF comes in with syncope and regular pulse of 55 /min .most probable cause
    a.digoxin toxicity
    b.Cerbral infarct

    Answer (a) harrison’s15e/1295 ;MK 2004 Q.NO.86

    158.Polycythmeia caused by all except
    a.cerebellar hemngioblastoma
    c.pancreatic carcinoma
    d.hepatocellulatr ca

    Answer (c) harrison’s16e/627 (tb95-1)

    159. True Regarding S4 is
    a.can be heard by unaided ear
    b.more then 20 hz
    c.due to ventricular filling
    d.due to ventricular ejection

    Answer (c) harrison’s16e/1308

    160. which of this muscles is/are involved in osteoarthritis knee
    a quadriceps only
    b hamstrings only
    c a+b
    d gastronemius

    Answer (a)maheshwari3e/253

    161. Bernard soulier syndrome is associated with all except-
    a.increased platelet size
    b.reduced platelet count
    c.ristocetin aggregation is abnormal
    d.ADP aggregation is abnormal

    Answer (c) harrison’s16e/677-78

    162.All are seen in raised ICP except
    a.6th nerve palsy
    b.blurring of vision

    Answer (d)

    163. All are markers for osteoblastic activity except
    a.alkaline phosphatase
    c.procollagen peptide & ADP
    d. hydroxyproline

    Answer (d) harrison’s16e/2240

    164.Pt in septicaemic shock which vasopressor of choice is
    b.Nor epinephrine

    Answer (b) harrison’s16e/1605

    165.CSF picture in TBM:
    a. inc. protein, inc. sugar, inc. lymphocytes
    b. inc. prot, dec. sugar, inc. lymphocytes
    c. dec. prot, inc. sugar, inc. lymphocytes
    d. dec. prot, dec. sugar, inc. lymphocytes

    Answer (b) harrison’s16e/2484

    166. botulinum toxin acts on all sites except
    a.neuromuscular junctions
    b.peripheral ganglia
    c.postganglionic nerve endings

    Answer (d) harrison’s16e/843

    167.Minor criteria for rheumatic fever IS
    a. rising aso titre
    b. throat culture
    c. fever
    d. h/o rheumatic fever

    Answer (C) harrison’s16e/1978 (TB 302-1)

    168.Cardiomyopathy is not seen in
    a.fredrich ataxia
    b.duchene dystrophy
    c.lowe syndrome
    d. glycogen storage disease type 2

    Answer (c) harrison’s16e/2422 ,2528

    169.Drug induced lupus is most frequently associated with
    a. anti-histone ab
    b.anti-ro ab
    c.anti-centromere ab
    d.anti-mitochondrial ab

    Answer (a) harrison’s16e/1961 (tb300-1)

    170. which is not a feature of pontine stoke
    a. quadriparesis
    b. pin point
    c.vagal palsy

    Answer (c) harrison’s16e/2383-84

    171. Cat eye syndrome is associated with:
    a. Partial trisomy 22
    b. Partial trisomy 21
    c. Partial trisomy 18
    d. Partial trisomy 13

    Answer (a) internet references

    172. A 55yrs old male presents with TLC 1,00,000; 80%LYMPHOCYTES ; 20%POLYMORPHS.Diagnosis is
    d. prolymphocytic leukaemia

    Answer (a)robbins7e/674

    173. Patients PT is 26s, control PT 13s. The ISI was given as 1.4 .How will you calculate INR
    a. 26 /13

    Answer (b)

    174. An elderly person with a secondary glomerular injury leading to nephrotic syndrome. Most likely cause is
    a.Lupus nephritis

    Answer ( c )

    175 .Basal ganglia calcification is seen in all except
    a.birth anoxia
    c.wilson d/s
    d.fahrs ds

    Answer (a)

    176. Dubin-Johnson syndrome test used is
    a. transaminase
    b. Bromosulphathalein test
    c. Hippurate test
    d. Gamma glutamyl transferase

    Answer (b) harrison’s16e/1821

    177. Autosomal recessive trait is seen in child inspite of normal parents due to
    a. Uniparental disomy
    b. Mosaicism
    c. genomic imprinting
    d.trinucleotide repeats

    Answer (A)

    178. Ecg manifestations of hypokalemia includes
    a.tall t waves
    b.PR prolongation with ST depression
    c.QT prolongation with t wave inversion elevation & t wave inversion

    Answer (B) clinical anesthesiology by MORGAN 3e/614(fig 28-5) ; harrison’s16e/1318

    179. All of the following are associated with hypophosphatemia except ...
    a.diabetic ketoacidosis
    b. a/c renal failure
    d. respiratory alkalosis

    Answer (b) WYLIE 7e/862 (a practice of anesthesia) ; harrison’s16e/2242(tb331-1) ; MORGAN 3e/622

    180. In a patient with cardiogenic shock and anterior wall infarction. Best initial treatment of choice
    b.IABP(intra aortic balloon pump)

    Answer (a) Harrison 16e/1615 (read the SHOCK trial)

    181. Millard-gubler syndrome all are true except
    a.5th n palsy
    b.6th n palsy
    c.7h n palsy
    d.contralateral hemiplegia

    Answer (a) harrison’s16e/175

    182. Regarding brown-sequard syndrome which is not true
    a.contralateral spinothalamic tract involvement
    b.ipsilateral loss of motor power
    c.contralateral post column involvement

    Answer (c) harrison’s16e/144

    183. All the following are s/e of beta agonists used in preterm labour except

    Answer (c)KDT4E/330 (CH.21)

    184.Which of the following Investigations is least useful in multiple myeloma
    a. Bone scan
    b. Xray
    c. Bone marrow biopsy
    d. urine proteins

    Answer (a) harrison’s16e/659there is absence of osteoblastic activity in MM ; SARP tumors/342

    185. which of the following is true for octreotide
    a. is orally active
    b.used in secretory diarrhoea

    Answer (b) harrison’s16e/ 2091,2226

    186.Findings in DIC is fibrinogen, inc. antithrombin III, inc. thrombin-antithrombin complexes FDP, normal PT, inc antithrombin III FDP, prolonged PT, inc thrombin-antithrombin complexes FDP, prolonged PT, reduced platelets

    Answer ( )

    187. according to the FAB classification of ALL , L3 corresponds to
    a.early preB cells
    b.T cells
    c.mature B cells

    Answer (c)

    188.old man with type 2 DM presnts with c/o dribbling of urine, urge incontinence, incomplete voiding etc.. most probable cause
    b.neurogenic bladder
    c.posterior urethral valve

    Answer (b) Harrison’s16e/2166

    189. Test used to confirm H.PYLORI eradication after treatment
    a.rapid urease test
    b.urea breath test
    c.endoscopic biopsy
    d. serology

    (b) HARRISON’S16e/888

    190.changes in congestive cardiac failure all/except....
    a.increased right atrial pressure
    b. edema
    c. increased serum sodium
    d. uremia

    Answer (c)

    191.A child of 6 year old with IQ 50 most likely do which of the following
    a. Read sentence
    b. Identify colour
    c. Rides bicycle
    d. Draws a triangle

    Answer (b)

    192..A neonate presents with congestive heart failure, on examination enlarging fontanellae, bruit on auscultation, on USG shows midline hypoechoeic lesion, most likely diagnosis
    a. Medulloblastoma
    b. Arachnoid cyst
    c. Vein of galen malformation

    Answer (c) cloherty, manual of neonatal care 5e/411

    193.Commonest childhood malignancy is
    d.Wilms tumor

    Answer (a) ROBBINS7e/499

    194.MCC of Meningitis in 1yr old is

    Answer (c)

    195. moro’s reflex is abnormal if it does not disappear by
    a. 3 months
    b. 5 months
    C. 6 months
    D. 4months

    Answer (c) 6 months

    196. Reflex not present at birth
    a. symmetric tonic neck reflex
    b. asymmetric tonic neck reflex
    c. rooting reflex
    d. crossed extensor reflex

    Answer (a)

    197. Least common complication of measels
    c. pneumonia
    d.otitis media

    Answer (a) harrison’s16e/1149-50

    198.Earliest milestone to be achieved is
    c.pincer grip
    d.mirror play

    Answer (d) ghai 5e/32 ; creeping/ crawling- 11m ; pincer grip-9m ; mirror play-6m

    199. 1yr old child with bronchial asthma. Treatment OF choice
    A. Inhaled B2 agonist
    B. Oral Ketotifen
    C. Oral LT2 receptor antagonist
    D. Theophyllin

    Answer (A)

    200. Dexamethasone given to preterm child to reduce the risk of
    a.hyaline memb ds

    Answer (a)

    201. Child with URTI presents with stridor which decreases on lying down position
    a. Ac epiglottitis
    b. foreign body
    c. laryngotracheobronchitis
    d.retropharyngeal abcess

    Answer (c)

    202. Best indicator of nutritional status of child
    a. Body weight
    b. Mid arm circumference
    c. rate of increase of weight & height

    Answer (c) ghai 6e/5

    203.All the following are measures carried out for eradication of neonatal tetanus
    a)immunizing pregnant mother with2 dose of t.t
    b)immunizing all women of reproductive age wit h t.t
    c)penicillin to all neonates
    d)5 cleans

    Answer (C) GHAI5e/170 ;144

    204. Seizure & jitteriness can be differentiated on all except:
    b.Autonomic Disturbance
    c.Sensitivity to stimulus
    d.frequency of movements

    Answer (d)

    205.True regarding Kawasaki disease A/E
    a.presence of fever
    b.associated with rash
    c.associated with purulent conjunctivitis
    d.inflammed oral mucosa

    Answer (c)harrison’s16e/ 2012

    206.child has started mouthing objects , shows likes/dislikes, and has not developed stranger anxiety... age??
    a.3 months
    b.5 months
    c. 7 months
    d.9 months

    Answer (b) ghai/33

    207.most common cause of short stature
    a. constitutional delay
    b. growth hormone deficiency
    c. cretinism
    d.systemic illness

    Answer (d)

    208. A patient presented with weakness in lower limb, bladder and bowel involvement, on MRI intradural midline enhancing lesion was found, likely diagnosis
    a. Meningioma
    b.intradural lipoma
    c.dermoid cyst

    Answer (a) HARRISON’S16e/2456

    209.A patient presented with RTA with fracture pelvis, few drops of blood passed per urethera ,not passed urine, palpable bladder, likely cause is
    a. Ureteral injury
    b. Urethral injury
    c. Bladder rupture
    d. Urine extravasation to peritoneum

    Answer (b)B&L24e/1389

    210.In order to expose the celiac axis, left renal vein, superior mesenteric artery & abdominal aorta in a case of trauma which is done
    a. Left medial viscera rotation
    b. Rt medial visceral rotation
    c. Cranial visceral rotation
    d. Caudal visceral rotation

    Answer (b)SABISTON 17e/1973 ; B&L 24e/947

    211. Which is not premalignant
    a.puetz-jegur syndrome
    b.Juvenile polyp
    c.juvenile polyposis syndrome
    d.gardner syndrome

    Answer (b) HARRISON’S16e/ 528 (tb 77-5) ;ROBBINS7e/859,862

    212.A 40 year old male smoker with c/o painless gross henaturia since 2 days. Which of the following is most diagnostic investigation of choice?
    a. X-ray KUB
    b. USG
    c. Routine and microscopy of urine
    d. Urine for malignant cells

    Answer (d) B&L 24e/ 1463

    213.Which of the following is the most important prognostic indicator in head injury
    a. Age
    b. Glasgow Coma scale
    c. Bleeding on CT

    Answer (b) HARRISON’S16e/2450

    214. Patient presents with loss of consciousess CT shows multiple spotty hemorrhages and full basal cisterns.
    a. Brain contusions
    b. Diffuse axonal injury
    c. Subdural Hematoma
    d. multiple infarcts

    Answer (b) HARRISON’S16e/2448

    215. A 50 yr old man with h/o ca prostate wants to do screening . the most sensitive test is
    a.Digital rectal examination
    c. Both a + b
    d.Endorectal coil MRI with T1 T2 weighted images

    Answer (c)

    216. Which of the following related to gastric injury is untrue
    a.Mostly related to penetrating trauma
    b.Treatment is simple debridement and suturing
    c.Blood in ryles tube aspirate is always related to injury
    d.Heals well and fast

    Answer (c)

    217. Port systemic shunt is not seen in
    d.gastro esophageal junction

    Answer (b) SNELL’S CLINICAL Anatomy 6e/220

    218..In Men1 most common pancreatic tumor is
    d. somatostatinoma

    Answer (b) HARRISON’S16e/2232-31

    219.In a case of blunt injury abdomen, the incision for emergency laparotomy should be
    a.paramedian incision
    b.midline vertical incision
    c.transverse upper abdominal incision
    d.subcoastal incision


    220. Regarding gynaecomastia false statement is
    a. may regress spontaneously
    b.may regress after discontinuing the offending drug
    c. subcutaneous mastectomy is indicated early in treatment
    d. associated with liver failure

    Answer (C) SABISTON 17/e 874 ;

    221.In a case of injury to male urethra below the perineal membrane urine drains into
    a.deep perineal pouch
    b.superficial perineal pouch

    Answer (b) SNELL 6e/365

    222.True about pilonidal sinus is
    a.common in females
    c.toc excision
    d.hairfollicles can be demonstrated in the sinus wall

    Answer (c) B&L 23e/1122

    223. Androgen receptors act specifically due to
    a. ligand binding residues

    Answer (a)

    224.Which is not a thyroid cancer
    b.merkel cell

    Answer (B) HARRISON’S16e/498

    225. TOC in zolinger-ellison syndrome is
    a.proton pump inhibitors
    b.H2 blockers

    Answer (a) HARRISON’S16e/1759

    226. Perinatal transmission of Hepatitis B is maximum when infection in mother occurs:
    a. at implantation
    b. 1st trimester
    c. 2nd trimester
    d. 3rd trimester

    Answer (d) Harrison’s16e/1830

    227.Hypothyroidism in pregnancy is not associated with:
    a. Preterm labour
    b. Prematurity
    c. PIH
    d. Hydramnios

    Answer (d) WILLIAMS 22e/1195

    228. Commanest cause of post menopausal bleed in India endometrium cervix vulva
    d. ovarian trs

    Answer (b) shaw12e/294;286

    229.A child has TGA .The mother should b investigated for
    a.heart disease
    c.Gestational diabetes mellitus

    Answer (c) WILLIAMS22e/1369

    230. Fetus with increased nuchal translucency at 14 weeks .seen in
    a.Down syndrome
    b.Esophageal atresia
    c.turner syndrome

    Answer (a)WILLIAMS21e/

    231.The shape of nulliparous cervix

    Answer (a)

    232.The shape of cervical canal leading to premature delivery as seen on transvaginal USG is

    Answer (c) internet references

    233. Fibroid causes all except
    a.Menstrual irregularities
    c.Abdominal mass

    Answer (d) SHAW12e/280

    234. Maximum increase in cardiac output in a parturient female is seen in
    a.32 weeks
    b.36 weeks
    c.immediately after delivery
    d. postpartum

    Answer (c) DUTTA 5e/53

    235. Mc ovarian ca to undergo torsion
    b.benign cystic teratoma
    c. serous cystadenoma
    d. brenners tr

    Answer (b) SHAW12e/326

    236. Anti hormone used in infertility
    a) clomiphene citrate
    b) tamoxifene

    Answer (a) SHAW12e/242

    237.HPV associated with invasive ca cervix
    a. hpv 16
    b.hpv 18

    Answer a>b in that order as given in Harrison’s16e/1056

    238. In bishops score all are included except
    a.effacement of cervix
    b.dilatation of cervix
    c.station of head
    d.interischial diameter

    Answer (d) DUTTA 5e/560

    239.External cephalic version is CI in
    b.flexed breech

    Answer (C) DUTTA 5e/406

    240. technique to obtain sperms from testis for artificial insemination is

    Answer (A)

    241. Blood flow waveform in uterine arteries during contraction which predict IUGR
    a. diastolic notch
    b. diastolic flow reversal
    c. absent diastolic flow
    d.absent systolic flow

    Answer (C) DUTTA 5e/116

    242. Sterilization commonly performed at which site of fallopian tube

    Answer (c) DUTTA 5e/592(ch.35)

    243. OCPs are useful in all except
    a.Ca endometrium
    b.Ca breast
    c. Endometriosis

    Answer (b) SHAW12e/308 ; Harrison’s16e/2273

    244.Which IUCD last for 10 years
    b.Cu T 380 A
    c.multiload Cu250

    Answer (b) SHAW12e/174

    245. An ovarian cyst identified in the immediate post-partum period. time of surgery
    a.2 weeks
    b.6 weeks
    c.3 months

    Answer (d) DUTTA 5e/329

    246.Most common site of metastasis of choriocarcinoma

    Answer (B) shaw 12e/196

    247. MC type of persistent GTD is

    Answer (b).

    248. A patient presented unilateral progressive proptosis, increased on bending forward and compressible on auscultation, no bruit is heard,usg shows hyperechoic mass with acoustic shadow likely diagnosis
    a. AV malformation
    b. Orbital varix
    c. Neurofibromatosis
    d. Orbital encephalocele

    Answer (b)

    249.autosomal dominant disorder
    a.gyrate atrophy
    b.Best’s disease
    c.LMB Syndrome
    d.Bassen Kornzweig syndrome

    Answer (b) KANSKI 5e/494

    250.Mucopolysaccharide hyaluronic acid is present in
    a. Vitreous humour
    b. blood vessels

    Answer (a)KHORANA 3e/343 ;HARPER 27e/554

    251.Lamina cribrosa is not formed in:
    a. Morning Glory syndrome
    b. Nanophthalmia
    c. Colobama of retina
    d. Optic N. agenesis

    Answer (a)

    252.Cherry red spot seen in all except
    a) neiman pick d’se
    b) krabbe d’se
    c) multiple sulfatse defeciency
    d)GM1 gangliosidosis

    Answer (b) Harrison’s16e/2317

    253. Transport of Ascorbic acid to lens is done by:
    a.. Myoinositol
    b. Choline
    c. Taurine
    d. Na-K ATPase

    Answer (d)

    254. All of the following are responsible for blindness in childhood except
    A. Congenital Dacryoscystitis
    B. Glaucoma
    C. Malnutrition
    D. Ophthalmia neonatorum

    Answer (a) KHORANA 3e/358

    255.not seen in c/c papilledema
    a.collection of extracellular fluid
    b.disruption of neurofilaments
    c.stasis in axoplasmic transport

    Answer (a)

    256. Rhinolalia clausia not seen in
    a. allergic rhinitis
    b. cleft palate
    c. adenoids
    d.nasal polyposis

    Answer ( B)

    257. Indicator for csf leak in a case of rhinorrhea
    a. beta 2 tranferrin
    b. beta protein trace
    c.dye test
    d. CSF transthyretin

    Answer (a)

    258. best inv for temporal bone #
    a. ct
    b. mri
    c. x-ray

    Answer (a) HARRISON’S 16e/182

    259. Rhinophyma is
    a.hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands
    b. hyperplasia of sweat glands
    c.hyperplasia of endothelial cells

    Answer (a) HARRISON’S 16e/295

    260. First CN to get involved in acoustic neuroma
    a. 5
    b. 7
    c. 10
    d. 9

    Answer (a) HARRISON’S 16e/2456

    261. Trauma to the temporal bone with injury to VII nerve. which is true?
    a.Longitudinal #
    b. Transverse #
    c. always asso with CSF leak
    d. The paralysis of VII nerve is always complete

    Answer ( b) HARRISON’S 16e/2449

    262.commonest site for csf rhinorrhea is
    a ethmoid sinus
    b frontal sinus
    c petrous
    d sphenoid sinus

    Answer (a)

    263. Brown sign
    a.glomus tumour
    b. acoustic neuroma
    c. otosclerosis

    Answer (a).

    264. On BM examination a case of AL amyloid shows

    Answer (A)

    265.Which of the following tumors involves epiphysis
    a. Ewings sarcoma
    b. Osteosarcoma
    c. Osteoclastoma
    d. Chondromyxoid fibroma

    Answer (c)

    266. Nerve not involved in entrapment syndrome
    d.lateral cutaneous nerve

    Answer (a) HARRISON’S 16e/2500;2502(tb 363-1).

    267. A 7 yr old boy with x-ray features of codman triangle and sunray appearance most probably has
    d. Ewings tr

    Answer (c) HARRISON’S 16e/561

    a.compression fracture
    b.extension injury injury
    d. flexion injury

    Answer (a) MAHESHWARI 3e/149

    269. Most common force involved in fracture spine is
    a flexion
    b extension
    c rotation
    d compression

    Answer (a) MAHESHWARI 3e/144

    270.Bohlers angle measure gives refrence for

    Answer (a)

    271. Investigation not required in osteosarcoma.
    a. MRI femur
    b. bonemarrow bopsy
    c. CT chest
    d. bone scan

    Answer (b) MAHESHWARI 3e/219 plaster cast applied in # around
    a) shoulder
    b) hip
    c) pelvis

    Answer (d) INTERNET references

    273.pulsatile tumour seen in
    a.ewings sarcoma

    Answer (B) natarajan

    274. A 3 yr old child had eczematous dermatitis on extensor surfaces. His mother has a history of bronchial asthma. Diagnosis could be
    A. Atopic dermatitis
    B. Contact drmititis
    C. Seborrhic dermatitis
    D. Infantile eczematous dermatitis

    Answer (a) HARRISON’S 16e/288

    275. Tuberculide is seen in
    a.Lupus vulgaris
    c.lichen scrofulosorum
    d. tuberculosis verrucosis cutis

    Answer (C)

    276. Treatment of acute neuritis in borderline tuberculoid leprosy
    b.MDT+ steroid

    Answer (b) HARRISON’S 16e/968

    277. Pityriasis rosea true is
    A. Self limiting
    B. Chronic relapsing
    C. Life threatening infection
    D. Caused by dermatophytes

    Answer (A) HARRISON’S 16e/292

    278. Mycosis fungoides which is not true.
    A. It is the most common from of cutaneous lymphoma
    B. Pautriers microabcess
    C. Indolent course and easily amenable to treatment
    D. Erythroderma seen and spreads to peripheral circulation

    Answer (C) HARRISON’S 16e/653

    279.For eye surgery a patient was given propofol and scoline.Pt. complained of muscle pain after 2 hrs.This can be due to

    Answer (b) MILLER’S ANESTHESIA6e/491

    280.ICU patient on ventilator, on atracurium infusion, develops seizures after 2 days. MOST PROBABLE CAUSE..
    b. accumulation of laudonosine

    Answer (b) MILLER’S ANESTHESIA 6e/509

    281. Caudal block for infant which is C/I...
    a) remifentanil
    b) sufentanil
    c) morphine
    d) butorphanol

    Answer (A)

    282. Centrineuraxial block (spinal or epidural) Anaesthesia is contraindicated in all except
    a.Platelates <80,000
    b.Pt on asprin
    c.Pt on anticoagulants
    d.Pt on iv heparin

    Answer (b)

    283. Oxygen toxicity causes all except
    a.retinal blindness
    b.pulmonary edema
    c. increases cerebral blood flow
    d.oxygen will cause convulsions

    Answer (c)

    284.which is used to monitor respiration in neonate who has not been intubated
    a) capnography
    b) impedance pulmunometry
    c) nasal temperature
    d) body plethysmography

    Answer (b) miller’s anesthesia 6e/1468

    285. DOC for OCD
    b. Fluoxetine

    Answer (b) HARRISON’S 16e/2552

    286.Delusion is a disorder of

    Answer (a) AHUJA 4e/13

    287.A 3 year old child presented with normal developmental milestones except for speech. Child is unable to concentrate, not able to make friends doing his work likely diagnosis is
    a. Attention deficit disorder
    b. Autism
    c. Speech learning disability
    d. Specific learning disability

    Answer (b)

    288. Naltrexone is used in opiod addiction to
    A. To treat withdrawl symptoms
    B. To treat overdose of opiods
    C. Prevent relapse
    D. Has addiction potential

    Answer (c) HARRISON’S 16e/2569

    289.Commonest manifestation of alcohol withdrawal syndrome

    Answer (a) HARRISON’S 16e/2565

    290. Not included in Diagnosis of bipolar disorder
    a. Mania alone
    b. mania and depression
    c. Depression alone
    d. mania and anxiety

    Answer (c) HARRISON’S 16e/2556

    291.most common substance abuse in india

    Answer (C)

    292.Which waves not used for relief of deep seated pain?
    a.infra red
    b.micro wave
    c.short wave diathermy
    d.ultra sonic

    Answer (a)

    293. isotope used in radio isotope scanning?

    Answer (d) HARRISON’S 16e/2109

    294. Radio-contrast is contraindicated in all except
    a.renal failure
    b. patient on metformin

    Answer (d)

    295.All are True about raynauds phenomenon except
    a.good prognosis
    b.more common in females
    c.antinuclear antibody test is positive
    d. MCC is reynauds disease.

    Answer (c) HARRISON’S 16e/1489

    296.True Regarding thyroid lymphoma is a/e
    a. thyroid lymphomas are more common in elderly females
    b. respiratory difficulty cough, and dysphagia also can occur as presenting
    c. slow growing trs.
    d. during biopsy they are categorized as undifferentiated tumors


    297.False regarding IUCDs is that
    a. multiload is a third generation device
    b. the pregnancy rate of lippes loop & Cu T 200 are similar
    c. may be used for emergency contraception if within 5 days
    d. LNG releasing ones have an effective life span of 5 years

    Answer (a)

    298. caudal regression syndrome is a specific indicator for
    a. GDM

    Answer (a)

    299. False regarding AML M3 is that
    a. it is +ve for CD 34 & CD5
    b.ATRA is used in treatment
    c. associated with DIC
    d. t(15;17) is seen

    Answer (A)

    300. which of the following is not teratogenic
    a. heparin

    Answer (A)

    the question on proteoglycans was as follows--
    all r true abt proteoglycans except,,
    -- contains amino sugars
    -- contain small amounts of water
    -- form structural elements in connective tissue
    -- chondroitin sulphate is an example

    ans-- contains small amounts of water

    chondroitin sulphate is an eg of proteoglycans
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    :lol: agranulas endoplasmic reticulam is important for synthesis of
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