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  1. Morpheus

    Hi Morpheus sir,
    I am also doing SSC in Army. NOw 11 months over. I want to talk to you. Please send me your phone no to my email ID
    Capt Nayanesh
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Devadi Sir,Many many thanx for ur informative reply.I would surely follow ue instructions although i have decided to join 100% and continue for at least 5 yrs even if i dont get a PC.i just wanted to ask u one thing-whether a passport is necessary before joining or going on board?can i visit any country while on board the warships?
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    Guest Guest

    Devadi Sir,the above post was written by me,can u please help me with the passport query.
  4. wants to join armed forces

    hi,i am Dr. rajesh ,i have completed my B.D.S,now i want to join armed forces,so kindly submitt me essential information on my e mail id ie,bababihari16051981
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    Passport query.

    Dear Dr. Somraj,

    Technically speaking a passport is required whenever you enter a foreign country by any mode of travel and is checked at the port of entry and exit. However as a serving personnel in the Indian armed forces which is a central government service, you will be issued an official passport by the Indian government whenever you are travelling on official business to other countries. This is usually a red-coloured passport different from the normal blue-coloured passport that civilians are issued with.

    Having said that, while in the Navy, you may get ample chance to visit foreign countries if your ship is sent out on goodwill tours or deployment to other countries. While on such a visit, you will not require a passport of any sort as technically you are travelling as part of a routine mission. However, your moving ashore in the country of visit will be co-ordinated by the local authorities in tandem with your ship's administrative officers. You cannot move about on your own without express permission from both these authorities.

    My advice is please start processing a normal civilain passpor before you join the services itself as you may find it useful at some point of time later in life. Processing a normal passport while in service is a little difficult and may take time.


  6. priyaa

    priyaa Guest

    how to join in ssc

    sir , i have finished mbbs. i want to join in army. how to join. how to apply.for this year when should i apply for ssc. how to apply for permenent work. please help me sir. waiting for ur replay
  7. priyaa

    priyaa Guest

    sir i heared that this year they coducted AMC SSC in may. how meny times they conduct AMC SSC in one year. when will they conduct next time. help me sir. waiting for your replay
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    SSC interview

    I think the advt appears twice a year (not sure) should happen sometime now if it hasn't already. I remember going for my interview in sep. I am Ex SSC was in the army left after 5 years.
    I am curious to know of your reasons to join, if you don't mind sharing that.
    all the best
  9. priyaa

    priyaa Guest

    sir thank you very much for your replay

    i have just finished MBBS

    this is my ambision,(working in army). i want to do some thing new. want to serve for people.

    i think i can't do it out side because of meny problems(meny doctors out side are money oriented, so all are expeting to earn money quickly)i dont like this.

    i have meny ideas to improve our people quality of life. for that i need experions.

    and i want to escape from money orianted people.


    sir i want to know about the interviwe. particularly about medical fitness
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    Guest Guest

    I hope you have read the first post in this thread. to be in the army you need to be of a particular bent of mind. Everybody doesn't like it.
    The life is comfortable and financially you are very independant and secure. professionally its up to you if you keep in touch and are studying then its fine.
    Initially you'll be commissioned in a hospital which is near your place(thats what usually happens), after that you'll go for your Medical Officers Basic Course in Lucknow, and then you'll be posted in a field area. If you plan to take PC and do your PG then Please please study when you are in field because thats when you'll get lots of time .

    About the interview and medical fitness. If you are over weight then start working to reduce as thats a major issue. The interview , they ask stuff from surgery and medicine also so ask some gk stuff ( at least thats how mine went).
    But I really must emphasise that the army life is not meant for everyone. Its totally up to you to enjoy the life as its got a lot to offer, new places, adventure sports ( if you are interested)and generally a comfortable life. But all these go with the fact that you might be asked to move from anywhere to anywhere at a short notice. After getting married( if to an army officer) then postings together may not always be possible.
    There a lot of social commitments and you are not just a doctor. you are a doctor and an officer , you may be asked to perform administrative duties, may not always get leave.
    It requires a lot of adjusting and you come to know only after you join .
    all the best , put a lot of thought and then make your decision.
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    Army Medical Corps

    There are a number of people who dismiss the army as being meant for average or below average doctors....probably these guys went from Ganganagar to Uri and then to Bagdogra and have never seen the other side. I too have served at J & K, at remote areas at a height of 16,000 feet and sweated it out in a tent with no fan in the desert at the height of summer. But I have also seen the up end of it. Doctors can be good or the army or outside. Last week at R & R hospital ( I'm doing my PG in anaesthesia there) there was a neonate with transposition of the great arteries who underwent an arterial switch operation at the OT i was working in...very easy, all you have to do is transect the aorta and the pulmonary arteries, suture the old aortic root to the pulmonary atery, suture the aorta to the old pulmonary artery root, cut out the coronary ostia and reattach them to the new aorta, repair the ASDand ligate the PDA. Do you think the surgeon who did this was average or below average? or the anaesthesiologist who took a neonate on cardiopulmonary bypass? and the surgeons who succesfully carried out liver transplants?
    What I'm trying to say is that while there are bad doctors, there are also brilliant ones in the army, so one shouldn't generalize. The army is not great in many ways but it is great in many ways too.
    I'm ex - army by the way
  12. tabu

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    ex serviceman pg

    Im put on 3yrs of service as ssc,am no more interested for pc and planning to leave after 5yrs of ssc,but i want to do pg in ex serviceman seat in any clinical possible in afmc or r&r?
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    PG ex ssc

    you can do PG in either of the four hospitals
    R & R
    INHS Ashwini
    Air Force hospital Bangalore
    But the picture is rather dismal as ex ssc are priority 4 . I took up R & R exam last year and got the 12 rank. R & R has around 31 seats varies a bit form year to year. This time round it so happened that there were a lot of priority 3 candidates and even though none of the subjects they had chosen at the time of applying were available they were still accommodated with subjects available leaving almost nothing for ex ssc. there were only 11 seats left so missed it by 1 rank. My husband got through last to last year and is now doing his PG in R & R.
    The prospects of ex ssc PG were good a couple of years ago. You'd be better of trying for all india or something . you still have 2 years to go . You must make the best use of it and study really well.
    all the best.
  14. regarding information regarding indian army medical corps en

    hi dr morpheus.
    im a fresh mbbs pass out my age is 27 internship will end in jan. i want all relevant information about ssc as a doctor in army ill be highly obliged if u wld contact me with the relevant email id is u.
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    Ex SSC PG is dicey!

    Hi all,

    I fully agree with Nruthya.....Ex SSC PG has become very dicey of late and nothing is predictable. I had taken the exam in 2006 at CHAF Bangalore and got the 10th rank. Three seats got cancelled that year and the last seat got over at the 9th rank, missed by one rank!

    Every year the seat matrix and status keeps changing and nobody can predict how many seats would be vacant or would go to the ExSSC as the priority 2 and 3 candidates keep changing every time.

    My personal advice would be to try for your state entrances or the All india rather than having all hopes on the Ex SSC PG alone.


  16. googi

    googi Guest

    want to join army

    hi sir,i am about to complete my internship on dec 4th dis year.cud u plz guide me when to apply for the entrance exam for amc?hav been tryin the site indianarmy.nic but cudnt find any help :( my dad's a retd officer so m wel orientd wit d system.n hav also been to R&R wen was in 3rd yr mbbs d jco there showd me biopsy n told me bout frozen section :) i think its d best hospital ever.plz do reply bout d exam notification for 2008. thank u (
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I applied for SSC 07 in Dec.when is the interview?I want to know abt the details of interview.could u plse help me
  18. curosity

    hi sir,
    Its so nice of u to give such an inspiring note for all medicos here who r really interested in joining armed forces. i m doing my internship and very keen to join navy. plz guide me what preparation i have to do for the same. and when to apply for ssc exam. thanking you.
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Nikky any particular reason to join navy?
    It is like paper leak for you, just be sure what reply you are going to give infront of board rest in the god's hand, I am telling same becoz same happend to me 5 yrs before and I got navy, anyways all the best, you can catch me up on orkut in naval doctors forum
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    leave SSC

    sir,, my MBBS friend has just joined ssc one month back...
    actually he wants to do IAS.. and had heard that there is 2% reserved for ex servie men in UPSC so he has joined SSC..
    but now he is not sure about the quota for ex servicemen in UPSC and wants to leave SSC..

    he has just joined one month back ..
    can you please tell us upto what time period can he leave SSC(army)
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Probation period

    Dear Rahul,

    The first year of SSC in the AMC is a probationary period andas such if one is disinclined to continue, then the best time to quit is within the first year. Please ask your friend to talk to his superior and put in a written request for leaving the services citing inability to adjust to servicce way of life. It will not be easy and it may take almost a year for the DGAFMS office to process his request.

    On the other hand, if he has joined AMC with the idea of just using ExSSC reservation, it would have been better if he had checked the details before jumping in.

    Best regards,

  22. Dr.fouz

    Dr.fouz Guest

    prospects for females doctors in services.

    hi, i finished my internship in april 2008. studying for pg entrances. missed obg pg seat in state entrance by 1 rank. very much interested in obg. i'll be giving all india 1st attempt in jan.
    i'm very much interested in joining d AFMS.
    having done my NCC 'B' certificate and won 3rd place in basic leadership camp, delhi 2001(before joining medicine) i ve pretty good idea of d forces.
    i thank d seniors here who ve guided so many ppl in d right direction.

    it wud be very helpful if u guys can guide me regarding d life of a female doctor in d forces. my parents r very supportive in this regard. when'll be d applications for recruitment called this year?
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Career decisions should be taken wisely

    Dear Dr. Fouz,

    Happy to see such enthusiasm to join the armed forces! However, I hope that you are not basing your decisions on superficial knowledge of the forces alone. Do you have any relatives or close friends in the armed forces whom you can trust to give an unbiased opinion?

    Life in the services for a lady medical officer is a mixture of the good and the bad. I can surely comment on the life in the Naval branch. About life in the army, I would advise you to seek the counsel of major prasun who can give a better perspective.

    I have personally seen lady medical officers in the Navy having the best of everything. Being a woman, they do not have to serve onboard warships (the sea tenure is akin to field postings for the naval personnel), although I must say that the few women who have served onboard when it was permitted by the DGAFMS were unique in their own way. In fact some of them have won appreciation for proving their mettle on board too! However, in view of certain issues, women are currently not posted board. `

    Most of the postings will be in Naval hospitals in major cities or independent units in coastal cities. The service way of life opens the door for a variety of experiences and a great social life. If you are good in academics and clinical practice you can appear for the in-service PG entrance and get into Obs/Gyn. However, you are eligible for giving the entrance only if you are selected for a permanent commission in the AFMS. For more information on this, please check my previous posts as well as those of major prasun.

    The down side is that you will get transferred every 3 years to a new place. If you get married to a service personnel then the DGAFMS office will try to post both of you together at the same place as far as possible.

    I wish you all the best for a successful career ahead. The call for this year's SSC in AFMS can be checked at the following web site - The call for and last date of application for the year 2008 is already over in May 2008.

    Best wishes,

  24. Dr fouz_02

    Dr fouz_02 Guest

    thanks a lot sir.

    hello sir.
    thanks a lot sir. although i didn't ve any direct contact with an army personnel except my commanding officers in NCC, i was just toying wit d idea until i met my college senior lady who's come back fresh from SSC. right now she's working wit me as a junior resident in cardiology. the inputs which i ve got from her are pretty positive. i ve already read all ur posts and found them very encouraging. i don't mind d downside of joining d forces. kuch paane ke liye, kuch khona padta hai. :)
    oh, looks like i ve missed d train this time. anyways, not a problem. i'll prepare for it next time. by d time i wud ve given my all india nd state cet. and i would be able to plan my future course accordingly. until then wish me good luck for my studies. :!:
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Best wishes

    Dear Dr. Fouz,

    All the best for your exams and wish you a great career ahead. If you have any more questions about SSC and related matters, do not hesitate to contact me at this forum.

    Best regards,

  26. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Is the SCC application for AFMS issued only once a year? Any chances for ex-SCC in AFMC? What exam do I give for that?
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Is the SCC application for AFMS issued only once a year? Any chances for non-SCC candidates in AFMC? What exam do I give for that?
  28. when add for ssc of medical officer will come

    i want to know when will add for ssc will come this year .will youplease mail me at .drsamadhandebaJE@REDIFFMAIL.COM
  29. anil k

    anil k Guest

    dear dr devadi

    i must agree that your analytical skills are have perfectly and equally elaborated both sides of the coin. i can say that because my father is a naval officer and i have seen life in navy at both sailor and officer level and understand the privileges as well as the shortcomings of a career in defence. in short its a career for the not so GREEDY guys.i was hoping that you could shed some more light on the 6th pay commission recommendations. also, as you must know that drs had accelerated promotions than regular officers which is not so nowadays is their anything that is being done to give us our due seniority and when can we expect to see some results.also, it shall be very kind of you to provide some more details in the pg and the dnb department.please also do mention what you are doing right now so as to provide some options to drs if they leave after 5 years.i know its asking a lot but at the same time i am sure you will show the same magnanimosity as you have shown in all your posts.

    hoping for a swift reply
    yours sincerely
    anil email id is
    could you please send me yours as well. i would love to contact a person like you.

    thanks again
  30. S D

    S D Guest

    hello there.. i will be doing a mci recognised diploma in Skin from a private college. my fiance is in airforce. can someone tell me if i will be able to work in their military hopsital? or whether i'll have to give any exam to be able to do so? please guide me..
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am seriously thinking about joining the Indian Army after i graduate,however I am shortsighted(-1.25D) in both eyes....Does this disqualify me?I want to be involved in combat not any technical branch...Plz reply
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    admission in pg medical courses in indiaairforce,navy, army

    respected sir,
    i m final part 1 mbbs student and will be completing my final mbbs by march 2010. sir, i want to know if can i opt for internship from armed force medical college and carry on further doing my pg course from thereafter..
    or how can i take admission in pg medical courses..
    sir please let me know about various enterance procedures and eligibility criteria
  33. zara wani

    zara wani Guest

    about getting into army services

    hello sir,im in final year of mbbs n my prof vl be in july n afterwards i wana do my internship from AFMC...can u plz help me by telling me how to join it n where all to apply for....
  34. subhadip

    subhadip Guest


    hell sir...
    i ve applied for ssc which has last date on 20 th march 2009,
    i ve got dph(diploma in public health) this yr..
    what do i do?
    do i go for army...then PC
    or do i join DPH course?
    please help
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi dear........nice analysis........actually m in internship........more of adventure n less of medical+ very very fond of d ocean.......yr analysis help me to decide to join indian navy as a dr.................but but but.......i hav no idea about d procedure,criteria, process to join plz plz plz help me out.........thnakzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  36. pratha

    pratha Guest

    Hello Everybody,

    Was a gr8 pleasure to go thru all the posts of Devadi Sir, As it gave all the details in such a befetting manner..

    Saying ths coz even am from a defence backgrnd..
    I am in final year of my BDS degree from the Govt. Dental College, Mumbai..

    As i prevail from a defence background and very keen to join the defence forces as a Medical officer, wud like to know the procedure of doing so and the pros and cons of it...

    Could anyone plz guide me thru the life of a Dentist in the Armed Forces and the procedure to join it and the various details on when the form comes and the eligibility for the same..

    Thankng in Anticipation . :D :D
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    respected sir,

    i am a bds 2nd year student has always been my desire or ambition to be in the indian army after completin my bds....i would be very grateful if i will come to know wat criterias i have to fulfil to join in the indian army!!!!!!!! please sir .........

    thanking you

    darshana garg
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    sir,i am very interested in joining the army medical corps.currently i am pursuing my mbbs in a reputed govt. college.however i suffer from mild red-green colour blindness.will this disqualify me?
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Your query

    Dear Guest,

    As per the medical fitness standards prescribed for the armed forces, every barnch and service has certain specific medical fitness requirements. Having colour-blindness is a disqualification for most branches in the Indian armed forces, including the army medical corps.

    Hope this helps.
    Warm regards,
  41. joffi

    joffi Guest

    hii doc

    hats off to ya first of all.. it was really informative..
    m a graduate of cmc ludhiana punjab.. have to do my bond of 3 yrs in cmc.. m just gettin over wid da fist yr.. n i want to do something really different.. m all sick of being in da same place.. since birth i am in ludhaina.. can u let me know how do i approach for navy exams? n wud it be too late to join navy aftr 3 yrs of completion of mbbs?
    i wud be highly thankful if ya reply my queries..

  42. dr.sweta

    dr.sweta Guest

    redg eligibility 4 AIPG

    sir, i did my MBBS from a govt medical college in Andhra Pradesh. im very much interested in joining forces n i hav applied 4 it. im going 4 d interview in nov. i wanted 2 know dat if i get selected will i b getting eligibility 4 attempting ALL INDIA PG entrance exam after finishing 5 yrs of short service?? as students who did their MBBS from dis state r not eligible 4 writing dis exam, so i wud really appreciate if u can answer dis question of mine. please sir.
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello all

    Dear Friends,

    Sorry I have been away from this forum for some time now as I was busy with work.

    Dr. Sweta, to answer your query, once you finish your 5 years of SSC, you do not become eligible for giving the All India PG exam. Anyone who has done their MBBS from Andhra Pradesh or J&K is ineligible for All India PG exam throughout their life, except if they have done a Diploma in some other state and are trying for an MD/MS.

    Hope that answers your query. To all others who have been frequenting thsi forum with questions, please excuse the delay in my replying. I have been away with work and have not had time to check the posts regulary. Will answer questions in the coming days.

  44. dr.sweta

    dr.sweta Guest

    thank you sir. i got my answer. i got selected for SSC. il get my call letter somewhere in dec or jan. :) :) thanks again for your reply.
  45. Bappaditya

    Bappaditya Guest

    Regarding central police force.

    I am thankful to everyone specially to Dr Devadi so that with there great views, opinion and experience I have learned and cleared many of my queries regarding medical officer in Indian Army.
    I am a post graduate student in Tropical Medicine(MD- final year) in School of Tropical Medicine , Kolkata. It is MCI recognised and I have taken it through AIPG entrance test.
    Now I want to join in Indian army as a medical officer. I want to know that what is the difference between central police parailitary force( BSF, ITBP, CRPF, SSB) as just now there is an advertisement for medical officer in paramilitary force. Is it really a frustrating line in paramilitary force?
    Is there anyone from paramilitary force can help me? Which one is better in paramilitary force between CRPF, BSF, ITBP, SSB , Assam rifle and why?
    Another question is that when there will be another recruitment occure SSC in Indian Army?
    Is it very difficult to get PC in Indian army?
    Please help me.
  46. drjissac

    drjissac Guest

    armed dental forces

    Dear Doctor,
    Iam a post graduate dental doctor[MDS] in the field of pediatric dentistry. I would like to join the Army dental field, but have little knowledge about it. Would you kindly direct me as to how I should apply for AFMC service? Where should I apply and to whom? PL do give your expert advice.
    Expecting your earliest reply,
    God bless
    thank you
  47. Medical officer as ssc

    Hello sir i want join ssc pls help how can i join it
  48. regarding application for armed forces medical services

    Hi....Am Dr.vilas....I have applied for the armed forces medical i want enquire whether my application is reached or not..i tried to find out enquiry number through internet search but i coudn't find ..can anyone help me on this...what is the procedure to know about current status of my application???
  49. Hi....Am Dr.vilas....I have applied for the armed forces medical i want enquire whether my application is reached or not..i tried to find out enquiry number through internet search but i coudn't find ..can anyone help me on this...what is the procedure to know about current status of my application???
  50. dr.amit.

    dr.amit. Guest

    armed forces.

    hi 2 everone on dis forum.special thanks 2 devadi sir 4 being so much informative.sir stil i have sum confusions.i wud b obliged if u clear it.whether doing pg corses n army z stipendary or non stipendary wat u r doing now.have u been benefitted n pg.criteria 4 p.c.lokng 4 ur response.[/b]

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