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    1. 1one child with epiglottitis
    2. lady 10 days after hyterectomy- CTPA
    3. Clostridium difficile was given in stole finding - Metronidazole PO
    4. Diarrhoea associated abg- PH-7.2 and pCO2 2.5kPa
    5. NF- 1 (café-au-alite spots) what arethe chances. 1) 1: 2 2)1:4 3)zero
    6. A question 40 weeks pregnant women with vaginal bleed, bdominal pain. Uterus tense and tender.- Placental abruption
    7. Annual incidence of ds. 700 (gmc website question)
    8. breast cancer studies in 2 hositals 2009, in 2014 recurrences - I answered prospective case control?????????
    9. Girl with borderline disorder (mock question- laceration and all those signs)
    10. untreated depression what will it lead to- suicide
    11. lady attempted suicide with drug overdose and is not ready to take treatment, will kill her as she reach home- Assess under mental law???
    12. dementia- progressive deterioration of memory
    13. fluid of rehydratn 4 vomitng?
    14. contraception 6 weeks after delivery, breast feedding, will plan for another baby in 6 months, contraceptive- POP
    15. One with Wernicke's as diagnosis (total 4 thiamine and wernickes questions were given. Yes 4)
    16. plus there was a question bph and retention >> catheter prceded by tamsolusin?
    17. a women caoe frm abroad. No malaria prophylx. Lymphadntgy. Diagnsis? Hiv, dengue, (no EBV was given) malaria
    18. male pt with b/l ureteric obstrtn.hydronephrosis was given. Creatin was 380. Want to atnd her dauter marge
    19. pregnent pt at 10 wk has proteinuria.and h/o uti in chldhud. Diagn?'
    20. PID- Ceftriaxone+ Doxy+ Metronidazole
    21. pt with lung cncer ab to die. Masive pleural efusn. Management. Pleuderosis / chest drain / lung transplant
    22. 37 yr old female shows inflamtry chnges in pap smear
    23. 3rd nerve palsy- i answered midbrain
    24. amsay hunt was answer with facial palsy and vesicles in ea
    25. chld with asthma. Best diagnstc inv
    26. A question about fall on outstreched hand, anatomival snuffbox tenderness-
    27. A lady has 2 children, asking about a contraception with minimum chances of pregnancy, what is the best- I know it was female sterilization but I answered IUCD ;( ;(
    28. pt thnkng hmself as profser of medicine – Delusion
    29. exposure of chicken pox... i wrote preg women who have neg antibody titres shud b immunized
    30. female pt fels vertgo at work
    31. 22 yr alchlc pt asoc, opens hs eye to pain. Initial inv?
    32. ear foreign body- hook
    33. mri of intrnal austic meas
    34. Halpike maneuver - vertigo on getting up from bed
    35. sid efct of lithum?
    36. question about pt. on digoxin, with nausea, vomiting- Check digoxin level
    37. schizophrenic patient with tardive diskinesia and ...., not compliant with medication... i answered fluphenazine decanoate????
    38. diabetic under going gastrostomy
    39. a pregnant pt was cnstipatd.what l u gve here.
    40. oxycodne phosphate. Pt cnt take it nw. Next
    41. kid with hypertrophic villi had celiac
    42. Femur shaft fracture- femoral artery
    43. he was unable to dorsiflex leg n ankle n knew jerk were normal but btw first and second toe the sensations were gone and they asked abt the nerve injured - peroneal nerve
    44. pregnant women with constipation eating fruits and vegetables, taking 1 litres of fluid, I answered increase fluid intake
    45. pt. with injury, something fell on lower leg, severe pain in lower leg, o/e tense, tender leg- compartment syndrome
    46. a 70 yr old pt hav a large gal stne. Incidntal findng. Management?
    47. a pt who had colles fracture a month back n again a fracture now what would u give to prevent fractures ???
    48. patient with displaced ankle, swelling, absent pulses in foot- E- reduce ankle or A. consult vascular surgeon I answered reduce #
    49. a pt who had a hx of taking cocps and is a smoker ... her aunt has ovarian ca . she is 30 yrs whts the most imp risk factr for ovarian ca
    50. lady with history of renal stone going to middle east agin, advise- increase fluid intake
    51. a gal on lng n shrt actng insln. Becme hype at 4pm. Redce dose of mrning lng actng
    52. the pt with chlamydial urethritis is at a high risk of gettipng which infect ??? i ansd epididmytis
    53. chld took grand ma medctn.and dilate pupils,etc. What ws the med
    54. and the pt who had swelling and testes couldnt be felt had hydrocele right
    55. terinal pt on mrphne, ratlng breath sound. What l u gve for noisy breath – anti muscarinic
    56. paracetamol overdose above threshold level- NAC
    57. 19 years old boy, stay alone, collected 200 toys- autistic spectrum disoredr.
    58. Paracetamol overdose, suicdal gesture, below treatment threshold level, She wants to leave the hsp and prmse she wnt take it again.
    59. guy who was post mi and now presented with inc jvp and b/l crackles ... whats the first iveg – xray, echo
    60. a chld inhale foregn bdy. Best inv? Nasendoscopy, lat neck xray
    61. blurd optc disc, flame hemorges, edematus edema
    62. and there was one question where pt had inc end sytole n dec spetal wall sth ... was the ans dilated cardiomyopathy
    63. ypertensive male with TIA, BMI-23, consume 21 units alcohol a week ansd 20 cigarettes per day... what advise- i answered stop smoking
    64. the kid who had prolong bleeding from nose and inc aptt had hemophilia right
    65. pain relif for hepatc mets. Cnt take mrphne due to cnstipatn- amitryptalline / gabapentine
    66. one guy had facial pain and facial pain both on.right side and fever too did what did he have ???
    67. the cot death was to b prevented by the kid laying on his back n feet toward the cot or sth right?
    68. u/l facial pain with fever with swelling around eye- peri-orbital cellulitis
    69. painless sudden loss of vision u/l, flame hemorrhages, papillodema- Central retinal artery occlusion (no option of htnsv retinopathy was given)
    70. patient stable on morphine 60 mg BD PO, not able to take oral drug- I answered 60 mg bd morphine s/c
    71. a painter who fainted and hit his head had gcs 15 presented which invesg will u do?? ct xray braim or carboxyhemoglobin levels ???
    72. pt injury. He is respndng,bt opens eyes on verbl cmand. Wht was the answr. Observe for 30,urgent ct, late ct,
    73. question abt ovarian cancer the ans was family histry right ??? most imp risk factor
    74. one pt had macrocytic anemia and hypothroid so he had vit b def right ???
    75. male pt with 6.4 hb. Treatment? Blod tranfusn, irn infusn?
    76. DM and gynaecomastia- I answered Hemochromatosis
    77. pregnant at 34 wks. Hb 10.6. Treatment?
    78. Acute fibrillation- Bisoprolol
    79. one.women with low mood n at times.exessive shopping had bipolar right ?
    80. the guy with difficult chest movement had an injury arnd the neck or sth which nerve was damaged ??? pherenic ???
    81. Bipolar non compliant with drugs, had acute attack of depression stabilised on antidepressants. prophylactic drugs- mood stabilizers
    82. Female with history of breast abscess several times, with discharge and bump at the junction of skin and areola- mammary duct fistula
    83. Crohn's disease, presenting with faeculant dischrge from vagina- i answered sigmoid colon
    84. a women who had an injury of sternum now after ten has tender firm mass in the outer quadrant
    85. Membranes ruptured 48 hours ago, baby has grunt breathing, intercostal recessions, temp-36.2, HR-145/min, RR- , investigation- I answered Chest Xray
    86. baby with purulent stcky eye dschrge. Mangement
    87. 8 weeks old baby with fever-38, ........ admit for infection screen and start IV antibiotics
    88. pt was in gardn. Sudnly colapsd. Ecp showd incmplte heart blck
    89. child developed jaundice few days after birth, fully breast fed, growing well, yellow stools- Breast milk jaundice
    90. abt turner syndrome ... these pts have ovarian failure or wht ???
    91. Pt on morphine takes 60mg twice (120/day). Well controlled. Give 20mg every 4 hours by elixir (120/day)

    92. wht abt the gout question which drug was causing the prob ... nsaid or colchinine or wht ???
    93. one was trauma with left sided abdominal tenderness- spleen rupture?
    94. 15 weeks pregnant, want to screen fetus for cong. anomalies- amniocentesis
    95. what about..stroke featureStroke, CT- infarct- . initial management. aspirin 75 mg / clopido. i chose clopido.
    96. child with oral lesion and palms and sole rash – coxsackie
    97. rash in chld increasd with amoxil
    98. chld had 3 atcks of tonsillitis last year, whats management- treat when ill (all other options were for surgery)
    99. man has joint painz, xray shows bony erosnz? Diagnsis
    100. female wrkng in oldhome, have rash with intense itches. Whts mechansm?
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    101. mengiococal meningitis –ceftriaxone
    102. every morning, cant extend his finger, straighten his ring finger and reduces it with a click- Mallet finger / Triger fnger?
    103. pt on tamoxifn han intrmenstrual bleed. Inv?
    104. post menupausl woman have vagnal bled. Inv? There were sep optnz of hystro and biopsy
    105. diabtc pt lost central visn. Posible patholgy in retna or lense
    106. a diabetc chld refuses to eat.and nt doing wel. Refr to where? Paedctrn, psycholgst,dietcn
    107. cx cancer...smoking is a risk in her history??
    108. patient underwent lap cholecystectomy and one port below umblicus, which structure is pierced? I answered Linea alba
    109. Patient underwent TURp, what abnormality can be seen.... hyponatremia
    110. Patient DM, HTN on medications, with constipation, confusion,polyuria and polydipsia, Calcium-3.04, serum electrophoresis- negative, Xray normal- drug induced- bendroflumethiazide
    111. patient DM, immunosuppresed, treated for foot abscess, pain in back, tenderness L3-L4, fever, blood culture positive for stap. aureus. what investigation will u do? thought lumbar abscess- I answered Ct scan, was confused between, CT/MRI and nuclear bone scan
    112. pt has tibia frctre. Pop aplied. Dvlopz pain. What l u do skin and pulses normal
    113. Milestones>normal vs speech difficulties
    114. Breast tender lump- inv ?
    115. Prolapsed disc
    116. Anterior MI ecg. Management? Pci / alteplase
    117. 2nd ecg. Pericarditis / aortic dissection / PE
    118. Testes drain para-aortic nodes
    119. testicular torsion
    120. multiple fracture history in old lady. Inv ? Dexa Scan
    121. erythema multiforme
    122. dense hemiplegia features. Which artery involved ? MCA
    123. Eye involved, c/l hemiparesis. Which artery involved ? PCA
    124. Absent femoral and popliteal pulses.. which site involved ? aorto-iliac, ilio-femoral, external iliac, internal iliac
    125. Mass visible on chest . lymph node biopsy of hilum
    126. Mediastinitis features
    127. hypoglycaemia of alcohol
    128. heroin addict want to end. Methadone
    129. shy dragger syndrome
    130. metronidazole for trichomoniasis
    131. oral candidiasis treatment
    132. h pylori antibodies negative. Symptoms persist. What is next best inv oesphagogastrodeudonoscopy
    133. USG of pelvis and abdomen for unhealed PID
    134. superficial inguinal lymphnodes for lesion on labia
    135. 30 yrs old man, 2 days after urti- hematuria. Diagnosis ? Iga / Post strep
    136. cardiac tamponade
    137. I/M adrenaline for anaphylactic
    138. dressler syndrome. 2 wks Post MI
    139. metabolic acidosis after diarrhea
    140. bladder cancer- cystoscopy
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    8. Observational case control study

    There is a basic difference between 'case control' and cohort.
    Although both are observational studies.
    Case control has one case (patient) group and second control (non patient) group.
    Cohort is where 1 or more groups are exposed to a disease factor.
    It was Cohort ( two cancer pt groups in hospital)
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    Young woman worried about her weight, BMI 22, cleaning until 3 am, excessive spending shopping, Low Potassium. (Bulimia)

    A woman paints her house, headache, fell. Investigation? (CT)

    Pts having reduced central vision - which drugs responsible (I think this is cataract - s.e of corticosteroids)

    *that pts with dm and reduced vision should be cataract too

    H pylori serology can be negative while organism still present. Urea breath test is more sensitive.

    No.100 - this is scabies - allergic to organism skin and droppings

    Child milestone is isolated speech delay. Children by 18 months old should have 6 words vocabulary. That child was 24 months old, can only say mama daddy and one other word

    The oral candida also has candida on throat - anti fungal suspension? Chlorhexidine mouthwash wont reach there.

    There were quite a bit of hypercalcimea and drugs side effect and interactions.
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    Regarding Chickenpox and pregnancy,

    If the pregnant woman is not immune to VZV and she has had a significant exposure, she should be
    given VZIG as soon as possible. VZIG is effective when given up to 10 days after contact
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    anatomy question was
    troncar pierced halfway between mid axillary line and umbillicus, that'd be rectus muscles

    biphosphonaye for elder woman fracture prevention

    cataract is a known complication for dm, so the lens

    I think they do nuchal thickness scan at around 16 weeks.

    neurofibromatosis is autosomal dominant. so children should have 50percent chance.

    rear foreign body remove under ga

    toy cannot be x Ray as it could be plastic so endoscopy
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    Girl excessive spending question was also in this nov mock as according to plab trainer answer is bipolar
    In atrial fibrillation amiodarone cos always control rhythm in Lone Af
    Fracture prevention in elderly woman was it bisphosphonate or HRT
    There was one hyper parathyroid as high calcium n low phosphate and above here someone posted answer thiazides they can cause hypercalcemia but low phosphate?

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