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    Happy New Year

    Dear Sam,

    Nice to hear from you! So looks like you have joined....good.
    The accomodation at Colaba is probably the best in the Indian Navy with the exception of the Mess at New Delhi. However much of the accomodation all over India in all the Naval messes is really very good and enjoy yourself.

  2. dear Sam
    anyway you have joined now but i would like to same question after 1 yrs that now how r u feeling?
    dont make statement like this just on the basis of accmodation and money you shouldalsosee other aspect.
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    Joining SSC

    Hi everybody,
    the depth in which this topic has been discussed till now is really amazing. Thanks for all of you for giving such a nice information. This is really helpfull for newcomers like us.
    Now whatever happens, I also want to join SSC. I have completed my internship 1 year back and is studying for entrance. But I know my study & is almost sure that I wont get any PG seat through entrance.
    I have always liked to serve my nation. So now I will try my best to be successfull in the coming SSC interview. But when is the probable time of ad? Which is the most reliable news-paper to check this ad?
    Also this is my heartfull request for those who have been selected in Sept 05 interview. I want to know the questions asked to them in interview by the selecton board. What are the chances of getting selected? What is the difficulty level of questions? All of these will be quiet helpful to me & others also. Please write your email address also so that I can contact them personally.
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    Ex servive PG Armed forces

    Dear all,
    I dont know what it was in my previous letters/ thoughts that gave a few the impression that I have just joined into the services. Let me take this opportunity to tell all that I have just quit aftera wonderful fruitful 05 year SSC. Now am preparing for entrances.. as you all know how the All India exam blew up on our faces.! Now all hopes are on the Ex SSC PG on th 12th Feb.
    Dr Devadi sir (Dont know real name so plz excuse) and Dr Sam (since you are in Colaba), could you please tell me (in case known to you) the total number of PG seats this time at INHS Asvini, Mumbai. I have no clue on the same and have no other means to find out.
    I will reach Mumabi on 11th Feb for the exam. In case I dont get a suitable accomodation... am planning to gate crash on Dr Sam's room... :) :D :wink:
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    Hi DrRaj,

    I thinkyou are LtCdr.Raj who was posted in Tuticorin?? Well, if so you know me very well........I went out from SBC Vizag in Oct 2004.

    I think there are about 10 to 12 seats for exSSC at INHS Aswini....depends on how many are left over after the Service officers have taken their pick, but I am expecting around 10 at least.

    I am giving it in Bangalore. Dr. Sam would be very nice if he could accomodate you for the exam time.....I am sure he would get to learn a lot from you regarding the Naval ways....and would also benefit from your knowlwdge of working with the Coast Guard people.


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    Hello, no I was not at Tuticorin but was close; Anyway I left in Jan 2006 and giving my first shot at this exam. I dont think that INHS Asvini will have only 10-12 seats sir, its a huge hospital. I heard that there are 800 applicants this time so its gonna be real tight. Is it possible to get an actual figure of the seats up for us; if yes what or how to know? Am doing Salgunan with some Mudit and some Ashish. hope it works out! Is there going to be any General Knowledge too? Then I'm done for!! :D
    Keep me informed on the latest please, sir.
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    Hello, no I was not at Tuticorin but was close; Anyway I left in Jan 2006 and giving my first shot at this exam. I dont think that INHS Asvini will have only 10-12 seats sir, its a huge hospital. I heard that there are 800 applicants this time so its gonna be real tight. Is it possible to get an actual figure of the seats up for us; if yes what or how to know? Am doing Salgunan with some Mudit and some Ashish. hope it works out! Is there going to be any General Knowledge too? Then I'm done for!! :D
    Keep me informed on the latest please, sir.
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    Hi Raj,

    Sorry, couldnt place you. Please mail me at so we can email, as this is a general forum.

    However I would like to repeat that overall there will be about 20 to 22 seats at INHS Aswini, but of these 50% or more will be taken by serving officers, so that will leave only about 10 to 12.
    Best way would be to talk to your colleagues in Aswini and find out.

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  10. SUPER!!

    dear sir,

    i read the artical posted by you just recently.

    your views were really nice.

    im a student doing Bachelor of Dental Surgery, now Final Year.

    i appeared for SSB for 108 th course of the NDA in 2002. however, due to some medical ailment, i couldnt join in then.

    now, im completing my BDS, hopefully by the end of this year....and i have just one DREAM, PASSION and AMBITION - the INDIAN ARMY (ADCORPS).

    sir, i dont know, whether my decision 3 yrs ago was faithful to myself, when i decided to quit the forces and become a dental surgeon. but im sure i did learn the hard ways of life too. interacting with all civilians, with no defence background and all from a medical/ dental background, i found myself alone....!! i decided to groom myself and become like them.

    but even today, almost four years later, i walk with the PASSION of becoming an army officer soon. i am completely from a defence background, with 4 generations who have served in Fighting Arms. i would join in as in Support Arms, but then the OGs are OGs.

    wish me luck....and if you can guide me, i would be obliged.
  11. Dear Devadi and Paidunghat, I have a query, please help. There is quota for doctors serving in paramilitary in AFMC, Command hospital, R & R, and Ashwini. If one joins as Assistant Commandant in paramilitary services, what is the minimum/maximum period of service he/she has to wait for to take up the entrances. Can one take up these exams soon after joining the service or you need some time as somebody told me 5 years to give your pg entrance exams. Please answer my query. Thanks in advance
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    It is true that there is a quota for paramilitary service candidates in the PG entrances at AFMC, CHAF BANGALORE, R AND R, AND Aswini......but they have to be sponsored by the respective organizations. They come on Priority 3 and are called for counselling ahead of Ex. SSC and civilians.

    However , I am not aware of how many years of service they have to put in before becoming eligible, although I am sure there is such a criteria. Also the candidate has to be a serving para military doctor and cannot quit his job after the PG Training.

    Lastly the quality of life in paramilitary forces leaves much to be desired when compared with the armed forces....and I personally know of freinds who are pretty frustrated at having joined in paramilitary jobs.


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    Results ??

    Hi all,
    How did the PG exam on 12 Feb 06 go? Does somebody have any clue as to when the results will be made known to us. Devadi sir .. is it possible for you to find out and keep us posted on this site.
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    Hi everyone,

    The results should be out by this month end or maximum by first week of we can all wait with crossed fingers. Its a pity they do not allow the question paper to be taken home, as otherwise at least one can get a fair idea about the result.

    One note of caution though....I feel the paper was deceptive ...and without doubt the rankig is going to be decided by the nagative marking mainly.

  15. hello....

    Hi DR Devadi and Major Prasoon Mishra and Sam and all.....

    THanks everyone...for guidin people like me into the services. U
    presented the pros and cons of the services and that helped me to select this career wid all its dimensions in mind.

    I dont have to say anything about the guests who beleagure the doctors' job in armed forces. It is a very subjective thing. Some like it , some dont. But no one has any right to bad-mouth those who are tryin to build up strong youth force that is ready to take up responsibilities on their own shoulders.
    Am in army for one month now. And I already feel the changes it has to offer in a man's outlook to things. As Sam said, I also have a 2 room kitchen quarter and all the facilities of a civilian class-1 offcr. Ride horses in the mornings and play squash in the eves. Have got a peace posting in a military want to make the most of it before the MOBC and field postings start.
    One thing i want to tell my fellow indians who find clinical medicine an "on paper" thing in army medical is not true, at least for military hospital set-up. Even at MBBS level, we can polish our clinical accumen with wide range of patients and almost all the investigative facilities. Dont know about the field psotings, but wat i could gather from seniors and discussions wid them is that u cannot stay away from medicine. The greatest challange for an army doctor is to be clinically competent in any circumstances, at any sea-level, and with some very important persons as patients. There do exists wat they call "administrative" load.....but wat? dosent an average specialist private practitioner spend most hours of his life expanding his clientele and network? We do the same thing....the only difference is that we doit for better co-ordination of the organisation framework and with some legal and "sarkari" implications. Otherwise I dont find much difference between the clinical practice of my med. college A.P.s and any specialist in military hospital.

    Anyways, all said and done....hope that this forum inspire more and more youngsters to think logically. Being a doctor is good, being a defence personnel is altogather a new horizon. And life is all about expanding one's horizons.
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    SSC information

    Thanks Dr. previous navy for your opinion. Can you post your email id? I want to join this job & I have some queries to ask. Since you belong to the latest batch recruited, you can guide me. Please give your email id. thanks.
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    Hi, Good job there "drprevious".... You seems to have already achieved what was intended with your well written post. Nice to see youngsters taking some time off to pen their experiences, thoughts, views and feelings; ...however a word of caution to you and to other just joined lot that please dont reveal any details of self or your unit or service particulars. Those in service also need to take prior approval of higher authorities before going to media of any sort. I hope you got my point... its required for the sake of National Security.
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    :) Results of AFMC PG exam( for the Ex ssc) are out at Asvini I understand and will be officially announced on Monday most probably.
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    Hi everybody. To guest18, if u are an mbbs and want to join the services, the best way would be to go yourself to some services hospital nearby and meet the doctors there personally. I did the same thing few months ago. And also, dont form your views on listening to one or two people, personally or online. Only you know yourself. No one can match ur judgement about yourself. People will give opinions according to their own experiences. All we can do is to rationally match them with our priorities and then decide. If you have already done your p.g, then i think u hold an additional card in your hand. This forum is another place where u will find some good people to crysatalize your thinking.
    Drrajnavy, thanks for ur feedback and cautioning about that identity stuff. But somehow, i find there are a lot many people who have their ids and other details in their profiles. May be its because they are permenant members of this forum.
    Anyways, all the best to all of u and congrats to all who cracked the p.g entrance and are about to become specialists now. Cheers........
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    Hi everybody. To guest18, if u are an mbbs and want to join the services, the best way would be to go yourself to some services hospital nearby and meet the doctors there personally. I did the same thing few months ago. And also, dont form your views on listening to one or two people, personally or online. Only you know yourself. No one can match ur judgement about yourself. People will give opinions according to their own experiences. All we can do is to rationally match them with our priorities and then decide. If you have already done your p.g, then i think u hold an additional card in your hand. This forum is another place where u will find some good people to crysatalize your thinking.
    Drrajnavy, thanks for ur feedback and cautioning about that identity stuff. But somehow, i find there are a lot many people who have their ids and other details in their profiles. May be its because they are permenant members of this forum.
    Anyways, all the best to all of u and congrats to all who cracked the p.g entrance and are about to become specialists now. Cheers........
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    Hi ALL

    Hello everyone,

    First of all,

    Congratulations to DrRAJNavy, who has cleared the Ex. SSC entrance at INHS ASWINI, mumbai.......with 6th rank. Congratulations also to the other 9 who qualified, and will soon attend counselling.

    As for the advice from Raj regarding maintaining security on the internet, I think it is a very valid point and specially pertinent to all those young officers who have joined services recently and are presently serving. DrPrevious Navy, it is my duty to inform you that, as a serving officer you are bound by very strict regulations given in REGSNAVY and RAMSF, and you should try and acquaint yourself with these as soon as possible.....all those who have given public identities on this forum, including myself, are those who are already out of service , and as such are not bound by service regulations regarding certain conditions. However we are still bound by regulations against revealing sensitive data or information which can affect National security. I hope that all my ex. service colleagues will take due care on this forum.

    The results for AFMC, Pune and CHAF Bangalore are not yet out, and as such I am sitting with my fingers crossed. Unlike Aswini, where at least 15 to 20 seats are available for the ex.service and civilians, at CHAF there are only 6 to 7 seats including there is less leeway.
    Again Rand R Delhi, and AFC, Pune have more seats, beause there are more non clinical seats there.

    Till my next update,

    have fun,

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    Thanks Dr. Previous for your information. And please try to understand that atleast I am not asking any serving doctor to reveal secret information. :!: I am really interested in joining SSC and I am really trying hard to get quallified. :(
    Problem is recruitment is only once/year and there are no standard preparationguidelines available, as in the case of other PG enrance exams. Some people say that the interview is one of the easiest task to get cleared. Others say it is not that much easy & competition is high. Whatever happens, I want to get selected and hence I want to know what type of questions have been asked in recent interviews? What is the difficulty level of these questions? How much is the competition? :?: :?:
    So please I am requesting the freshly joined SSC doctors to tell me the questions & topics asked in interview so that I can get some idea how to prepare. :idea:
    Thanks to everyone.
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    Take care

    Hi Guest 18,

    I can understand your anxiety about the interview. Please keep following this forum and you may get lots of guidance.

    However I would still like to caution serving medical officers to clarify whatever they post on this forum with their JAG branch or Legal arm, or seniors before they do so........service reguations may prevent you from certain disclosures even if you never thought please do check up where you stand.

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    Thank you Devadi sir for yr wishes.. By the way why isnt it yet announced officially in Asvini itself I wonder. ! Whats keeping them? I am also eagerly waiting now for the announcement of which courses are available for us. My rank is not good for the Radiology seat.. "sob"!! :( :cry:
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    Strange facts of life

    I understand that the bangalore results also have been announced unofficially. My friend knews his result yesterday.. whats all this nonsense about un-official result ? Why dont they reveal it officially when its known to almost everyone!??
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    Hi dr rajnavy..... i m new 2 this forum just wanted to know whether the results 4 Aswini exam (civilians) n ex-ssc are declared separately....

    are the civilian results declared too.... is there no website where u get to see these results?

    thnx in advance. :)
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    No drsrk.. in fact I have written a message out already for you under another thread. No website giving the results..!
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    All quiet on the eastern front

    Hi everyone,
    Pardon me for using an old movie name......but it really has been quite silent on this thread for the past one or two weeks.......looks like all the guys have gone on vacation after the PG exam routine, eh?


    Well, lets see some posts.....hopefully

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    probab of gettin a seat

    i m a civilian candidate app 4 asvini cat pg. my rank is in top 10.what is chance of gettin med?how is med there?any idea?what about accomodation?pls reply. bye
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    Pray and wait

    Hi Guest,

    You have mentioned that you are in the top 10 ranks......are you talking about the Civilian rank list or general list??

    If you are in top 10 of civilian must be aware that this year only 10 from the exservicemen list qualified. So you can be sure that out of the seats remaining after the service counselling on 23 and 24th March......10 seats out of around 20 seats will be taken by the Ex SSC candidates. So chances are that if you are in the top 5 of the civilian list you will get a PG.

    However it isd difficult to say which speciality. The chance of getting MD. Gen medicine is difficult as there are around 4 seats (according to last years estimate) which may differ this year.

    Importantly except for MS. General surgery, MS. Opthal, and ENT all other seats are not recognised by MCI , and only recognised by State medical council.

    Best of luck.

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    can any one tell r thee any chances of getting a diploma in R AND R my rank 95 i am a civilian plz help out
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    Hi guest,

    Its highly unlikely that you will get a diploma at 95 rank in civilian list, as around 10 exSSC have qualified at R&R Delhi.......and very few seats will remain after their allotment.....even those wil be taken up by the civilians ahead of you in the civilian list.

    Do however go to the counselling as you never know how luck smiles on people when least expected.

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    Guest Guest

    1. First let me thank all the seniors who have put in excellenet information on joining armed forces for doctors.

    2. I am lady doctor who have clered all india entrance and opted for DGO course. I am inspired by armed forces and thinking of joinig as SSC.

    3. I want to know what are the prospectus for Post Granduate doctor with my qualification.

    4. If i join Indian navy as i gathered it is the best. Do i have to go on ship duty as well as gynecologist??

    5. How i can go about applying for joining in armed forces.
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    Nice to hear that you are willing to join the force. Before taking any decision, please go through the all the posts about career in armed forces in DNB forum & PG entrance forum. Ofcourse it will be always better to complete the PG diploma in OBGy & then join army. After completing diploma, you will get preference
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    Hi Guest,

    Nice to hear your interest in joining services. My sincere advice would be to go ahead and complete your DGO, and then try to finish DNB also in the same field. I say this because with a Diploma, even though you stand a very good chance of being selected for the Indian Navy over cannot practice as a specialist with the DGO qualification.
    You have to have an MD or DNB in your field to be eligible for a period of grading under a senior Advisor (Obs & gyn) for 3 to 6 months when you join service. After this is succesfully completed , you will be given antedated seniority and will work as a specialist with higher pay and rank.
    Also the Indian Navy's latest policy decision is NOT to post any ladies to ship's. So not much chance of you going to sea.

    If you are still interested to join after completing your postgraduation, please go ahead. Its adifferent world out there!

  36. result

    sir, i wrote my 2006 AFMC entrance exam but i dont no when will be the exam result released . So sir i request u to give me the date of release of result.

    pls inform mr sir...
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    Ex SSC PG

    Hi everybody! I am a SSC Officer, leaving services in 2007. I am planning to do Ex SSC PG. I recently heard that Ex SSC PG is being scrapped from next year. Is it true?
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    Thanks to Devadi and the others for providing such valuable information in such a clear manner. I was unaware of this option before coming across your posts.

    I have a few questions
    1. I am a high myope, will I be eligible for SSC if I get LASIK done?
    2. I have done my MBBS from Europe, I hope eligibility is not limited to people having studied MBBS in India. I will be getting permanent registration with MCI, is that enough?

    Really liked the post where you so candidly listed all the advantages and disadvantages of SSC, and gave a rough profile of people who should and should not consider SSC :) Thanks!
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    Dear Quaintlee,

    I am sorry to tell you this, but any sort of correction of Myopia with LASIK will make you ineligible for selection to the armed forces. If you are applying for the medical services, then it would be a good idea to check what is the visual limits for selection, as the AMC takes up doctors who have 6/6 vision after correction with spectacles. But there is a limit to the extent of correction. Please find out from the nearest Military hospital from your residence. Regarding your second query, a basic medical degree from oputside India is still eligible provided , it is eligible for medical practice in India by MCI rules, and you have cleared the DNB exam for candidates with medical degrees from outside India.

    Hope I have answered your questions.


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    Lasik eligibility for SSC

    Hi Devadi,
    Thanks for providing the info, but I was quite disappointed on reading your reply so I checked a bit further, and this is what I found.

    Here is the relevant extract from the policy -

    "The procedure ... LASIK can be permitted in Army at entry level beyond the age of 20 years for candidates as follows "
    "uncomplicated LASIK done for myopia ... with stable refraction for a period of 6 months after the procedure ...'
    " Notes - the candidate will be asked to declare .. that he/she has undergone lasik, .. will be declared unfit by the SMB .. but will be advised to undergo an appeal Med boards, during which he/she will be examined by a senrior opthalmologist ... on this examination axial length should be less than 26 mm"

    So I guess people undergoing LASIK are eligible, though it gets complicated.
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    Complicated Route of Entry

    Dear Quaintlee,

    I am sorry if I had mislead you, as is evident from the policy extract that you have managed to get. However, my information is based on the routine entry level medical board examination that we used to conduct at the naval hospital where I worked prevously. I was frequently involved in conductiong these medical examinations, and the head of opthalmology at our hospital disqualified all LASIK candidates. In fact if you see the policy extract, it clearly says that the SMB will disqualify the candidate who will be asked to undergo appeal board. Do you have any idea how many candidates manage to clear this appeal medical board?...very few. It is a pretty much complicated route and worth undergoing only if you have some medical contacts in the services.

    In any case, I wish you all the best for your endeavours. If you join the services eventually, I sincerely wish that you do well.


  42. quaintlee

    quaintlee Guest

    Hi ,

    Yeah I read that they disqualify at the SMB. Thanks for all the info you provided, I wouldnt have even looked into it had u not started this thread.

  43. information plz...

    Hiii Dev...
    this is the 2nd time i'm reading this post of urs... i'm currently doing my bds... i wanted to know bout dentists' opportunities in the forces...
    plzzz reply.... n is it possible to get info from a army hospital nearby??
    in anticipation...
  44. akkusp

    akkusp Guest

    interview ques for army ssc interested in joining the short service commission and have appleid for this dec session.Can anyone post the sort of que they ask at the interview and if any que related to army are asked
  45. dracs

    dracs Guest

    Joining the Armed Forces

    Hello All,
    Seems as if there's been a huge gap since the last post was written. I have been through all the threads in this post, and have found it very useful, esp by Devadi, Maj Raj, and others
    Well, I finished my MBBS in 2005 and for the past 2 yrs have been trying to unsuccesfully give various entrance exams. I had thought of joining the Armed forces earlier, but held back thinking I wouldnt stand a chance due to my spectacles....
    This year now, i m desperate for a seat, and will be giving the DNB CET (I did not clear the last time). Going through this forum, it seems as if I should give the Armed Forces interview a try again.... When are the times when they advertise for SSC?
    I would also like to know if they do give field postings to post-grads also, or is it to the MBBS only....
  46. Guest

    Guest Guest

    dear doctors, im also a former ssc candidate now doing my dnb in delhi, pl beware all the advantages listed by dr devadi might be just a farce under the one single disadvantage that most of the times the dr s are under non medical people who might be good or bad it turns out that most of the times it is bad in the long run.
    coming to the highly subsidised acc it is one of the worst in the most undeveloped cities and towns of is same as in any residency outside in the begining.threat to life is more than others bec doctors are naive and dont know the actual situation in the alien think befo the so called mis adventure.
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Please give a balanced view

    Dear Morpheus,

    Much of what you say is I am sure because of experiences you faced in the services during your postings or that of your colleagues. Though I fully agree with your opinion, please bear in mind that the situation may not be the same for all the serving personnel at all the postings in any of the three services, NAVY, ARMY ,and AIRFORCE.

    If you have read all my posts carefully, you would have noticed that I have clearly mentioned that the NAVAL postings are the best ones, provided you are not sea-sick. The AIRFORCE and ARMY postings are not that great and it really depends on your luck to be posted at a nice place.

    Regarding your second point about pay, please remember that the 5th and 6th pay commissions have recommended a huge pay hike in all the service scales. In some cases this hike will take the total emoluments even higher than mid-level pay in the private sector medical jobs for entry level medical officers in the services. In fact even now, entry-level pay in the services is higher than most early level salaries post medical graduation in most places in South India. The situation is different for North India, where most residencies today pay a decent stipend/salary of Rs 18,000 to 19,000/-.

    All through my posts I have never pushed for joining the services for al,l the readers, I have only presented a balanced view with the caveat that every individual has to take an informed decision based on his/her requirements in life. I have pointed out the disadvantages as well as the advantages. It is for the individuals to use the information as they deem fit.

    Warm regards,

  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dear Devadi,
    I have cleared SSC-2007 and supposed to join INHS Kalyani,Vizag on 5th Sept.As you wud understand i have lots of queries as a fresher which i wud like to get cleared from optimistic persons like u,maj prasun,etc and not from any hipocrits.The first thing that is coming to my mind is if i dont qualify for PC(as the competition is pretty tough these days) whats the procedure and chances for doing an Ex-SSC PG.i mean what are the percentages of ppl getting thru it?how many seats?in which institutes?& since i am married when can i take my wife along with me?
  49. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Hello Dr. Somraj,

    Congratulations for clearing the SSC board and getting entry to the Naval branch of the AMC.

    Firstly, as I say always, the naval wing is the most comfortable branch of the three services. Field postings are better and facilities are more advanced.

    Having said that, please remember that if you are sea-sick, then your ship postings will be miserable. If you are OK with a lot of sailing, then this is great.

    INHS Kalyani is a 316-bed naval hospital in Vishakapatnam. It was my second last posting in the Navy and is a very busy hospital with a lot of modern facilities. I am sure you will find it interesting. However, you will not be posted for long in this hospital and may be transferred to a warship within 6 months. I have heard of new policies that keep a newly joined medical officer for at least 1 year in the base hospital before moving him to the sea tenure. However, I am not so sure if this has been implemented.

    Competition for PC is very tough and your merit may not be the only criteria for selection. I would still advise you to give your PC interview at the very first opportunity rather than waiting till the 4rth year. Use the first 2 years to make ur decision about PC.

    ExSSC PG is getting tougher by the day. The exam itself is not very tough, but because the total number of ExSSC seats in each zone is very limited, if you are not in the top 5 ranks at the hospital where you have applied, you will not get anything worthwhile. Please note that you will be eligible for seats only in the hospital where you opt for the exam:

    1. R&R, Delhi
    2. AFMC, Pune
    3. INHS Aswini, Mumbai
    4. CH(AF), Bangalore

    For a more details please look thru all the previous posts under this topic.

    You can take your wife along with you when you join, but accomodation may be a problem. It is better if you report at the hospital alone and within a week you will be given a transit married accomodation. You can then have your wife join you. For a regular married accomodation (2 bedroom-quarter) in the naval base, you will have to apply and wait for allocation and this depends on your seniority and vacancy position. At the Lieutenant level this should not take too long.

    Surgeon Lieutenant in the Navy is equivalent to a Captain in the Army. You will learn about the hierarchy once you join. I would advise you to initially join the hospital and spend 2 to 3 days looking ath the work culture and naval way of life. It is not necessary that the hospital send out a joining signal to NHQ immediately. Please meet the Executive officer (EXO) and explain to him that you would like to stay for 2 to 3 days and then decide whether you want to join or not, after which they can send the joining confirmation to the naval HQ. This will also give you a choice to withdraw if you are not happy.

    Service life is totally different from civilian life, and not everyone can adjust to it. But those who have adjusted and liked it, will never forget the experience. I cannot say that the AMC always makes you an outstanding doctor, but it will surely make you a more polished person.

    As an ExSSC, both the job offers I got so far were partly due to my military background and administrative skills. This obviously means that your skills as a doctor may not be the first priority if you leave service eventually. That is a decison u need to make.

    If and when you join INHS Kalyani, please meet Surg. Cdr. Shaloo Garg, Specialist, Anaesthesia Department who will be able to guide you to make the right decision.

    Best of luck,

  50. Devadi

    Hi Devadi Sir, How are you? If you remember me, I have contacted you through email in 2006. Now I have joined SSC. I want an urgent advise. Please send me email on I want to talk with you, so please mention your phone no in email.
    Capt Nayanesh

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