amc clinical 25th August 2007 at SYDNEY

Discussion in 'AMC Clinical Exam' started by khan S, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. khan S

    khan S Guest

    Good luck for those who sit on 25th August 2007 at SYDNEY.
    Could you please recall the clinical cases and post it for us. :D
  2. oups74

    oups74 Guest

    clinical 25 august 2007

    1. bartholinitis cyst

    a young girl, pain in vulva when she sits and when she stands

    2. UTI
    a 19 y.o girl with frequency and burning sensation

    3. follow up current pregnancy after 3 miscarreges


    1. periodic nonorganic pain

    2. SIDS
    a young pregnant woman heard that her neighbours had sudden infant death and she is scared about her future baby, council her about SIDS and answer her questions

    3. croup

    2.renal colic
    4.alcohol councelling
    5.amputation consent
    6. you admited a patient with acute psychosis , talk to his parent why you admited him( they will ask you if they son using drugs, be aware do not say any word about that)
    7. a nurse thinks she is got hepatitis .( in fact she had a sore throat 2 weeks ago and she is now lethargic and jaundice and liver tender)
    8.CVS examination an eldrely woman with heart murmur

    this all what i remember now , i'll write down later when i remmber
  3. oups74

    oups74 Guest

    clinical 25 august 2007

    ohh i recall one more case :D
    9. a youn man with diarrhea on and off( UC)
  4. khan S

    khan S Guest

    recall question 25th August

    Wish you good luck.
  5. Khain

    Khain Guest

    I wish you all the best Dr Oops74. Would you mind to tell us about the two Psy cases?
  6. oups74

    oups74 Guest

    unfortunetly i totaly lost memory for one more case., but i remember very clear one psy.

    you have seen a young man with acute psychosis ( he had a hard time after he failed in his exams) and you admited him to the hospital. now his parents came to talk to you about their son

    explain to them why you have admited him( their son gave you consent to talk to them, but do not tell them about drug use)

    answer their questions.

    by the way my exam was unsuccessful, i mean retest.

    i wish you all the best.
  7. oups74

    oups74 Guest

    and finally the last case was : a young lady had a long air plane trip .she is diagnosed with DVT
    task: explain to the patient
  8. oups74

    oups74 Guest

    hi everyone ! i am looking for a study partner for retest clinical exam next series
  9. dr. upen

    dr. upen Guest

    I am looking for a study partner for the next retest clinical.
  10. dr farid

    dr farid Guest

    i wana take pat in amc exam, i need partner for study


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