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    1.A mother of 9 came to your practice c/o frequent headache for one year. It was Migraine

    2.A mother of10 wks old child came to your practice c/o crying continuously specially at evening for most of the days since birth. Your colleague has seen the child last week but could not find anything but the mother was not satisfied with him so she came back to see you not your colleague for her child. It was infantile colic.

    3.A mother of 8 months of child came to see you because her son is not sitting and when trying to sit he always lay down. All other developmental milestones were normal. on exam increased reflexes and tone in all limbs. It was cerebral palsy.

    4.25 year old lady came to your practice for 18 months amenorrhoea and high prolactin level. Manage the case.

    5. 23 years old lady came to you for advice about depot provera and she is on ocp but she forgets to take pills and has breakthrough bleeding. Tell her about depot and other hormonal methods and talk to her.She was planning to get pregnant within a year. So after explaining all hormonal methods I told her that these are for long term and would not suitable for her and advice her for temporary methods like condom or continue pill but with high oestrogen pill.

    6. A 36 weaks pregant lady came to you because she gained 2 kg in 2 days. On history and examination everything was normal and normal urine. She has only oedema in both legs. I don,t know what it was.

    7.A 20 year old man came to you c/o SOB. He had a MVA 1 month back with ribs #. It was PTSD.

    8.A 45 year old lady came to you for some paper about housing. She has c/o her neighbour and she was divorced and thinks that her husband has said her neighbour to through rubbish to her house and she needs to clean those again and again and had dermatitis of hand. Do mental state examination and give your d/d.

    9.Explain a CT scan report to patient and furher management. It was hepatic metastasis.

    10. A 45 year old lady came to you for aches and pains for more than a month. She has travelled overseas but she has this complaint before travelling and she has been taking doxycycline for malaria prophylaxis. She lost 2 killos and has night sweats and cough with sputum. On exam no lymph node but dull on percussion and crackles and spleen palpable. Diagnosis and Management.

    11.A 25 year old man c/o joints pain with a picture showing maculopapular rash. He travelled qld recently. Diagnosis and management.

    12.A 26 year man had a MVA but now in stable condition in ED. Do head and cranial nerve examinations and explain your finding to examiner.

    13. A lady with a mobile nontender (5 cm) breast has done an usg, explain usg findings and further management.

    14.A 40 year old man with BMI 30, father had CABG operation recently and mother has high BP. Discuss the cholesterol report(High) and manage him.

    15.A 25 year old man with diarrhoea for one year . Take history and ask p/e and order necessary investigations. It was IBD.

    16.A 48 year old man came to you last week for bloating you ordered an USG which shows gall stones. Explain the pt about usg and manage the patient . Only referral would not sufficient you have to tell what specialist will do.

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    2010 recalls

    thanks a lot for these recalls , are they sydney or melbourne?
    and anyone knows the other one ( melbourne or sydney) ?
    they look like new cases :((( sad ,
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    retest sydney 12th march
    1.lower limb cellulitis
    2.58 y old dvt on HRT
    3.35 Y Old lady requesting tubal ligation
    4.1 day old child with signs of intestinal obstruction
    5.testicular CA councelling
    6.prostate CA with bone mets councel
    7.27 y old man with a headache-meningitis
    8.24y old nurse with post traumatic stress d
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    hey i have posted the recall from melbourne october 2010
    view it if you need to
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    i am looking for amc clinical study partner. i live near bankstown . i am renting a room as well ,any one intrested in both . please call me on 0416923320
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    thanks so much for these posts, very helpful! :)
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    is any one have 5th feb 2011 recalls plz ?
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    hi i am looking for female clinical study partner for august 2011 if any one intrested plz let me know
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    Hi I am interested, I live in Brisbane
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    hi ,I 'm looking for a female partner in gold coast for the may exam ,where do you live?
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    Study partner in sydney for may 2011

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for study partner in sydney for may 2011 exam of Clinicals.

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    Bihag bhatt
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    I am in Townsville, hoping to get in touch with a study partner for the AMC clinical exam in August 2011. PLEASE CALL ME 0420678115 if you think we can get together to practice.. Ta Poyap
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    AMC Clinical download from (2006 ~ 2010)

    Anyone who want the clinical exam please send a message to me.
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    Hello everyone ,

    Please let me know if anyone of you is interested in studying online on skype for august clinical amc exam .

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    AMC clinical Aug 2011

    hi, I would like to study through skype. I can only study part time, do it matter to you? By the way, which state are you in now?
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    I live in Sydney but at present i am out of the country . I will be there in 2 weeks time . I can study online on skype if you are comfortable with it . Even if you can study only few days a week .

    Could you please give me your skype id .

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    Hi my email is emma dot liggins at yahoo dot com

    If you want to contact me by email then we can arrange to skype if you would like. I am not a doctor, I am a medical educator (Australian born) and I can assist with the communication skills that are required for clinical exam.
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    Hello MCS,

    I already sent you a email to this email address you provided quite sometime back as you gave this to me on another post.

    Kindly reply or i can send another email to you today for your convenience .

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    Kindly let me know if you know skype id or email id so that i can get in touch with you to study online for AMc clinicals

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    HI MCS i already sent you a email yesterday and left you a offline message and you replied asking who i was ....... I hope you can recollect ... and thats me .

    Please reply to the email i sent by sending your skype id and i will add you.

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