AMC Clinicals Resit Melbourne Sept 8

Discussion in 'AMC Clinical Exam' started by drOzzzz, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. drOzzzz

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    1) Perform Spirometry & calculate LFT
    2) Child abuse
    3) Menorrhagia Mx
    4) Pulmonary Embolism Counselling
    5) Cholangitis
    6) Chronic Diarrhoea- D/D - Case was Irritable Bowel syndrome
    7)Duodenal ulcer-Mx
    8) OCD- When patient hears the word "King"goes crazy(repeat qn)
  2. annonumous

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    sep 8 exam

    i failed this exam but what surprised me is i failed stations that i believe i had done well.for example,the child abuse case-i identified the exact dx and refered the patient for admission.the 2nd case-peptic ulcer mx and complication .i told the patient about it well.i do not know why i fail this station??

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