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    1) INSULIN LEVEL.....
    2) SOME INSULIN LEVEL VALUE.....dnt remembr
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    1) ALVEOLAR DAMAGE........
    pls tell me d answer....
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    1.which does nt involve oxid red reac?
    2)epitheloid granulomas with perifoliicular involvement
    1.lichen scrofol
    2. papulonecrotic nodules

    3)in neonate response to acute hypoxia is

    1. tachy
    2. brady
    3.cardiac arrest
    4. vent arrythmias

    4)sup tibial osteotomy true a/e
    1. can correct varus more than 30 degree
    2.most common delyed comlication is recurrence of deformity
    3.done in cancellous part

    5)enterovirus does nt cause
    1. aseptic menin gitis
    2. pleurodynia
    3. herpangina
    4. haemm fever

    6)bleomycin causes pulm toxicity coz
    1. affects type 2 cells
    2. endothelial damage
    3. damages alveolar macrophages

    7)substance not fermented by intest bacteria?
    1. celllose
    2. pectin
    3. ?

    8)coag necrosis seen in
    1. tb
    2. sarcoidosis
    3. ?? was it gangrene or wet gangrene???

    9)enlarged liver wid pulsations

    10)person wid subclinical folate def., foll drugs will ppt folate def all except
    1. alcohol
    2. chloroquine
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    renal physio false- 5% of co (as bf through kidney is1250ml/min=25% of co)

    chief cells abundent in fundus (picture gvn in harrison)

    parietal cell contain plenty of mitochondria(40% of cytoplasm)

    intrinsic factor sec by parietal cells

    pauciimmune cresentic gn inmicroscopic poly angitis(direct pick frm harrison)

    insulinoma dg 72 hr fasting test more diagnostic than insulin levels/c peptide levels(harrison)

    angiography used in angiod streak cnv

    blast inj >lungs as alveola contain air

    opsin + aldehyde of vit a in light stimltn
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    pain insensitive-?choroid plexus

    facilitated diffusion requires carrier protein

    central chemoreceptors sensitv to h+ ions

    total hip replcmnt ass with ?tromboembolism

    sup trombophlebitis mc ass wth iv admstn

    strontium promotes bone formtn n retards resorption(repeat)

    q fever transmitted by soft ticks ..but nonarthropod transmission (aerosol) is been given weightage n most of de mcq books.. tricky one

    vhl not mentioned as a cause for gastric ca

    intermitnt claudication pain after walking some distance ie at end of walking
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    which is not a composite muscle.....two options were really confusing
    a) flexor carpi ulnaris
    b) f.digitorum both of it r supplied by only one nerve
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    E.coli GROWS ON?







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    mennorhaggia as a complain not to b given....

    a)progesterone cyclically
    d)tranxemic acid
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    smokig doesnt cause which cancer
    a. lung
    b. liver
    d. bladder

    in stead of liver dere was nasopharynx n it is d answer
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    PSAMMOMA BODY NOT SEEN IN...................ans is FOLLICULAR CA




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    mennorhaggia as a complain not to b given....a)progesterone cyclicallyb)ocp c)ethamsylate d)tranxemic acid

    dear q was -
    evidence baed drugs 4 menorragia r a/e
    ans is -ethamsylate.(source- net)
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    these are the questions i remember
    1)what is intermittent claudication
    2)a person was rushed to hospital with blint trauma abdomen,bp 100/80mm hg,pulse 100,after establishing abc,what is ur next step in mgmt
    3)thoracic outlet syndrome is diagnosed by
    c)clinical examination
    d) xray lateral view (im not sure if this was the choice)
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    Ultimate Analysis
    1. Evidence based treatmrnt of mennohragia A/E Ethamsylate
    2. ICG Indocyanin green angiography is done for occult CNV
    3. Motor cyclists fracture- base of skull div into 2 halves each moving independently
    4. paravertebral block spreads in a/e answer : subarachnoid
    5. not a composite muscle.....f.digitorum suprficialis
    6. sympathetectomy is not indicated in...a)intermittent claudication
    7. doc fr complicated f.malaria...a)quinine
    8. smokig doesnt cause which cancer- NP Carcinoma
    9. restless leg synd-ans is renal failure
    10. When light falls ob retina- visual pigment hydrolysis
    11. Popliteal Artery is not superficial
    12. Pectoralis minor
    13. creamy n fishy odour vaginal discharge seen in- G vaginalis
    14. a renal Physiology q- all are true except renal blood flow is 5% of cardiac output
    15. Trochlear n – ipsilateral sup oblique, longest intracranial n, dorsal n, outside annulus of zinn MILKMANS FRACTURE- pseudofracture
    17. . Proteus –ans. triple phosphate renal stone
    18. Appetite stimulant a/e – melanocyte stimulating hormone
    19. . non invasive diarrhoea a/e –, b.cereus
    20. . Probability –ans 3/5
    21. latest WHO scale of disability – ideas
    22. Hernia – loop/end colostomy, loop/end ileostomy
    23. Anatomical snuff box – radial a
    24. Foreign body sensation in the eye, arthritis –reactive
    25. Immediately after eating dyspneoa, cyanosis- Anaohylaxis
    26. c1 def
    27. Lupus anticoagulant – increase in aPTT only, abortion in pregnant females, can occur without other signs of lupus , cause life threatening bleeding
    28. Punched out lesion in skull – nxt dx to b done is ca level, or electrophoresis
    29. . Least polar – methyl,
    30. Nerve entrapment all except – femoral
    31. Mammography less sensitive in young women – more glandular
    32. Medulla blood supply all except – bulbar, PICA,Basilar artery
    33. Vasomotor centre of medulla – only baroreceptor not chemoreceptor
    34. Chronic low back pain – pain management, exercise, remove the etiology
    35. Pauci immune glomerulonephritis PAN
    36. Coombs positive anaemia – sle
    37. juxta foveal telangiectasia a/e – variant of coats, macular telangiectasia
    38. diabetic retinopathy treatment a/e – seal the tear, remove peripheral retinal layers, vitrectomy, photocoagulation
    39. narrow angle glaucoma avoid –fluphenazine
    40. valproate causes all of these n rest 1 left was da ans – weight gain, alopecia, liver damage
    41. uveal effusion a/e – myopia, abnormal scleral structure, scleritis, cilio-choroid can get separated
    42. Nitroglycerine adv eff a/e – hypotension and bradycardia , Met hb, fall in PO2

    43. neuroblastoma – most common extracranial solid tumour in children, >50% come with mets, lung mets common, invove aorta and branches at early stage.
    44. monetary fund given to – schizophrenia or mentel retardation
    45. normal curve –mean=median
    46. frequency distribution – histogram, simple bar , line diagram
    47. involvement of sweat gland and hair follicles – lichen scrofulosum, papulonecrotic
    48. all are direct cutaneous disease except – reiter’s disease
    49. scarring alopecia – lichen planus
    50. adrenal adenoma benign features a/e – hypoechoic on non contrast ct, contrast appears early and washes out late, regular border microcalcification, oncocytoma
    51. casper dictum – time since dth
    52. . stellate wound – contact wound
    53. pedestrian with multiple abrasions – tert impact. or secondary
    para 3+0,CIN 3 in one quadrant on pap smear, what is the management – hysterectomy
    55. thyroid papillary ca 2cm – near total with rnd or modified rnd
    56. . follicular adenoma vs carcinoma, vascular invasion
    57. sertoli cells – spermiogenesis, meiosis, testosterone
    58. obstructive azoospermia – fsh and lh nrml
    59. SEPS – veins
    60. commonest organ to be injured in bomb blast – lung
    61. causes pf hypercoagulability a/e – paraproteinemia. ?
    62. features of pnh a/e massive splenomegaly

    63. cannot be defined in operational terms –objective
    64. . cannot be defined in operational terms –objective

    65. leptospirosis a/e – treatment of choice iv penicillin g, 10-15% mortality, rat urine
    66. . all true except – tetanus dust droplets
    67. all true – hypochlorite virucidal, glutaraldehyde sporicidal, phenol require organic material
    68. precocious puberty boy 5years with pubic hair, bp 120/90 – 17 a hydroxylase, 11 OH lase
    69. positive urinary anion gap a/e– diarrhea
    70. water sample estimation a/e – clostridium recent contamination
    71. nutritional survey a/e – 1 to 4 year mortality /??
    72. . q fever vector – aerosol
    73. . crude birth rate a/e – still born excl???
    74. . imci includes all – malaria, resp infections, diarrhea TB
    75. ductal carcinoma in situ investigation – mammography
    76. . calcification of post spinal ligament a/e – begins from thoracic level??
    77. neural tube closes from – cervical or cephalic
    78. chronic renal failure patient with hyperkalemia immediate treatment glucose with insulin , calcium gluconate
    79. adipose tissue.. provides energy at rest, starvation
    80. . lipoprotein lipase a/e – adipocytes, myocytes, does not need CII as cofactor
    81. child bites his fingers – hgprtase def

    82. after cutting with restriction enzymes segments joined by – dna ligase
    83. . colon carcinoma a/e – mismatch repair APC B Catenin K ras
    84. GB comet tail artefact – adenomyomatosis
    85. aedes mosquito a/e - constant bite virus takes 7-8 days to develop???
    86. dengue hmgic fever a/e – reinfection with diff serotype
    87. hiv maximum propensity for transmission – Blood transfusion
    88. hiv enters – cd4
    89. GIST which is increased max – cd 117
    90. pancreatic transplant with bladder catheter – urine amylase, blood amylase, blood glucose
    91. 29 yrs with diabetes, no ketonuria, father does not have DM MODY DM1 DM 2
    92. RCC a/e – cushings
    93. angiotensin a/e – vasodilatation
    94. myocardium reversible ischaemia – thallium
    95. maltese cross – blastomycosis, penicillium, candida cryptococcosis aspergillus
    Urogenital diaphragm contains
    96. a/e – bulbourethral gland, urethral sphincter, root of penis
    97. aortic aneurysm rupture – posterior anterior
    [snip]. . m.c. site of subclavian artery constriction – 1st part
    99. arteriovenous shunt a/e – not under the control of ANS, all the organs have shunt vessels
    100. mifepristone used in – ectopic pregnancy, molar preg, threatened abortion
    101. lactating female best contraceptive – barrier method

    102. laproscopic sterilisation not done in – heart disease, hiatus hernia obesity...............
    103. incontinenti pigmenti a/e unilateral; 100 % ???
    104. neurofibromatosis a/e – autosomal recessive
    105. tuberous sclerosis triad a/e– rhabdomyosarcoma mr ???
    106. . the following species of borrelia cause endemic relapsing fever except – ????
    107. pancreatic carcinoma a/e – 75% associated with p53 mutatn, stage 3 ds has 6 mnth survival, 5 yr survival
    108. gold standard test to diagnose insulinoma is fast up to 72 h with serum glucose, C-peptide, and insulin measurements every 4–8 h.
    109. a 9 year old girl posted for tonsillectomy, massive haemorrhage with prolonged aPTT and normal PT – factor 9 def 5 def
    110. simple random sampling – everyone has equal chance of being picked
    111. . incidence rate can be calculated from – prospective studies
    112. all are analytical studies except – field trials, ecological st
    113. baby clinic a/e – bafter normal delivery breast feed within 4 hrs
    114. target strategy in aids a/e – treatment of STD???’
    115. chemoprophylaxis done for all except typhoid
    116. vaccine with highest efficacy –tetanus
    117. the following vaccine when contaminated causes toxic shock syndrome – measles vaccine
    118. the following contractions of esophagus are stationary – primary, secondary, tertiary, quarternary
    119. late expanding phase of population – birth rate stationary death rate falling, birth rate lower than death rate, falling death rates with low birth rate
    120. fish odour from vaginal discharge – gardenella vaginalis
    121. the following joint has least chances for recurrent dislocation – ankle
    122. hemochromatosis a/e – phlebotomy is not useful, common in females, complete penetrance. Genetically heterogenous
    123. a young female had following lab values mcv 70, hb 10 mg%, serum iron 60, serum ferritin 100, the diagnosis is – iron deficiency anaemia
    124. facilitated diffusion is – requires carrier
    125. . oxygen demand of heart – increases in a constant proportion with heart rate????
    126. pulsatile large liver is seen in – tricuspid regurgitation
    127. systolic thrill in left 2nd or 3rd intercostal space is seen in a/e – pulmonry stenosis ebsteins snomaly
    128. . a down syndrome patient is posted for surgery, the necessary pre-op investigation to be done is – usg echo
    129. zenkers diverticulum true statement is – barium xray lateral view
    130. . all are the uses of lithium except – major depression anxiety vascular headache
    131. a female child was brought with complaint of generalised swelling of her body. She was passing fatty cast in her urine. No haematuria. The true statement is – no IgG or C3 deposition seen on renal biopsy
    132. . von hippel landau syndrome consists of a/e – gastric cancer cerebellar ocular hemangioblastoma
    133. . finnish type of nephrotic syndrome is due to mutation in – nephrin
    134. renal polycystic disease in children all are true except – autosomal dominant
    135. splicing is brought about by – sn RNA
    136. superior middle alveolar artery is a branch of – palatine br of maxiilary
    137. splenic artery gives all the following branches except – rt gastro epiploic
    138. chemotherapy is given to all the following cancers except – (various stages of different cancers were in the options) t2 n1 mo ...... t1 no mo glottic ca may be the answer
    139. triple assessment of breast dis includes
    140. necrotising fasciitis a/e – due to group b haemolytic streptococcus, debridement is mandatory, involves trunk and lower limbs
    141. . the following cephalosporin doesn’t need dose modifications depending on gfr values – cefoperazone
    142. tacrolimus side effect – nephrotoxicity
    143. hand foot and mouth syndrome – capecitabine
    144. amifostine radioprotective in a/e CNS – skin
    145. small cell lung cancer true statement – it is chemosensitive
    146. ifosphamide is – an alkylating agent
    147. Coagulative necrosis in TB
    148. . reduces bone resorption and increases bone formation – strontium
    149. the nephrotoxicity of tacrolimus is increased by a/e – rifampicin
    150. hepatitis C true statement is – most common with liver transplantation
    151. parvo virus B 19 false statement is – can cross the placenta in only <10% case DNa virus??/
    152. all cause traumatic asphyxia except – accidental strangulation. Railway accidents???
    153. true statement of RDA
    154. cyanosis does not occur in anaemia because – certain amount of reduced hb has to be present
    155. . 2,3 disphosphoglycerate not increased in - inosine, hypoxanthine
    156. . hb dissociation curve is sigmoid because – binding of oxygen to one molecule of hb increases the affinity of other oxygen molecules
    157. modafinil used in – narcolp
    158. best non surgical treatment of stress incontinence – electrical stimulation pelvic exercise????
    159. carpal tunnel syndrome caused by a/e acromegalyor diabetes amyloidosis
    160. . a lady with temporal field defects, galactorrhoea, most common cause – pituitary macroadenoma
    161. sleep controlled by – hypothalamus thalamus??/
    162. juvenile arthritis all are present except – rheumatoid nodules
    163. . bleomycin – reduces type 2 pneumocyte???
    164. hepatomegaly is caused by all except – hepatocyte porphyria??
    165. cancer larynx – HPV 6 more virulent
    166. limb defects with scarring of skin in new born – varicella virus herpes
    167. mitomycin C used in – strg webr endoscopic tr of angiofibroma
    168. cell cycle specific antineoplastic drug – vinblastine

    169. treatment of 35 mnth pregnancy are a/e – high dose methotrexate,….
    170. . in subclinical folic acid deficiency the following drug will NOT bring about vitamin B 12 deficiency ? chloroquine
    171. the following drug can be given safe in pregnancy - propylthiouracil
    172. icd 10 includes all except – lack of exercise, alcoholism, poisoning, unhealthy food. ??
    173. cheif cells are found in – neck, pit, fundus ?
    174. risk factor 4 GB Ca a/e – stones ???

    175. spastic paraplegia caused by all except – motor neuron disease, vit B 12 def .lead neuropathy................
    176. all are true about eaton lambert syndrome except – positive tensilon test. Glucocorticoids
    177. pain sensitive structures –,choroid
    178. cystic fibrosis all are true except – defect in calcium channel
    179. girl with abnormal sweat chloride test, next diagnostic test – transnasal potential difference
    180. Rheumatoid factor will give false negative tests with – coombs test
    181. abrasions can be confused with –ant bite
    182. newborn with hydrocephalous – toxoplasmosis
    183. Disease which permanently alters finger print – leprosy
    184. vaginal delivery allowed in all except - monochorionic monoamniotic
    185. dysgerminoma marker – LDH
    186. Rate of mineralisation of newly formed osteoid – fluro.....Alizarin von kossa....
    187. sympathectomy done in all except – int mitten claudi
    188. 190. intermittent claudication the pain is on takn last step only on exercise
    189. severe chronic limb ischaemia true is – rest pain ulcer ?//
    190. best graft for surgery below inguinal is – sapheous
    191. superior gluteal nerve supplies all except – gluteus maximus
    192. carotid artery emboli and CRVO are differentiated by – raised retinal artery pressure??
    193. intrinsic factor secreted by - parietal cells
    194. priviliged converstaion is between – doctor notified dis
    195. myodesis is c/i in ischemia children
    196. which factor is specifically a part of intrinsic clotting pathway – 9 12?
    197. Seen in acute inflammation classically – vasodilatation with leakage
    198. 45 year old male had a chest pain. he died after 4 days. on postmortem intramural coagulation was found. this is – neutrophils collagen scar?
    199. mammography can detect all except – adenosis ???
    200. Athletes pubalgia is...hamstrings?/
    201. SIRS includes all except thrombocytopenia leukocytosis
    202. substance not fermented in human colon– cellulose starch
    203. Hb S differs in – stability function
    204. all are true regarding Hb S except – glutamine replaced by valine, heterozygotes are protected against malaria,
    205. Standing to sitting change in - increased venous return to heart
    206. . Actyl Co A can't directly form – Glucose
    207. 100 KD on SDS-PAGE, then second trial s-s
    2x(20KD + 30KD)
    208. Wilm's Tumor - National Wilm tumor staging system orthe b option?
    209. . Action potential starts in the initial segment of axon because – more ion channels lowest threshold??
    210. regulatory mechanisms by all except – g coupld ??
    211. regarding lac operon, CAP is – positive regulator or negative
    212. E157:O7 culture – XLD or sorbitol maconkey
    213. not a cause of primary amenorrhoea - Sheehan
    214. Chlamydia infection of the eyes, true statement a/e – mostly asymptomoatic??
    215. Salmonella non typhi –
    216. edema – C 1 esterase deficiency
    217. hyperaldosteronism a/e – metabolic acidosis
    218. HepB infected neonate - both Vaccine and Immunoglobin
    219. Hashimoto's thyroiditis true a/e – follicular destruction, increase in lymphocytes orphan annie nucleus..............
    220. pressure - Aorta elasticity
    221. Joint aspiration in acute gout shows - monosodium urate crystals
    222. neonate change seen Bradycardia229. heat rupture – rbc rupture
    223. +ve jugulo hepatic reflex Which won't be present increased PCWP??
    224. Extensive abrasion in pedestrian secondary injury
    225. parotid pathway all except–,Greater petrosal
    226. sodium bicarbonate given to local Anaesthesia – quick and longer action
    227. which prevents colon cancer – high fibre diet,
    228. Entero Virus won't cause haemorrhagic fever
    229. meningitis leads to labyrinth through – vestibular aqueduct ???
    230. cardiac disease predictor – Lp a
    231. Benign HTN - hyaline aterioscelerosis
    232. micro RNA – Splicing??
    233. temporal arteritis all – can cause sudden blindness, elderly, females more than males
    234. LDH increased in vitreous in – retinoblastoma
    235. intestinal absorption test – xylulose
    236. lambda phage
    237. mc cause of superficial thrombophlebitis -i.v. line
    238. pseudoclaudication - cauda equina syndrome
    239. stellate ganglion block causes all except – bradycardia horners
    240. Streptococcus pyogenes a/e plasmid mediated streptodornas edna streptokinase
    241. lymphoid tissue seen in – sub mucosa lamina propria
    242. visual cycle – hydrolysis of pigment
    243. high tibial osteotomy a/e 30 degree correctn cancellous bone252. laryngeal pseudo sulci- vocal abuse gerd tb
    244. paneth cell – has more zinc , formy
    245. pulmonary artery pruning seen in ? PAH
    246. Surgical staging of ovarian ca all done except – peritoneal wasing, peritoneal biopsy, mesenteric biopsy, palpation of organs ... ]
    247. spongy urethra drainage into which node – deep inguinal Superficial inguinal
    248. In which condition is d onset of condition to death the lowest – obstructed labou APH PPH
    249. About mesial temporal lobe epilepsy
    250. angiogenesis requires a/e – il 8 VEGF
    251. weight of average Indian man – 60 kgs
    252. synovial fluid characteristics – non newtonian coeff of viscosity secreted by type 1 cells
    253. functions of T helper cells are all except – cytotoxic memory B
    254. DMPA - 0.3% failure rate
    255. tamoxifen side effect a/e ca. in opp brst
    256. eclampsia – RF Cereb hrge
    257. fatty content in breast is found in a/e – galactocele seborrheic keratosi
    258. thoracic outlet syndrome diagnosed by – clinical examination best diagnosis
    259. apoptosis which cell organelle responsible – mitochondria
    260. the most bactericidal among the following – O2- metabolite basic cationic protein
    261. karyotyping used for – chromosomal abnormalities
    262. central chemoreceptors are sensitive to – low O2 high pco2
    263. blood flow is increased during exe in muscles coz of metabolite
    264. ------not true abt xanthogranulomatous disease Tb??/
    265. Pasteurella multocida- Animal bite
    266. Not hypercoagulable state- DM /?
    267. Structure lateral to anterior perforated substance insula?
    268. contraceptive of choice in breast feeding condom minipill
    269. HIv Cardiac manifestation all except aneurysm tamponade
    270. Most imp factor for prognosis of ca colorectal ca- size and type?
    271. Acetyl CoA not converted to glucose
    272. Acute leukemia and leukocytosis in a child warrants a/e hydration alkalinization immediate chemotherapy allopurinol
    273. About HRT all true exc Dermal estrogen has less chance of thromboembolism than oral estrogen ???
    274. Necrotizing fascitis a/e always fasciotomy unilateral beta streptococci
    275. Paediatric volume status best measured by preload strke vol cardiac output HR
    276. Hirsuitism all exc hyperthyroidism
    277. Most comm. Cause of death in pt with total hip replacement pneumonia thromboembolism
    278. HYpercalcemia in a/e celiac ds
    279. Oxidation reduction occurs with a/e hydroperoxidases peroxidases oxygenases
    280. STEPS non communicable ds ???
    281. Listeria ??? refrigerated food can cause infn is true
    282. Congenital defrormity of an organ is malformation
    283. Genomic imprinting
    284. uveal effusion myopia???
    285. Splenic artery’s br a/e rt gastroepiploic
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    in cases of obstructed spermatic pathway the levels of fsh and lh

    a. both increase
    b.both normal
    c.lh increases only
    d.fsh increases only ANS both normal
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    Harrison's Self-Assessment and Board Review of Internal Medicine

    A 51-year-old woman is diagnosed with Plasmodium falciparum malaria after returning from a safari in Tanzania. Her parasitemia is 6%, hematocrit is 21%, bilirubin is 7.8 mg/dL, and creatinine is 2.7 mg/dL. She is still making 60 mL of urine per hour. She rapidly becomes obtunded. Intensive care is initiated, with frequent creatinine checks, close monitoring for hypoglycemia, infusion of phenobarbital for seizure prevention, mechanical ventilation for airway protection, and exchange transfusion to address her high parasitemia. Which of the following regimens is recommended as first-line treatment for her malarial infection?

    A. Chloroquine
    B. Intravenous artesunate
    C. Intravenous quinine
    D. Intravenous quinidine
    E. Mefloquin

    The answer is B. (Chap. 203)

    Artemisinin-containing regimens are now recommended by the World Health Organization as first-line agents for P. falciparum malaria. In severe P. falciparum malaria, IV artesunate reduced mortality by 35% compared to IV quinine. Artemether and artemotil are given IM and are not as effective as artesunate. Although safer and more effective than quinine, artesunate is not available in the United States. In the United States, quinidine or quinine is used as a necessary second choice. Intravenous quinine is as effective as and safer than IV quinidine. Quinine causes fewer arrhythmias and hypotension with infusion than quinidine, but it is often not available in U.S. hospital pharmacies. Chloroquine is only effective for P. vivax and P. ovale infection and P. falciparum infection in certain pockets of the Middle East and Caribbean where resistance has not yet developed. Mefloquine comes only as an oral formulation. It is most commonly employed as a prophylactic agent but is also used for treatment of multidrugresistant
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    With further development, the neural folds continue to elevate, approach each other in themidline, and finally fuse, forming the neural tube (Figs. 19.2 and 19.3). Fusion begins in the cervical region and proceeds in cephalic and caudal directions (Fig. 19.3A). Once fusion is initiated, the open ends of the neural tube form the cranial and caudal neuropores that communicate with the overlying amniotic cavity (Fig. 19.3B). Closure of the cranial neuropore proceeds cranially from the initial closure site in the cervical region (19.3A) and from a site in the forebrain that forms later. This later site proceeds cranially, to close the rostralmost region of the neural tube, and caudally to meet advancing closure fromthe cervical site (19.3B). Final closure of the cranial neuropore occurs at the 18- to 20-somite stage (25th day); closure of the caudal neuropore occurs approximately 2 days later.
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    AIPGE 2009 All india Exam

    a patienet with blunt trauma abdomen, with shock..and some values i forgot, maybe decreaserd Hb%...
    1. blood transfusion.
    2. iv fluids + blood requisition.
    3. Refer to O.T.
    4th option i forgot.
    The question you are talking about did not mention shock. Hb was 10gm%, BP 100/80 what would you do after initially managing the ventilation? Fourth option was put an airway.
    In my and my senior's (Consultant Surgeon) opinion the answer should be iv fluids+take a sample for cross matching (this was the option, not blood requisition) as the ABC of trauma resuscitaion goes, you have already managed the A & B, now it is turn for C (circulation)
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    boold supply to medulla a/e Basilar..see Saumya Shukla.

    synovial fluid in GOUT
    a) increase in leucocytes & eosinophils
    b) increase in PMN
    c) ca. dihy....crystals
    d) monosodiumurate MONOHYDRATE crystals

    Ans: likely a OR b
    Harrison: Synovial fluid anslysis
    leucocytes increase.
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    1.c wave of jvp---bulging of av valve in rt atrium
    2latest classification of wilms tumour?????
    3.some osophagail wave--secondary wave.
    4cardinal sign of acute inflamation-a)vasodilatation and stasis
    b) migration of neutriphils
    5.wrong is -zinc cause pulmonary fibrosis
    6.nitroglecerine all r true except- dont remember the option
    7.benign nephrosclerosis..hyaline arterioscerosis
    8.stretdornase false is---a) break dna b) break thrombi c)produced by group a and c streptococci
    9.temporal arteritis false is- produce headach on exposure to light
    10.sle true is -increased appt
    11.acute inflammation syndrome charecterised by all except--a) increased fever more than 38degree b)thrombocytopenia c)leucocytopenia
    12 false positive RA - coomb
    13.restless leg syndrome--crf(100% corect)
    14.ocular morbidity-refractive error
    15.mutation of scd-point mutation
    16.angioedema of lip,face--c1 esterase deficiency
    17.gastin cell-pit
    18.haemochromatosis true is --t/t phebectomy
    19.entero virus cause all except - haemorragic fever
    20.hypersensitivity pnemonitis-type 3
  28. dr.aman

    dr.aman Guest

    aipgmee 2009

    gud effort but some answers are there any reliable source to get all answers??there was a question on jvp..was c wave asked or x wave??
  29. jta

    jta Guest

    c wave was asked
  30. jta

    jta Guest

    guess the question on hemachromatosis was all the following are true except
    1.phlebotomy is the treatment
    2.complete penetrance
    3.common in females
    the answer here is 3.common in females, as hemachromatosis is common in males (Harrisons)
  31. archa

    archa Guest

    athletic pubalgia......
    1)gluteus medius
    2)rectus femoris
    3)hamstring muscles

    triple assessment for breast lesions
  32. smayra.

    smayra. Guest

    21.maltase cross -candida
    22.triple assesment..examination ,mammography, fnac
  33. jatin.

    jatin. Guest

    hypersenstivity pneumonitis ia a type 4 hs rn.checked frm haemachromatosis the ques was an all are true except type.
  34. DrDiya.

    DrDiya. Guest

    hiv related cardiac ds r a/e
    c.aortic aneurysm
    ans is c)aneurysm h 1173-74
  35. amla.

    amla. Guest

    there was a q on a fish bone in throat while eating ,hypotension ,itching ,pain in throat, sweating,??
    b.allery to food
    c.panic disorder
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    there is no mention abt embolism in harrison so tats the exclusion
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    CD marker for Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumours - can it be cd34
  38. Dr Giri

    Dr Giri Guest

    Drug 2 impru appitite

    Drug givin 2 increse appitite
  39. Dr Giri

    Dr Giri Guest

    Maltase cross under polarisd light certainly found in 2 condition
    1 nephrotic syn kidney (cmdt)
    2 in Babesia infn inside rbc wh isa diagnstic tool 2 dif it frm falci param inf rbc( JAWETS MICRO 581/22 EDI) ,could anybdy giv fungal species asocated, wt reference plese
  40. Dr Giri

    Dr Giri Guest

    Regarding GIST CDmarker
    these tumors ,95%stain wt antibdy aginst c kit(cd117),&70% stain for cd34,,>specific cd 117&hence d answ
    page 826/7 edi big robins
  41. Dr Giri

    Dr Giri Guest

    Que regarding STREPTOCOCCUS>hyaluronidase all true except
    1 pyrogenic exotoxin A/?C coded by plasmid (ans)
    4?? Help me 234 optn
    note pyrogenic exotoxin A/C coded by bcteropage gene, wherar exotoxin type B by chromosome
  42. Dr Giri

    Dr Giri Guest

    Paraneoplastic syndrm as wt Renal cell car ,A/E
    a)cushing synd
    D)malignant Htn(answer)
    page 1018 /7 ed, big robbins
    it mention as Hypertension&nt malignant htn
  43. rahiman.

    rahiman. Guest

    realmadrid d pt wasnt about seizrs r convulsions.i meant d answer is convulsions.
    d ques was
    tuberous sclerosis a/e
    b.facial adenoma
  44. Opthal pg

    Opthal pg Guest

    DULOXITINE,serotonin-norepinephrin uptk bloker ,used in depresn/ac anxity disorder is contra indicated in narow angle glucom since it is mydriatic
  45. meera.

    meera. Guest

    Cardiac disease predictor
    The fourth option was CRP.Could be the answe16th ed Harrisson page 1432,1433.
    Lp(a)......although Lpa have increased CHD risk the levels do not POTENTLY predict risk in population at large measured by high sensitivity assay can prospectively prdict risk for MI. also correlate with outcome of patients with a/c coronary syndromes....adds to the predictive information from established risk factors......apr like fibrinogen and crp could reflect overall atherosclerotic burdenand/or extravascular inflammation that could potentiate atherosclerosis or its complications.
  46. meera.

    meera. Guest

    Also regarding Lady taking spiramycin....
    Hydrocephalus is seen in both CMV and Toxoplasmosis.She is taking though irregularly medication for Toxoplasmosis.Cmv is close dd for Toxo.Spiramycin DOC.The lady is totally unprotected against CMV.Cant the answer be CMV.Its just another way of interpreting.Please comment.
  47. meera.

    meera. Guest

    About the vocal sulcus

    Sulcus vocalis may be congenital or secondary to vocal trauma, infection, degeneration of benign lesions, or surgery. In addition, Bouchayer et al proposed a relationship with ruptured congenital epidermoid cysts and also suggested that the disorder may demonstrate familial patterns.2 Typically, patients with congenital sulci have a lifelong history of disordered voice.

    Presence of parallel sulci associated with a mucosal bridge is consistent with ruptured cyst etiology. Surgical causes include overresection of the superficial layer of the lamina propria, resulting in remucosalization over the deficient area and damage to the vocal ligament and deep layers of the lamina propria. Nonsurgical causes include untreated benign lesions, chronic vocal abuse, and repeated intracordal hemorrhage. Microvascular lesions (ie, varices, capillary ectasias) also may result in scarring secondary to hemorrhage and fibrosis.
  48. user.

    user. Guest

    The bacteria in the colon can't digest
    I went for starch as little starch is reaching the colon.. The bateria are not known to possess any amylase... They can act on cellulose to convert it to butyric acid.. Its only partial but it occurs..
    This is purely my reasoning.. But i m sure abt the Question.. It was abt colon
  49. nemay.

    nemay. Guest

    Cardiac disease predictor
    CRP Could be the answer and a better option than Lp(a).
    Is the ref from Park adequate for this medicine Question? I don’t know.
    16th ed Harrisson page 1432,1433.
    Lp(a)......although Lpa have increased CHD risk the levels do not POTENTLY predict risk in population at large measured by high sensitivity assay can prospectively predict risk for MI. also correlate with outcome of patients with a/c coronary syndromes....adds to the predictive information from established risk factors......apr like fibrinogen and CRP could reflect overall atherosclerotic burdenand/or extravascular inflammation that could potentiate atherosclerosis or its complications

    C-reactive protein: Baseline C-reactive protein (CRP) levels add to the predictive value of lipid parameters in determining the risk of first myocardial infarction in apparently healthy men and women without a history of coronary heart disease. Baseline CRP levels also were found to be predictive of symptomatic peripheral vascular disease in a cohort of healthy men. CRP reflects systemic inflammation, and these results support the hypothesis that chronic inflammation may play a role in the pathogenesis and progression of atherosclerosis. Standardization of the CRP assay is required before this test may be clinically useful, and whether this is a truly modifiable risk factor remains unclear. Some early evidence exists that risk factor modification, particularly the use of aspirin and the hydroxymethylglutaryl coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase inhibitors, may reduce plaque inflammation.

    • Lipoprotein (a): Numerous studies have linked elevated plasma levels of lipoprotein (a), an LDL-like moiety that circulates in the blood attached to apolipoprotein (a), with the development of coronary artery disease. This complex shares structural domains with the fibrinolytic enzyme plasminogen and may render the molecule prothrombotic. The LDL-like moiety is susceptible to oxidation and may be particularly atherogenic. However, the results of prospective studies have been discordant and have not proven the relationship between elevated plasma levels of lipoprotein (a) and coronary artery disease inconclusively. Niacin is known to reduce plasma levels of lipoprotein (a), although whether this truly is a modifiable risk factor remains unclear.

    ROBBINS 7th ed PAGE 84.
    Elevated serum levels of CRP are now used as a marker for increased risk of MI in patients with coronary artery disease.
    PAGE 584
    CRP may serve as a marker to predict the risk of MI in patients with angina and the risk of new infarcts in patients who recover from infarcts……..>3mg/l are associated with highest risk of cardiovascular disease….<3mg/l moderate risk.
    PAGE 521
    About Lp(a)..epidemological studies show a correlation between increased Lp(a) and coronary and cerebrovascular disease independent of levels of total cholesterol or LDL
    HARPER 27TH ED PAGE 591.
    CRP is increased in injury infection and inflammation… and there is considerable interest in its use as a predictor of certain cardiovascular conditions secondary to atherosclerosis..
  50. nikky.

    nikky. Guest

    * Tuberculids: Tuberculids are symmetric generalized exanthems in the skin of tuberculous patients, possibly resulting from hypersensitivity reactions to tubercle bacillus. Typically, patients with tuberculids are in relatively good health and show (1) positive tuberculin sensitivity, (2) tuberculous involvement (usually inactive) of viscera or lymph nodes, (3) negative staining and culture for pathogenic mycobacteria in affected tissue, and (4) skin lesions that heal with remission or treatment of TB. Originally, these exanthems were believed secondary to mycobacterial "toxins"; however, recent opinion and identification of mycobacterial DNA by PCR amplification reactions in affected tissue suggest that they are manifestations of hematogenous spread of bacilli in patients with tuberculin immunity.
    o Erythema induratum (Bazin disease)
    + Erythema induratum is a persistent or recurring condition associated with past or active TB. Inflammatory cutaneous and subcutaneous nodules that may ulcerate and scar occur in the posterior calves of women's legs (<10% of affected patients are men). Preexisting erythrocyanotic circulatory disease may predispose patients to lesions. Cutis marmorata is common, and an increased prevalence is seen during cold weather.
    + Lesions arise in small numbers as tender indurated plaques and nodules that may progress to ulceration and scarring. In early stages, inflammation occurs in venous walls with adventitial thickening and endothelial proliferation. A perivascular inflammatory infiltrate also may be present. Septal panniculitis is present, which may extend into fat lobules. Fat necrosis and foreign-body giant cells occur, and fibrosis and atrophy (Wucher atrophy) replace subcutaneous fat. Tubercle bacilli are not seen, and mycobacterial cultures usually are negative. Erythema induratum often recurs for years.
    o Papulonecrotic tuberculid
    + Papulonecrotic tuberculid occurs as a chronic and recurrent symmetric eruption of necrotizing skin papules appearing in clusters and healing with varioliform scars. Tubercle bacilli are difficult to demonstrate, but patients usually have an internal focus of TB and are tuberculin sensitive, and skin lesions resolve after anti-TB therapy. Recent studies detected TB DNA in these lesions using PCR amplification reactions.
    + Lesions appear on the exterior aspects of extremities (knees, elbows, buttocks, lower trunk) in a symmetric distribution, often in clusters. Individual lesions are asymptomatic, small, dusky red papules with a central punctum or crust. Involution is common after 6-8 weeks and leaves pitted scars.
    + Histologically, these lesions show a wedge-shaped necrosis of the upper dermis extending to and involving the epidermis. Epithelioid cells and, infrequently, Langhans giant cells are seen. An obliterative granulomatous vasculitis with fibrin present in vessel walls and lumen is typical.
    o Lichen scrofulosorum
    + Lichen scrofulosorum is an eruption of asymptomatic, grouped, closely set, 1-2 mm, perifollicular, lichenoid papules affecting children and young adults with underlying TB. The eruption becomes more extensive for weeks and then slowly regresses for months without scarring. Recurrences are possible. The response to anti-TB drugs is not as remarkable as that seen in other tuberculids.
    + Histologically, tuberculoid granulomas can be seen surrounding hair follicles and sweat ducts. Caseation necrosis usually is absent. No acid-fast bacilli are seen.

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