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    structures constituting pelvic diaphragm
    1. spincter urethra
    2. colles fascia

    . Lymphatic drainage of spongy part of urethra
    1. sup. inguinal lymphnode
    2. deep inguinal LN

    Necrotising cellulitis A/E

    1. surgical debridement is required
    2. inflammation of subcutaneous tissue
    3. seen in trunk, extremities and ?pelvis

    All differenciate CRVO from carotid artery Stenosis (Or occlusion) except
    1. dilated veins
    2. tortuosity of veins
    3. ?Ophthalmodynamometry
    4. retinal vessel blood pressure

    recurrent) papilloma of nasopharynx

    1. caused by HPV 6 and HPV 11
    2. HPV 6 more virulent
    3. can be acquired congenitally from d birth canal during delivery

    not correctly matched?
    leptospirosis urine
    tetanus droplets and dust
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    Topics asked in this exam are as follows

    1.Privileged Communication

    2. Fire Arm Injury Stellate wound

    3. Traumatic Asphyxia

    4. Road Traffic Accident

    5. Finger Prints

    All the Question could be answered from the 3rd Edition of "Review of Forensic Medicine" so one more time its a 100% Strike Rate!

    Lets see these topics in more detail:

    Privileged Communication:( Page No 257 from 3rd Edn of R o F M )
    • It is a statement communicated by a doctor to the concerned authority to protect the interest of the community of state.

    • Examples of privileged communication

    1. A syphilitic bath in a public pool
    2. Engine or bus driver found to be colour blind
    3. A person with infectious disease working as a cook.
    4. A doctor’s duty is to notify birth, death, and infectious disease to public health authority.

    • Exceptions to the General rule of Professional Secrecy is—“CIVIC SINâ€:

    1. C — Crime
    I — Infections Disease
    V — Veneral Disease
    I — Interest (Self)
    C — Courts of Law
    S — Servant and Employee
    I — Interest (Patients)
    N — Negligence suits/Notifiable diseases

    2. Wounds from shot-gun (Suggesting Range) Page No.66
    Shape of wound Distance

    1. Cruciate or Stellate shape ------Contact over bone
    2. Oval shape Upto 30 cm
    3. Rat hole wound 30-100 cm
    4. Satellite wound More than 2 metres
    5. Individual pellets Over 4 metres

    3. Traumatic Asphyxia ( Page no. 88 )
    • Traumatic asphyxia results from respiratory arrest due to mechanical fixation of the chest*, so that the normal movement of the chest wall are prevented.
    • Common cause is crushing by falls of earth in a coal mine or during tunnelling or in a building collapse
    • An intense cyanosis of deep purple or purple red colour of the head, neck and upper chest, above the level of compression is the prominent feature

    4. Pedestrians Injury ( Page 273 )

    1)Primaryimpact: These are caused when first part of the strikes the vehicle
    In the typical case, the victim is struck by the front of the vehicle and sustains so called bumper injury on legs
    2)Secondary impact injuries: These are injuries cause by further impact by the the vehicle

    3) Tertiary impact injuries (Secondary injuries) These are injuries caused when the victim striking objects such as the ground)

    5. Dactylography(Page 18 )

    Fingerprint system, Galton system, Dermatoglyphycs)
    • Most reliable* method of identification of a person.
    First Finger Print Bureau* was established at Writer’s Building, Calcutta* ,India
    • Fingerprints are impressions of pattern formed by the papillary ridges of the fingertips.
    • Fingerprints are classified primarily as
    1. Loops 67%(most common*)
    2. Arches
    3. Whorls
    4. Composite forms–1-2% (least common*)
    • Minimum no. of points to estd proof of identity is 8* (Supreme Court ruling*)
    • The patterns are not inherited.
    • The pattern is different even in identical twins. (Adolphe Quetelet’s Rule* of biological variation*)
    Categories of Finger Prints
    Latent Finger PrintsàBarely visible
    Plastic Finger PrintsàPrints made on soft surface(Soap, cheese etc)
    Visible Finger Printsà Stained with blood, greese etc

    • In leprosy and Charring fingerprints may be lost*

    Dr. Sumit Seth
    Author Review of forensic Medicine
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    Which of these is a set point which is framed for a long term plans, but yet something that can not be quantified/measured?
    a. Target
    b. Goal
    c. Objective
    d. Mission

    Which of these is an FDA approved indication for use of modafinil as an adjunct?
    a. Major depression and associated lethargy
    b. Narcolepsy
    c. Obstructive sleep apnea
    d. Shift work disorder

    About mesial temporal lobe epilepsy . True all except:
    a. Fornix involved
    b. Mamillary body involved
    c. Blurring og grey-white junction at temporal lobe

    Abrasions can be confused with:
    a. Flash burns
    b. Insect bite
    c. Eczema

    Which is true of person with (skin lesion description?) and neutrophilic infiltrate?
    a. Sweet syndrome

    Which is seen in intrinsic pathway?
    a. Factor XII
    b. Factor XI
    c. Factor II
    d. Factor VII

    Which of these is not a cell cycle non specific drug?
    a. Vinblastine
    b. Bleomycin
    c. Ifosfamide
    d. Cyclofosfamide

    Which of these is NOT a compound muscle?
    a. Pectinius
    b. Biceps femoris
    c. Flexor calpi ulnaris
    d. Flexor digitorum superficialis

    Myodesis is contraindicated in :
    a. Tumor
    b. Ischemia
    c. Children
    d. Trauma

    Which is not involved in early genesis of eye vessels (something like this was the question statement):
    a . IL 8
    b . FGF
    c. TGF-beta
    d. VEGF
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    1. atheletic pubalgia?
    hamstrings sprain
    rectus femoris sprain
    gluteus sprain
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    Traumatic asphyxia is not seen in strangulation. The cause of death is due to obstruction to the carotid blood flow and seldom due to obstruction of the airway, while airway obstruction can occur in any other condition mentioned like road traffic or railway accidents.
  6. aipg 09 que..subjectwise

    helo evryby i hav a few questions..dat i cud recall

    1 not a branch of spleenic art
    -a.pancreatica magna
    -short gastric a
    -hilar vessels
    -rt. gastroepiploic (ans)

    2.trochlear n. true a/e
    -longest intracranial course
    -emerges frm dorsal surface of brainstem
    -passes thru sup.orbital fissure out of da zonula of zinn

    3.sup. gluteal n suppplies all except
    -gl.maximus (ans)
    -tensor f.lata

    4.spongy urethra lymphatic drainage
    -deep inguinal(ans)

    5.anterior perforated substance lies lateral to
    -optic chiasma

    6.composite muscle
    -fl.carpi ulnaris
    -biceps femoris
    -fl.digitorum sprficialis

    7.middle sup. alveolar nerve is a branch of
    -palatine br. of mandibular n

    8.not a content of....
    -root of penis
    -dorsal n of penis

    9.not a part of...
    -deep transverse perinei
    -sphincter urethrae
    -colle's fascia
    -perineal membrane

    10.not a part of innervation of lacrimal gland
    -otic ganglion
    -auriculotemporal n
    -tympanic plexus

    11.gastrointstinal lyphoid tissue found in-
    -lamina propria

    12.smthng about connection btween brain n pharynx persisting aftr fetal ife...
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    maltase cross

    maltese cross in fluoroscence is seen in?

    1.cryptococcus neoformans
    2. candida albicans
    3. blastomycosis
    4. pencillium marfeni
  8. anatomy

    13. place where neural tube fuses first

    14. which muscle cm affected by absence

    15. bld sply 2 medulla all except
    -post inf cerebellar

    16. whch does nt undergo entrapment

    17. artery in anatomical snuff box
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    what r those kind of different stuffs like

    1. STEPS



    4.DSA Current WHO plan
  10. 1. ALL are cell cycle non specific EXCEPT: vincristine
    2. Cd4 – cytotoxic
    3. Lambart eaton syndrome -
    4. Maltese crosses – babesia.
    5. Goal
    6. Goal
    7. Who
    8. DMPA
    9. Non invasive diarrhoea

    10. Lap tubal ligation – laproscopy
    11. Ectopic pregnancy – mifepristone
    12. Chemoradiotherapy -
    13. Benign hypertension – hyaline
    14. Neovascularisation – il8/edgf
    15. Cd4 - hiv
    16. Standing to sitting change in: Venous Return

    17. Pasturella Multoceda: Animal

    18. Q Fever: aerosol
    19. Side effect of Immunosupressive: Nephrotoxicity

    20. HyperK: Insulin with Glucose (Ca Glu prevent heart into going to arrythmia but does not reduce the K level, but question ask what will decrease K fastess)

    21. Actyl Co A can't directly form: Glucose
    22. Tacrolimus - nephrotoxicity

    23. Dengue Hem: Second Infection with same virus
    Ades: Recurrent bite

    24. 20kilo dalton 30 kilo dalton: 2 20d, 2 30
    25. Probability: 3/5

    26. Water cleaning: recent infection with spore

    27. Renal Failure Cephalosporin: cefoperozone

    28. Lytic leasons: Paraproteins

    29. Hypercoagulable state:

    30. Osteo sarcoma which drug not used:

    31. Wilm's Tumor: option a. National Wilm tumor
    Action potential starts: Voltage gated Channels

    32. E157:eek:7 culture:

    33. Hb 8.0 MCV 68% pilot: thalesemia

    34. JRA: rheumatoid nodule
    35. Insulin – hypokalemia.
    36. Stess inconent
    37. Eclamsia –
    38. Pauci immune cresentric –

    39. Zenker's diverticulum: D. Barium
    40. mentoposterior
    41. Sickle syndrome.
    42. Small cell carcinoma – chemosensetive.

    43. Vocal Cord:
    44. Shunt vessels –

    45. Papillary Ca thyroid: total with Neck

    46. Follicular Ca thyoid: Invasion into vessel
    Papillar Ca

    47. non a cause of primary amen: SHeehan

    48. non invasive Diarrhoea: B cereus

    49. skin lesion:

    50. Scarreding alopesia: lupus

    51. Van villebrand disease after dental work

    52. Granuloma: sacrofulesium

    53. which is not responisble: 4 species given
    Chalmydia: asymptomatic is incorrect

    54. Salmonella non typhi :

    55. ate something then hives: Anaphylaxis

    56. C1 esterase deficiency: 2 question

    57. Hyper aldostoronism: metab acidosis is wrong

    58. Paraprotein
    Hyper coagulable state

    59. rick factor of thromboembolism

    60. Parvo B19: DNA and 10% infectivily is correct

    61. Colon cancer which gene not Option C

    62. Cystic Fibrosis: nsst
    63. Hemochromatosis
    64. Fatty content will not be founh on – galactocele etc

    65. HepB infected neonate: both Vaccine and Immunoglobin

    66. Lady with mens abnor+ visual difect: macro adenoma

    67. which one does not cause Carpel Tunnel ---- amyloidosis

    68. 29 year old man which is not type of DM : DMII

    69. Curve of heart O2 use: A. non dependent
    RBC sigmoid Curve: binding affinity difference

    70. Hashimonot's

    71. Alendronate

    72. which tumor won't cause Cushing's : RCC

    73. Diastolic pressure: Aorta elasticity

    74. 17 hydroxylase def

    75. Which one won't cause virilization: Acromegaly

    76. Intrinsic pathway: XII

    77. Apla

    78. Joint aspiration: Non Bifringent needle shaped crystals

    79. tumor marker stomach: s100

    80. RA question

    81. Preg Lupus question: Mtx

    82. Falciperum : Quinine

    83. fusion of neural tube: cephalic to

    84. Total Hip replacement question

    85. osteosarcoma durg not used

    86. Effective vaccine

    87. Screening Mammogram

    88. Kid hypovol first change: heart rate

    89. nonanion gap metab acidosis: Diar

    90. Milkman

    91. Clonazepam question

    92. Heat Ruputure: irreg

    93. Not a cause: heat

    94. Bhook kaise lagti hai except c

    95. Post long ligament: wrong reading by

    96. Otic ganglion block

    97. MI question Path finding

    [snip]. Tricus regur

    99. which one won't be there: pul edema

    100. Bleomycin in another question (apart from cell cycle specific)

    101. Pulmonary HTN is anwer

    102. Rupture of Aortic ane: post wall
    103. Alkalize Local: dealyed and longer action

    104. TTP question

    105. Nitrogly question

    106. won't be present: incrased PCWP

    107. HIV manifestation except

    108. HbS prevents: Malaria

    109. coomb's positive: hemolytic animia

    110. PNH: No sleepnomegaly

    111. Vit def question except:

    112. Entero Virus won't cause (Wish I had revised my step1 questions)

    113. Vestibulitis, meningitis: connection d

    114. cd4 cells aids

    115. pregnent patient drug

    116. Cresentric Paucimmune: HSP

    117. Small cell Ca

    Eaton Lambert: tensilon test wrong

    118. Triple Phosphate preteus infection

    119. Benign HTN: Aterioscelerosis

    120. Artery Not entrapped: Femoral

    121. Type2 pneumocyte destruction

    122. Ca: Laryngeal Ca HPV connection

    124. Modafil: Narcolepy (I abuse this drug to wake up, better than Amphetamines he he he)

    125. CAP Lac operon

    126. Micro RNA

    127. SNrup

    128. Headache
    Temporal Arteritis

    129. TSSS

    130. Necrotizing Fascititis

    131. HIV program: NOT STDs

    132. some very very weired ophtal question: CRV
    Diff between CRVO and CRAO: some weired technique

    133. Drug not to be given in Angle Closure Glaucoma: Fluphenazine anticolinergic effect

    134. Which ileostomy will cause hernia

    135. Best graft: PTFE

    136. Ca Gallbladder in USG appearance

    137. Art In Anat snuff box: Radial

    138. Absence of Muslce: G Medius, Soleus,

    139. Pop art not felt, no bony sturcture to palpate
    140. Fishy smell - gardenella

    141. Neurobalastoma
    142. Breast cancer – sq metaplasia, atypical hyperplasia
    143. Patterned abrasiions
    144. Cftr gene
    145. Rheumatoid factor false ppsitive
    146. Lactation – barrier method
    147. Anterior spinal l

    148. LHD increased in vit: Retinoblastoma

    149. Absorption test: Xylulose
    150. Blast - liver
    151. Intrinsic factor – parietal cell.

    152. Anal Cancer 2 Management questinos. 1 was repeated twice:
    153. Mission

    154. Graph Plot: Conti Bar Diagram

    155. Athelete Muscle pelvicitis something
    156. Thorasic outlet syndrome
    157. Obstructive azoospermia – normal fsh & lh
    158. Pcod
    159. Dysgerminoma marker
    160. Psammoma bodies not
    161. Vasomotor centre in
    162. Propyl thiouracil
    163. Hep c
    164. Asphyxia
    165. Apoptosis – mitochondia
    166. Oxygen metabolites
    167. Ageing – random mutation theory
    168. Gynosis – anenia.
    169. Synovial fluid
    170. Bleomycin
    171. Amifostine not protective
    172. Most radiosensetive – ewings
    173. Pseudosulcus of larynx
    174. Zenker diverticulum –
    175. Infant intravascular volume –
    176. Crude birth rate –
    177. HPV -
    178. Tuberous sclerosis –
    179. Totters triad –
    180. High tibial osteotomy –
    181. Colon ca – high fibre
    182. Gene in colon car – dna mismatch
    183. Reference male –
    184. Least dislocation - ankle
    185. Cin3 – hystrectomy
    186. Colon carcinoma prognosis
    187. Neuroblastoma -
    188. Listeria, legionella -
    189. Measels – most potent vaccine
    190. U v l effusion syndrome
    191. Von kossa calcium – osteoi
    192. Minimal chage – immunofluorence igG, C3
    193. Pancreatic transplamtation – glucose
    194. Strontium ranelete
    195. Karyotyping
    196. Hbs – stability
    197. Dysinfactant – eto, glutraldehyd, phenol
    198. Sleep regulation
    199. Muga
    200. Parvovirus –
    201. Temporal arteritis -
    202. Primary cutaneous disorder – reiter syn
    203. Reiter syndrome –
    204. Icd 10
    205. Sertoli cells – spermiogenesis.
    206. Bulb of penis – superficial p pouch
    207. IDEAS
    208. Not an appetite sppp
    209. Anhydrosis –
    210. Multiple myeloma – alkaline phosphatase.
    211. Rda –
    212. Hybrid muscles – fdd
    213. Enzymes oxidation –
    214. Chemoprophylaxix not used in –
    215. Imcei – tb
    216. Sweet syndrome.

    217. Finnish – nephrin
    218. Comet tail appearance
    219. Vitamin A defici
    220. Normal anion gap – diarrhoea.
    221. Angioneurotic edema –
    222. C1 estrase deficiency
    223. Valproate side effect –
    224. Angiotensin – vasodilatation.
    225. Zinc def
    226. NOT done for imaging of ovarian ca – mesentric
    227. Coomb positive hemolytic – sle
    228. Down syndrome – echocardiography.
    229. Tamoxifen – cancer in opposite breast
    230. HRT – diabetes
    231. Paneth cells - lysozyme
    232. Oxygen dissociation curve – positive cooperatively
    233. Chief cells –

    1 .on lying down true is
    -venous retrn increases immediately
    -increase cerebral bld flow

    2. cental chemoreceptors r sensitive to
    -low co2
    -high co2
    -low o2

    3. true aabout vasomotor centre
    -has fnctional asso wth cardiovagal fibres

    4. sertoli cells hav role in
    -testosterone prodctn
    -seminal fluid secretion

    5. bld flow 2 exercising muscle increases due to
    -increase arteries
    -local metabolites

    6. sleep cntrolld by
    -limbic system

    7. false bout renal physiology
    -DCT always gets hypotonic urine
    -glomerulus supplied by afferent arteries
    -GFR can b cntrolld by regulating lumen of aff n eff arteriole

    8. 2,3 DPG increase or decrease.....DUNNO xact que
    -chronic anemia
    -chronic hypoxia

    9.circadian rythm cntrolld by
    -suprachiasmatic nucleus

    10. gut bacteria cant digest

    11. hb curve is sigmoid coz
    -binding of 1 o2 atom increases binding affinity for next

    12.IF secreted by
    -parietal cells
    -cheif cells

    13. action potential starts at hilum coz
    -lowest threshold at hillock

    14. aorta maintains high press even during systole due to
    -elastic recoil

    15. true about shunt vessel

    16. parietal cells found in

    17. paneth cells...

    18. increase apetite all except
    -neuropeptide Y

    19. cyanosis not seen in severe anemia coz
    -a critical level of hb reqd..
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    SEPS is used for -
    1. Arteries
    2. Veins
    3. A-V fistula
    4. Lymphatics
    Ans. Veins (SEPS stands for Subfascial Endoscopic Perforator Surgery). No wonder, they used short forms, otherwise the answer is clear.. Its realy unfair.. :cry:
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    modanifil indiacated in?
    obstructive sleep apnea
    sleep shift disorder??
  14. kaif.

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    smoking causes all cancers except ?
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    The treatment of narcolepsy is symptomatic. Somnolence is treated with wake-promoting therapeutics. Modafinil is now the drug of choice, principally because it is associated with fewer side effects than older stimulants and has a long half-life; 200–400 mg is given as a single daily dose. .harrisons 17th edn page 178...
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    29 yr old man...which type of diabetes it cannot be
    i think ans is type 1 DM ...cos he was on OHA's for 3 yrs..if he was on OHA's for 3 yrs when he had TYPE 1 DM ,he wud've died due to DKA(as the name itself says IDDM!! )
    i had no doubts bout this 1...anyone with other lines of thought ?
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    cystic fibrosis....the except answer which i marked was the option which was like - "....Ca channel"
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    AIPGE 131 Questions

    1) ALL are cell cycle non specific EXCEPT: Bleomycin

    2) Standing to sitting change in: Venous Return

    3) Pasturella Multoceda: Animal

    4) Q Fever: Tick

    5) Side effect of Immunosupressive: Nephrotoxicity

    6) HyperK: Insulin with Glucose (Ca Glu prevent heart into going to arrythmia but does not reduce the K level, but question ask what will decrease K fastess)

    7) Actyl Co A can't directly form: Glucose

    8) Dengue Hem: Second Infection with same virus

    9) Ades: Recurrent bite

    10) 20kilo dalton 30 kilo dalton: -s-s- bond break

    11) Probability: 3/5

    12) Water cleaning: recent infection with spore

    13) Renal Failure Cephalosporin:

    14) Lytic leasons: Paraproteins

    15) Hypercoagulable state: Osteo sarcoma which drug not used:

    16) Wilm's Tumor: option a. National Wilm tumor

    17) Action potential starts: Voltage gated Channels

    18) E157:eek:7 culture: c

    19) Hb 8.0 MCV 68% pilot: Iron Def Anemia

    20) 2 Questions on Reiter's Diseas

    21) e JRA:

    22) Zenker's diverticulum: D. Barium

    23) Vocal Cord:

    24) Papillary Ca thyroid: total with Neck

    25) Follicular Ca thyoid: Invasion into vessel

    26) Papillar Ca

    27) non a cause of primary amen: SHeehan

    28) non invasive Diarrhoea: B cereus

    29) skin lesion:

    30) Scarreding alopesia:

    31) Van villebrand disease after dental work

    32) Granuloma: sacrofulesium

    33) which is not responisble: 4 species given

    34) Chalmydia: asymptomatic is incorrect

    35) Salmonella non typhi :

    36) ate something then hives: Anaphylaxis

    37) C1 esterase deficiency: 2 question

    38) Hyper aldostoronism: metab acidosis is wrong

    39) Paraprotein Hyper coagulable state

    40) rick factor of thromboembolism

    41) Parvo B19: DNA and 10% infectivily is correct

    42) Colon cancer which gene not Option C

    43) Cystic Fibrosis: Delta F508

    44) Hemochromatosis

    45) HepB infected neonate: both Vaccine and Immunoglobin

    46) Lady with mens abnor+ visual difect: macro adenoma

    47) which one does not cause Carpel Tunnel

    48) 29 year old man which is not type of DM : DMII

    49) Curve of heart O2 use: A. non dependent

    50) RBC sigmoid Curve: binding affinity difference

    51) Hashimonot's

    52) Alendronate

    53) which tumor won't cause Cushing's : RCC

    54) Diastolic pressure: Aorta elasticity

    55) 17 hydroxylase def

    56) Which one won't cause virilization: Acromegaly

    57) Intrinsic pathway: XII

    58) Apla

    59) Joint aspiration: Non Bifringent needle shaped crystals

    60) tumor marker stomach: s100

    61) RA question

    62) Preg Lupus question: Mtx

    63) Falciperum : Quinine

    64) fusion of neural tube: cephalic to

    65) Total Hip replacement question

    66) osteosarcoma durg not used

    67) Effective vaccine

    68) Screening Mammogram

    69) Kid hypovol first change: heart r

    70) ate nonanion gap metab acidosis: Diar

    71) Milkman Clonazepam question

    72) Heat Ruputure: irreg

    73) Not a cause: heat

    74) Bhook kaise lagti hai except c

    75) Post long ligament: wrong reading by

    76) Otic ganglion block

    77) MI question Path finding

    78) Tricus regur

    79) which one won't be there: pul edema

    80) Bleomycin in another question (apart from cell cycle specific)

    81) Pulmonary HTN is anwer

    82) Rupture of Aortic ane: post wall (by mistake I answered into peritoniums silly me)

    83) Alkalize Local: dealyed and longer action

    84) TTP question

    85) Nitrogly question

    86) won't be present: incrased PCWP

    87) HIV manifestation except

    88) HbS prevents: Malaria

    89) coomb's positive: hemolytic animia

    90) PNH: No sleepnomegaly

    91) Vit def question except

    92) Entero Virus won't cause (Wish I had revised my step1 questions)

    93) Vestibulitis, meningitis: connection d

    94) cd4 cells aids

    95) pregnent patient drug

    96) Toxoplasmosis

    97) Cresentric Paucimmune: HSP

    98) Small cell Ca

    99) Eaton Lambert: tensilon test wrong

    100) HomoCystein

    101) Triple Phosphate preteus infection

    102) Benign HTN: Aterioscelerosis

    103) Artery Not entrapped: Femoral

    104) Type2 pneumocyte destruction

    105) Ca: Laryngeal Ca HPV connection

    106) Modafil: Narcolepy (I abuse this drug to wake up, better than Amphetamines he he

    107) he) CAP Lac operon

    108) Micro RNA

    109) SNrup

    110) Headache

    111) Temporal Arteritis

    112) TSSS

    113) Necrotizing Fascititis

    114) HIV program: NOT STDs

    115) some very very weired ophtal question: CRV

    116) Diff between CRVO and CRAO: some weired technique

    117) Drug not to be given in Angle Closure Glaucoma: Fluphenazine
    anticolinergic effect

    118) Which ileostomy will cause hernia

    119) Best graft: PTFE

    120) Ca Gallbladder in USG appearance

    121) Art In Anat snuff box: Radial

    122) Absence of Muslce: G Medius, Soleus

    123) Pop art not felt, no bony sturcture to palpate

    124) Neurobalastoma

    125) LHD increased in vit: Retinoblastoma

    126) Absorption test: Xylulose

    127) Anal Cancer

    128) 2 Management questinos. 1 was repeated twice: Mission

    129) Graph Plot: Conti Bar Diagram

    130) Athelete Muscle pelvicitis ?

    131) mc cause of superficial thrombophl
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    friends, i must admit i used to frequent this website quiet often.... and go through the posts which u submit.... its time i return back the credits.... i was able to recall 274 questions, which i am going to post next.... do help me complete the 300 mark!
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    also took the help of the posts already mentioned.... thanx
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    dr. gill Guest

    blunt trauma abd. bp100/80 . what will you do . ANS. iv fluids and cross match

    blast most sensitive viscera ANS gas filled viscera eg intestine

    aging is caused by CHOICES collagen cross linkages broken etc etc

    Milkmans fracture ANS is a pseudo#

    one spm question [WHICH WAS REPEATED] what do you call the goals of a project
    a. goal , b. target , c. etc etc
  22. jta

    jta Guest

    1. Proteus – triple phosphate renal stone
    2. Appetite stimulant a/e – melanocyte stimulating hormone, melanocyte corticotropic releasing hormone, neuropeptide Y
    3. non invasive diarrhoea a/e – shigella, b.cereus, salmonella, y.enterocolitica
    4. closely related to anterior commisure – orbit gyrus, uncus, optic chiasma
    5. Probability – 6/25, 3/5, 2/5
    6. IDEAS –
    7. Hernia – loop/end colostomy, loop/end ileostomy
    8. Anatomical snuff box – radial a, brachial a, interroseus a, ulnar a
    9. Foreign body sensation in the eye, arthritis – tb, sarcoidosis
    10. Immediately after eating dyspneoa, cyanosis – allergy
    11. Lupus anticoagulant – increase in aPTT only, abortion in pregnant females, can occur without other signs of lupus
    12. Milkman # - pseudo#
    13. Punched out lesion in skull – electrophoresis, calcium, alp
    14. Least polar – methyl, carboxyl, amino, phosphate
    15. Nerve entrapment all except – femoral, lat cut n of thigh, tibial, common digital
    16. Mammography less sensitive in young women – less gland & more fat
    17. Medulla blood supply all except – ant spinal, bulbar, basal, post cerebellar a
    18. Trochlear n – ipsilateral sup oblique, longest intracranial n, dorsal n, outside annulus of zinn
    19. Vasomotor centre of medulla – only baroreceptor not chemoreceptor
    20. Chronic low back pain – pain management, exercise, remove the etiology
    21. Pauci immune glomerulonephritis – microangiopathic, alport, sle
    22. Coombs positive anaemia – sle, ttp
    23. juxta foveal telangiectasia a/e – variant of coats, macular telangiectasia,
    24. diabetic retinopathy treatment a/e – seal the tear, remove peripheral retinal layers, vitrectomy, photocoagulation
    25. narrow angle glaucoma avoid – duloxetine, citalopram, fluphenazine,
    26. valproate causes a/e – weight gain, alopecia, liver damage,
    27. uveal effusion a/e – myopia, abnormal scleral structure, scleritis, cilio-choroid can get separated
    28. nitrosamine – hypotension and bradycardia
    29. paravertebral block can go to a/e – epidural space, subarachnoid space, paravertebral space, intercostals space
    30. neuroblastoma – most common extracranial solid tumour in children, >50% come with mets, lung mets common, invove aorta and branches at early stage.
    31. monetary fund given to – schizophrenia, dementia, mental retardation
    32. normal curve – mean=sd, mean=median, mean=variance
    33. frequency distribution – histogram
    34. involvement of sweat gland and hair follicles – lichen scrofulosum, military tb
    35. all are direct cutaneous disease except – psoriasis, reiter’s disease, lichen planus
    36. scarring alopecia – t.capitis, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, lichen planus
    37. adrenal adenoma a/e – hypoechoic on non contrast ct, contrast appears early and washes out late, regular border
    38. casper dictum –
    39. stellate wound – 2 feet distance, distant shot, contact wound, close range
    40. pedestrian with multiple abrasions – primary impact, sec impact, tert impact.
    41. para 3+0,CIN 3 in one quadrant on pap smear, what is the management – cryosurgery,
    conisation, hysterectomy
    42. thyroid papillary ca 2cm – near total with rnd, hemithyroidectomy
    43. follicular adenoma vs carcinoma – hurthle cell, increased mitosis, vascular invasion
    44. sertoli cells – meiosis, spermatogenesis, seminal fluid, testosterone
    45. obstructive azoospermia – fsh and lh
    46. smoking assoc with a/e – ca larynx, nasopharynx, bladder, oesophagus
    47. latest WHO scale of disability – ideas
    48. SEPS –
    49. commonest organ to be injured in bomb blast – lung
    50. causes pf hypercoagulability a/e – paraproteinemia, infections, inflammatory bowel disease
    51. features of pnh – DVT, massive splenomegaly,
    52. thromboembolism assoc with a/e – pnh, diabetes
    53. cannot be defined in operational terms – mission, goal, objective, target
    54. cannot be defined in operational terms – mission, goal, objective, target
    55. leptospirosis a/e – treatment of choice iv penicillin g, 10-15% mortality, rat urine
    56. all true except – leptospirosis rat urine, tetanus dust droplets, listeria refridgerated food
    57. all true except – hypochlorite virucidal, glutaraldehyde sporicidal, phenol require organic material
    58. all true except – zinc def pulmonary problems, milk alkali synd hypercalcemia, selenium def cardiac problem
    59. precocious puberty boy 5years with pubic hair, bp 120/90 – 11b hydroxylase, deoxycorticosterone, 17 a hydroxylase, aldosterone
    60. positive urinary anion gap – alcoholoic ketoacidosis, diabetic ketoacidosis, glue, diarrhoea
    61. water sample estimation a/e – clostridium recent contamination
    62. nutritional survey a/e – 1 to 4 year mortality, babies < 2.5 kg, mother hb < 11.5
    63. q fever vector – aerosol
    64. crude birth rate a/e – ratio, fertility indicator, still born excluded
    65. imci includes a/e – malaria, resp infections, diarrhoea, tb
    66. trauma patient with gcs score 15, bp 100/80 next step – iv fluid with blood for cross matching, immediate transfusion, take him to theatre immediately
    67. ductal carcinoma in situ best investigation – usg, mammography, mri, pet
    68. calcification of post spinal ligament a/e – begins from thoracic level
    69. neural tube closes from – cranial, caudal, lumbar
    70. chronic renal failure patient with hyperkalemia immediate treatment before dialysis to reduce potassium levels – calcium gluconate, sod bicarbonate, glucose with insulin
    71. after starvation which site will have max glucose receptor – brain, rbc, adipose tissue
    72. lipoprotein lipase a/e – adipocytes, myocytes, does not need CII as cofactor
    73. child bites his fingers – hgprtase def, adenosine deaminase def
    74. after cutting with restriction enzymes segments joined by – dna ligase, polymerase
    75. colon carcinoma a/e – mismatch repair genes, k ras, b cantenin, apc
    76. comet tail artefact – adenomyomatosis
    77. aedes mosquito a/e - constant biters, eggs cannot survive more than one week without water, transmit dengue,
    78. dengue hmgic fever a/e – type 1 serotype, reinfection with the same serotype, reinfection with diff serotype
    79. hiv maximum transmission – homosexual, heterosexual, blood transfusion, needle prick
    80. hiv enters via – cd4, cd5, cd6, cd 56
    81. GIST which is increased max – cd 117, s 100
    82. pancreatic transplant with bladder catheter – urine amylase, blood amylase, blood glucose
    83. 29 yrs with diabetes, no ketonuria, father does not have dm, grandfather has dm – mody, dm1, dm 2
    84. RCC a/e – polycythemia, cushings, hypertension
    85. angiotensin a/e – vasodilatation, increases thirst, stimulates adh
    86. renal physiology a/e – dct is always hypoosmotic, source of blood to glomerulus? afferent tubule, efferent tubule
    87. reversible ischaemia – muga, thallium
    88. maltese cross – blastomycosis, penicillium, candida
    89. deep perineal pouch a/e – bulbourethral gland, urethral sphincter, root of penis
    90. pelvic diaphragm a/e - colles fascia, deep transverse perinii, superficial transverse perinii
    91. aortic aneurysm rupture – anterior, posterior, lateral, intraperitoneal
    92. m.c. site of subclavian artery constriction – 1st part, 2nd, 3rd, entire artery
    93. arteriovenous shunt a/e – found in all organs, thermoregulation, not under the control of ANS
    94. pseudomonas multocida - ?
    95. mifepristone used in – threatened abortion, fibroid, ectopic pregnancy
    96. lactating female best contraceptive – barrier method, lactational amenorrhoea
    97. laproscopic sterilisation not done in – heart disease, hiatus hernia
    98. incontinenti pigmenti – 100% ophthalmic problems, x linked dominant, skin rash, associated with eye problems
    99. neurofibromatosis a/e – autosomal recessive
    100. trotters triad – deafness, palatal palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, seizures
    101. tuberous sclerosis triad – facial angiomatosis, mental retardation, seizures, rhabdomyosarcoma
    102. the following species of borrelia cause relapsing fever except –
    103. pancreatic carcinoma a/e – 75% associated with p53 mutation, 5 year survival for stage 3 is 10-15%
    104. gold standard test to diagnose insulinoma – c peptide levels, 72 hrs fasting glucose, glucose value < 32mg%
    105. a 9 year old girl posted for tonsillectomy, massive haemorrhage with prolonged aPTT and normal PT – factor 8 def, factor 9 def, vWF def
    106. simple random sampling – everyone has equal chance of being picked
    107. incidence rate can be calculated from – prospective studies
    108. all are analytical studies except – field trials, case control, cohort, ecological
    109. baby clinic a/e – baby 24hrs with mother, after normal delivery breast feeding within 4 hrs,
    110. target strategy in aids a/e – education, treatment of STD, antiretroviral treatment, condoms
    111. chemoprophylaxis available for all except – meningitis, typhoid, cholera,
    112. vaccine with highest efficacy – measles, dpt, oral typhoid, tetanus
    113. the following vaccine when contaminated causes toxic shock syndrome – measles vaccine
    114. the following contractions of esophagus are stationary – primary, secondary, tertiary, quarternary
    115. late expanding phase of population – birth rate stationary death rate falling, birth rate lower than death rate, falling death rates with low birth rate
    116. fish odour from vaginal discharge – gardenella vaginalis, trichomonas vaginalis, candida
    117. all the following are composite muscles except – flexor carpi ulnaris, flexor digitorum profundus, pectineus, biceps femoris
    118. the following joint has least chances for recurrent dislocation – ankle, hip, shoulder, knee
    119. hemochromatosis a/e – phlebotomy is not useful, common in females, complete penetrance.
    120. a young female had following lab values mcv 70, hb 10 mg%, serum iron 60, serum ferritin 100, the diagnosis is – thalassemia trait, chroinic iron deficiency anaemia, megaloblastic anaemia, folic acid def
    121. facilitated diffusion is – requires carrier transport, does not depend upon electrical gradient, is a form of active transport, requires creatine phosphate
    122. oxygen demand of heart – increases in a constant proportion with heart rate, depends on systolic work, is negligible when heart is at rest
    123. pulsatile large liver is seen in – tricuspid regurgitation, aortic aneurysm, mitral regurgitation
    124. systolic thrill in left 2nd or 3rd intercostal space is seen in a/e – subpulmonic vsd, pink TOF, ebsteins anomaly
    125. a down syndrome patient is posted for surgery, the necessary pre-op investigation to be done is – echocardiography, ct brain, x ray cervical spine
    126. zenkers diverticulum true statement is – lies above the cricopharyngeus muscle, barium xray lateral view, it is not a true diverticulum, is congenital
    127. all are the uses of lithium except – major depression, anxiety, vascular headache, neutropenia
    128. a female child was brought with complaint of generalised swelling of her body. She was passing fatty cast in her urine. No haematuria. The true statement is – no IgG or C3 deposition seen on renal biopsy, her C3 levels could be low, she is suffering from a nephritic type of kidney diasease, alport syndrome
    129. von hippel landau syndrome consists of a/e – gastric cancer, renal cell carcinoma, phaechromocytoma, cerebral and retinal haemangiomas.
    130. finnish type of nephrotic syndrome is due to mutation in – nephrin, podocin
    131. renal polycystic disease in children all are true except – autosomal dominant, renal and hepatic cysts
    132. splicing is brought about by – sn RNA, m RNA
    133. superior middle alveolar artery is a branch of –
    134. splenic artery gives all the following branches except – gastro epiploic, short gastric, pancreatica magna
    135. chemotherapy is given to all the following cancers except – (various stages of different cancers were in the options)
    136. triple assessment of cancer breast includes – history, clinical examination, biopsy
    137. necrotising fasciitis a/e – due to group b haemolytic streptococcus, debridement is mandatory, involves trunk and lower limbs
    138. the following cephalosporin doesn’t need dose modifications depending on gfr values – cefoperazone
    139. tacrolimus side effect – nephrotoxicity, neurotoxicity
    140. hand foot and mouth syndrome – capecitabine, carboplatin, cisplatin
    141. amifostine – salivary gland, skin, GIT, brain
    142. small cell lung cancer true statement – it is chemosensitive, does not involve the bone marrow
    143. ifosphamide is – an alkylating agent
    144. liquefactive necrosis is seen in – gangrene, tuberculosis
    145. reduces bone resorption and increases bone formation – teraparatide, strontium, alendronate, calcitonin
    146. the nephrotoxicity of cisplatin is increased by a/e – rifampicin, vancomycin, gentamycin,
    147. treatment of severe falciparum malaria – quinine, chloroquine, artesunate, artemether
    148. hepatitis C true statement is – most common cause for liver transplantation, does not cause liver cancer, dna virus, cannot infect a person already infected with hepatitis B
    149. parvo virus B 19 false statement is – can cross the placenta in only <10% cases, dna virus, causes anaemia
    150. all cause traumatic asphyxia except – railway accident, road accident, trampled by crowd, accidental strangulation.
    151. true statement of RDA - RDA is defined statistically as 2 standard deviations (SD) above the EAR to ensure that the needs of most individuals are met
    152. restless leg syndrome seen in – chronic renal disease, hyperkalemia, hypocalcemia
    153. cyanosis does not occur in anaemia because – certain amount of reduced hb has to be present, in anaemia oxygen saturation increases
    154. 2,3 disphosphoglycerate not increased in - chronic anaemia, chronic hypoxia, inosine, hypoxanthine
    155. hb dissociation curve is sigmoid because – binding of oxygen to one molecule of hb increases the affinity of other oxygen molecules
    156. modafinil used in – obstructive sleep apnoea
    157. best non surgical treatment of stress incontinence – pelvic floor muscle training, bladder training, electrical stimulation
    158. carpal tunnel syndrome caused by a/e – hyperthyroidism, acromegaly, diabetes, cushing
    159. a lady with temporal field defects, galactorrhoea, most common cause – pituitary macroadenoma, craniopharyngioma
    160. sleep controlled by – thalamus, hypothalamus
    161. juvenile arthritis all are present except – rheumatoid nodules, uveitis, fever
    162. bleomycin – reduces type 1 pneumocyte, reduces type 2 pneumocyte, reduces alveolar macrophage
    163. hepatomegaly is caused by all except – gaucher, niemann pick, hepatocyte porphyria
    164. cancer larynx – HPV 6 and HPV 11
    165. limb defects with scarring of skin in new born – varicella virus
    166. mitomycin C used in –
    167. cell cycle specific antineoplastic drug – vinblastine
    168. treatment of osteosarcoma are a/e – high dose methotrexate,….
    169. in subclinical folic acid deficiency the following drug will bring about vitamin B 12 deficiency
    170. the following drug can be given safe in pregnancy - propylthiouracil
    171. rapid correction of hyperglycemia using insulin alone will result in – hypokalemia
    172. icd 10 includes all except – lack of exercise, alcoholism, poisoning, unhealthy food.
    173. cheif cells are found in – neck, pit, fundus
    174. risk factor 4 GB Ca a/e – >5mm polyp, stones, increase in size of polyp
    175. motorcyclist's fructure means – ring #, comminuted #, separation of suture b/w anterior half and posterior half of skull.
    176. spastic paraplegia caused by all except – motor neuron disease, vit B 12 def
    177. all are true about eaton lambert syndrome except – positive tensilon test.
    178. pain insensitive structure – dural venous sinus.
    179. icd….
    180. cystic fibrosis all are true except – defect in calcium channel
    181. girl with abnormal sweat chloride test, next diagnostic test – transnasal potential difference
    182. Rheumatoid factor will give false negative tests with – coombs test….
    183. abrasions can be confused with – eczema, chemical, ant bite
    184. newborn with hydrocephalous – toxoplasmosis
    185. Disease which permanently alters finger print – leprosy
    186. vaginal delivery allowed in all except - monochorionic monoamniotic twins, first twin cephalic and second breech, extended breech, mento anterior
    187. dysgerminoma marker – LDH
    188. Rate of mineralisation of newly formed osteoid – von kossa stain, alizarin stain
    189. sympathectomy done in all except – anhidrosis, intermittent claudication
    190. intermittent claudication the pain is on taking - 1st step, last step, on exercise
    191. chronic limb ischaemia true is – rest pain, pain on exercise
    192. best graft for surgery below inguinal is –
    193. superior gluteal nerve supplies all except – gluteus maximus
    194. carotid artery emboli and CRVO are differentiated by – raised retinal artery pressure
    195. intrinsic factor secreted by - chief cells, parietal cells
    196. priviliged converstaion is between – doctor and court, doctor and patient
    197. myodesis is c/i in
    198. which factor is specifically a part of intrinsic clotting pathway – 9, 7, 13
    199. Seen in acute inflammation classically – vasodilatation with leakage, vasoconstriction
    200. 45 year old male had a chest pain. he died after 4 days. on postmortem intramural coagulation was found. this is – neutrophils, granulation tissue formation, granulomatous reaction, scar
    201. mammography can detect all except – adenosis
    202. Athletes pubalgia is\
    203. SIRS includes all except
    204. substance not fermented in human intestines – cellulose, pectin, fruit
    205. Hb S differs in – solubility, o2 affinity, stability
    206. all are true regarding Hb S except – glutamine replaced by valine, heterozygotes are protected against malaria,
    207. Standing to sitting change in - increased venous return to heart
    208. Actyl Co A can't directly form – Glucose
    209. Dengue Hemorrhagic fever - Second Infection with different strain of virus the second time
    210. 100 KD on SDS-PAGE, then second trial – 2x(20KD + 30KD)
    211. Wilm's Tumor - National Wilm tumor staging system
    212. Action potential starts in the initial segment of axon because – unmyelinated, less exiting potential required, more ion channels
    213. regulatory mechanisms by all except – secretory vesicles, gap junctions, act on neighbouring cells
    214. regarding lac operon, CAP is – positive regulator, negative regulator,
    215. E157:O7 culture
    216. not a cause of primary amenorrhoea - Sheehan
    217. Chlamydia infection of the eyes, true statement a/e – can be cultured, penicillin is the treatment, mostly asymptomoatic
    218. Salmonella non typhi -
    219. edema – C 1 esterase deficiency
    220. hyperaldosteronism a/e – metabolic acidosis
    221. HepB infected neonate - both Vaccine and Immunoglobin
    222. Hashimoto's thyroiditis true a/e – follicular destruction, increase in lymphocytes
    223. Diastolic pressure - Aorta elasticity
    224. IMG –
    225. Joint aspiration in acute gout shows - monosodium urate crystals
    226. GIST most common marker – CD 117, S 100
    227. all drugs can be given to a mother who is on 35th week of gestation except – chloroquine, methotrexate, sulphadiazine
    228. neonate change seen – bradycardia
    229. heat rupture – regular rupture, irregular rupture
    230. won't be present in right heart failure - increased PCWP
    231. - joule burn
    232. parotid pathway all except – auticulotemporal nerve
    233. sodium bicarbonate given to local anaesthesia – quick and longer action, delayed and longer action
    234. which prevents colon cancer – high fibre diet, selenium, antioxidants
    235. Entero Virus won't cause – aseptic meningitis, pleurodynia, herpangina, haemorrhagic fever
    236. meningitis leads to vestibulitis through – hyrtle fissure, endolymphatic sac, cochlear aqueduct, vestibular aqueduct
    237. cardiac disease predictor – Lp a, homocysteine, chlamydial antibody
    238. Benign HTN - hyaline aterioscelerosis
    239. micro RNA –
    240. temporal arteritis a/e – can cause sudden blindness, elderly, females more than males
    241. most common muscle to be congenitally absent – pectoralis major, teres minor, gastrocnemius, soleus
    242. popliteal artery not easy to palpate because – it is not superficial, and no bony structure to palpate
    243. LHD increased in – retinoblastoma, galactosemia, glaucoma
    244. intestinal absorption test – xylulose, fat in stools
    245. lambda phage
    246. mc cause of superficial thrombophlebitis - trauma, infection, i.v. line
    247. pseudoclaudication - cauda equina syndrome
    248. stellate ganglion block causes all except – bradycardia
    249. lymphoid tissue seen in – lamina propria, adventitia
    250. visual cycle – opsin combines with retinol, NADP is reduced, NAD is reduced
    251. high tibial osteotomy for what
    252. vocal cord sulci- vocal abuse?
    253. paneth cell – has more zinc, more lysozyme
    254. pulmonary artery pruning seen in
    255. surgical staging of ovarian ca all done except – peritoneal wasing, peritoneal biopsy, mesenteric biopsy, palpation of organs
    256. spongy urethra drainage into which node – internal iliac, superficial inguinal, deep inguinal
    257. In which condition is d onset of condition to death the lowest – post partum hmge, antepartum hmge, obstructed labour, septicaemia
    258. About mesial temporal lobe epilepsy
    259. angiogenesis requires a/e – VEGF, FGF, TGF
    260. weight of average Indian man – 60 kgs
    261. synovial fluid characteristics –
    262. functions of T helper cells are all except – cytotoxic, help in antibody formation, opsonisation
    263. DMPA - 0.3% failure rate, less effective than OCP in reducing endometrial carcinoma
    264. tamoxifen side effect – thromboembolism, endometrial canrcinoma
    265. eclampsia –
    266. fatty content in breast is found in a/e – trauma, galactocele
    267. ageing – free radical
    268. thoracic outlet syndrome diagnosed by – clinical examination, ct scan, mri
    269. apoptosis which cell organelle responsible – mitochondria
    270. psammoma bodies seen in a/e – follicular cancer thyroid, papillary cancer thyroid, serous cyst adenoma ovary, meningioma
    271. the most bactericidal among the following – O2- metabolite
    272. karyotyping used for – chromosomal abnormalities
    273. central chemoreceptors are sensitive to – low O2, low CO2, high CO2, H+ concentration
    274. blood flow is increased during exercise due to – active metabolites produced
  23. Dr. Pritish

    Dr. Pritish Guest


    *CD marker for Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumours - CD 117

    *In an explosion, most commonly involved organ - Lungs (primary blast injuries- in air filled organs like lungs,ear- TM)
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    it was coagulative not liquifactive necrosis
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    275 hcv -true is dna virus,doesn't cause coinfection with hbv,??
    276 igc angiography -occult cnv (ans)
    277 scar on skin +hypoplasia limbs-cong varicella synd(harrison)
    278 heriditary hemochromatosis true excpt-iron def
    279 post tonsilectomy bleed in a child coagulatn defct ,aptt incrased-hemophilia b
    280 clot stabilisation factor-13
    281 idc classification??
    282 similar
    283hiv complicationsall excpt-cardiac tamponade,effusion,thromboemb(ans harrison),
    284 conjunti foreign body sensation with arthritis h/o trip -reiters synd
    285 neuroblastoma true is a/e??spreads through vessels,abdominal mass??
    286 one more question with ideas
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    289 dose reduction needed in renal failure all except-rifampicin
    290 thyroid ca indicated by all excpt-collumnar cells in follicles,microcalcification,??
    291 rooooming in includes all except-breast feeding initiation after 4 hrs of vag delivery(ans)
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    please start ans with relavent references in the order of listed numbers .
  28. dr sudhanshu

    dr sudhanshu Guest

    Which is not a traumatic asphyxial injury-a.Road accident b.Railway accident c.Accidental strangulation d.Stampede. What is ans?

    ans. accidental strangulation is not traumatic asphyxia

    paedestrian has severe abrsion injury mark on body when he is found road side.Which injury? A.Primary impact injury b.Sec.Impact injury c.Tertiary impact injury d.?

    drug safe n renal compromise-2 ques ans-rifampicin and cefaperazone
  29. dr sudhanshu

    dr sudhanshu Guest

    drug safe n renal compromise-2 ques ans-rifampicin and cefaperazone
  30. dr. gill

    dr. gill Guest

    in the question of blunt trauma abdhb something 9 and bp 100/80 . we will give iv fluids and send blood for cross match . as we operate only if the patient is going into shock inspite of iv fluids or having signs of peritonitis
  31. dr. gill

    dr. gill Guest

    There are three phases of impact for a standing adult who is struck by the front of a passenger car:
    Primary impact results in injuries to the pelvis and lower extremities from contact with the bumper, grill, and leading edge of the hood.
    Secondary impact results in injuries to the head and torso from contact with the hood, A-pillar, and windshield.
    Tertiary impact results in injuries to the head and torso from contact with the ground or other fixed objects

    so answer was tertiary

    aptt is a measure of intrinsic pathway factors 12 , 11 ,9 ,8
    exrrinsic pathway factors 7
    common 10 , 2 , 1

    it was integrated maternal and child health [covers last trimester preg and babies upto 5 yrs] it says breast feeding to start within half hour of nvd and 4 hrs of c sec.

    menst abnormalities and bitemporal hemianopea? is macroadenoma of pituitary

    there was a question about when are ocps safe . and one about dvt
  32. prapti

    prapti Guest

    colon cancer prevention wich is useful??
    ans: dietary fibre
  33. prapti

    prapti Guest

  34. prapti

    prapti Guest

  35. prapti

    prapti Guest

  36. prapti

    prapti Guest

  37. prapti

    prapti Guest

    IMCI INCLUDES A/E..............................CHILDHOOD TB
  38. prapti

    prapti Guest

  39. prapti

    prapti Guest

  40. prapti

    prapti Guest

  41. prapti

    prapti Guest

    ATHLETIC PUBALGIA DUE TO...........................ABDOMINIS MUSCLE......strange but dats true
  42. prapti

    prapti Guest

    INTRINSIC FACTOR OF CASTLE............................ PARIETAL CELLS
  43. prapti

    prapti Guest

  44. prapti

    prapti Guest

    PANETH CELL TRUE IS...................RICH IN ZINC
  45. prapti

    prapti Guest

    IT WAS NOT ARTERY.....................IM CORRECTIN IT.....
    MIDDLE SUPERIOR ALVEOLAR NERVE is a branch of................................INFRAORBITAL NERVE
  46. prapti

    prapti Guest

    AGEING IS DUE TO................. FREE RADICALS
  47. prapti

    prapti Guest

  48. prapti

    prapti Guest

  49. prapti

    prapti Guest

  50. prapti

    prapti Guest


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