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    Dear eager and fresh medical graduates/postgraduates,

    I have been going thru quite a lot of posts on this forum regarding jobs in the Indian armed forces. Since I myself am Ex-SSC, I was drawn to put out the picture for you all. Please also read thry the other topics posted by others on this subject especially by Maj Real and Maj (Ms) Real, as they preferred to call themselves.

    I am going to try and put forward both the positive and negative aspects thru my them all without getting defensive about the comments....they are after all my dont have to agree/disagree....the bottomline is it should help you decide.

    Firstly I am ex-Indian Navy....5 years Short service commission(SSC)....completed in 2004....came to UK after passing PLAB 1 and 2, ....gave my MRCP Part 1 but didnt clear, and am returning today to India for exservice man PG attempt.

    If you are planning to join the armed forces medical services....

    The below things are true of the Indian Navy postings...


    1. The pay at junior ranks starts at 18,000/pm which as all of you know is fantastic, you cant expect the same for any fresh doctor anywhere in India.

    2. You get highly subsidised accomodation ( single & married), free rations for yourself which are sufficient for 2 persons....wherever you are posted you will e living in a secure naval residential complex, with all modern amenities, shopping complexes, and bank/ATM and other facilities nearby.

    3. You get LTC, Train travel memberships, access to excellent sporst facilities like tennis courts, swimmimg pool, gym, indoor badminton, indoor games, and service run movie theatre.

    4. The SSC is a secure job.... you join for an initial tenure of 5 years , automatically extendable by the President of India for another 5 years till a maximum of total 10 at the discretion of the MOD...unless you opt out at the end of 5 years.

    5. The pay at the end of 5 years will be around 30,000/pm gross...take home pay after tax deduction and PF is around 25,000/pm. You get the best interest rates for your PF savings.

    6. If you opt out at 5 or 10 years you get a gratuity which is 1,36,000/- for 5 year tenure presently.( calculated according to your last basic pay and a formula)

    7. The life at least in the NAVY is good.....good people, respect for you both as a doctor and as an officer.


    1. The life is totally different from civilain life and requires a different attitude to get adjusted to. There will be transfers every 3 years. If in the Naval branch, you will have to do a sea tenure of at least 2 and 1/2 years, during which time you will be sailing out for 1 month at a stretch....if you are sea sick, this is not the branch for you.

    2. After sea tenure, you may get posted to either a base unit or to a base hospital. In the hospital is great I was. But in the base unit you are away from hospital medicine.

    3. At all times, except in a hospital posting you will be under the authority of a non medical commanding officer ...who may or may not be good to you. Almost certainly he /she will not have any idea about medicine and will depend on only you to sort out all the health related matters. It gives you an advantage sometimes , but also a headache at times.

    4. Once you join and your Joining Signal ( something like a joining confirmation leter fromyour unit) is sent to the Headquarters, you cannot quit at any time according to your whims and fancies. REMEMBER the commission is given to you by the PRESIDENT OF INDIA and that means that it is a honourable post which you cannnot resign at your fancy. If you opt out, you must send an official application it may take upto a year to the end of which you may or may not be relieved off your duties.

    5. You get to apply for a permanent commission interview board after finishing 2 years of service. Its held in New Delhi, and when I left in had become very difficult to get permanent commission because not only is it dependent on the good Annual Confidential Reports sent by your commanding officer on you...but it also became a matter of "PUSH AND PULL" with the bigwigs in the Selection boards. So no gurantees there.

    6. Only if you get a permanent commission are you eligible to take up the PG entrance ( in service) in the 4th year of your service. If you get this then, post graduate training is like any other government hospital in india...with the difference that it is more regimental, and the hospitals are better equipped than most of the state government run hospitals. Infact the Command level hospitals are as good as some of the Private corporate hospitals in chennai and mumbai.

    7. In the permanant commission you are bonded for at least 20 years of total service from initial commission as SSC...after 20 years you are eligible for a very good pension, and all other exservicemen benefits.

    8. If you are unlucky enough to spend the entire of 5 years away from a service hospital...then invariably unless you are highly motivated, all your medical knowledge and acumen will be washed away in the interim period.

    The above are just some of the details I have given you. My best advice would be to meet up with the SSC officers who are presently working at the nearest Military hospital/ Naval/Airforce base to you and have a good talk with them before joining.

    The best advice i can give you is, if you want to join...join with the Idea of getting into the forces,...with the idea of trying for PC after SSC. A SSC alone would kill your professional expertise as a doctor as you do 50% administrative work

    My opinion on who should join the INDIAN NAVY ( which incidentally is the best posting between the three services army/navy/airforce) is for the following type of doctors.

    1. Just passed internship....dont have a medical background in the family, no clinic etc...want to do things other than medicine alone in your life...are not sea sick ....not very serious about PG...want to settle in life fast...aim to get into permanent commission not mind the rules and regulations of armed forces...want to get married early ...looking forward to a laid back lifestyle with a decent pay without working too hard at academics.

    2. Post graduates who had enough of the medical rat race in the market, and want to do all the above in (1)

    3. Financially under tight situation doctors.

    People who will curse themselves if they join are

    1. Those who think they are academically superior to other fellow doctors and feel that they can get themselves into better positions in life either abroad or in corporate hospitals in India.

    2. People who cant conform themselves to the rigid discipline of the forces...In the armed forces, a superior officer's orders are orders to be followed...even if you do not agree..follow them..and then put up a formal complaint on paper...

    ALL THE ABOVE SAID and done, I personally feel that the Naval tenure polished me as a person...I have learnt a lot from my time with the Indian Navy and I am proud to be a Sugeon Lt. Commander on my decommissioning last year. I will never regret all that. I have done diving, flown in combat aircraft, been at the engine controls on a coast guard ship, done weapons training, gone on camps, and treks, seen such a wide variety of life ( maybe not true if you are posted to the army/airforce), but in the Navy all this is possible. In which other profession can you do all this and still be a doctor?

    BUT..IF YOU DONT GET PERMANENT COMMISSION (which no one can gurantee you) academically as a doctor you will be behind your compatriots....weigh this carefully before you decide.

    Best of luck all you guys..

    FOR THE LADY DOCTORS especially if you are fresh from medical school, and are adventurous...this is a fantastic profession...most of you will find good salary, job and a husband in the armed forces itself.

    Best wishes again,

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    that was a fantastic overview of life as a doctor in the services!

    well done--puts things into perspective from all aspects!
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    want to know more abt ssc

    hello i m dr.rajesh frm visakhapatnam.i want to join in ssc but i know very less about it and also i really dont know how and what will be the future over can u give me ur address/phone that i can contact u.....thank u...................................................rajesh
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    some help

    i am in my final year B.D.S,
    i'd like to join the armed forces after my internship but i have no details as to how to go about the whole procedure..
    could you please shed some light over the same or guide me to someone who could hepl me out
    thank you
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    some help

    i am in my final year B.D.S,
    i'd like to join the armed forces after my internship but i have no details as to how to go about the whole procedure..
    could you please shed some light over the same or guide me to someone who could hepl me out
    thank you
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    some help

    i am in my final year B.D.S,
    i'd like to join the armed forces after my internship but i have no details as to how to go about the whole procedure..
    could you please shed some light over the same or guide me to someone who could hepl me out
    thank you
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    Your query

    Dear Smiti,

    The Army Dental Corps (ADC) is very similar to the Army Medical Corps (AMC) and the mode of entry is the same. Please get in touch with the Office of the DGAFMS, New Delhi at the following website

    The interview board is common for the ADC, and after selection they will second you either to army, navy or airforce depending o vacancies and your choice.

    Best of luck.

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    Dear Dr Devadi,

    Its bin gr8 reading ur comprehensive review of life of a doctor at army. I really wonder y did a dr with an acumen n analytical power like urs join army in d 1st place (I say this cos u urself put it dat if u have better acumen n skills its profesionally more satisfying as a civilian doctor)

    Since d day i joined MBBS 6 years ago i'v come to realise that its this reasoning n analytical power dat maked d best docs. I'm sure u'll make a name 4 urself sumday.

    Since past few days i'v seriously considering army SSC as an option n ur review will definitely help me a lot.

    Thanks 4 being kind enuf 2 share ur experiences

    Best wishes
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    To,Dr Devadi

    Hi everyone and especially, Thanks Dr Devadi.
    I am about to complete my internship and am selected in the SSC this september. I have given Navy as my priority but as many guys there[in delhi] said, they will be recruiting on the basis of vacancies. But am keeping my fingers crossed. And would like to thank Dr Devadi for his comprehensive analysis of life as a doctor in armed forces. I followed ur advice of meeting few doctors in the forces in person, and i felt thats the best way to decide. And to those who think India is a poor country and for that sole reason lets go abroad and live happily ever after, please go and visit any millitary or naval settlement. The life that those guys live is enviable. But wat I percieved in these few visits was that this is not a job for fresh doctors who are made for academics and hard-core passion for medicine.Its too juicy for those who are adventerous and sporty kind of guys.
    NOw one doubt that lingers my mind is about the P.G. Suppose I dont get the P.C in first two tries, and leave the force after 5 years, am i eligible for ex-servicemen p.g entrance? if yes, and if i do get through it and do the 3 years of non-stipendary p.g, am i supposed to give a bond of 20 years or do i automatically get P.C????
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    Your query answered

    Dear Guest,
    Sorry about being late with this reply.....I havent checked this site for a week now, so the late post.
    Coming to your query, friend, if you do not get through 2 attempts at PC interview, then you can still take a third attempt in the 6th year during your second 5 year tenure, if you do NOT opt out at the end of 5 years. In case you opt out after 5 years you are eligible to give Exservice PG within 3 years of leaving service....not after that. Also you will not have to sign any bond if you are an need of serving any more years. Only civilian candidates have to sign a 5 year bond.

    Next thing, I reply to our previous guest......its true, those of you who think life is only there abroad, in the US or UK, think again, its not a bed of roses there either. I have just returned from UK after spending 8 months there literally struggling to get into a training post in the NHS. Its not easy, and believe me they are saturated to the extent that things are only going downhill for overseas graduates there!

    By contrast , walk into any army/navy/airforce establishment/hospital/residential area, and you will be amazed, how neat and tidy and clean the place is. Just walk into INHS Aswini, the command naval hospital in Mumbai, and you will see it on par with the shine of Apollo hospital group. Even in India, the only government run hospitals with corporate type of look, are the service hospitals. And facilities in the services are just great.

    It is a pity that most of the people are not aware of these things because armed forces are a very closed and secretive establishment. But the new DGAFMS who has taken over recently is trying very hard to make services an option for doctors to join. Check out the DGAFMS website I have given in my previous post.

    Till my next post....may the force be with you!

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    its a very informative post thanx.
    Could u also highlight the differnce between airforce and navy as i have been selected in the airforce and am confused about the job so if u could compare ther two or guide me where i can find more info. What about the three yr compulsory field posting how does all that work out?
    Hoping for a very informative reply
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    Here is your reply

    Dear Guest,

    Congratulations on your selection.

    Coming to your query, From what I know, the Air force is a decent service to work in,....but compares less well, with the Navy as far as the postings and perks are concerned.

    Except for the Command Hospital Airforce Bangalore, all the rest of the airforce hospitals are not that comparable to the naval hospitals.
    It is pertinent to mention that in the Navy, your field posting is in the sea onboard warships. However with the advent of the new DGAFMS, the tenure of sea posting has now been reduced to 2 yrs or so from 3 years before. There is more social life and comfortable postings in the Navy, and they are mostly restricted to coastal cities and towns.
    Whereas in the Airforce, you can be posted all over India evn in the interiors. As far as pay and accomodation is concerned both the services are equal. But as for perks, I think that the Nay has an advantage over the airforce in my personal opinion.

    One last word...if you are seasick, then a career in the Navy as SSC would be hell. U would be better off in the airforce, otherwise, I would prefer the Navy.

    Best wishes,
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    To Dr Devadi

    Dear Dr Devadi,
    First of all , I really want to say thanks to u for giving such a perfect picture
    Of career as doctor in defence forces.Because of ur post I opted for Navy
    As my choice and I have been selected in 2005 batch.I have to report
    this dec at INH Asvini .
    I have some querries,
    First of all, if we do not get PC in 5 yrs.tenure and we opt for another 5 yrs
    In service, now do we get a chace to do PG this time?and not leaving our service.
    2ndly what other things one can do academic wise in this 5yrs tenure, so that he
    got to do some thing after he leaves.
    Pl, give some advices for newly joining doctors in Forces-do`s/ do not`s.
    Keenly, waiting for your reply
    Congrats to Apoorvb. Dr.Navy , tell me about ur final result.
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    hello buddies.....

    Hi Dr Sam, congrats for ur appointment letter. Hope INS Asvini proves great. I also opted for navy in the form that we filled up, but have not recieved anything from Delhi. Lets see...
    By the way, my permenant registration was yet to come when at the interview. So i sent a true copy of it and internship completion just few days back. Now does this sort of things delay their responses?? Any idea anybody???
    For Dr Devadi, thanks for ur guiding posts. Its good that there do exist so many guys who r away from the rat race of the civil line.
    And to Dr sam, plz tell ur date of joining, is it in dec or jan. Also, that where r u from, cos they say we get the postings that are near to our homes in the beginning. Just curious to know whether its true or not. Also, have they given u wat rank u'll be joining??
    thnks, and reply soon.....
  15. Dr Sam

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    Hi! Dr Navy

    Thanks, Dr Navy.Well my appointment letter came just last week, I have lost all hopes that I will get this opportunity.I beleive it was 2nd call list and I think after this there shall be just one more to come in late dec or early jan. as every body from 1st and 2nd call list have to join in this 2nd half of dec, and if they do not report on particular date, their joining will be cancelled.And Iam sure as All India exam is in jan so there will be some guys/girls who will opt out. so u pray that something positive happens.I am a Graduate from PGIMS ROHTAK 1999 batch and also belong to rohtak so for me Mumbai is far off place and I have never visited that place.Well, it is true for army only that u get nearby place having Military hospital.well,I be joining [ if I join .as I am waiting for my USMLE Step-2 ck result] as Surg.Lt.Certificates do not delay any response and a guy from my college have joined in internship itself. they are just given lower rank as Lt. in Army.
    Hope this helps.
    Dr Sam
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    Guest Guest

    All the doctors who r joining armed force
    why u people are spoiling ur lives
    1.What u r going to get after joing armed force. you want to be a good clinician or a administrator. I think all ex ssc who are writing good-2 about armed forces.I just want to know why they are misguiding youth who want to do something.As fas as I feel fauj is only for average person not for intelligent if any body feel as I have seen somebody is waiting for USMLE step 2 CS. I strongly recommend he should not join.Because after5 yrs he will be eligible for only ex-servicemanPG.I mean not more than this. and people who compare Asvini with apollo. I would like to clear doctors make hospital not buildings.Infact i also dont feel that armed force dotors are responsible for this I think the administrator who control whole things are responsible.One final thing after new recomm for promotion.Now nobody should join from civil because avarage age after MBBS is (5+12+6=23 or 24) when he join where as an other branch guy who join at 16 and become captain at the age of 22 and finally become boss even though he is junior than us. last and final question DGMS(Army/navy/airforce) i think all are prof emeritus but all are under respective chiefs and have only advisory power they even can not give full flash command.

    Please dont take to heart but earlier it use to be option for rich people but now it is choice who is in urgent need of money other wise the people who just want to enjoy there life with patiyala pag.

    with apologize to my seniors who have written one side of coin.
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    Realize the alternatives

    Dear Dr. Sam, Dr. Navy, ApoorvB,

    Congratulations to all of you, for having the courage to try to see the alternatves in todays Rat race in the medical fields.

    Now....Dr. Sam,. if as you said your USMLE step 2 result has come and you have scored anything more than 92 % in both step1 and sincere advice to you would be to hold back and not join the services........provided you are 100% sure you can manage the US Visa.
    Because it may be that later you will regret not having given the US a sincere attempt. If after joining u do not get PC in the first 5 years then you get one chance more in the extension tenure of second five years to give the interview. However one cannot do a PG in the second 5 yrs without being selected for PC.

    In the first 5 years , provided you are posted at INHS Asvini and you have cleared your DNB Primary, u can apply for and do your DNB training at INHS Asvini which is now recognised for DNB training. YOU have to apply to DGAFMS for that really push for it. However the present DGAFMS is very academic oriented and helpful in this regard. Infact he is the pioneer of cochlear implantations in India.

    Otherwise you can try to do a distance learning course for Family medicine approved by Apollo Hospitals and Royal college of General practitioners, UK in Chennai for a fee of Rs 50,000. 6 months course....incl 2 months at Apollo, chennai. You can meanwhile utilise the time and pay to prepare hard for the all india PG entrances.

    Dr. Navy, certificates do matter, and since the entire process is done from DGAFMS Office in delhi, sometimes delays do happen. Dont lose hope.....the 3 rd call letter will come in Jan/feb maximum. No more after that.

    It is true that the navy tries to post you as close to home as possible in your first posting. Dr. Sam got INHS Asvini because he is from Rohtak and mumbai is the nearest naval hospital posting for freshers. So everyone is always adjusted to nearest hospital postings initially.

    Till my next post, cheers,

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    Guest Guest

    To the dejected Guest

    Dear Guest ( it would have been polite to give ur name!)

    From your post, I assume that you a serving SSC medical officer in the army, who is dejected and wants to get out. I do not blame you at all....I for one have never recommended the army or airforce branch in this forum over navy.

    However I need to refute a few of your contentions.

    1. You talk of the armed forces being only for average doctors and not for the intelligent ones. Although this is not entirely true....the medical officers in the armed forces are 80% average...I agree to that. But tell me....who are the doctors who are reading this forum mostly.?....
    Those who are preparing for all India Entrances and who are mostly average or above average. Otherwise the really brilliant ones are already in AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, CMC VELLORE, USA, UK etc etc....... So what happens to all the other above average doctors who are very hard working but still lose out in the highly competitive rat race of today. Will you expect all of them to spend the next few years trying again and again to get into the PG courses at elite institutions even as some of them have aged parents to support and responsibilities to shoulder.

    2. Serving in the armed forces needs a different bent of mind, a cosmopolitan outlook, and open mind, the desire to do something different, and not just remain a clinician. If one wants to be a hardcore clinician alone and make waves, then one has to be very very very good nowdays to forge ahead in the present compettive atmsphere. But in a class of 100 students in Final MBBS, only 15 to 20 students will have that kind of abilities. What about the 60 % of average guys and the 20 % of really medicore doctors remaining. Don't they deserve a decent life and a way to survive and lead a productive life without having to resort to unethical medical practice in civilian life. I say this because I have worked on both sides of the fence , have been in the UK also, and know that medical practice in the civilian sector in India today is pure business.

    3. This forum is only to show a way forward and disemminate information, and not to mislead anyone. I am sure all the people reading this forum can and will make up their own minds as to where they want to go and how they want to lead their lives.

    I invite those of you, who have views on this topic to send in your thoughts on this matter....and let more people be wiser in the end.


  19. Dr Sam

    Dr Sam Guest

    Hi! friends

    I agree with Dr.devadi that this forum is to help people to choose what will be
    Best career path for their life.I request the guest to kindly tell what he is doing
    At present.So, that we can know what other options he see for large no.of medicos
    Coming out freshly every year and for those who have dropped once and twice.
    And I have to say no medico should go for army as first option, but if after you have
    Tried your best to get pg somewhere and got no success, then .Have to consider it
    As alternate path.I am an above average guy and it is now 2yrs of hard work [1yr of internship And 1yr of drop] and still I am nowhere ,and my Usmle score is in 80`
    If I am getting an opportunity to do some productive work in life then why should
    I drop it.And I want to tell u it is hard to sit back and just study when other people
    Of your age and caliber are already earning.And as far I am conserned I always
    Wanted to do something adventurous in my life and my medical career so far
    was unadventurious.
  20. Dr Sam

    Dr Sam Guest

    To Dr Devadi

    Dear ,Dr devadi.thanks for your previous reply.
    I want to know more about this Dnb option ,as u have said that one can
    Give Dnb ?cet in his 5yrs period.and as far as I have heard that it is not
    A difficult exam and they give u just pass/fail status,so if suppose I clear my exam in year 2006.then how should Iproceed to get pg through DNB in INHS Ashvini.
    2ndly, I am very much interested to keep my studies going on along with
    my SSC. So, I want to know is it possible? Do we get study atmosphere/time in service.
    Kindly reply.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Its hard work

    Hi Dr Sam,

    DNB as an option while doing SSC is only recently been brought in , as the ground work was being done even as I was in the SSC 4 years back.
    Presently the Natinal board has a list of armed forces hospitals recognised for DNB training on its website. Look it up.

    The catch with this is that gettiong permission for doing DNB from DGAFMS requires a little bit of persuasion on your part and regular follow up....but as they say, nothing is impossible if you are determined about it, and talk to the right authorities. The second thing is that services will not post you specifically at any hospital. If you are posted at any of the places in the list ....then you can apply for and do your DNB. You might have to sign an additional bond for 7years in that case.

    My sincere advice is ...if you have decided to join, never give up studying as even one year out of the loop and you lose the cutting edge. Aim to get into permanent commission , failing that.......get into exservicemen PG.

    Once you are posted top the sea tenure onboard will have plenty of time...lots of new things and adventures to do...but dont let that drag you away from your studies. Its not important that you study like you are preparing for an MCQ exam...instead read good books like Harrisons's...and Bailey and love at your leisure...and you will realiose what a lot you missed out during the MBBS course. Use the time to re fresh the basic sciences...and at the end of 5 years it wouldnt be difficult to click the entrance exams.

    I was preparing for PLAB while in services which is different from the Indian PG exams. I cleared PLAB 1 and 2, but had to come back because of the situation there. Since I neglected the basic sciences I am finding it difficult now to rush through them now. You can avoid that if you plan well enough.

  22. Dr Sam

    Dr Sam Guest

    To Dr Devadi

    Hi !Dr.Devadi,
    I am really thankful for ur reply. Now I will start preparing for DNB ?cet.
    I know it become really difficult to study if you give it a long brake.
    Hope ,this thing will help many guys who r really scared ,that what will happen if they do not get PC.
    Dr Sam
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks Dr.Devadi. I think you have given me new rays of hope by telling me about DNB as I am DNB primary passed and posted nearby also but then can u please let me know how to go about it.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello Sir
    But are you sure that DNB option exist in first tenure because as far as I know that option is reserve for only PC candidates who fails to get in to PG in first 3 attempts.
    even now a days they are not giving it to civilians also because NBE has fixed up minimum stipend Rs 6000 for DNB residents and defence hospitals cann't give it from defence A/c.If you are sure and somebody is already doing in his first tenure then please inform us this information may be very vital for many.
    There is second thing, it is my personal observation that navy transfer fresh candidates to Ships as soon as they finish there basic course and then it become very -2 unlikely that any body can apply for DNB.
    I would like to thank Devadi Sir for providing such a vital info to fresh graduate.
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Partly true

    Dear Guest,
    What you said is true...the DNB option has always been reserved for PC candidates who failed 3 times in the CATPG while in service. Also most of the fresh SSC officers except the girls get transferred to ships for 2 year tenures. A few girls get transferred to non medical onshore units.

    But with the new DGAFMS in seat at delhi......things are changing. Once you have finished ship tenure , you get posted to base, and some of u may be lucky enough to go to a hospital like Aswini or posted in chennai where a lot of DNB institutes are there. Applying to DGAFMS at that time with an undertaking to serve additional 7 years may make them view the application positively. It is true that this might not work out all the times......but then the point is ......only after giving up in the ALL INDIA PG Entrance rat race is a candidate likely to join the forces due to his/her personal one has to work hard and make the best of the situation you are put in. No one should stop studying in the meantime, and should be prepared for the exservicemen PG entrance at the end of 5 years.

    One last thing...I have consistently said in this forum that the first priority for those joining SSC is to aim for PC, so that they have a permanent job and can give the inservice PG Entrance. One cannot hope to do a PG through service easier than the open competition and NOT serve in the service for at least 20 years...can you?



    In continuation to the issue of joining AMC (defence) or not

    Hi, Was browsing through and noticed the elaborate indepth explanation of procedures and the life styLe in the Indian Navy (which I myself have enjoyed and am yet enjoying).That was a commendable effort by Devadi, who has to be 01 of my seniors since he left in 2004 and I will leave SSC by 2006.And it was very insulting by some guest to pen such outrageous comments (although he /she had given another perspective). Both have some weightage although its not true that the defence is for the doctors of average intelligence since I personally know enough of really intelligent specialists and super specialists who are in defence just in ordr to serve the Nation. Now its difficult for that guest to see that aspect since he was really self centered and was thinking only of making a quick buck(doesnt matter how!!). Yes the defence doesnt pay as well as the private doctors must be minting but the life I have led during the past 5yrs had certainly been fulfilling. And mind u I am NOT of average intelligence. But it helped me clear off an enormous EDUCATION loan that I had upon me within 6 months of my joining and gave me real quality of life. But now I have to move on and see other aspects of life so have to quit.
    So any body contemplating joining , dont let people discourage you just by giving you such info that "its not for the intelligent". Tailor your future depending on your requirements. Join if you:
    1. Love the Nation 2. Love the soldiers who are laying down their lives for the nation just as we type stuff over the net and SMS messages to our friends.3. Love to travel 4. Love the sense of being responsible for the freedom the rest of these "guests" are enjoying.5. Want a better quality of life (unless your are already the sons/daughters of TATAs and BIRLAs that is)6. Want to support your parents and be a responsible individual instead of depending on them and parasiting upon them during their retired lives. Imagine you doing higher PG studies with your own money and also paying off all the Education loan taken for the previous MBBS course. Its a "top of the world " feeling guys.At the same time providing for your parents and having them stay at "your own home". 7. SO JOIN IF YOU LOVE YOUR PARENTS!
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well said

    Dear DR raj navy,

    Thank you for your prespective on the service scenario. Having been in the civilian sector now for the past 1 year I have seen the utter commercialisation of our medical expertise and the intense despair and gloom that engulfs all the aspirants to postgraduate education in medical fields.
    Part of the blame falls on our government policies ( including unfettered reservation policies and allowing private colleges to mushroom). What is the use of allowing more medical graduates to come out every year without ensuring that they are having employement opportunities. Though it is unfair to expect the goverment to provide or create jobs for every doctor who come is entirely resonable for the medical graduates to expect the government to create facilities for doctors to serve in the rural areas without fear of intimidation, lack of facilities, and a decent salary or renumeration.
    The best brains in the field are all trying to emigrate to greener pastures in europe, US, or Gulf counbtries. The remaining ones are struggling hard to balance between economic constraints and ethical practice.

    Sad indeed for us...the medical (so called noble profession) fraternity.

  28. manju

    manju Guest

    dear drrajnavy
    only da person like u who r under da burden of loan will join army Coz da civilian Docs r given least preference
    and regarding wat u've said about ur above average intelligence
    but if u've above average intelligence den y u've taken admission in pvt college after taking lakhs of rs in loan
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi Devadi Sir

    I Just wanted to know is there any letter regarding doing DNB in first 5 yrs of short service while you are posted in ASVINI.
    If some thing is there that wiill be very helpful to me

  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    DNB Letter


    As far as I recall, I have not seen any letter which specifically tells about DNB in the first 5 years of SSC when posted to Asvini. However, I must add that most of the times, SSC candidates wanting to do DNB if posted to Command hospitals are required to process their case on an individual basis and through their commanding officers. Since the rules and regulations in the services are very rigid, only personal letters and submissions to DGAFMS can sort out the constraints in this regard, putting in paper how them doing the DNB would be beneficial to the services. Also a little social interaction and personal connections at DGAFMS office helps.

    Regarding the previous guest's comments......come on friend, anyone who has done an MBBS from a government college through merit quota must surely be above average........if we dont realise that ourselves, then I think that there is no point in holding the medical profession in higher regards anymore. After all it is only a small percentage of students who make it into MBBS every year when compared to other professions.

  31. apoorvb

    apoorvb Guest

    options after mbbs

    Well its been a long time since i visited here and ive seen that a lot of ppl are turning to this opton and i have really researched a lot in this regard so i thought might as well share my thoughts here goes btw nothing personal nut in the end every man for himself and one has to take his/her own decision.
    After passing ur mbbs in ur internship if u r able to decide what u wanna soecialise in and from where(if possible) then that should be priorty no.1 as then u dont waste any time heren there
    So what are the options after MBBS:
    1. Study hard crack pg entrance join pg work as SR and go for PP or join govt. hospital
    2 Go for IAS IPS IFS (upsc ) exam which takes a hell lot of hardwork.
    3 Go to small town become GP ( maybe after getting experience as JR in some good govt. hospiyal
    4. Do MBA join prvt sector
    But if u r the types who have always been allrounders and do everything with enthu and aplomb and believe that one never gets old and its only when u think u r old that u actually become old. What if u cant decide which field u wanna specialise in and if u cant decide that there cant be a hell lot of motivation to crack the entrance.
    For such allrounders who prefer not to be nerds only or bookworms and just restrict there lives to only studies or practise or money i think the defense is a great opportunuity to enjoy life to develop a great personality , to find out more about urself and ur interests and what u might wanna specialise in or maybe go for hospital adminstration.
    If u r this kinda guy/girl then the defense provides u a very good platform to have a good earning a greeeat life with allround activities plus the time to study also.
    So u apply for the interview and what they expect out there is a basic knowledge of clinical subjects plus PSM.
    What also counts a lot is how u respond to questions how well u converse and can u apply logic cos the questions can be very general ranging from ur hobbies to D/D of hematuria , to management of hypertension etc. its all about being confident and alert at that time.
    While filling the forms make sure u fill in the choice of service in ur order of preference.
    Although in actuation one cant really compare the three services but generally speaking people dont prefer to join the army. so its usually navy or airforce first and personally i had filled airforce first as i had spoken to a lot of people about this and it is an unwritten rule that right from the chaprasi to the pilot to the docs only the best are given the airforce but since the number of bases and therefore the no. of seats are less ppl dont easily get selected. But otherwise as dr. devadi as put it both these services are good enough and yes the field posting is there only for the first 2 yrs. after which u get posted to a base.
    The life is royal, simply speaking and dr. devadi has described it well enough and yes there is a trainig course of two weeks at lucknow.
    The payscale nowadays is a min. of 20800 pm for the rank of captain and after 4 yrs u r major or equivalent.
    If u like the service u can go for PC(permanent commision) and then u can decide what u wanna do with life maybe specialise in afmc or aiims also. or go for hospital administration course at aiims.
    if u dont get PG u can opt for extension for 5 yrs. or opt out and go for unpaid ex serviceman PG at AFMC or R&R hospital.
    u can go for diploma for two yrs and then join DNB in some stipend paying hospital
    So guys n gals if u r the type that i have described and need some time out do give this option a good thought as u shpuldnt be guided what ppl say. Ive seen people not getting selected in the interview and then crib about how they never wanted to join the services anyways and that its for fools. U need to have a good personality and logical reasoning and a fair bit of clinical knowledge to get thru.
    i guess thats it for now any queries are welcome at my email address apoorvb at yahoo dot com
  32. apoorvb

    apoorvb Guest

    hey drnavy and dr sam congrats on ur selection im sure we are all going to make the most of this opportunity.
    I have been called on 15th of december at my air force base and ive already found out a bit about it n it all seems to be looking good.
    What abot u guys do reply prefereably use my email addres
    catchapoorv at rediffmail dotcom or
    apoorvb at yahoo dotcom
  33. apoorvb

    apoorvb Guest

    about maj real

    Hi Dr. devadi could u please tell me where i can read Maj real's post? i couldnt find it on the search
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sorry friend

    Hi Apoorvb,

    I tried the member search but could not locate MajReal or MSReal....nor could I find their posts. I Think their posts are somewhere in the later pages of topics as no new posts or replies have come to their topic.

    Too bad....they should have put a sticky to them.

    Anyway lets hope those topics suddenly pop up sometime soon.

  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    good morning Dr.Devashish

    i could not find the posts of major Y Singh and Major Prasun can u please give me the information about the prereqisites to apply for the interview and the questions asked in the interview.



    Well I have had few difficulties and believe me not every one is fortunate enought (like you) to be able to pay their MERIT SEAT FEES ALSO nowadays. I studied in a government aided pvt college through common entrance test at Karnataka. The annual fees are not the kind that a middle class chap (son of an honest government official) can pay added to the cost of the books. You HAVE to take loan! Those who havent, then the reasons are obvious. Anyway thats not the issue here. Whats important is one has to tailor his or her move according to their present condition and weigh the risks versus the benefits and then decide on an option of joining SSC or not. You cannot go by a standard dictum by some spoilt snob that the defence doctors are dopes. OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENTS AND REALLY PITYFUL ATTITUDE!! The case scenarios the doctors (non specialist Medical Officers) have seen particularly in the army are some that you cant even imagine! And the achievements of our Army Medical Corps (AMC) is not limited to the medical fields alone. Yes they have been the first (from the Navy) to climb the Mt everest too. Imagine a doctor doing that. So its a complete development that the defence service gives u friends. No harm joining!
    The doctors that speak so low of the AMC ; in my opinion these people will turn out to be very self centred and "jeb bharo" kind.
  37. Wonder guy

    Wonder guy Guest

    To Manju

    Manju, there r private college Like Manipal,Mangalore,BHARTIYA Vidya Paeth and other reputed private colleges who have all india level of competition and their fees is around 2-3 lakhs Rs per annum so if somebody is not able to get seat in state or all india level then he/she has no option left ,and have to join these colleges demanding such a huge amount of money.But I am telling u these guys and girls are not duffer .So,pl.don`t comment on any body intelligence level ,u r no-one to give comments like that.
    Defence Forces is not only for those guys /girls who r not able to click Pg exams.But for those who want to enjoy both sides of life as Doctor And as Defence Personnal.And life can`t be fulfilling if u r just interovert going for duty and coming we not only care our patients but enjoy a good social life,excellant sports & club facilities.Get Respect as a doctor and as a officer,chance to do pg from 2nd best Medical college of India i.e.AFMC.Good salary and other facilities , not for our self alone but also for our family.Sorry, to say but people are now becoming money minded and have lost their love for nation and for our Prestigious Defence Forces.[/i]
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I found Maj Real at last


    Success......Dear Apoorvb , please click on the sticky AN INFORMATION ABOUT SSC IN AFMS Given under "pgentrance message board" and you will find the message posts by MajReal, et al.

  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi drrajnavy

    verygood & keep it up u will definitly become a good MO in AMC.I would like to see u in AMC and once u will join. After that only ur opinion will matter.Before that u can see through other's eye that might be really not the thing.Any way welcome to AMC.
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    this for all those people who want to enjoy as defence personnel and doctor but my dear friends go and ask all specialist who are really good in medicine than why they want to go out of service.
    one of my friend who did his MBBS from AFMC good in medicine very frustruted in Navy want to come out of service but alas no choice for PC anyway.It depend on person to person some want to enjoy there life some want to become hardcore prof now choice is yours. u can do onething same like our college.But this is a real thing. you can go and ask any specialist in any fauji hospital. You may meet right person there. Bye and all the best for ur life.
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi apoorb

    Can u tell me how many xserviceman got PG in AFMC last year ? if i am not wrong very few. i think applying to AFMC as xserviceman is wasting one yr otherwise you would have get in R&R(little difficult) or INHS Asvini(easy)

    So while giving choice to join Armed force dont show them carrot of AFMC.
  42. Dr Sam

    Dr Sam Guest

    To all guests

    to all those guests , who do want to write their names.well, first of all if u have ever given interview of AMC u will see lots of MD`s and MS`s and also diploma holder coming for interview and not every body getting selected even they are given preference over plain MBBS and it is written in advertisement for applying for AMC..I have meet a MD pathologist from BHU , girl doing her DGO from delhi,ENT specialist female from my college PGIMS rohtak getting selected in air force.So I just want to know why these people need to join defence forces why can`t they go for PP or SR ship in some good hospital .??.if some body knows about current happenings then u must be knowing that defence forces are pioneer in starting cochlear implantation in India and that free of cost for families of those serving our defence forces.I have personally meet Cardiologist in AMC who did his MBBS from civilian college and he was saying that my fellows are still MD and I was able to do my super specialisation only because I opted for just think about that too.
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Please Give names

    Hi Guys,

    I sincerely request GUESTS to give their it is a more polite thing to do, and also makes it easier to direct replies to the right person.

    AFMC .......the chances of exservice men getting PG is less than the other 3 places...reason being that most of serving officers prefer to do their PG in AMC, and the number of seats left are less. But still last year I personally know at least one from the Navy who is doing MS. ENT at AFMC.

    Three of my batchmates exnavy are doing PG at Aswini, 2 in Radiology, 1 in anaesthesia.

    Exserviceman PG is not a carrot.......what I have said time and again is join to get into a PC........and then do your PG as a serving officer, with full pay and all other previleges that come with being a doctor in the armed forces.

    Every year I see more and more postgraduates joining forces. In my batch of 1999, I had an MD Paediatrics from PGI Chandigarh join with me along with his wife. Absolutely no service background. Between himself and wife was making Rs. 50,000 per month outside. But still joined for the peace of mind and ethical medicine practice found in serices. ( true of the Navy as far as I know) Today he is a pediatrician in the Navy, and got his PC too.

  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Another small factor

    A small factor that I forgot to add....

    For the guest who said meet a Armed forces specialist and listen to them crib about forces and how badly they want to quit.

    Please try to understand the rationale behind these cribs.

    I personally know both AFMC Toppers and specialists who have told me this themselves.........and have later on after a few drinks confided that they are just cribbing for the heck of it, to let off staem when they see some of their batchmates in civilian sector make a lot of money...but realise that to earn that money, these doctors give up every peace in life.
    So in the end they are again happy being in fauj.

    Another fact is that these doctors n services who are PC have never seen the medical profession in the civilian sector at all...and hence have no idea what a mess it is in. If they saw this mess....they would immedietly count their blessings.

  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There is no doubt that U can practice EBmedicine In Armed forces but my dear friend 1. How many of specialist do utilize there PG in there life ?
    2. Why many of armed force doctor become good administrator instead of good clinician?
    3. Same thing I also told that very few get PG as exservicemen candidate at AFMC.
    4.Any ways I just want to make it clear that what are advantage and disadv of joinning service/
    5.i sincerly reqeust not to ask name becaz some people can do there job by not telling there name only other wise facts remain hidden
    and on the top of it whatever was reply it was more or less supporting to my view so i dont think there is any need of giving name
    I am also agree that there are some genius doctors are also there in armed force like present DGAFMS, DGMS(NAVY/army/AF

    even forces are pioneer in reseach in many fields specially Aviation medicine,diving medicine, PSM,ENT etc
    even I will advise freshers that if they wish they can join but i strongly feel that they must finish first PG in any branch there after they can join depending they are looking for what.
  46. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Just a thought

    Dear Guest,

    Well I guess you must have a reason for remaining anonymous. :)

    1. In the services, if you are a anaesthetist/ surgeon/ cardiologist/ gynecologist...etc.....I can assure you, you will be working in your specialty 90% of the time. The remaining 10% is because you will be on board of medical examiners for recruitment medicals or some such administrative work.

    2. What is wrong in becoming a good administrator in the process of doing a job as a clinician in the services? I personally know so many mechanical engineers from prestigious universities doing MBA's in finance or HRD and changing their line of work itself and going up the corporate ladder fast.

    3. Please remember that this whole topic has been started to give everybody an alternative to what is presently being done. Its very easy to advise freshers to finish their PG's first and then think of jumping into the AFMS. But one forgets that it because of the extreme difficulty in above average doctors getting into PG courses that they are looking for alternatives. Which candidate would pass up a chance to do his PG?

    4. Joining the armed forces medical services is a career move and a commitment, so one must be clear on what you want in life. Being a fantastic clinician and still being not able to make a decent amount of money at 30 plus age is not a good situation......

    These pointers is time us doctors start to think out of the box like the IT professionals are doing and explore new frontiers like telemedicine, marketing, primary health services in private field etc, and find out ways in which we can make work for ourselves and others, and earn a decent living at the same time.


  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Some updates!

    Hello everyone,

    Hmmmm pretty quite on this topic for a week now....looks like all AFMS applicants have gone underground.!

    Anyway....just thought I will give some updates on the AFMS PG exam. As you all know it is on 12 Feb 2006. At Command Hospital Airforce Bangalore, the total number of seats available are 21.......of these...about 11 will be more or less be taken up by serving officers.

    So in all we can honestly hope for about 8 to 10 seats for Exservice and civilian candidates.

    Those planning for MD. Paediatrics, please do not bother to apply or write the exam, there is only 1 seat, as also MS. Gen. Surgery. The lone seats in these specialities will invariably be taken up by the serving officers.

    More on this later,

  48. guest jlt

    guest jlt Guest

    to dr sam

    hi dr sam......can u please say whether u have joined the navy or not??
    Actually i was selected in the SSC this september and am waiting for my call letter. There are a lot of guys still waiting i guess. Can anyone tell me the deadlines about the call letters, so that we can stop expecting. Also, how many merit lists are put out each year??? :)
  49. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Expect no longer

    Dear Guest,

    From past records...the last call letters are usually sent out in January, and very little chances of anything coming out after that. So In myopinion you can honestly expect a call letter latest by 31 Jan, and no more after that.
    Hope this answers your query.

  50. Dr sam

    Dr sam Guest

    hi friends

    logging to computer after 15 days . basically was getting settled down. at present I am at INHS ASVINI mumbai. staying in single officer accomodation .I got 2 rooms`s very neat and good place to stay. u can`t expect such kind of accom. here in colaba area without paying atleast 25,000 rs per month.good food,respect from juniors, excellant club facility to enjoy in evening time. I go for swimming and learning lawn tennis . duty timings are very long 8am -5-30 ur knowledge as clinician is really on test as u have to attend to atleast 25 patients per day in casualty room. so i am not thinking that army is for below avg. people. rest nxt time. bye.

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