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    MCQ (OCTOBER 2002)

    1. Ascites fluid containing malignant cells. Which of the ff. is the most likely associated clinical findings.

    a. supraclavicular mass
    b. nodules palpated per rectum
    c. hepatic mass

    2. Hypercalcemia is a complication of all of the ff. except:
    a. hyperthyroidism
    b. excessive intake of vit. D
    c. intake of calcium carbonate for peptic ulcer
    d. Bronchogenic carcinoma
    e. chronic calcific pancreas

    3. In infant earliest clinical findings of congestive cardiac failure is:

    a. oedema of the ankle
    b. enlarged liver
    c. ascites

    4. 23 year old woman came to you for the first time for paps smear. Result is squamous metaplasia of the cervix. Which of the ff. will be your next step.

    a. it is a precursor for carcinoma, so you should do colposcopy and cervical

    5. An old man presents with abdominal cramps, low grade fever, left iliac colic and dysuria, abdominal rigidity, left rebound tenderness, diarrhoea. What is the most likely diagnosis:
    a. UTI
    b. renal colic
    c. diverticulitis

    6. 22 year old woman who have a 3cm mass in the vaginal introitus, 3cm. anterolateral from the opening, this is most likely a remnant of;

    a. wolffian duct
    b. mullerian duct
    c. Bartholin duct
    d. abscess

    7. An infant who presents with cough, fever. Chest x-ray revealed a round opacity in the middle lobe. Which Antibiotic will you use:

    a. crystalline penicillin
    b. gentamycin
    c. amoxicillin/clavulanic acid
    d. tobramycin

    8. An angry agitated patient was brought to you by his wife. When you ask him, what is the problem he said I love you you.. Ilove you sweety.

    a. factitious disorder
    b. histrionic personality
    c. somatisation
    d. mania

    9. Increased peripheral pulse pressure is cause by the ff. except:

    a. a-v malformation
    b. paget disease
    c. asd

    10. The ff. are true regarding fluids except:

    a. isotonic 0.9% NACL =150mmol/l Na ; 150 mmol/l Cl
    b. Hartmann solution= Na 135 mmol; calcium 2mmol and some potassium
    c. Isotonic solution 4% dextrose in 1/5 isotonic saline 30mmol Na and Cl and
    40g/L dextrose
    d. Isotonic 5% dextrose contains 300mmol/L (50g) dextrose
    e. Regarding the k in Hartmann sol., 1 liter in 24 hours is enough for the daily
    requirement of potassium

    11. Gynecomastia is aside effect of the ff. drugs except:
    a. digoxin
    b. frusemide
    c. cimetidine
    d. methyldopa

    12. Anticholinergic side effect of antipsychotic drugs can be treated with;

    a. Physostigmine
    b. Benzhexol

    13. Unwanted antiadrenergic side effect of anti psychotic drug
    a. akathisia
    b. inhibit ejaculation
    c. constipation
    d. hypotension

    14. Paracetamol toxicity

    a. Renal impairment
    b. Hepatic impairment
    c. cardiac failure

    15. Which of the ff. drugs is not helpful in acute asthmatic attack:
    a. inhaled salbutamol
    b. theophylline
    c.. Na cromoglycate(Intal)
    d. terbutaline

    16. Hypertensive patient treated with captopril and chlorothiazide diuretic you can expect the ff. side effect:

    a. reduced potassium
    b. reduced sodium
    c. decreased GFR

    17. Neonatal jaundice

    a. yellow sclera is the first manifestation
    b. conjugated bilirubin cause kernicterus
    c. jaundice in the first 24 hours is physiological
    d. can be treated in most cases by phototherapy only

    18. In mini mental examination, patient was ask to draw a pentagon. What is the area in the brain that is being tested?

    a. non-dominant temporoparietal lobe
    b. dominant temporoparietal lobe
    c. frontal lobe
    c. parietal lobe

    19. In relation to the bone complication in chronic renal failure;

    a. associated with osteoporosis
    b. osteomalacia and osteitis fibrolytica cystica

    20. Which of the ff. dses. least likely to be transmitted from the mother to the baby during childbirth:
    a. Hepatitis B
    b. HIV
    c. Gonorrhoea
    d. syphilis
    e. herpes simplex

    21. Unilateral Undescended testis is associated with :

    a. carcinoma
    b. infertility
    c. torsion
    d. inguinal hernia

    22. facial nerve paralysis can cause by the ff. except:

    a. chronic parotitis
    b. parotid gland tumour

    23. Initial treatment for a patient with diabetic ketoacidosis:

    a. High dose Intravenous insulin
    b. Isotonic intravenous solution
    c. Subcutaneous rapidly acting insulin
    d. Sodium Bicarb.

    24. Insulin dependent diabetic patient found unconscious, what is your management:

    a. Blood collection and 25ml. 5% dextrose iv
    b. urine glucose test
    c. intravenous insulin

    25. Squash player was hit by the ball in the eye. On examination ¼ of his anterior chamber is filled with blood. What is your management?

    a. Ophthalmic antibiotic and eye pad
    b. admit to hospital and strict bed rest
    c. send him home

    26. The ff. are associated with reduced risk of breast cancer except:

    a. artificial early menopause
    b. uterine carcinoma
    c. early menarche
    d. first baby at 35 years of age

    27. Which of the ff. investigations is the most specific and at the same time has the lowest risk for the foetus to detect trisomy 21;

    a. triple screening at 16-18 weeks
    b. ultrasound at 11-12 weeks of gestation to measure nuchal fold thickening
    c. alpha feto protein
    d. chronic villous biopsy at 9-11 weeks
    28. A young woman with infertility, recommend to undergone laparoscopy. She comes to you for advice about laparoscopy. All of the ff. are true except:

    a. good for diagnosing endometriosis
    b. pain in the shoulder is common complication
    c. risk for damage to aorta or vena cava which can lead to death
    d. diagnose polycystic ovarian syndrome

    29. Acute anterior uveitis is most commonly associated with:
    a. rheumatoid arthritis
    b. ankylosing spondylitis
    c. Sjogren’s syndrome
    d. reiters dse.

    30. 22 year old man comes to see you because of colicky abdominal pain. The sample of urine which he has brought with him is blood stained. He is asking you to give him pethidine injection for pain relief. Examination of the abdomen is normal. What is the next most appropriate step?

    a. send him home
    b. give him pethidine and reassess
    c. examine a fresh urine sample

    31. Which group of women will mostly benefit from mammography screening

    a. all patient > 35 year old
    b. with family history of breast cancer
    c. women using oral contraceptive
    d. all patients between 55-65 year old

    32. Painless jaundice in pregnancy is due to?

    a. acute cholecystitis
    b. cholestasis
    c. gall stone

    33. A 60 year old patient presents with congestive cardiac failure and was commenced on Captopril and long term use of chlorothiazide due to hypertension will resukt in:

    a. K increased
    b. K decreased
    c. Na decreased
    d. increase cholesterol
    e. Na increased

    34. TB pleural effusion you can find the ff. except:
    a. decreased glucose
    b. exudate
    c. polymorphonuclear cells
    d. predominantly monocytes

    35. In Hep. C which of the ff. have a low prevalence of hep c antibodies:

    a. Homosexuals
    b. I.V. drug users
    c. hemodialysis patients

    36. Which type of thyroid malignancy is family history important?

    a. Papillary
    b. medullary
    c. follicular
    d. anaplastic

    37. In a patient with supraventricular tachy. with sys. BP of 70mmhg. and chest pain.What is the management?

    a. Cardioversion
    b. verapamil
    c. adenosine
    d. sotalol

    38. A lady with renal failure, what is the investigation of choice to differentiate Acute and Chronic renal failure?

    a. renal ultrasound
    b. level of Calcium
    c. level of K
    d. urinanalysis

    39. Multi-infarct dementia is characterised by:

    a. Memory loss of recent event
    b. loss of cognitive functions rapidly
    c. Early impairment of intellectual ability
    d. more common in female

    40. Which of the ff. drugs will not cause interaction:

    a. digoxin and cimetidine
    b. digoxin and warfarin
    c. verapamil and beta blockers
    d. ACE and diurectics
    e. thephylline and erythromycin

    41. The ff. is characteristics of Emphysema except:

    a. Clubbing
    b. increased total lung capacity
    c. Fev1 decreased
    d. loud P2

    42. 65 year old woman was prescribed warfarin recently because of atrial fibrillation.
    Which of the ff. are correct in regards to warfarin:

    a. aspirin will increase bleeding tendency
    b. stop warfarin and give vit k inj before a dental procedure

    43. Elderly lady (68yr.old) on oral warfarin due to mechanical heart valve replacement. She has postmenopausal bleeding week later. What is the least likely cause?

    a. Endometrial Ca
    b. Endometrial Polyp
    c. Cervical Malignancy
    d. Atrophic vaginitis
    d. due to oral anticoagulation

    44. A 16 year old girl brought to you by her mother because she did not menstruate. But in the last 6 months breast devt. and axillary hair were noticed. What do you tell the mother?

    a. Reassure the mother that she will menstruate in the next 12- 24 months
    b. She has Turners synd.
    c. Pituitary tumour

    45. A nurse with superficial burns on the forearm that never heals in spite of your treatment. She seems to be deliberately meddling with wound. When confronted she admit to it. What is your next step?

    a. Refer to Psychiatrist
    b. Refer to dermatologist
    c. Give antibiotics and send her home

    46. Anterior uveitis is most commonly associated with:

    a. Ankylosing spondylitis
    b. Rheumatoid arthritis
    c. SLE
    d. Reiters dse.

    47. Young officer who has IDDM was found unconscious in his office. What should you do?

    a. Take blood sample and give IV dextrose
    b. Give subcutaneous insulin
    c. Test urine for glucose

    48. Girl with bleeding tendency. Her Father and brother had the same problem. What is your diagnosis?

    a. Haemophilia A
    b. Von Willebrand dse.
    c. ITP

    49. A patient with supraventricular tachycardia with hypotension (70mmhg sys.) and about to loose consciousnaess. What is your management?

    a. Cardioversion
    b. adenosine
    c. verapamil
    d. sotalol

    50. Most common Lung Carcinoma in Non smoker?

    a. Squamous cell Ca
    b. Epithelioma
    c. Adenocarcinoma
    d. Bronchogenic Carcinoma

    51. Young adult was bitten by a bee brought to you by his mates. He is hypotensive and has respiratory distress. What would you do first?

    a. I.V. Adrenalin
    b. I.V. fluids
    c. O2 by mask
    d. Antihistamine

    52. Staghorn Calculus is associated with except:

    a. Hyperuricemia
    b. Hypercalcemia
    c. UTI

    53. Unilateral Exophthalmos is associated with:

    a. Thyrotoxicosis
    b. tumour in the maxillary antrum
    c. Carcinoma of the lungs
    d. adenoma of the lacrimal gland

    54. A 23 year old female comes for OCP. Two months ago she was having two periods per month. After taking microgynon 30, she gets one period for 4 days and one for 2 days. What is your advice?

    a. Continue microgynon 30
    b. microgynon 50
    c. Progesterone

    54. In dizygotic Twin pregnancy is associated with the ff. complications except:

    a. Acute polyhydramnios
    b. anaemia
    c. one foetus is smaller than the other

    55. Baby was delivered by forceps. During routine exam. you noticed his left arm is not moving. What is the cause?

    a. Erbs palsy
    b. Sepsis
    56. What is not a risk factor for developing a breast cancer?

    a. early artificial menopause
    b. endometrial cancer
    c. cancer of the other breast
    d. family history
    e. first pregnancy after 35 years of age

    57. A woman G2, P1 presents to you on the first antenatal visit. Her first baby was born 4.5 kg. and suffered from fractured clavicle during delivery. What is your next step?

    a. OGTT
    b. Ultrasound

    58. A pregnant woman 17 weeks gestation have a right sided lower abdominal pain? Which of the following is the unlikely cause?

    a. Acute appendicitis
    b. Ectopic pregnancy
    c. Ovarian cyst
    d. fibroid

    59. In an emergency a patient with uncontrollable bleeding which of the ff. blood group can you give?

    a. group O, Rh (+) blood
    b. group O, Rh (-) blood
    c. group, packed red cells
    d. whole plasma

    60. A patient had appendectomy, 5 days post op. he developed a fever 39 C. and tenderness on the incision site. What is the possible cause?

    a. Wound infection
    b. Atelectasis
    c. Embolism
    d. Haematoma

    61. Dysphagia can be caused by the ff. conditions except:

    a. Achalasia
    b. Oesophageal varices
    c. Carcinoma of the oesophagus

    62. All of the ff. are found in extradural haematoma except?

    a. Bradycardia
    b. Pupillary dilatation
    c. Hypotension
    d. Alteration of level of consciousness

    63. What is the commonest complication of Colle’s fracture?

    a. Malunion
    b. Non- union
    c. Compartment syndrome
    d. Carpal tunnel syndrome

    64. Serotonin syndrome with antidepressant drug is associated with :

    a. fluoxetine and sertrallline

    65. A 5y/o boy brought to you by his mother due to extremely painful ears and a fever. The tympanic membrane is red and bulging. What is your management?

    a. Broad spectrum antibiotics should be administered in the form of ear drops
    b. Perforation of the membrane will relieve the pain
    c. topical steroids should be prescribed

    66. A 7 year old boy falls from a tree. After a few days he complained of fever, knee pain and tenderness. What is your diagnosis?

    a. Osteomyelitis
    b. Stills dse.
    c. Osteogenic sarcoma
    d. Perthes dse.

    67. A 18 month old baby who could babble very rarely. The mother is worried about it. Your Examination findings is normal. What is your next step:

    a. Arrange for an audiogram

    68. Which of the following Dses. will benefit most from Splenectomy?

    a. Myelofibrosis
    b. Chronic ITP
    c. Acute leukaemia
    d. Haemolytic anaemia

    69. What is true about Nephrotic synd. in childhood?

    a. Respond to Steroids
    b. Post strep. is the usual cause
    70. X-ray of scaphoid fracture: What is the management?

    a. Open reduction and internal fixation
    b. Posterior slab
    c. Plaster including the wrist and distal interphalangeal thumb joint for at least
    6 weeks
    d. Plaster including the wrist and distal interphalangeal thumb joint for at least
    3 weeks

    71. A lady while sewing pierced her proximal interphalangeal crease of her left index finger. On examination the whole finger was swollen and she is experiencing pain when extending the finger. Which is the most likely diagnosis?

    a. Cellulitis
    b. Tenosynovitis
    c. Palmar fascial abscess
    d. osteomyelitis
    e. carpal tunnel syndrome

    72. A 40 y/o man presents with an acute onset of pain and swelling of his left testicle over the last 2 days. Which of the ff. is the most likely diagnosis?

    a. varicocele
    b. Acute epididymitis
    c. testicular torsion
    d. teratoma
    e. teratoma

    73. Hypercalcemia is associated with all of the ff. findings except:

    a. Hyper calcinosis
    b. diarrhoea
    c. depression
    d. hyper calciuria
    e. lytic bone lesions

    74. A patient present to you with an ulcer on the lower third of the medial malleolus of the right leg. All of the ff. are appropriate treatment except:

    a. Compression stockings
    b. bed rest with the leg elevated
    c. topical antibiotics

    75. A 5 y/o boy has headache and morning vomiting for several weeks. No other significant findings. What is the most likely cause:

    a. Migraine
    b. Medulloblastoma
    c. Sinusitis
    d. hydrocephalus

    76. A boy was found lying on the ground with a scratch on his right leg, a brown snake was found nearby, he is well. What is the most appropriate next step:

    a. Admit him and give polyvalent anti venom
    b. Reassure the mother and send him home
    c. Admit him and observe for 24 hours

    77. A young male presents with pleuritic chest pain and cough. On percussion there is dullness of the right lung base. There are no breath sounds in the right lower zone, but bronchial breathing is noted in the right middle zone. Which of the ff. is the most likely diagnosis:

    a. Tension pneumothorax
    b. pleural effusion
    c. Pneumonia
    d. R lower lobe collapsed

    78. Controlling hypertension is a proven factor in preventing:

    a. TIA
    b. Ischaemic stroke
    c. Coronary artery dse.
    d. Congestive cardiac failure

    79. Which of the ff. is the commonest organism in cellulitis:

    a. Group A Streptococcus
    b. Group B Streptococcus
    c. Staph. aureus

    80. The ff. dses. can cause glucose intolerance EXCEPT:

    a. prolactin adenoma of pituitary gland
    b. Hyperthyroidism
    c. Acromegaly
    c. Phaeochromocytoma
    e. cushing syndrome

    81. 18 month old infant noticed by his parents to have a very fast heart rate last for 20 mins. heart rate was about 250-300/min. What would you do?

    a. Beta blocker
    b. verapamil
    c. cold water stimulation
    d. digoxin
    e. reassurance

    82. Most important indication for immediate thyroidectomy is:

    a. swallowing difficulty
    b. compression on the trachea
    c. cosmetic reason
    d. future malignancy

    83. 4 Weeks infant (delivered at full term) noticed to have recurrent vomiting after feeding, otherwise normal. He gain 200 gm/week in the last two weeks. What is your advise.
    a. FBC exam
    b. Radiological investigation is unnecessary
    c. decrease duration of feeding

    84. Rosacea is associated with

    a. acneiform eruption
    b. respond to steroids
    c. cause by Strep.

    85. (Photo) Barium enema in a young child showing dilatation of the distal colon with constriction below it.

    a. acquired megacolon
    b. ulcerative colitis
    c. Hirschsprung dse.
    d. crohns dse.

    86. (Photo) of Keratoacanthoma what is your management:

    a. wide local excision
    b. local excision
    c. excision of lymph node draining

    87. Primigravida in labour at 39 wks gestation with transverse lie. What is your management?

    a. External cephalic version
    b. wait and see
    c. caesarean section

    88. Woman with mastalgia. conservative management failed. What is your next management?

    a. Danazol
    b. Bromocriptine
    c. oestrogen

    89. (Photo) CT scan of abdomen with multiple hepatic cysts. What is the most like diag.

    a. Hydatid cyst
    b. secondary metastasis
    c. pancreatic pseudocyst

    90. 22 year old woman primigravida 16 weeks gestation came in the emergency room due to crampy abdominal pain. Vaginal exam. shows 1.5 cm dilation of the external os , elongated cervix with minimal bleeding. What do you do?

    a. D & C
    b. Salbutamol
    c. Admit and observe

    91. Young lady primigravida with mild pre-eclampsia and you requires to induced labor. Cervix is Bishop 2. What is your next management?

    a. PGE1 insert into the posterior fornix of the vagina and ARM after 4hours
    b. PGE2 insert into the vagina and ARM after 12 – 24 hours
    c. caesarean section

    92. (Photo) of seborrheic keratoses (MCQ book fig. 15 page 57). What is your management?

    a. Observe only
    b. Chemotherapy
    c. Radiotherapy
    d. cauterize

    93. Young patient undergone thyroidectomy, he was prepared medically to be euthyroid before sub total thyroidectomy. One day post op. he developed high fever 39 C. What is the probable cause?

    a. Atelectasis
    b. Thyroid crisis
    c. wound infection

    94. Previously healthy young patient. 3 weeks post partum she developed dyspnea and syncope. Prominent a wave on JVP, 4th heart sound was heard over the left sternal border. What is your probable

    a. Viral pericarditis
    b. massive P.E.
    c. M.I.

    95. Cluster headache all are true except:

    a. continuous headache for 24 hours

    96. A moderately depressed woman she is being treated with sertraline. What do you advise her

    a. Depression will be relieved immediately
    b. Depression will be relieved in 4 weeks
    c. Advice avoidance of sunlight because of photosensitivity

    97. In a patient with jaundice. What is the most important purpose of ultrasound?

    a. Check for gall stone
    b. Dilated duct

    98. What is the most important risk factor for Osteoporosis

    a. 40 year old menopausal woman
    b. 40 cigarettes per day

    99. A man had a binge drinking a week ago. He developed headache, slurred speech.
    On physical exam. you noticed spider naevi and increase extensor plantar reflex.
    What is the probable diagnosis?

    a. Hepatic encephalopathy
    b. Subdural haematoma
    c. Korsakoff psychosis

    100. Post traumatic Stress synd. is associated with except:

    a. Women abuse by their spouse
    b. Age and sex affect their vulnerability

    101. H. Pylori is associated with the ff. except:

    a. gastric ulcer
    b. duodenal ulcer
    c. gastroesophageal reflux
    d. peptic ulcer

    102. A patient with good job and he is very successful. His behaviour has dramatically changed and become good during the day and at night he goes to the street and do some crimes. What is the probable diagnosis?

    a. depersonalization
    b. conversion
    c. multiple personality
    d. schizoform
    e. schizophrenia

    102. Antibiotic for prophylaxis against infective Bacterial endocarditis is least likely to be given:

    a. Appendicitis
    b. Reduction of simple fracture
    c. tonsillectomy

    103. Hyper-immunoglobulin for post infectious prophylaxis is given for all except:

    a. Hepatitis A
    b. Varicella
    c. Mumps
    d. Hepatitis B
    e. Rubella

    104. Which of the ff. will benefit most from Splenectomy:

    a. Myelofibrosis
    b. Chronic Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic purpura
    c. Hepatic hypersplenism

    105. Which of the ff. will augment the liability for violence behaviour:

    a. history of violence behaviour
    b. Alcohol abuse
    c. Demographic prediction

    106. A 3 years old boy presents with persistent cough. On examination he has rhonchi
    and crepitations. He also has diarrhea and he lost weight. Which would be the
    most correct management:

    a. Do a Na sweat test
    b. Do chest x-ray
    c. Abdominal ultrasound
    d. Full blood examination

    107. Hep C V. can be transmitted least likely by one of these blood products:

    a. Fresh frozen plasma
    b. Whole blood
    c. Packed RBC
    d. Albumin
    e. platelets

    108. The ff conditions are painless during sexual intercourse except
    a. urethral caruncle
    b. cervicitis
    c. cervical polyp
    d. urinary tract infection

    109. Bartholin’s abscess
    a. usually caused by staph. Aureus
    b. may even caused by gonocococcus

    110. During endoscopy, a pin point bleeder is noted in the base of an gastric ulcer. What is the best option.
    a. injection with adrenaline
    b. gastrectectomy
    c. vagotomy
    d. give H2 antagonist

    111. The following are the causes of short stature except:
    a. IUGR
    b. Obesity
    c. Hypothyroidism
    d. GH deficiency

    112. Reduced chest movement on the left with increased conduction of breath sounds and intensified vocal fremitus
    a. lobar pneumonia left lung
    b. pleural effusion left lung
    c. pneumothorax left chest

    113. A 50 yr old woman was hit by a tennis ball on the left breast while playing tennis.. 2 weeks later she was seen by you with a lump in the left breast. What is your next move?
    a. treat her as fat necrosis of the breast
    b. reassure her that the lump will eventually resolve by itself
    c. rule out malignancy of the breast
    d. excision of the lump

    114. Which option is the least helpful in treating paracetamol poisoning within 8 hrs of ingestion of the drug?
    a. oral N-acetyl cysteine
    b. iv N-acetyl cysteine
    c. give activated charcoal
    d. gastric lavage
    e. peritoneal lavage

    115. the following conditions contribute to glucose intolerance except
    a. phoeachromocytoma
    b. cushings syndrome
    c. prolactin producing adenoma of the pituitary
    d. hyperthyroidism

    116. Which is the following that will give the greatest certainty as to the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism
    a. CXR: normal; perfusion scan: abnormal; ventilation scan: normal
    b. CXR: normal; “ normal “ abn.
    c. CXR consolidation; “ abn. “ normal
    d. CXR consolidation; “ normal “ normal

    117. A patient with vertigo and tinnitus but no hearing loss. The most probable cause
    a. acute labynthitis
    b. meinier’s disease
    c. vestibular neuritis
    d. acoustic neuroma

    118. All of the following joints are involved in rheumatoid arthritis when compared to
    a. sternoclavicular jn
    b. temporomandibular jn
    c. metacarpophalangeal jn
    d. carpometacarpal jn of the thumb

    119. When a pt with haemochromatosis and established cirrhosis is treated with
    phlebotomy all of the following are reversed except
    a. hepatic carcinoma
    b. skin pigmentation
    c. diabetes

    120. In the transmission of gp B streptococcus from mother to fetus all are true except
    a. it is a cause of UTI in pregnancy
    b. pencillin given during pregnancy can eradicate the organism
    c. ……transmission rate

    121. A 80 kg man with 15% burns comes to the emergency dept. which of the IVF is
    best suitable:
    a. 2lt isotonic saline and 3 lt hartman’s solution
    b. 2lt of blood and 3lt of hartman’s
    c. 2lt of isotonic and 3lt of blood

    122. In treatment of acetaminophen poisoning all of the following are effective when
    given within 8 hrs except
    a. methionine
    b. iv N acetyl cystiene
    c. oral N acetyl cystiene
    d. charcoal.
    e. peritoneal dialysis

    123. In acid burns which of the following is the best initial management:
    a. rinse with copious amount of water
    b. neutralise with alkali

    124. All of the following are true regarding bulbar palsy when compared to
    pseudobulbar palsy
    a. cranial nerve abnormalities
    b. presence of emotional liability

    125. Right homonymous hemianopia caused by lesion in :
    a. right occipital lobe
    b. left optic radiation
    c. left optic nerve

    126. All of the following are true of Mycoplasma pneumonia except:
    a. pleuritic pain is characteristic
    b. insidious onset
    c. headache
    ` d.cough

    127. In colles fracture the distal fragment is displaced
    a. dorsally and backwards
    b. ventrally and backwards

    128. In a patient with palbable gallbladder and jaundice which of the following is most likely
    a. gallstone in cystic dust
    b. gall stone in the common bile duct
    c. the cause of the above problem is not stones

    129. In a patient diagnosed with sjogren’s syndrome which is not true
    a. dry eyes are a presenting symptom
    b. steroids can cure most cases
    c. can be secondary to other connective tissue diseases
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