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    Cases were
    1-Genital herpes in a young lady
    2-Acute psychosis in a man. Confidentiality case where the cause of psychosis-drugs should not be discussed with the mother
    3-Chronic diarhoea in a young child
    4-Painful knee in a feverish child- d/d osteomyelitis, septic arthritis
    5-Henoch Schonlein Purpura
    6-Breech presentation in a lady at term
    7-Incidental gall stones in a lady with bloating of abdomen. explain about the condition
    8-Examination of hand in person with laceration to the wound
    9-Lifestyle modification in person diagnosed with angina
    10-Infective endocarditis
    11-Pschosomatic cough
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    what about the other 5 cases please.
    And a bit more details.
    thank you
  3. AMC MELBOURNE 8/11/2008

    AMC CLINICALS 8 NOV 2008, MELBOURNE...............CASES

    1,Ds AND Vs 3 year old child
    2. wrist pain in mechanic
    3, lower limb exam in diabetic
    4. back pain
    5,leukemia relapse...conselling
    6.decreased fetal movements
    7. ocp script 14 year old
    8.genital herpes,,,chronic
    9.fibrocystic disease breast
    10.febrile convulsion child
    12 alcohol conselling
    13 .testis tumour
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    about preparing

    Thank's for your help. I just want to ask is uptodate useful for amc clinicals preparing
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    no. 9 wasn't fibrocyctic disease of the breast it was cyclical mastalgia

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